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    Magento DHL Integration: How it Works?

    Last Updated | July 4, 2023

    Magento DHL integration

    Magento is a highly popular e-commerce platform owned by Adobe Inc. It is an online marketplace where online retailers and buyers can carry out transactions. Magento currently has over 800,000 merchants on its platform and has a Magento forum with over 650,000 members which include developers, Magento Web Development Services providers, buyers, Magento Integration Services providers, and store owners who can communicate on this platform.

    Magento is open-source software that allows retailers to develop customized stores from scratch without any prior experience. The Magento 2 pricing is free for open-source Magento which makes it a great platform to learn from. Magento provides features such as POS, interactive storefronts, and search engine optimization. Magento supports third-party integrations as well which one can implement by hiring Magento integration services. DHL is an international logistics company. It is a Germany-based company that provides package delivery, courier, and express mail services.

    Magento development

    It is a division of the Deutsche Post. DHL group delivers an average of 1.6 billion parcels per annum. DHL Express is a market leader in providing parcel services in Europe and is the main courier and parcel service in Germany. Since Magento allows for third-party integrations to help manage and change the operations of the store, the implementation of Magento DHL integration will provide delivery services for your business. If you are a Magento store owner then you can integrate DHL shipping services to expand the delivery system to multiple countries.

    Magento will help increase the store exposure and the DHL delivery services will provide you with a seamless, traceable, and safe delivery process to provide the best customer experience with your store.

    How to Configure Magento DHL Integration?

    You can configure the Magento DHL integration yourself but it is always preferable to hire Magento 2 developers for this task to make sure that the integration is seamless and legitimate.

    • First of all, you will have to log in to the Magento store. Make sure that your storefront is developed expertly as only some companies are capable to develop interactive storefronts that increase conversion rates. It is preferable to hire Magento Web Development Services from companies such as Folio3 as they have certified Magento developers.
    • Once you have a store ready for operations, you will log in to the Magento 2 backend panel for Magento DHL integration to integrate the plugin.
    • Then you will have to redirect to Stores and then go to Configurations.
    • Expand the Sales option and select the Shipping Methods.
    • Out of the several options present, you will have to find and expand DHL to make the configurations.
    • Now you will select the Enabled for Checkout option to Yes.
    • Inside the field of Title, you will have to type a name that will be used as a reference to the shipping method checkout.
    • Most of the time, you can select the default Gateway URL. But, if you have been given an alternate URL, you will enter this into this field.
    • You will now use the details provided by DHL to enter the Access ID, the Account Number, and the Password.
    • The Magento 2 DHL will allow the users to mention the package descriptions and the handling fees. The handling fee option is optional and it will appear as an additional surcharge which will be added to the shipping cost that has been provided by Magento 2.
    • Inside the list of Content-Type, you will select the options that are the best description for the packages that will be shipped.
    • For the Calculate Handling Fee list, you will select the method that you want to be used to calculate the handling fee for the delivery.
    • For the Handling Applied list, you will select how you would want the handling fees to be applied.
    • In the field of Handling Fees, you will have to enter an amount that you want to charge for shipping the order. This amount is variable from one shipping method to another. On the basis of this method, you choose the amount to be calculated at the end.
    • You can even allow the total order waits to be broken up to make sure that an accurate calculation for the shipping charges is made. To provide this permission, you will have to set the Divide Order Weight to Yes.
    • Now you must select the Weight Unit of the packages in units of Kilograms or Pounds.
    • Now you must select the size of the package. You can choose a Specific, here you will enter the dimensions as in height, width, and depth, of the box in centimeters.’

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    Now you can even choose to enable multiple or single shipping methods on the store that are provided by the DHL Magento plugin.

    • In the list for the option of Allowed Methods, you will choose each shipment method that you want to provide for your store customers.
    • In the field of Ready Time, you will enter the package ready time in the number of hours after an order has been submitted.
    • You will now edit the Displayed Error Messages as needed. The error messages will be displayed when the selected method for the delivery is not available.
    • Then by using the free method drop-down box, you will select the shipping methods for which you would like to offer the customers free shipping.
    • Then inside the Enable Free Shipping Threshold, you will have to enter the value inside the Free Shipping Amount Threshold field to offer the customers free shipping on a minimum amount of an order.
    • You will now allow DHL for all of the countries or limit the delivery to certain countries to select the countries where you want to ship, also depending upon the Magento DHL shipping methods.
    • In the option of Ship to Applicable Countries, you will select All Allowed Countries or if you have limited, Specific Countries.
    • In the field of Show Method, if Not Applicable, you will select Yes and it will display the Magento DHL error message which will be added in the Displayed Error Message when the exception occurs and the No option will not display the Magento DHL if it is not applicable on the order during the checkout process.
    • When you want to record and create logs in a file with the information of the Magento DHL orders, set the Debug option to Yes.
    • Inside the Sort Order field, you will enter a number in order to determine the sequence for which the Magento DHL appears when it is listed with the other shipping methods on the checkout page. It is best to sort it out in a manner that is best for the customer to provide the best experience for them and the greatest convenience for you.

