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    Maximize Sales with Top Magento Product Page Design Tips

    Last Updated | October 30, 2023

    Aesthetically pleasing and highly functional product pages are crucial for the success of all eCommerce stores. Magento as the leading eCommerce web development platform brings in various features and functionalities for users to create magnificently appealing and optimized product pages. However, you need to understand the Magento product page design best practices to leverage the platform optimally and maximize your website conversion rates.

    Well, whether you are looking to optimize product pages of your existing Magento 2 eCommerce store, or looking to create an exceptionally inspiring eCommerce store, we got you covered in this blog.

    Below we will be exclusively looking at the Magento product page design best practices including Magento customization services, and Magento integration services that can help you create stunning product pages for your online store. So, let’s start…

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    What are the best Product Page Design Principles?

    Let’s start with the fundamental page design principles for Magento 2 stores;

    Design product pages for the target audience

    In the eCommerce world, everything revolves around the customer. As a business owner, you need to keep the target audience in mind at every stage of the business, and product page design is no exception. Your product pages should be designed to instantly connect with the target audience.

    For instance, if you are designing a product page for fashion products, it should be bold and catchy. Whereas, if you are designing for Magento B2B development, the design should be minimalist, and uncluttered.

    Keep your branding consistent

    The next key principle in designing effective product pages is to keep your branding consistent across the entire website. The product pages should relate to your homepage, checkout page, and other pages. This will help generate a more appealing, and reliable branding from the users’ perspective.

    Keep it Simple

    Ecommerce users are rarely interested in the design of the website. However, there are most certainly interested in the offering or service of the store. Thereby, the key is to keep a minimalist and uncluttered design with enough breathing space between various design elements. Just make sure that the users are able to find all the relevant information, and accessibility to the entire site without any hassle and you are good to go!

    Use Content that sells

    Content may be the king from an SEO perspective, however, Magento eCommerce store owners need to carefully balance the content from SEO and Users’ perspective. Users are least bothered to read through the lengthy irrelevant content. They are rather more interested to know the precise details about products/services offered by the store. Thereby, be concise and marketable with your content to optimize conversion rates and maximize sales.

    Don’t Fear Conventions

    Conventions help to optimize the learning curve for first-time users. By intelligently using conventions on the eCommerce stores, you can help users quickly orient themselves to the store. Thereby, make sure you use standard patterns for website structure, navigation, and search functionalities to improve user experience and maximize conversion rates.

    Build an Iterative Process

    To create the best product page design, you need to continuously evolve the design to meet the needs of the target audience. The key here is to consistently perform A/B testing, which can give crucial insights into the webpage performance and help create an iterative process. This can greatly help store owners to create product page designs that are more apt with users’ preferences.

    Responsive design

    Mobile commerce is the next big thing for online stores. According to statistics, the mobile commerce industry is expected to reach nearly USD 500 billion by 2024. Couple this with the fact that over 50% of online shoppers using mobile devices, you can’t miss out to go with a responsive web design approach to maximize your sales and revenues.

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    What are the best Product Page UX Design Elements?

    Easy Navigation

    Breadcrumbs are one of the most effective approaches to improve efficient navigation between pages on your website. While the “back” button merely enables users to move back one page at a time, with breadcrumbs, users are able to navigate more freely across the entire product catalog offered by an online store.

    Product Reviews and Ratings

    There’s a reason why Amazon is the largest online retail market. That’s because it maintains one of the most efficient and effective reviews and rating systems for products. Reviews and ratings help build trust amongst users.

    And since online users can’t physically inspect the products, they greatly rely on reviews and ratings to assess the quality of the product. Thereby, make sure you implement a robust and effective rating and review system on your website.

    Use high-quality media for products

    Taking from the above point, online shoppers are actively looking for ways to have reliability for products they want to purchase. Again, since they are not able to physically inspect products before purchase, you need to assure them visually. This can be achieved by using high-quality images and videos of the products.

    Make sure the product images clearly depict every detail including the size, dimensions, ingredients, etc. This will help build customers’ trust and improve sales for your store.

    Prominently Display Costs and Availability

    There is no point in hiding the actual pricing of the product at any stage for an eCommerce store. Since it’s all about building trust, you need to boldly and prominently display the pricing of all the products. Also, make sure to implement an effective inventory management system to ensure the display of “availability” or “out of stock” for all products, so you save yourself from any embarrassment of not being able to fulfill an order.

    Add to Cart Button

    Since the very idea of an eCommerce store is to make sales, you need to implement as many “call to action” buttons as possible, and the “Add to Cart” button is surely the most crucial CTA action you need for users to take. Thereby, make sure the “Add to Cart” tab is placed boldly at the above-the-fold or stickied on the mobile view.

