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    Magento Single Page Checkout Vs Multi Page Checkout

    Last Updated | July 4, 2023

    Magento Single Page Checkout Vs Multi Page Checkout

    If you are someone who is interested to know what Magento 2 Single Page Checkout vs Multi Page Checkout is like and which one is better? Keep reading the blog to learn about the two different types of checkouts systems so that you as a merchant can decide which one suits your eCommerce business.

    If you go a little back in the past, multi-page checkouts were quite known to the consumer community as they shop from online stores. But now its not the case, or at least it is not something the customer would like as they are more comfortable with shopping on their mobile phones from the mobile apps.

    The trending eCommerce revolution has also make a bigger dent in the multi-page checkout system as it brought simplicity along with saving a good amount money for the merchants. These trends of eCommerce has done a marvelous job in saving time and money both as much as they possibly could.

    Magento development

    As we have mentioned earlier the increase in the mobile shoppers desperately wanted to bring simplicity to these checkout systems and eCommerce has done the deed for the people. This deed has brought single page checkout to develop.

    The customers can now checkout quick and easy with all the checkout processes displaying on a single page. These single page checkouts have also increased conversion rates of the online stores to a greater extend.

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    It has been a debate of the experts for many years whether multipage checkout is better or a single page checkout. Also, is there a possibility that different store types would work with either of the two types of checkout that fits best with their requirements?

    Folio3 as an expert of Magento Web Development Company have worked on this blog to have you decided which one suits your Magento eCommerce store. We written this article to identify the possible differences of single page checkout and multi-page checkouts.

    Shall we start looking at them!

    What Is Magento Single Page Cheackout?

    There are different names for a single page checkout that includes one-step checkout, one-page checkout. They display all the checkout blocks that have information of customers cart, billing and shipping addresses, payment gateways and shipping options on a single page.

    The Magento 2 single page checkout focuses on getting their customer done with their checkout process as quickly as possible

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    What Is Magento Multi Page Checkout?

    The multi page checkout expands the steps of the entire checkout process into many pages. Generally, the multi page checkout system requires your customers to fill in the credentials manually. However, this may sound time consuming for the customers but it allows them to proceed with all information after confirmation.

    Magento Single Page Checkout Vs Multi Page Checkout

    To understand Magento 2 Single Page Checkout vs Multi Page Checkout and which one is best suit for your business you need to understand your business needs and the audiences that shop more from your Magento store. Once you are able to understand these two things you will be able to judge the right checkout system for your business.

    For a better understanding of your business look at what kind of products you have. What is the price range and what segmentation of customers are interested in your products. As a research suggests that people who love to shop high end product often prefers a multipage checkout over on page checkout system.

    Hence, if your products and their prices fall into high end category it is best suggested that you use multipage checkout to attract all the customers who are into luxurious shopping and their experiences.

    The multi-page checkout system is also suitable for a store whose targeted audiences are people who are not into high-tech and belong to the old demographic segmentation of the society. In opposition to this, if your Magento store is dealing in commonly used products with lower prices it is best advised that you should have a single page checkout system.

    A single page or one page checkout system attracts younger generations who are tech savvy people. These people love to save their time and get done with their business as quickly as possible. So, naturally they get attracted to store that doesn’t offer complicate order placement process.

    Moreover, when it comes to people who do most of their shopping from mobile phones also doesn’t prefer or like the multipage checkout system. They prefer a single page checkout system as a better choice for them because it is more convenient than the other.

    Magento integration


    Magento 2 integration is quite up to date and always working for them better of the eCommerce world. This is why they keep offering features that fits and meets all the requirements of each Magento store individually. So, we believe that you must have figured it out what type of checkout is best suited for you.

    If you have chosen Magento 2 single page checkout for your Magento 2 store, then we believe in your decision and know that one-page checkout system is a part of your business and you. But it is our duty to advise the best as we could and make you aware that the single page checkout isn’t really a one-page thing. It actually processes an order into 2 steps checkout.

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    Additionally, it also come with a lot of limitations by default settings and this is why isn’t considered as an ideal check out system for any of the Magento eCommerce store. However, it’s not ideal enough.

    Here is the best recommended solution for Magento 2 single page checkout that we can offer you so you can make a wiser decision.

    • Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Folio3

    Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Folio3 is an extension for your single page checkout system which Magento Web Development Company offers. The extension allows your online store to put all the checkout blocks on a single page so that it can decrease all the possible loading time.

    These checkout blocks offered by the Magento 2 integration are customizable you can you’re your own unique order and style of those checkout blocks so that they appear very appealing and grabs your customers attention more.