    Now that you have completed the Magento DHL integration configuration, you will review all the details for verification purposes and click on the Save Config button on the top right corner of the page.

    Magento integration

    What are the benefits of Magento DHL Integration?

    The Magento DHL integration is a great solution for our e-commerce business when you want home delivery for the parcels. It is no longer an option but an essential requirement for e-commerce store owners to provide delivery to the customer’s given address. Make sure that you hire the best Magento integration services to make sure that the process is seamless and has less chance of errors.

    The DHL integration has several notable features for their users such as creating shipping labels for delivery items with ease, adding any additional delivery services as per the convenience requests of the customers, generating the codes that will enable automatic tracking for the delivery items, and creating the shipping labels for the items with ease. Some of the upcoming features for DHL will also include customer pick-up requests, preferred times of delivery, and the requested volumes of delivery.

    DHL will also soon be adding a shipping products section feature to give the customers a full choice of DHL shipping products. Additionally, the rates in the cart will also be maintained in real-time by making use of APIs so that there is no manual maintenance for the rates. The additional benefits for the Magento DHL integration when carried out correctly by the best Magento integration services will include:

    • The creation of automated tracking codes. Here the codes for each order are received automatically by the buyer. Each label will be traceable for buyers but only if the tracking option is available for the product bought.
    • The printing of the DHL labels by using DHL e-commerce or the DHL packet. This is a convenient method to create labels for the products for domestic or international orders.
    • The usability of additional delivery services. If the store owner enables the option, a signature of accepted delivery is also available. Also, the API of DHL Paket can be used which will allow for the payment method of cash on delivery is also available but only in selected countries.
    • The ability to provide the functionality to create a handover note for the order. This will allow specific deliveries to have an additional note to make sure that the convenience of the customer is met for any specific requirements for the DHL delivery such as do not ring the doorbell or call on the provided number.
    • The provision of the location finder for the delivered package once it is on its journey. This location finder for the item will find the locations of the DHL pack stations, post offices, and parcel shops for the customers for the ease of the customer. Then the items will be delivered to the delivery address.
    • The selection of a preferred option for delivery of the DHL Paket “Wunschzustellung”. This will enable the customers to select a location for the delivery and a backup alongside preferred timings of the delivery as well. For example, if a customer is unable to receive an order, DHL will deliver to another address mentioned by the customer.
    • The customization of the names and the rates of the items. If it is enabled, the names of the services and the rates for the operation costs for all DHL freight services will be subject to the customization of the store owner.
    • The reprinting of labels is an option if any random issues come up. Labels can also be deleted if anomalies are present.
    • The provision of updates on the end of DHL to provide the users with a high-quality user experience and premium support from the company. The updates will fix any compatibility issues in the services and provide bug fixes to make the operations of the online platform more effective.

    These are some of the benefits that Magento DHL integration provides to its users. These benefits are really important aspects of the customer experience from your store so this integration will make the delivery process streamlined while providing the best customer experience.

    To make sure that the benefits are utilized to their maximum potential, it is essential to hire Magento 2 developers from companies such as Folio3 to provide you with the best services. Folio3 ensures that their clients are provided with Magento DHL integration solutions at a very affordable Magento 2 pricing.

    What is the best DHL Magento 2 Extension?

    DHL is a leading logistics and postal company in the world today. The Deutsche Post DHL Group encompasses their business units of DHL parcel, DHL Express, DHL e-commerce solutions, DHL Freight, DHL supply chain, and DHL global forwarding. DHL offers the customers a range of delivery services tailored to the needs of the customers which range from supply chain management to express document shipment.

    The best Magento DHL integration extension is the Deutsche Post and DHL Shipping which is provided to Magento by DHL itself. This extension is designed as a solution for Magento store owners who will provide shipping services with the DHL Paket. The DHL Paket maintains a huge network of parcel acceptance and delivery points for the parcel. The company allows the clients to receive parcels at their convenience.

    They could decide the delivery time, the retail outlets, and the alternative addresses as well. This integration extension supports the growth of the online retail businesses that allow the Magento store owners to get an entire logistic chain for delivery and even the return on the requests.

    Pricing and Account.

    To make use of the extension, you will first require a business customer contract with DHL Paket Germany. You can register for business in Paket Germany on their website. Further information is available on the Knowledge base as well. This solution will solely provide shipping management services. All of the conditions of the customer contract are applicable and there are no additional or hidden costs in the process.

