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    Cost to Build Website for a Small Business On Shopify

    Last Updated | January 17, 2024

    Overview: How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for a Small Business eCommerce Store

    So, you have accepted Shopify as the best platform for operating eCommerce store development? Well, if you are nodding, this is the best place to understand the Shopify store website development costs! Shopify is loaded with affordable yet predesigned templates but does it add to the success standards of your Shopify store? If you are ready to dip your toes in Shopify, this article will be worth a read because we are sharing everything you have to know about the costs!

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    Why Is Shopify Good for Small Businesses by Price?

    Well, your business might be small but you are likely to have big dreams, and Shopify is a great way of gaining global exposure. This is because Shopify store can be used to deliver your products on a global scale. When you start an eCommerce business, you must choose the right tools for optimizing your daily tasks and operations. So, whenever you want to create an eCommerce store for your “small business,” Shopify makes a great choice for the following reasons;

    •                   Easy Management

    Shopify is a SaaS platform which means Shopify provides the frontend and admin that promises easier store management. It can handle the software updates, servers, and security which means you don’t have to deal with anything. These are great features for running an optimized business, such as customer service, order fulfillment, and product development and designing.

    •                   The Features

    Even with the basic Shopify store, you will have a plethora of features that allow you to add the manage the inventory and products. In addition, it offers shipping. As far as you are qualified for the payment, you will have the tools for making electronic payments (it’s important for every business). Shopify offers competitive rates in terms of payment processing. Not to forget, Shopify delivers PCI compliance and fraud protection. Also, it can be integrated with social media handles for quick marketing.

    •                   Low Entry Costs

    Sure, there is a monthly fee charged by Shopify but it delivers value when you break down the cost according to the feature. It’s obvious that other stores are offering free access but there are hidden costs that no business can afford (you don’t need to worry about hidden costs with Shopify). In addition, you can be assured that the server updates, compliance, security, redundancy, and backups are automatically handled by Shopify.

    The best feature is the Lite plan with which users will get the full Shopify experience and you can sell on Facebook as well at a highly affordable price. The store owners have the capability to embed widgets on the current website and send an automated invoice to the customers and only costs $9 (monthly). This is great for business owners who already have the website and want to add Shopify features and widgets. On top of everything, there is no need for long-term contracts or setup fees.

    •                   Built-In & Expandable Tools

    Shopify is offering an extensive range of tools for running the business, such as reports and marketing features. There are hundreds of add-ons or apps available for business owners who want to expand the store. There are special apps available for inventory management, shipping, marketing, and accounting. Also, you can always add or remove the apps according to business changes. That being said, you can customize your store according to your needs.

    •                   Quick Support

    Shopify is offering high-end and around-the-clock support through live chat, email, and phone. It will help small businesses grow by utilizing Shopify’s online resources and documentation. Shopify has a special support service, known as Kit. It works as a virtual employee which helps keep an eye on the Shopify store and implement the advertising campaigns. Also, there are tools available for creating invoices, logos, and policies.

    Shopify development

    How Shopify Is the Easiest Website Builder for Small Businesses by Technical Features?

    Building a website for small businesses can be challenging and daunting. For this reason, online business owners often depend on Shopify since it’s known as the easiest method of building a store or website. Shopify is a great platform for website owners who need access to interactive and high-utility eCommerce tools since it offers an all-in-one solution. Shopify is a fully integrated subscription-based eCommerce platform that’s suitable for stores and businesses of every size.

    How is Shopify good for small businesses

    It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Shopify will grow with you because you can simply keep adding the apps and features that meet your advanced needs. If you still want reasons to choose Shopify for building a website for small businesses, we are sharing some with you!