    The extension supports the autofill feature as well just to allow the customers have a better shopping experience. By detecting customer’s credential automatically using Google API as suggestions and customers will be able to finish shipping and billing information quickly.

    The module also helps the Magento 2 store owners to deal with the default limitations of the Magento checkouts system. The extension helps the new customer to make their accounts of the checkout page, where they can add the quantity of product they need, leave an additional note and set the delivery date as well.

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    The customers also get the gift blocks. These gift blocks allow the customers to get their orders gift wrapped and sent a wish note to the receiver.From the admin panel a discount code box can also added so the customers can use promotional and discount codes.

    Furthermore, Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Folio3 also supports all the widely used payment options that are Paypal, Braintree, Authorize.net and Credit Card. This allows your customers to have a wider range of payment systems to choose from and get done with the order placements quickly.

    • The Highlights of Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Folio3

    • Lightning fast setup process with unlimited customization
    • Flexible checkout automatic GeoIP detection with different addresses
    • Completely geared for RESTful API and GraphQL API
    • Plug-n’-Play compatibility
    • Works really well with GEOIP, Order Delivery, Checkout Custom Fields, and Guest to Customer extensions
    • Compatible with all 4 popular payment methods
    • Free support on highlight themes
    • Support all Magento common themes


    In this blog, we have tried our best to compare Magento single page checkout vs Multi page checkout so that it can become easier for you to decide which checkout system is better for your Magento eCommerce store.

    And don’t forget that Folio3 Magento Single Page Checkout Or Multi Page Checkout is the best checkout solution for most of the Magento store out there! We believe in the individuality of the stores and brings the best at your table.

    Our hope is that you loved our blog and which wish you a good luck!

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    Q. What are the disadvantages of single page checkout?

    A. The three main disadvantages of a single page checkout are:

    Long-Scroll: When using single page checkout system you need to be very precise with what information you are putting; because if you put too much information on one checkout page, it will turn into a very long scrolling page.

    Magento 2 single page checkout works best with minimalistic data for display. Otherwise, your will make your customers lost and confused by the never ending scrolling.

    Tough For Analytics: Single page checkout systems do not allow businesses to check their sales funnel data that makes the analysis for the business owners a bit difficult.

    Slow Downs Site Speed: Single page checkout reduces the checkout processing time; however, it takes a good time to load that single page checkout.

    Q. Are the any disadvantages of multi page checkout?

    A. The two main disadvantages of the multi page checkout system are:

    Time Consuming: Multi page checkout system obviously referring to filling in multiple pages with the require information of the customers; hence, it takes time longer than usual for the customers to complete their checkout form.

    This can become a reason for cart abandonment.

    Too Many Steps: Multi page checkout literally means multiple page checkout system so it automatically has more steps to complete than a single page checkout.

    If you want to use multi-step checkout, it is advised that you don’t use more than three or four steps. Any more steps than the aforementioned ones the shopper may end up abandoning the cart.

    Q. Are There Any Advantages Of Single Page Checkout?

    A. Easy Checkout: Magento 2 one-step checkout is a lot easier to complete the checkout quickly because there are a fewer clicks and few steps the customers to go through. The single page checkouts are always easy to use and user friendly.

    Brings Conversion Rates Faster: You can increase the sales of you store by making the checkout processes as simple as possible, because lengthy and confusing checkouts is the fifth reason of cart abandonment among the top ten 10 reasons.

    A few researches show that the single page checkouts increase the conversion rates up to 22% in comparison to the traditional multi-page checkouts.

    Agile Processing

    The customers of this generation are impatient and want to get done with their businesses as quickly as possible. Same goes for checking out processes, to make up for these impatience use a single page checkout; because it takes a lot of time attract customers attention, and very easy to change their minds in a few seconds.

    In a nutshell, the single page checkout reduces the loading time, brings higher customer satisfaction, looks after customers convenience, and the more satisfied your customers are, the more likely they will revisit your site.

    Q. What are the advantages of multi page checkout?

    A. Easy Data Collection: The business owners who critically analyze gain benefits from multi page checkout systems because it makes collection of valuable data a lot easier.

    Clean Layout: For merchants who think having multiple short checkout pages is better than having one long checkout page multi page checkout works well for them. It creates an ease for the customers to fill out all the necessary checkout requirements.

    The display becomes cleans when a short page is used in multi page checkout, it allows store owners to display form fields and shipping options cleanly.

    Great for analytics: The store owners who tracks the reason of not enough sales love multi page checkout because it pin points the level where the customers get bored and drops the cart as is without completing the checkout process.

    This helps in identifying reasons for cart abandonment so that the merchants can make the necessary improvements in their layout.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.