    You can also select the shipping with Deutsche Post mail products as well where you will require Portokasse credentials to request the Internet market stamps. You can even take advantage of an optional delivery service of the 100% subsidiary of Deutsche Post Direkt where an additional agreement will be required.

    DHL Shipping & Post.

    This extension is an official extension of DHL where the users can have an easy and quick process of shipment that will enable the customers to create DHL labels or the Deutsche Post Internetmarke stamps that can then be sent to the ID of the customers to help in tracking. It will cover the cross-border and domestic shipping services from DHL Paket and Post. You can manage the shipments by a single shipping provider using DHL & Post.


    The features will include:

    • Printing of the Warenpost labels for the international and national shipping services of small items and goods.
    • The printing of the DHL labels for parcels. This is an easy method for label creation of the standard domestics and cross-border orders included as optional services.
    • The generation of automatic tracking codes. This mean that the codes of each label will be created if tracking is available for the products.
    • The option of bulk printing. This will allow multiple labels to be printed in a single instant.
    • The option to review orders and the fulfillment statuses. Here you can check whether the delivery services created a label for the delivery.
    • In case the printer faces issues, it will provide reprinting or deletion of the labels.
    • The Deutsche Post ADDRESSFACTORY DIRECT will enable the checking of the customer’s delivery address before shipping the order. This is an optional service of the Deutsche Post Direkt.
    • The Deutsche Post DATA FACTORY AUTOCOMPLETE will allow the customers to supplement their postal data easily. As the customers enter the first inputs for their characters, they will receive suggestions for valid addresses, and is available in the Deutsche Post Direkt subsidiary.
    • The flexibility for delivery of packages to a drop-off location of neighbors in case the customer is unavailable.
    • The creation of stamps for the postal deliveries which are suitable for domestic and cross-border orders managed by the Deutsche Post Internetmarke stamps.
    • The offering of options for return shipments. This will enable the customers and the merchants to create DHL return shipment labels, which can go together with the on-demand and regular shipping labels. This DHL feature will allow the storage, requests, and track of the on-demand labels for the Open Source editions.

    Make sure to hire Magento 2 developers that are certified by Magento itself to get the best experience and a solution that is maintainable, robust, and secure. It is best to hire Magento integration services of Folio3 as they have 50+ Magento certified developers.

    Magento Migration

    How to Configure DHL Carrier in Magento 2?

    You can even choose to configure the DHL Carrier for your Magento order deliveries. You can follow this sequential approach for configuring the carrier that you find best for your Magento 2 store.

    Step 1: Apply DHL for the Magento 2.

    • Log in to your Magento Admin Panel, then go to stores, settings, and then configurations option.
    • Open the panel which will be on the left and under the sales option select shipping methods.
    • You must then open the DHL section and:
    1. Accept to enable the DHL method by choosing the Yes option if the of Enabled for Checkout.
    2. You must also enter the title for the shipping method and the name that will be displayed in the process of checkout.
    3. Enter a Gateway URL to calculate the shipping rates of DHL. The default will be ready to use and you will not need to change any other option.
    4. Then you must complete the UPS XML account information which will be provided by DHL in the Password, Access ID, and Account Number.

    Step 2: Setup the Handling Fees and the Packaging Description.

    • From the list of Content-Type, you will choose the type of package that you will ship which will classify, as “Non-documents” or “Documents”.
    • You can then optionally set the handling fees if you want:
    1. Set the option of calculating the handling fee to be fixed for each order or a percent of each order.
    2. Insert the amount or percent of the handling fee.
    3. Then divide the order weight field. If you choose yes then you allow the total order weight to be broken down to ensure that there is a highly accurate calculation of the shipping charges.
    4. You must then assign the unit of weight and choose regular or specific for the products.
    5. Then if you choose specific, enter the dimensions of the objects in the unit of centimeters.

    Step 3: Assign the Allowed Methods to the store.

    • You can then choose the FedEx method which can be offered to your customers from the list of the allowed methods.
    • You will set the ready time the ship the order after the submission of the order.
    • You can also enter an error message if a shipping carrier is not available.
    • In the free methods field, you can select the service that you want to apply for a free shipping fee.
    • Then you must enable the free shipping amount threshold fee to set a minimum value of the quantities for free shipping and select the carriers.

    Step 4: Now Assign the Applicable Countries for the shipping.

    • You will now select the ship to applicable countries for one of the two options:
    1. Specific countries where the shipping of the carrier will only be supported for some companies.
    2. All allowed countries where the shipping carrier can support shipping to all countries.
    • Now set the Show Method if Not Applicable option to Yes if you want to show the shipping of products all the time.
    • Set the show method if not applicable to Yes if you want to how the carrier shipping all the time.
    • Create a log file that will have the details of the shipments and select the debug option to Yes.
    • You will now sort the order as per the shipping method on the checkout page and finally, click on the Save Config option to finish and implement all changes.

