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Last Updated | August 18, 2020

Magento is a well-known open-source ecommerce platform since 2008.  It has two versions available- the Open Source Community Edition and the Enterprise Version. Magento offers its users with all the functionality required to run an online store. However, Magento fails to deliver the web hosting service. Due to this reason, Magento server hosting came into play, to provide compatible web hosting for Magento.

What is Magento Hosting and What Do You Mean By The Best Hosting for Magento ecommerce?

Magento is a well-known free ecommerce platform that offers its users with diverse functions for their online web store, but it lacks web hosting. To cater to this issue, web hosting for Magento was started, to provide Magento hosting solutions, in addition to features such as SSL certificates.

Users of Magento, if they do not opt for proper web hosting for Magento, usually complain of the following issues:

—Limited storage

—Slow performance of their web store

—Server management

—No scalability

There are many web hosting servers available on the market that are not designed as well as it is challenging for top magento website design company but can still be used if dedicated hosting, VPS server, or ecommerce hosting are used. However, these web hosting servers do not offer some functions that are exclusive to Magento hosting solutions. These functions and features are the basic requirements of an online store. Thus, you should prefer a dedicated web hosting for Magento, rather than choosing any other web hosting services for your web store.

Types of Website Hosting Solutions

These various types of web hosting services can be used for your Magento store:

  1. Shared Hosting Service

Your Magento store would be hosted on a server shared with several other websites. With this web hosting for Magento, you do not have the option to scale your website, you will get limited bandwidth and disk storage for your account.

  1. Dedicated Hosting Service

This means you would have to start from scratch to set up your web hosting server, and you get full access to your hosting resources. The flexibility provided by this server comes with a heavy price tag.

  1. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This type of server is similar to the dedicated hosting service, with the physical server being divided into multiple virtual servers- this is the main difference. VPS servers come with a hefty price tag, but they offer scalability.

  1. Cloud

A cost-effective hosting service that offers scalability, but requires you to manage the server on your own. This means that installing the OS, updates, hosting stack and security would be your headache.

The main reasons why other web hosting servers should not be used for your Magento store are:

—Inefficient performance issues

This is mostly experienced with shared hosting services. A sudden traffic spike on another website would affect your website’s traffic, eventually causing a loss for your web store.

—Frequent downtime 

Inefficient performance issues are experienced with shared hosting services, causing an increase in the frequency of your web store’s downtime.

—Security issues

Using shared hosting services could be a recipe for disaster for your web store. Just one attack on the server could ruin your web store. Your website stores a lot of sensitive data, such as customers’ information, which is very confidential, and you cannot risk to lose that data. 

The best hosting for Magento would combat all these issues and all the technicalities associated with the running of your web store would be managed well. This allows you to focus on the growth of your business, rather than managing all these technicalities. These technicalities include installation and the renewal of the SSL certificate, optimizing the speed of the web store, fixing issues whenever the website is down, etc.

How to do hosting for Magento 2 and what are its requirements?

Magento 2 hosting options are similar to Magento 1. The hosting services can be shared, dedicated, or based upon the VPS. The requirements for Magento 2 hosting are:

  1. Operating System

—Linux x86-64

  1. Memory Requirements

—Minimum RAM required: 2GB

  1. Web Servers

—Apache 2.4

—NGINX 1.x

  1. Database

—MySQL 5.6, 5.7

—Also compatible with MySQL NDB Cluster 7.4, MariaDB 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, Persona 5.7, and other binary-compatible MySQL technologies

  1. PHP

—Supported PHP versions:




  1. Required PHP Extensions

















  1. PHP OPcache

—Verify that PHP OPcache is enabled

  1. PHP settings

—Configure the PHP settings

  1. SSL

A valid SSL certificate is required

  1. Required System Dependencies










  1. Other technologies

—Redid versions 3.2, 4.0, 5.0 (compatible with 2.4+) for page caching and session storage

—Varnish version 6.x (tested with 6.3.1)

—Elasticsearch version 6.8

Best Qualities for a Magento Hosting Partner

The best web hosting for Magento should be able to provide the following:

—Fool-proof Security

Since you would be dealing with a lot of confidential details of your customers, you must protect that data from any third-parties, theft, or cybercrimes. To ensure the protection of your customers and your web store, the web hosting for Magento must provide the following options:

-Dedicated firewalls

-SSL certificate

-Two-Factor authentication

-IP Whitelisting

—Compatibility with your Magento store

The Magento developers offer new versions periodically, updating the previous version, and making the current versions better than the old one. The web hosting for Magento must be updated to keep up with the new version of Magento.


