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    Top 15 Reasons Why We Convert Shopify Store To Mobile App?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    Overview: Why Am I Required To Convert Shopify Store To Mobile App, When I Already Have A Mobile-Friendly Shopify Website?

    The market on the internet is full of an overwhelming number of options to choose from when someone plans to build a website for their eCommerce store or brick and mortar one. The number of options available may be endless but bear in mind that the best among them is Shopify eCommerce Development Company.

    It is one of the cheapest, easiest, and most convenient retail and eCommerce business solutions out there, and not only this, the Shopify Optimization Services & Customization help you curate unique themes that make customer experience out of this world. 

    Shopify development

    Likewise, the need to convert your Shopify store to a custom Shopify app for mobile is to meet the convenience of the customer and to move with the world’s trending technology for your benefit. This migration to Shopify mobile app will not affect your website but bring more business to your eCommerce store only. Since they are more convenient for the shoppers, they will stay updated with the promotions, sales, and discounts you are having. 

    Shopify App Development – Converting Challenges into Opportunities and Profits

    Converting Challenges into Opportunities and Profits

    Here, are a few reasons why you need to convert to Shopify mobile app right this instance;

    Best 15 Reasons Why We Convert Shopify Store To Mobile App

    1. Websites Alone Don’t Work

    Since technology is running faster ahead in the future, the old-school ways of running your business are not enough to make it. The website, regardless of how easy and convenient they are, are still not enough to make the revenues you wish for that’s why they don’t work alone you need to work along the trends of the new world to grow and be happy with your business and its services. 

     2. Increases Revenue and Conversions rate

    The ease and convenience that mobile apps have given to a customer so far is the best. Nothing can compete with it when it comes to generating greater revenue and having a conversion rate. Since the industry is still new to a lot of business owners, the Shopify mobile app is by far the best place to migrate the Shopify store to Shopify mobile app.  

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     3. Enhances Customer Retention

    Shopify mobile app is all the services and experiences customer experiences during purchase and this is the same thing that determines whether the customer wishes to continue to support your business or not. The Shopify eCommerce development company provides excellent, efficient customer service to meet your business needs. The Shopify development support services ensure the processes your customers go through are as smooth as possible. They will remember and patronize your company that has treated them well.

    Shopify development
    4. Offer Smartest Marketing Tool

    Shopify mobile app offers a bunch of great marketing tools that not only make it easy for you to keep track of everything but also improve your Shopify stores campaigns and grow your business. A list has been compiled of top mobile marketing tools that you might want to learn about and covers range from analytics, social media, and text marketing tools to SEO, ASO, and multi-channel marketing tools they are; 

    1. Google analytics
    2. Appsflyer
    3. Hootsuite
    4. SMS Marketing & Notification Tools
    5. Ez texting etc. 

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     5. Boosts Brand Image/Awareness

    Mobile apps create brand awareness and they take the businesses to a new level of success because there are only a few retails or eCommerce business that uses apps for their business. 

     6. Customers Loyalty

    The mobile apps bring loyal customers to the business; whereas, the websites only bring followership. The website in simple words most of the time brings people to your business’s eCommerce store.

     7. Unlimited Push Notifications

    Push notifications are pop up messages that pop up on mobile devices and are sent by the app publishers, whether the app or the device is being used. A push notification reaches the customers who already have installed your Shopify app. These notifications help in enhancing the user experience, engagement, retention, and acquisition of your products and services. And to top it up GCM and APN (Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification, respectively) for android and iOS have become a great advantage that any mobile app can offer nowadays. So that’s why it’s perfect to implement it from the very beginning.

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    8. Business Expansion Plan

    Mobile apps are a great source to reach more masses, hence getting the business expanded to greater lengths. Mobile apps not only increase the mass following but also help expand the services of your business with an increased conversion rate and a few ROIs. 

     9. App Install Campaigns

    App install campaigns are strategies that are used for user acquisition that Shopify website Design Company uses including all the strategies that drive a large number of downloads in a short period. These campaign helps in both organic and paid installs of your Shopify mobile app because the more installs your app gets the more increased ranking it gets on the app stores.

     10. Social Media Optimization, Management and Integration

    Shopify mobile appisone of the best social media optimization, management and integration apps for your eCommerce store. It is a great all-in-one social media marketing app with a contemporary look and feels that offers the best and most amazing key features you need to get started with social media management and plan a simple social media strategy.

     11. Mobile Analytics

    Mobile app analytics are a developer’s best friend hire Shopify developers,  the experts of meeting your needs to the fullest. With these tools, analyse the performance of your mobile app, gain a good understanding of how your customers are behaving, and how the app can be optimised to reach your dream goals.

     12. High Performance

    The Shopify website design, without a doubt, is very user-friendly; however, the custom Shopify mobile apps are much faster and quicker than the website. Hence, provide higher performance than mobile-friendly websites do.

