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    How To Do Easy BigCommerce Etsy Integration?

    Last Updated | February 17, 2023

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Etsy BigCommerce integration! 

    If you’re an online seller looking to take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place. Imagine having the ability to expand your reach and access a whole new customer base, all while streamlining your inventory management and order processing. With Etsy BigCommerce integration, all of this and more is possible.

    In this article, we are going to talk about the simple process of Bigcommerce Etsy integration step by step, discuss the benefits of this Bigcommerce integration and answer some of the most asked questions about Bigcommerce Etsy integration.

    • There are 1.9 million sellers on Etsy and 2 Millon on Bigcommerce, which total nearly 4 million businesses.
    • BigCommerce’s powerful dashboard allows you to manage multiple stores at the same time, which is the most useful tool for scaling businesses.
    • Both Etsy and BigCommerce generate around 60 Billion dollars in gross merchandise revenue every year.

    Step By Step Guide Bigcommerce Etsy integration

    Following is the step-by-step guide to Bigcommerce Etsy integration:

    Step Number 1: Sign Up/Log in

    First, you will need to sign up for a BigCommerce account or log in to your old account.

    Step Number 2: Apps

    In your BigCommerce section, go to the Apps section and click on it.

    Step Number 3: Marketplace

    After clicking on “Apps”, Click on Marketplace and head to BigCommerce marketplace.

    Step Number 4: Instaling the App

    Search for “Etsy by Cedcommerce” and click on install

    Step Number 5: Confirming

    After you have clicked on install, you have to confirm it as well to start the download.

    Step Number 6: Connecting API

    Once you have the integration App installed, you will need to connect your Etsy store to your BigCommerce account by providing your Etsy store name and a valid API key. Just click on “Connect with Etsy” here.

    Step Number 7:  Providing Access

    After clicking, you will be redirected to your Etsy store, where the app will ask for some permissions. Just click on “Allow Access”.

    Allowing this access will give the app authority to connect with your Etsy api.

    Step Number 8: Importing Products

    After the API process is complete, you will be redirected back to the app integration, where the next step would be to import products.

    Step Number 9: Importing all Products

    Click on Import Product Option and select “All products” and then click on next.

    Step Number 10: Shipping Template

    After importing all the products, the next step will be to create a shipping template. You can either choose any old Etsy template or just fill in the new one.

    The shipping template is a must-have detail.

    Step Number 11: Default Shipping Template

    Now, the last option is the default shipping template. Which is basically the template assigned to each product as you will be functioning in various areas and various timezones at one time. So just fill in the details accordingly.

    Step Number 12: Dashboard

    Now you should be able to access your Etsy store in Bigcommerce with a separate dashboard for Etsy only.

    It’s worth noting that these steps might vary depending on the integration app you choose and the specific version of BigCommerce, so check the app documentation or go for a bigcommerce development company to ensure a smooth integration process.

    Benefits Of BigCommerce Etsy Integration

    Following are benefits of BigCommerce Etsy integration: 

    Increased Sales

    Integrating BigCommerce with Etsy allows you to expand your reach and tap into a whole new market of potential customers. By listing your products on both platforms, you’re opening the doors to a wider audience and increasing your chances of making more sales. 

    With the integration, your products can be seen by shoppers on Etsy as well as on your own BigCommerce migration store, giving you twice the exposure, twice the potential customer base and twice the chance of closing a sale.

    Streamlined Inventory Management

    With BigCommerce’s Etsy integration, keeping track of your inventory has never been easier. You no longer have to juggle multiple platforms and manually update product availability, and the integration does it all for you. The seamless integration keeps your inventory in sync across both platforms, so you can rest easy knowing that your stock levels are accurate and up-to-date.

    Automated Order Fulfilment 

    Once an order is placed on either platform, the integration will automatically update your inventory and fulfil the order, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. This means no more manual entry, no more double-checking, and no more missed orders. 

    With BigCommerce and Etsy working together, you can focus on growing your business while the integration handles the rest.

    Improved Marketing Efforts 

    With BigCommerce’s platform features and Etsy’s unique marketplace and community, you can access customer data and analytics from both platforms, allowing you to understand your audience better and what they want. 

    This can help you improve your marketing efforts and target your audience more effectively, resulting in more sales and a better bottom line.

    Customizable Shopping Experiences

    With BigCommerce and Etsy working together, you can offer a fully customizable shopping experience that caters to your specific audience and helps differentiate your business. 

    BigCommerce’s platform features allow you to create a unique and personalized store. In contrast, Etsy’s marketplace and community provide your customers with a sense of community, exclusivity and uniqueness in the products. This creates a unique shopping experience that customers will keep coming back for.

    If you want to automate your Etsy business with BigCommerce, then we suggest you opt for bigcommerce headless commerce agency.


    What Is Etsy BigCommerce Integration?

    Etsy BigCommerce integration is a process that allows sellers to connect their Etsy store with their BigCommerce account, allowing them to manage their products, orders, and inventory across both platforms.

    How Does The Integration Work?

    The integration works by using an app or a third-party service that connects the two platforms, allowing for the transfer of data such as product information, inventory levels, and order details. This data is then synced in real time so that any changes made on one platform are reflected on the other.

    Can I Integrate Only Specific Products Or Categories?

    Yes, most apps or third-party services that provide Etsy BigCommerce integration allow you to select which products or categories you want to integrate. This allows you to keep your product offerings separate and target different audiences.

    Is There Any Additional Cost For The Integration?

    The cost of Etsy BigCommerce integration varies depending on the app or service you choose. The app in this guide has no recurring or one-time fee; however, the subscriptions for both platforms have a fee. You may also have to pay for any transaction fees on both platforms.

    Can I Disconnect The Integration At Any Time?

    Yes, you can disconnect the integration at any time. However, the process and the required steps to disconnect the integration would depend on the specific app or service you used to integrate the platforms.


    In conclusion, integrating your Etsy store with your BigCommerce account can be a powerful tool for expanding your reach and increasing your sales. Connecting these two platforms allows you to streamline your inventory management and order processing and access a new customer base.

    The process of BigCommerce Etsy integration is relatively simple, and a variety of apps and third-party services can help you easily connect your Etsy and BigCommerce accounts. Following the steps outlined in this blog, you can set up your integration in no time and start reaping its benefits.


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