If your web page loads too slowly, the chances of your potential customers for closing the window are very high. This would cause you to lose customers and also lose profit. Hence, speed is an important factor for the success of your store. The best web hosting for Magento should be able to improve your page’s loading time.

—Advanced Web Caching

Web caches help in enhancing your web store’s page loading time. They provide increased performance, decreased bandwidth costs, and a better responsiveness of your web store.

—Technical Support

A good web hosting service for Magento should be able to provide a fast response approach, available 24/7. Since you pay to use their services, you must be provided with prompt technical assistance.  


Countless Magento hosting service providers claim to be the best ones out in the market. Before investing in one, make sure you do your research and spend some time reading up on Magento web hosting reviews.

Top Sites to Find Magento Hosting Reviews

The internet is full of good and bad reviews about the various web hosting service providers for Magento. Some websites offer reviews that are paid (some websites do mention of the affiliate links), and some are genuine reviews posted by users. Since every information is one click away, you should make use of this facility and research away. Apart from this, you can even survey the market in person, to find genuine reviews about Magento hosting service providers.

What are the Magento Community Hosting Requirements?

Magento Community Edition is the free version of the Magento Software. Since it is a part of Magento, it requires hosting service from a service provider.

The Magento Community Edition hosting requirements are:

—Start with a Hosting plan

Starting with cloud hosting plans is a sensible approach. Since the Magento Community Edition is used by small to medium business owners, they can easily upgrade their hosting plan once they have enough resources.

—Consider the Server location

Choose a server that is closer to your customers, instead of being closer to your location.

—Always opt for Solid State Drives (SSD)

The SSD disks have a twenty times faster, as compared to the normal hard disks.

—Security certificates

Online web stores require customers to share their confidential data, such as credit card details with your store. To protect any theft, or any misuse of any information, SSL certificates are necessary.

—Good speed

Use CDN to help speed up the web page loading time of your web store. CDN makes this possible by saving your web page on multiple servers around the world, allowing your web page to load as fast as possible.

—Routine Backup

The web hosting service provider must have a routine for regular backups, to prevent any loss of data. 

SiteGround Magento Hosting Reviews: Is it that Good?

SiteGround Magento Hosting is a reasonably priced, fast, and secure web hosting service for your personal and business websites, running since 2004. It is an SSD-based shared hosting, making it a reliable hosting service. SiteGround Magento hosting offers an expert team at your disposal 24/7. They even help you to launch your website on WordPress or Weebly. It has a very easy to use interface, which makes navigation a breeze of fresh air.

With the purchase of SiteGround Magento hosting services, you all get a free domain. Apart from this, you can set up your Magento store with just one click, making it an easy installation process. Even if you do get stuck during the installation process, there is an expert available to help you. SiteGround Magento hosting offers one of the best customer service in the industry, which proves to be a selling point for this hosting service. Furthermore, you get other functions, such as caching, backups, free SSL, email, and CDN. 

By looking at all the features provided by the SiteGround Magento hosting services, it can be seen that the customer support provided by their team is one of the strongest features they provide. Some of the other web hosting for Magento lack in this field, making SiteGround Magento hosting services a good and viable option. 

What are the 5 Best Free Magento Hosting providers for ecommerce?

Out of the countless number of Magento hosting providers, the five best free Magento hosting providers for ecommerce are:

  1. ProHoster
  2. Hostpoco
  3. SkySilk Cloud Services

These free web hosting for Magento work with severe limitations, providing limited functionality for your web store. These can be a good option for somebody on a budget and would like to explore how these web hosting for Magento work.

