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    How To Choose A BigCommerce Agency For Your Business?

    Last Updated | May 16, 2023

    A good BigCommerce development agency will have the experience and expertise to create a custom, high-performing online store that meets your specific needs. Choosing the right BigCommerce agency can have a significant impact on the success of your e-commerce business.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the evaluation, working, and importance of BigCommerce agencies. Moreover, we will also talk about how to evaluate a good agency for your business and help you choose a BigCommerce Agency for your business.

    • BigCommerce agencies can fully automate your business with their AI-powered solutions, which include marketing, customer management, and even support as well.
    • BigCommerce agencies provide you with the full-fledged customization of your store designs which no other theme can provide.

    What is a BigCommerce Development Agency?

    A BigCommerce development agency is a BigCommerce web design company that specializes in designing and developing e-commerce stores using the BigCommerce platform. They provide a range of services to businesses that want to create an online store on the BigCommerce platform.

    Why Are BigCommerce Development Agencies Important?

    The following are the factor that you should know before you head to choose a BigCommerce Agency for your business. 


    BigCommerce agencies have a team of experts that are well-versed in the platform and can help businesses make the most of its features and capabilities. They have experience in designing and developing e-commerce stores using the BigCommerce platform. 

    They can offer guidance on utilizing the platform best to achieve your business goals. This can include recommendations on how to optimize the store’s design, layout, and navigation to improve the user experience and increase conversions.


    Agencies can customize the design and functionality of a BigCommerce store to meet the specific needs of a business. This includes creating custom templates, themes, and design elements that align with a business’s brand and unique offerings. It also includes customizing the store’s checkout process, payment gateway integration, and other functionalities to meet the needs of the business and its customers.


    BigCommerce agencies can help businesses integrate their online store with other platforms, such as social media, email marketing, and accounting software. This allows businesses to streamline their operations and automate processes, such as customer data syncing, order tracking, and inventory management. This BigCommerce integration services can help businesses save time and increase efficiency.


    Agencies can help optimize a store’s performance by improving its search engine rankings, increasing conversion rates, and reducing bounce rates. This can include implementing SEO techniques, A/B testing, and analytics tracking to improve the store’s visibility and customer engagement. 

    It also includes identifying and fixing issues that may be causing a high bounce rate or low conversion rate.


    BigCommerce agencies can provide ongoing maintenance and support for a store to ensure that it remains up-to-date and runs smoothly. This includes providing regular updates, backups, security, and troubleshooting issues that may arise. It also includes monitoring the store’s performance and making recommendations for improvements over time. This ensures that the store stays current and continues to meet the needs of the business and its customers.

    Factors To Consider When Choosing A BigCommerce Agency

    Before you head to choose a BigCommerce Agency, do take the following factors into your consideration:

    Portfolio Of Past Clients And Case Studies

    Reviewing the portfolio of a BigCommerce agency will give you an idea of their level of expertise and the types of businesses they have worked with. An agency with a diverse portfolio of clients from different industries is a good sign that they have experience handling different projects. Additionally, reading case studies and testimonials from past clients will give you an idea of the agency’s level of customer service and the quality of its work.

    Availability And Responsiveness Of Customer Support

    When working with a BigCommerce agency, you will likely need assistance from time to time. Therefore, it is important to choose an agency that is responsive and easy to reach. A good agency will have dedicated bigcommerce support and maintenance services that are available to help you with any issues or questions you may have. They should also have a reliable method of communication, such as email, phone, or live chat.

    Pricing And Contract Terms

    It is important to understand the pricing and contract terms of a BigCommerce agency before making a decision. Make sure the agency’s pricing is transparent and that you understand the terms of the contract. Also, make sure that the agency is willing to work with you to create a customized solution that fits your budget. Additionally, ensure that the contract terms are clear and that there are no hidden fees or charges.

    How To Evaluate Potential BigCommerce Agencies

    You will need to follow the following step to choose a BigCommerce Agency which fits your business perfectly.

    Schedule Consultations And Ask For References

    One effective way to evaluate potential BigCommerce agencies is to arrange meetings with them to discuss your project and ask about their experience, expertise, and level of customer service. 

    Additionally, ask for referrals from their past clients to get an idea of their experience working with the agency. This will give you a comprehensive understanding of the agency’s capabilities and level of service.

    Review the Agency’s website and online presence

    The agency’s website and online presence can give you a good indication of its experience and expertise. When evaluating BigCommerce agencies, look at the agency’s portfolio, case studies, and testimonials to see examples of their work. 

    Also, review the agency’s blog and social media accounts to understand their level of engagement with clients and the industry. This will give you a good idea of the agency’s style, approach, and capabilities.

    Check The Agency’s Certifications and Awards 

    Certifications and awards can be useful indicators of an agency’s level of expertise. When evaluating BigCommerce agencies, look for those that have certifications or awards that indicate their level of expertise. 

    For example, BigCommerce has a certification program where agencies can become certified partners if they have demonstrated a high level of expertise and experience with the platform. 

    Also, look for agencies that have been recognized by industry experts or publications; this will give you confidence that the agency has the knowledge and skills to provide a high-quality service. Always opt for a BigCommerce-certified eCommerce agency to build a perfect business.

    Key Qualities of a BigCommerce Website  Development Agency

    The following are the key qualities of a BigCommerce eCommerce development agency:

    Customized solutions

    A BigCommerce agency has the expertise and experience to create an online store that is tailored to your business. They can design and develop an online store that is optimized for conversions and user experience. 

    This can include customizing the layout, navigation, and functionality of your store to align with your business goals and specific needs. This ensures that your online store is unique and stands out in the market. They can even help you with BigCommerce migration services.


    Working with a BigCommerce agency can save you a lot of time and effort. They will handle the technical aspects of setting up and managing your online store, allowing you to focus on running your business. This includes tasks such as designing, developing, testing, and deploying your online store.


    A top BigCommerce agency will ensure that your online store is scalable. This means that it can grow and adapt as your business expands. They will ensure that your store can handle increased traffic and sales without any issues. This is important as it allows your business to grow without worrying about your online store’s technical limitations.

    Ongoing Support

    A BigCommerce agency will provide ongoing support and maintenance for your online store. This ensures that it remains up-to-date and runs smoothly. 

    They will also be able to provide assistance and advice when you need it, ensuring that your business can continue to grow and thrive. This includes tasks such as updating the platform, fixing bugs, troubleshooting, and maintaining the security of your online store.


    Now you know everything that you need before going to choose BigCommerce development services. So just make sure to put forth all of your conditions and customizations beforehand, and do remember to check out their portfolio and support terms. 

    Moreover, if you want to opt for BigCommerce headless commerce for all the automation needs, you can Hire Bigcommerce Developers. However, if you think we missed something, do let us know in the comment!


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