    • Simplicity –Shopify is an extremely easy platform and it can be easily scaled. For instance, beginners can easily create a Shopify store. Not to forget, customizing and maintaining the store is extremely easy
    • Omnichannel –Shopify allows you to sell wherever you want (there are no geographical boundaries). That being said, you will be to launch your products into new markets
    • Performance –Shopify promises quick loading times and promises the best checkout. That being said, you don’t need to have managed hosting for the domain and there is no need for third-party checkout tools either (yes, everything is built-in)
    • Prices –Shopify has a 14-days free trial available, so you can try the features for free and there is no need for upfront payment. After that, you can choose one of the various pricing plans starting as low as $29 for Basic Shopify Plan
    • Easy to Use –Shopify is integrated with an intuitive design which means it’s extremely easy to use. Also, you have access to 24*7 support
    • Customization –Shopify is completely customizable and you will always have access to CSS and HTML of the website

    What Is The Average Cost Of Website Design For Small Business On Shopify In the USA?

    For a small Shopify website design, the basic plans range from $500 to $1,000 only for banner and graphics development. However, you can depend on Folio3 Shopify App builder for affordable and high-performing Shopify store development. Generally, the complete Shopify website development range from $500 to $2,000. On the other hand, if you opt for the well-established designing agencies, they are likely to charge anything from $5,000 to $20,000. It’s safe to say that costs might increase with the need for customization.

    How Much Does A 5 Page Website Cost On Shopify?

    The five-page website development for Shopify is likely to cost around $500 to $1,000. These costs are generally for custom designing, which means you can use various features. The majority of Shopify web designs are integrated with premium themes. Even then, you can customize the themes.

    Wix Vs. Shopify for Small Business

    Generally, Wix is preferred by businesses who want an eCommerce store for general purposes. This is because it has page layout tools, data capture, email marketing, and other tools. However, if you want to create an eCommerce store, Shopify should be your choice. We are saying this because Shopify has highly responsive templates and provides support for AMP on the goods and products pages. In addition, it has multi-currency and dropshipping support.

    Why Choose Wix for a small business?

    You can choose Wix if you want a free plan without any timeline and it’s suitable for the development of the general-purpose website. It is suitable for adding forms, galleries, and events. For the most part, Wix is more affordable than Shopify and you no longer to worry about the transaction fees if you implement the third-party payment gateway. There is an extensive range of templates available while the drag-and-drop interface promises quick development of pages.

    The best part of Wix is that you can add the blog content settings in the static web pages is extremely convenient. The store owners can send the automated abandoned cart reminders to the customers. Moreover, there are built-in tools available for the management of cookie consent. With Wix, you can capture data and create forms. Lastly, it helps create clean URLs which eventually helps with search engine optimization.

    • Why Choose Shopify for small business?

    To begin with, Shopify is the best solution for store owners who want to create an ecommerce store. Shopify has responsive templates and you will be able to check out various currencies with Shopify stores. There are extensive dropshipping features available and is suitable for point-of-sales apps. The best thing about Shopify is that it has better SEO capacity and creates websites that meet and exceed the core web vital standards of Google.

    What we love about Shopify is that it has an automatic tax calculation system for store owners from Europe, Canada, or the U.S. In addition to taxes, Shopify also allows to calculate and apply the VAT MOSS rates (it’s for store owners with digital products who are selling in Europe). Moreover, you can switch the templates easily and you won’t have to rebuild the site. Not to forget, there is an extensive range of Shopify integrations and apps available. Lastly, there are various payment gateways.

    Magento Ecommerce for Small Business Pricing Vs. Shopify

    To begin with, Shopify is the hosted platform while you have to self-host Magento stores. That being said, Shopify will be able to take care of the hosting and they automatically add hosting costs in the monthly plan (there are no extra costs). On the other hand, Magento is completely free to install but you have to pay for the domain, security, hosting, and extensions. There are five pricing plans available with Shopify and all of them have fixed rates. As for Magento, you have to pay for web hosting.

    However, we have to mention that Magento has an enterprise pricing plan that’s suitable for enterprise-level businesses. Still, there is so much hassle involved with Magento since you have to pay for the domain, visit the registrars, and more. The bottom line is that Shopify is a much better option when looked at the price factor.

