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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    Magento Store Hosting Advantages on Google Cloud Engine

    Talking about hosting, especially cloud hosting, Magento on Google Cloud is one of the reliable and more scalable options available to businesses that want to start a business online, but let’s first introduce and review the platforms individually.

    Magento is an open-source platform that belongs to the eCommerce industry and is known across the globe for its outclass services in respect to online stores and businesses. The fact that it is open-source, this kind of technology is especially useful for merchants who are looking for more flexibility and customizations and more control over the kind of website they want.

    Their customizations are not limited to just the design of the online website, but also to all the functionalities, marketing tools, SEO and other features, and the whole management of the website itself; basically, the store owners want the maximum control that they can achieve.

    Google has a very advanced backend and frontend infrastructure which can be replicated using the Google Cloud Platform. Store owners can easily build their desired website or store, deploy it as well, and scale any sort of applications, services, or other features that are very similar to Google itself. This can be highly beneficial for store owners who are familiar with the Google platform and want a website that works in a similar way.

    Google Cloud Engine (GCE) is the Compute Engine that eventually delivers and takes care of all the machines, more or less virtual, that are configurable and are present in the data centers of Google itself in order to maintain high performance. Many of the PHP processors and developers use Google as their main cloud computing base for all sorts of building of websites, deployment of applications, and all other tasks that need to be performed.

    GCE is not a new term when it comes to cloud computing, and was officially in the market by 2012, and is widely used by many of the most famous Google products and mainly used applications such as Google Play, YouTube, Gmail, etc. Thus, it is highly reliable and a very commonly used platform that has an easy-to-use interface that anyone and everyone can work with.

    When so many applications are already using the GCE platform to power their websites, Magento can also use the Google Cloud Engine to host its websites. Although this may have its own challenges for the store owners on the way, there are many advantages of this collaboration. Some advantages of Magento website hosting on Google Cloud Engine include:

    • High Uptime:

    Since any amount of downtime while building a website, migrating from one software platform to another, or during the process of website deployment means that business is lost within that downtime bracket, online businesses usually choose the option where they have to bear the least amount of downtime.

    The Google Cloud Engine is known for a 99.99% uptime, which is very high in comparison to many other platforms, which is helping it gain a lot of market and becoming a favourite for Magento eCommerce stores.

    • Server Speed:

    Another feature that store owners are looking for in the software platform when they are choosing a host is the speed they are offered because if the server speed is slow, websites take much longer to open or start performing, which can annoy customers and decrease sales for the business.

    This is one aspect where the Google Cloud Engine servers are taking the trophy. Not only do they have very high-speed servers, but their servers are also already tuned to provide optimized performance, attracting more customers, which is a very lucrative opportunity for business owners to grab.

    • The Reliability Factor:

    Since so many known applications such as YouTube, Google Play and Gmail, etc., have already been seen using the Google Cloud Engine, Magento store owners can be sure that their websites are in the right hands because GCE is a highly reliable option. It is the main agent behind Google itself, providing a Google-like infrastructure to its clients. Therefore, store owners can rely easily on it.

    • Scalability:

    Business owners mostly have a problem in scalability, especially when it comes to more than expected traffic on their website, and these hikes are very difficult to manage with the available staff and products, along with website crashes as well if the load increases.

    Google Cloud Engine gives its Magento users the opportunity to upscale or downscale their features, resources, and operations without changing any other IP addresses or software tweaks.

    • Simplicity:

    The Google Cloud Engine gives all its clients a very easy-to-use user interface and a customer experience that is very similar to the Google website itself, which people are highly familiar with for years, so the transactions of the online business are also conducted easily. This also impacts the performance of the business in a positive way, and customers are attracted to such websites that are easy for them to handle overall.

    Many other advantages are still present in the Magento on Google Cloud Engine, but the above mentioned are some of the main ones that clients are looking for when choosing host platforms.

    Magento Hosting challenges on Google Cloud Server

    Where there are multiple advantages of Magento hosting on the Google Cloud Server, there are some drawbacks and challenges as well, such as:

    1.   Installation Issues – Many users may face some issues when they are directly installing the Magento website on the Google Cloud Server, especially if the store owners are beginners and have no prior knowledge of how these installations work. Therefore, before final deployment, there should always be a testing phase for the website.