Types of Magento Hosting Costs

As discussed earlier, there are four types of Magento hosting. These are:

  1. Shared hosting service
  2. Dedicated hosting service
  3. Cloud hosting service
  4. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Costs for these Magento hosting services depend on the company you opt for. Every company provides its users with various price plans that fit their budget and requirements.

What is the Managed Magento Hosting and how is it the best?

The managed Magento hosting is a service provider that leases its server and associated hardware to a user, and the service provider manages the system for the user. The leased equipment includes a dedicated server, storage, and network hardware; also operating systems and system software. The managed Magento hosting providers are responsible for everything, starting from the software and hardware setup and configuration, to technical support. Moreover, managed hosting providers’ price plans can be customized according to your business requirements.

In addition to the features mentioned above, the managed Magento hosting service providers also provide the following features:

—System maintenance

—Security services

—Physical security measures

—Server configuration and maintenance and monitoring

—Application support

The managed Magento hosting plans usually come with a service-level agreement, that outlines all the services the user is paying for and the service standards that the hosting provider is expected to meet.

How to choose the best Cloud Hosting for Magento?

Cloud hosting services for Magento are a cost-effective option that offers scalability for your web store. They provide you with their server, but you have to manage it on your own. Before you invest in any cloud hosting for Magento, it is always a good and safer option to survey the market, and read up on Magento hosting reviews, before you invest in one. Furthermore, every cloud hosting service offers different features and functions- you should choose the one that is the best suited for you. However, a good Cloud hosting service for Magento must provide the following features:

—A fool-proof security system with dedicated firewalls and SSL certificate

—Must be compatible with your Magento store development

—Provide good loading speed for your web page

—Advanced web caching

—Technical support around the clock

Whichever company you choose for the cloud web hosting for Magento, the above-mentioned features are the basic features that must be provided by your service provider.

Magento Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Magento Shared Hosting Performance

As discussed previously, a dedicated server hosting for Magento helps you in setting up your web hosting server, and providing you with full access to your hosting resources. This means you would be provided with a lot of exclusive features and flexibility. This, however, comes with a heavy price tag, which not every business owner can afford. A dedicated server hosting is considered to be the best and safest option for your Magento store. There is a negligible threat of security and reduced speed issues.

On the other hand, the Magento shared hosting, as the name suggests, is a shared server for several other sites. This prevents you from having any scalability option for your web store. Furthermore, you will get a limited bandwidth and disk storage for your account. A shared Magento hosting would affect the web page loading speed of your web page, causing you to lose on your customers. Any page that takes too long to load, customers just close that window; nobody has the time to wait for it to load. Security is also a cause of concern here. If one website gets hacked, the security of all the other websites on that server are in jeopardy. The price tag is much lesser than a Magento dedicated server, but so are the features.

In terms of performance, the Magento dedicated server hosting is the clear winner. However, not everybody can afford to invest in it. So it depends upon what your pocket allows and what your requirements are.

Top Benefits of Magento Dedicated Hosting

As you know by now that a dedicated Magento hosting looks after everything for you, from installation to updates. Just the thought of this should make you realize that you would be in safe hands if you invest in one.

To sum it all up, the benefits of a dedicated Magento hosting are the following:

—Exclusively built for Magento

—Fool-proof security



—No sharing of the server with other websites

—No compromise on loading speed

—Increased profits since you can concentrate on the sales and marketing 

The dedicated hosting for Magento does provide a lot of benefits to the user and is deemed the best type of web hosting for Magento. If the price tag is not an issue, you should invest in it.

What is Magento Enterprise Hosting and What are its Benefits?

The Magento Enterprise Hosting is a part of the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, that offers a fully customizable, secure, and scalable web storefronts. It is an amalgamation of hosting and managing services. It is built on AWS, providing scalability, resilience, and an optimized performance.

The benefits of the Magento Enterprise Hosting are:

—Flexibility for the user

You can easily integrate with external systems due to a full REST API and a scriptable command-line interface.

—Flexible deployment toolset

Spin, merge, clone, or carry out production issue diagnosis.

—Continuous Cloud delivery

Work in unison with your development teams and code branches.