    Also, make sure to prominently highlight the “Add to cart” tab to maximize conversion rates.

    Customer engagement options

    As an eCommerce store owner, you need to engage users on as many platforms as possible. Thereby, make sure you place social share buttons clearly on your product pages. This will help users to share your content/offerings and boost website traffic.

    Tips to Design Best Magento Product Page

    • While designing the product page, you must add the product title and make sure that you add the targeted keyword in the title to increase search engine ranking. In addition, the title should be less than 65 characters long
    • Always use crisp and clear pictures of the products
    • If you want customers to buy your products more, create a compelling description for every product. In addition, make sure the description is according to the product. Not to forget, add the product availability, look, feel, and color in the description
    • Always hire an experienced and dedicated Magento development agency to design and develop your store. While some Shopify app development agencies do offer design and development services for the Magento platform as well, it’s always recommended to choose an agency that specializes or maintain a dedicated team for Magento store development.
    • Do add the call-to-action buttons on the product page to increase the chances of sales
    • Always add the prices of products around the call-to-action button and make sure it’s prominent
    • Don’t add too much clutter on the product page, so try to keep the pages simple and clean
    • Lastly, always add the shipping costs on the product page

    Does Improved Magento Store UX Help Increase Sales?

    Yes, a properly designed UX of the Magento store can directly influence the performance and functionality, hence higher sales conversions. According to research, getting a properly designed UX from Magento or Shopify eCommerce UX Firm can increase sales by 30%. This is because better UX promises higher brand interaction, reducing friction between the brand and the audience.

    What are the most common Product Page Design Mistakes?

    Some of the most common mistakes in product page design include:

    Inadequate Product Information

    Online shoppers are always looking for relevant and complete product information before they commit to a purchase. Since they can only virtually inspect the element, they need reassuring details about the product to build confidence and make the purchase.

    One of the most common product page design mistakes Magento store owners make is not adding relevant product details (pricing, features, dimension, size, etc.). This simply confuses the users and they end up abandoning the website.

    Lack of Social Proof

    Social proof is one of the most effective and reassuring marketing tools for eCommerce businesses. user-generated reviews and ratings are key to reassure users about the quality of products or services. However, many Magento store owners tend to neglect this important aspect, which results in lower users trust and decreased sales for stores.

    Missing Add to Cart Confirmation

    Without the confirmation add-to-cart message, there remains a lot of confusion in minds of users. This also confuses customers about the products they have already added to the cart, resulting in either redundant products being added or abandonment of the website by customers.

    What are the Six Stages of Product Page Design?

    Stage Name Description
    Idea Validation Conceptualize and validate the product page design. Gather relevant information, define the project’s scope, and establish key success metrics.
    Wireframing Create a structural foundation for the product page design, which includes a sample layout without any final design elements. This helps in assessing the functionality and content, ensuring everything functions as intended.
    Prototyping Develop a tangible prototype of the product page design to validate the layout and refine any elements as necessary. This takes the design from conceptualization to a more concrete state.
    Testing Test the page design for loading time, functionality, and compatibility across different devices and browsers. Identify and rectify any flaws or loopholes in the design or functionality.
    Launch Transfer the approved design layout to the live server and conduct final diagnostics to ensure all elements are functioning correctly.
    Post-Launch Consistently assess the page design’s performance, fix any bugs, and make occasional changes to the UI/UX based on customer preferences or feedback.

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    Bottom Line

    Product page design principles essentially represent the best practices to achieve a highly functional, and aesthetically pleasing design. The key to success in the eCommerce market is to offer users an intuitive, and exceptionally user-friendly interface, and you can only achieve it by implementing these core product page design principles.

    If you are unsure about the right methodology for product page design, the best way is to hire a professional Magento Development Company to boost your store’s buying experience.


    What are product Landing pages?

    The product page represents a page on the eCommerce store that displays the offering of the business. The product page also includes the features and relevant details about the offerings to help customers make an informed buying decision.

    How can you create a product page in Magento?

    To create a product page in Magento, you will need to log into the admin panel. From the admin panel, you can navigate to the “Add Product” tab and select the type of product you want to add. You will also need to fill-up relevant information including the attributes, and variants of the product. Once you have submitted all the relevant information, click “Save” to create the product.

    How to find an affordable Magento Development agency in the US?

    The best way to find an affordable Magento development agency in the US is to check out the pricing and services of multiple agencies online. Just make sure to compare services offered by each company and not go for the cheapest company, which can cost you much hassle during the project implementation phase.

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    What is the cost of Magento Development in Canada?

    The average cost of experienced Magento development in Canada ranges from USD 100 to USD 175 per hour.


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