    2.   No Changes Available – If the users are deploying their website manually, they have to attain the Google Cloud Engine license first and then go on with the installation process, which may take up some time, but if anything goes wrong, the user cannot change it there and then, rather, they will have to restart the whole deployment process after making the required changes.

    3.  Experts Required – Not everyone can conduct an installation of Magento on the Google Cloud Engine because it requires some sort of prior experience of server configurations and the kind of integrations that are required. Thus, to launch a proper website in such a way, an expert may need to be hired, which will increase the overall time and cost.

    4.  Security Threats – When any Magento website is shifted to the Cloud servers, all the information of the business is also uploaded on the internet, which means this data can be accessed by different cloud computing experts who make extra efforts of doing so, hurting the overall confidentiality of the website, and posing security threats to the data.

    Why Choose Folio 3 to Install Magento On Google Cloud

    Folio3 is a digital-based company that provides technological transformation services and consultation strategies to other businesses, especially pertaining to startups who want to begin their online store or web application journey. They are especially known as a Magento B2B Development Company, who assist their partner companies in starting an online store and conducting business efficiently, providing the following reasons for choosing them:

    • They are Magento and Google experts, saving the client’s time as they know their job well and can complete it in the shortest amount of time.
    • They are based in many countries, so their data centers are expanded all over, which means they do not operate from one main point.
    • They know how to gain maximum server services, be it Magento 1 or 2.
    • The kind of security and confidentiality these experts offer are available 24/7, along with proper SSL certificates if need be.
    • The Folio3 allows you to install an unlimited number of applications on one server without compromising on the server speed, and even domains can be unlimited.
    • Any kind of application can be installed and cloned by Folio3 experts.
    • They also offer certain features like information backups, easy payment options, and monitoring and management of resources being used.

    Contact Folio 3 to Launch Magento on Google Cloud Engine

    Businesses should directly contact the Folio3 branch for Magento development Services that is nearest to their location if they want to launch Magento on the Google Cloud Engine, which Folio3 conducts in the following, easy to conduct, steps:

    Step 1: The user must select Magento from a drop-down menu that is available on the platform, and give a name to the server you want to use, the application you are launching, and the overall project.

    Step 2: Then select the Google Cloud Engine from the menu that is offering cloud infrastructure options.

    Step 3: Depending on the amount of traffic you are expecting in your store, choose the size of server you would require.

    Step 4: The size of storage and the bandwidth required also need to be chosen by the users themselves.

    Step 5: Server location is key. Therefore, in the next step, choose the right location for your server that is closest to the target audience.

    Step 6: Press the “launch now” button and finally deploy your Magento website on the Google Cloud Engine.

    Final Thoughts

    Folio3 is one of the companies that have a team of experts that help in installing Magento websites and hosting them on the Google Cloud Engine. They are also earlier known to be experts in Magento to Shopify Migration and vice versa and have been expertly working on many other eCommerce platforms, so their experience rate is very high.

    If any website or store owner wants a quick, optimum performance and easy-to-use interface for their store, Folio3 is the best option, as they have special experts for helping your business move towards success. They also let you pre-deploy and test your final website before officially launching it, and the best results with many other advantages are awaiting your final eCommerce decision.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q.1.) What are the benefits of Magento Google Cloud?

    Magento Google Cloud has many benefits that have been discussed earlier, the main ones being:

    • Uptime
    • Speed
    • Reliability
    • Scalability
    • Simplicity and Ease of Use

    Q.2.) What is the simplest way of hosting on Magento Google Cloud?

    Magento installation is otherwise a very tough task, especially for beginners who have no prior configuration knowledge, but if the installation steps mentioned in this article are followed, it can be made easier. Or the best alternative is to hire an expert from Folio3 to conduct the installation for you.

    Q.3.) What is the cost of Magento 2 Google Cloud?

    The cost of Magento 2 on Google Cloud is about $73.62 / month due to its high performance and server size starting with 3.75 GBs.

    Q.4.) How can Magento on Google Cloud benefit eCommerce?

    Magento is not the only platform available in the eCommerce industry to install within the Google Cloud Engine, but it has a lot of benefits for the overall eCommerce industry. It is one of the main competitors of Amazon, which is otherwise a business giant and is even cheaper than Amazon. Their reliability, server speed, and uptime are a total given, though their budget may run out if the business owner is not considering bandwidth increases, resource increases, or if there is any planning glitch.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.