—Consistent secure releases

Read-only production environments provide hardened security.

—Optimized for your Magento store

Every step is correctly tuned and configured for optimal performance.

Nexcess Magento Hosting Reviews

Nexcess is a stable and secure Magento hosting service. It is a popular choice with medium-sized businesses, due to being reasonably priced, and providing prompt customer support. Just like any other web hosting for Magento, Nexcess provides the following features:

—Reliable security measures

—Optimized Magento server

—Easy site migration especially if you migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

—24/7 technical assistance available

—Daily backups

—Nexcess DNS

—Free setup

It provides you with a choice of five price plans, ranging between $20 to $750 per month. You can choose the right one for you from the options provided. Even if you search for the best Magento Hosting services on a search engine, Nexcess shows up in most, if not all, blog posts.

How is Magneto Optimized Hosting Possible?

All the web hosting for Magento tries to make your store’s web hosting as optimized new possible. The most optimized hosting is offered by the dedicated hosting service. You pay the service provider a certain amount of fee to avail of their services. From managing the hardware to the software, they do it all for you, while you just focus on the marketing and financial aspects of your web store. While all the technical challenges are being taken care of, you get to focus on increasing your sales and increasing your profits.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right web hosting for Magento depends on your budget and requirements. There are numerous hosting service providers in the market, that claim to be the best ones- do not fall for this trap. Not every hosting service provider is the best one; some are extremely cheap, being too good to be true, but do not offer many features. You should always read up on reviews and survey the market, before investing.

What is the difference between OpenCart hosting and Magneto hosting?

OpenCart and Magento are two major competitors in the ecommerce market. OpenCart is a cheaper platform than Magento because it is a lighter platform, as compared to Magento. This brings down the cost of hosting for OpenCart. Magento, on the other hand, requires a lot of resources, making its hosting a lot more expensive than OpenCart.

Name the best Magento hosting companies in the UK

In the United Kingdom, there are numerous web hosting options for Magento. A few of them are listed down below:




—InMotion Hosting


—Web hosting Hub


How to find good Magento hosting in Europe?

You should opt for servers that are located within Europe or closer to Europe.

Is Magneto GoDaddy shared hosting?

GoDaddy is optimized for Magento websites. It has been a well-known platform in the hosting space, and they happen to be the largest domain name host, with hosting packages for Magneto websites. They offer three shared hosting plans- Economy Plan, Deluxe Plan, and Ultimate Plan. With all the price plans, you will get unlimited bandwidth and a free domain name.

What is Magento PCI Compliant hosting?

PCI compliant hosting is not an option for store owners who process credit card information, it is a requirement for them. Store owners who do not comply with these requirements would be heavily fined. A good Magento PCI compliant hosting service should have a fool-proof security system, to protect all cardholder data. 

List the Magento hosting requirements

To sum it up, the Magento Hosting requirements are:

—Fool-proof security

—Compatibility with your Magento store

—Fast web page loading speed

—Web caching

—Technical support

Does the Azure Magento hosting work well?

Yes, the Azure Magento hosting works well. Azure is a relatively new Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, providing everything a user needs from a single cloud solution. It is an open and flexible platform supporting any operating system, language, etc. It helps to provide an optimized platform for its users.

What is the Magento hosting VPS used for?

The Virtual Private Sector (VPS) is a server that is very much similar to the dedicated hosting service. However, the physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. They offer scalability for your web store. They are expensive, but they do offer scalability, which is an added advantage.

What is the performance of Magento hosting on AWS?

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) on its own can be a bit challenging to use. However, it provides a reliable, flexible, and secure cloud solutions for its users. with the help of another hosting service provider, you can easily use the AWS.

Is there any opportunity for a free Magento hosting trial?

Yes, most of the service providers offer a 14-day free trial or a 30-day free trial.

How much does the Rackspace Magento hosting cost?

Calculating the Backspace Magento hosting price is not an easy task. Their pricing is a combination of infrastructure and the service level you opt for. 

What are the top Magento hosting companies from Canada?  

These hosting companies are:





—A2 Hosting


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