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    13. Better user experience

    The Shopify mobile app gives a better user experience by providing mobile-exclusive features to your customer.

     14. Offline Access

    Shopify customization services provide your customer offline access to the mobile app that they can use whenever and wherever they want.

     15. Customer Engagement

     Customer engagement is much easier on mobile apps; users can just tap to access the catalogues they need to rather than using any browsers and URLs to login and log out of their websites’ accounts.

    What is the importance of converting Shopify stores to mobile apps?

    You should convert your Shopify store to a mobile app because technological advancements have placed mobile phones in an everyday essential in our lives. They have become the best practising solutions to get connected with the world because they are very easy to use and very much convenient to carry with us all day long. We have 5 billion+ amazing and unique individuals who use the mobile phone around the globe. The service sector has increasingly become even more convenient with the invention of mobile apps, in general. Every one of these apps has been made to perform unique and specific tasks. So no matter what you want to do, you have an app to carry out that task for you. And this is why when it comes to generating increased conversions for your Shopify business store you must convert it to a Shopify mobile app.

    How Folio3 helps you to convert shopify store to mobile app?

    Folio3 are the best Shopify development partner that stands out from the rest of the competition the eCommerce market has. Hire Shopify Developers, the best experts who know well about developing custom Shopify apps that perfectly fit your requirements. Regardless of what you need a Shopify app to add certain features to your eCommerce business store, an integration based app to integrate with other third-party software, or need to customize the user experience of your eCommerce store, our Shopify eCommerce development company is a perfect choice, where you get the best Shopify integrations advice. You simply have to discuss what your requirements are and get Shopify customization services to do the rest for you. 

    An overview of the process that will take place is described below; 

    Choose a Shopify App: It enables your store to access the right technology for seamless services provision

    Setting up your account: After selecting the Shopify app builder, we then help you sign up for an account.

    Adding the Shopify Store to the APP: Our Shopify app will make it very convenient for you to create a native app for your eCommerce store.

    Customizing your App: The Shopify customization services provide you with the right mobile app creator for your custom Shopify app by offering various customizations options and will guide you on how to do it.

    Publishing the App: This process is the easiest than the rest; it takes a 5 steps route to get your Shopify Mobile App to get published on the app store in no time. 

    Now that you get a glimpse of our guide on how to convert your Shopify store to the mobile app, you should start doing so. We all know how tough the competition is in eCommerce, and only the best businesses can sustain the rapidly changing environment. For you and your business’s long term safety, it is better to make sure to hire Shopify developers for the sustainability of your Shopify eCommerce store.

    FAQ About Convert Shopify Store To Mobile App:

    How Shopify mobile apps are used for creating a loyal customer base?

    Mobile phone technology is increasingly becoming an everyday essential to stay connected with customers’ life. The apps are not only becoming more central to ever one’s lifestyle but they are also being considered the new battlefield for brand loyalty on eCommerce platforms. If you want your business to retain customers and capitalize through their digitally savvy attitude, then you should build a compelling mobile presence through a custom Shopify app. A mobile app can significantly add value to your products or services if it is executed correctly because it provides the customers with the opportunity for increased engagement. This is one of the key strategies for building brand loyalty, increasing your customer’s engagement with the brand automatically increases the brand loyal.

    Since, modern times use mobile strategies to stay relevant, maintain a competitive edge, unearth new business and revenue opportunities and remain a top priority for growth businesses. In this regard, a Shopify mobile app development is a worthy investment for businesses because the app users are loyal to the brand as compared to the ones who visit the websites. In general, customers use mobile apps more often, and for longer, than any mobile site. The prolonged nature of Shopify mobile app sessions transforms into a window of great opportunity for brands to establish better customer relationships, taking advantage of users’ high level of engagement

    List the different approaches to convert the Shopify store to a mobile app?

    There are three different approaches to convert your Shopify store to a mobile app are:

    –         Use of premium Shopify plugins

    There are several great plugins offered by the Shopify app store that teams of developers or freelancers develop for you to use. These plugins help you build a mobile app that is based on your Shopify web store. 

    A few are listed below as examples;

    1. MageNative Mobile App 
    2. Vajro App Mobile App builder 
    3. Shopney Mobile App

    –         Using third party SaaS platform or Shopify app builder

    The second option that you get to build your Shopify app is getting a Mobile App Builder or Software a service. Simply put, it is a model for distributing software that will get you pre-made modules from the services you have hired for your custom Shopify app. However, these services kind of restrict you with the options you get and leave no window for customizations in the app.

    Still, we are listing a few examples for your ease below;

    1. Plobalapps
    2. Tapcart Mobile App
    3. AppIt Mobile App Creator 

    –         Customising with a Shopify eCommerce development company

     It is all about creating a mobile app from scratch when you say custom Shopify mobile app.

    Hire the best Shopify integration team to build the best mobile app for your eCommerce store with a seamless and smooth migration to Shopify app from your store. 


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