    List Down the Shopify Small Business Ideas

    If you want to take a smaller step on Shopify and are looking for small business ideas, there are various products that can be sold. For instance, you can sell t-shirts, greeting cards, and digital products. Also, you can provide customized t-shirts, posters, and greeting cards since they are high in demand.

    Shopify Reviews for Small Business

    Shopify is a well-dedicated eCommerce store and website builder which allows users to build an online store. It is a convenient platform to create online stores and you don’t need any technical skills either. It has highly powerful eCommerce tools available that will take your eCommerce business to a new level. Shopify has an extremely simple and clean interface. The best thing about Shopify is that it’s intuitive and smooth; what more can a small business want?

    On top of everything, it’s no secret that small businesses are tight on budget and Shopify offers a 14-day free trial. That being said, you can try using the Shopify store without paying any money. To illustrate, it promises higher value for money and provides scalable choices. Overall, the pricing plans are pretty affordable and there are various themes, apps, and features available. To summarize, it’s perfect for small businesses and it’s a thumbs-up from our side!

    Shopify Small Business COVID-19

    To begin with, Shopify is extremely responsive and they launched various services for small businesses as a response to COVID-19. It’s a fact that businesses struggled to deliver the orders on time due to lockdown restrictions. For this purpose, Shopify launched new features and tools for fulfilling customer expectations. For instance, they added the tools for local delivery, local pickup, and can print the labels.

    Secondly, the small businesses struggled on a financial basis but Shopify responded to that as well. This is because Shopify Capital was launched to offer financial support to small businesses for developing inventory and create marketing campaigns. In addition, they educated the users about cash flow management and short-term revenue strategies for optimizing profits. Not to forget, the store owners learned the tricks for improved financial management during such uncertain times.

    Shopify Supporting Small Business

    Shopify is a great platform for small businesses since they don’t charge any setup fees and there is no need for long-term contracts. Shopify has already stated that small businesses are important for the social and economic fabrication of society. In addition, Shopify supports small businesses by providing funding and help manage the cash flow. That being said, the Shopify store owners have access to tools that help them create higher profits and revenues.

    How Much Does a Basic Website Cost On Shopify?

    There are five pricing plans designed by Shopify. For instance, the basic plan costs around $29, the main plan costs $79, and the advanced plan costs $299. All these plans have monthly charges. You can choose Folio3 Shopify Integration for small businesses or Folio3 Shopify store design for small businesses because they promise high-end services.

    Do You Have to Pay Monthly for A Website On Shopify Regarding Maintenance?

    Nope, Shopify doesn’t charge the monthly maintenance costs separately. This is because all such charges are added to the monthly costs. However, if you hire third-party agencies for creating and managing the Shopify store, they might charge extra Shopify maintenance costs.


    How Much Does It Cost to Build A Website For A Small Business In South Africa On Shopify?

    The basic web designing for Shopify will cost around $500 to $1,000. However, the custom Shopify store will cost anything from $500 to $2,000.

    How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website for A Small Business UK On Shopify and Why Shopify Is Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business UK?

    The basic Shopify plan in the UK costs £22 while the main plan is around £60. As far as the advanced plan is concerned, it ranges up to £227. Shopify is the best ecommerce platform for small businesses in the UK because it’s a fully integrated ecommerce solution. For instance, it provides payment processing, website building, hosting, and various other features.

    What Is the Average Cost of Website Design For Small Businesses In Canada On Shopify?

    For the most part, the average costs of website designing for Shopify small businesses range from $500 to $1,000. However, the costs may vary with the features, so it’s best to check with Folio3 Shopify store development for small businesses (they have amazing prices).

    Why Shopify Is the Best Ecommerce Platform for Small Business Australia On Shopify?

    Shopify is the best ecommerce development platform for small businesses in Australia because it’s an all-in-one solution. This is because there is an extensive range of add-on integrations available. Also, there are advanced features and payment gateways available to help businesses maximize their sales and revenues.


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