    Once you have a shipping carrier that can improve the customer experience and manage the Magento orders to be shipped, you will have the essentials to have a top-notch e-commerce store on Magento. If you find the process difficult or want to provide the best experience, you can hire Magento web development services to provide the best integration and also handle the store while you handle the business side. DHL is an international shipping company that enjoys a great reputation for delivering different product types to variable countries. It can estimate the shipping fee based on the volume of the parcel and its location while providing the best shipping services for your store and buyers.

    Why is Folio3 best for Magento DHL integration?

    Folio3 is a leading software solution company based in California. It has been providing e-commerce solutions for the past 15+ years to clients all around the globe. The company follows an effectively-outlined framework that ensures that its integration services are the best. Folio3 Magento integration services include the most effective practices that ensure efficiency. Their integration solutions provide benefits to customers such as:

    • Their certified and experienced Magento certified developers are able to optimize the code. Their database engineers make use of practices such as hashing and cashing that can help in the reduction of data redundancy. This makes the data clean and results in clean data that can be used to make insightful discoveries later on. The data processing becomes fast and decreases resource use for the client decreasing cost and enhancing performance.
    • The Folio3 requirement engineers have the most effective system requirement specification tools and domain experts. The domain experts can analyze the problem in your business models and devise the best solution possible for your case. These experts tailor the solution to your need to help you achieve your business cases. Folio3 Magento developers have extensive experience as they have put out 50+ extensions that are verified by Magento itself so they can code with the use of logic with relative ease. Their software testers elicit any errors and then fix them instantly so that the final product for the clients provides them with the best services.


    • Ensuring that the coding practices are efficient. This allows the end product to be effective in doing what the clients want. On the developer end, this decreases the processing power required which increases the speed of the Magento store, increases code re-usability which makes the solution easier to understand when updates are requested by the client, and ensures a smooth and streamlined workflow to provide the best user experience. These ethical practices produce optimal codes that are best for the speed of the Magento store. These practices ensure that the Magento platform provides services that are versatile for the users and reduce operational costs of hardware resources.
    • Folio3 is able to provide its clients with task completion percentages. This means that the customers are aware of the progress of their solution thanks to experienced project managers of Folio3 that can trace workflows and estimate completion with great accuracy. Their effective progress management makes the intangible process of software development trackable.
    • Folio3 has a history of providing timely project deliveries to its customers. We make sure our client is provided with the deployed solution well before the arrival of deadlines. We prevent any delays to make sure that the e-commerce remains active and faces less downtime which can decrease sales.
    • We provide our clients with post-project services to help maintain the store and ensure that all updates are implemented which constantly makes the performance of the store better.
    • Folio3 makes sure to eliminate any rework cost is which as a result will decrease the development time, resources, efforts, and costs. This keeps the customer burden-free for any additional cost or extended delivery time.

    It is safe to say that the best Magento integration services can be provided by Folio3. They have the right resources and experienced employees such as software architects, and certified solution developers who make sure that the integration solutions that they develop are ideal for the clients who use them. Folio3 can help you integrate the Magento store with DHL.


    The integration of the Magento e-commerce platform with perhaps the best international shipper of goods DHL. This integration is critical for the Magento store owners who want to provide delivery services to their clients which is a critical feature of e-commerce stores.

    The useful features of Magento DHL integration will be the delivery cost estimations, shipment tracking, printing and reprinting of the labels, and safe and quick delivery services of the products making the integration one that has a high return on investment. This integration will ensure that one-stop checkout is provided to the customers which will make their user experience better and keep the customer well informed. The Magento store owner can make use of Magento integration services to make the best platform for customers.

    Magento development

    If you have an e-commerce store and want to integrate or migrate to Magento, you can use the Magento web development services of Folio3 to shift or make use of the Magento audience for increasing exposure and sales. You can choose Folio3 for their great services and to make full use of the benefits they provide such as timely project delivery, affordable Magento 2 pricing plans, post-project services, and high-quality products.


    Q) What are the Magento 2 integration cost and timing with DHL?

    The Magento DHL integration will allow the Magento store to be connected with DHL for registering and then delivering orders. The integration will be robust as APIs will be used to transfer the data at a lower cost and quickly. Simple integrations which include pulling the quantities and stocks to the front of the Magento storefronts, and the forwarding of orders to the DHL backend office, can be implemented at a cost of $15000 which will also include the one-time license fee of the Magento platform.

    The complex integrations which are suitable for large-scale enterprises include multiple endpoint calls, and complex workflows may cost as much as $30,000 up to $100,000 for large-scale enterprises.

    The timing and the cost are dependent on the complexity of the workflows, the number of applications being integrated, the location of the Magento integration services provider, and the expertise of the developer performing the Magento DHL integration. The integration may take up to a few weeks up to several months again depending on the same factors of costs.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.