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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are making great strides with each passive month. Perhaps the most robust growth of PWAs is seen in the eCommerce industry, where an ever-increasing number of online merchants are resorting to Progressing Web Applications on Magento. Each month hundreds of businesses are hiring professional Magento web development companies to switch to Magento or migrate to Magento 2, with the ultimate aim to leverage features of PWAs to maximize their reach, optimize visibility, retain more customers and increase sales.

    Introduction to PWAs

    Progressive Web App or simply PWA is a modern technological tool that offers a reliable, faster, and engaging user experience for eCommerce customers. Out of the various benefits provided by PWAs, the biggest is its cross-browser compatibility and functionality to work seamlessly offline. Thereby, with Progressive Web Apps, online merchants can offer customers a seamlessly interactive and engaging shopping experience across all smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and other devices. To top it all, PWAs performs just like a native app, thereby offering all of the personalization and marketing options to eCommerce businesses while additionally increasing the accessibility of the store on all smart devices.

    What is Magento PWA studio project?

    Magento PWA Studio project is developed to bring necessary tools for developers to create online PWA stores effortlessly. At Folio3, we offer complete Magneto development services, including Magento B2B Extension Development, Magento to Shopify Migration, and Magento PWA development services.

    Magento PWA Studio includes all the relevant tools required by developers to design, develop, deploy, and maintain the PWA storefront for Magneto 2.3 and above. PWA studio from Magento leverages advanced architecture and libraries to develop Magento principles compliant frameworks and systems. Developers can utilize Magneto PWA Studio to create intelligent, progressive web apps that work seamlessly across all smart devices and offer an incredibly fast and smooth user experience.

    Benefits of Magneto 2 PWAs

    Undoubtedly the most significant benefit of Magento PWA studio is eliminating the need for native apps. Thereby, PWAs for Magento store is an excellent investment for all eCommerce stores to save time, money, and resources of development, deployment, and maintenance of apps across multiple devices. Some of the worth-mentioning advantages of Magneto PA studio includes;

    –         Out of the box architecture and framework

    Magento PWA Studio is incredibly easy and convenient to install and use. This reduces the chances of mistakes happening during the development phase of the app. The reporting and notification tools in the studio instantly alert developers about anything that’s unorganized and not up to the standard. This saves development times for developers, which otherwise would have been spent on finding and fixing the errors at the end of the project.

    –         Easy Setup

    Another great advantage of Magento PWA studio is the ease of configuring and setting up the PWA studio environment. This means that you no longer need to spend hours and days setting up the configurational environment for the studio since all essential elements are already set up for use.

    –         Flexible premade elements

    PWA brings an extensive library of already completed website elements; ready to put to use. Developers can easily pick and choose any or all elements they want to use at the development stage. While all the premade elements are ready to put to use, PWA studio also offers customization options to meet unique business needs.


    Magento PWA studio offers plenty of support and guidance for the development and maintenance of progressive web apps. There are tons of online resources available detailing the exact working of PWAs. Below are some of the highly popular and detailed Magento PWA studio demos used for guidance by developers worldwide;

    –         VENIA DEMO 

    The Venia demo for Magneto 2 PWA studio includes a comprehensive set of tools required to develop, support, and maintain Magento stores. The best part about the Venia demo is that Magento itself offers it.

    Some of the worth-mentioning features of the Venia demo includes;

    • Mobile device optimization
    • Technical user support (installation and use of PWA studio)
    • Support for product information (Name, image, SKU, price, etc.)

    The downside to using Venia Demo is that it’s only available as a beta version. This means that while you get to leverage various advanced features, you are also susceptible to bugs and errors.

    –         MAGENTO 2 NEXPWA

    NEXPWA is undoubtedly one of the most widely known and implemented Magento 2 demos, highly regarded for its lightweight. The NEXPWA has been recommended by developers as one of the fastest solutions to maximize conversions.

    With the right development services, eCommerce stores can get started with a fully functional and deployed Magento 2 store within two weeks. Also, the demo doesn’t need any additional running infrastructure, which saves fortunes for businesses.

    Some of the worth mentioning features of the Magento 2 NEXPWA demo includes;

    • SEO optimization
    • Easy and complete payment gateway integration
    • Webpage speed optimization
    • Support for Native Magento checkout

    –         DEMO BY TIGREN

    Demo by Tigren is yet another powerful and robust Magento 2 demo solution that combines the best features of the above two PWA studios; while improving them with even faster speed and a highly interactive app-like interface.

    Some of the worth-mentioning features of Magneto PWA Studio Demo by TIGREN includes;

    • Convenient update process
    • Cross-OS
    • SEO Support
    • Background Synchronization
    • Minimize internal storage use


    Progressive Web Apps have become massively popular worldwide, especially in the eCommerce industry. This is understandable if we look at the massive boom in the world of mobile commerce, which according to stats, makes up over 75% of all retail sales in the USA. This simply means that online merchants desperately need to migrate to innovative mobile retail solutions to tap into this ever-growing market by offering users a seamless and engaging online shopping experience.

    While Magento 2 PWA Studio dramatically simplifies the development, deployment, and maintenance of PWAs for the Magento store, the process can still get complex, and you may get stuck with various installation issues.

    Folio3, offers the best eCommerce Development Services including professional Magneto PWA studio development services and more. Get in touch with our sales representatives today and get ready to maximize your online presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1)How to run PWA Studio in Magento 2?

    You can follow the below-mentioned steps to run PWA studio in Magento 2:

    • Setup Magento 2 service
    • Install and configure Magento 2 on the server
    • Install Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN)
    • Install PWA in Magento 2.3
    • Start the server
    • Setup NGINX reverse proxy

    2) Is Magento PWA Headless?

    Yes. Magento 2 is completely transiting towards Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which form the web interface for headless CMS that stores the content.

    3) How do I set up PWA?

    You can setup PWA using following steps;

    • Serve over HTTPS
    • Develop an application shell
    • Register a service worker
    • Add push notification
    • Configure the install prompt
    • Assess the app’s performance
    • Audit the app

    4) How to Install Magento PWA Studio?

    Here’s how you can install Magento PWA studio;

    • Run commands to install PWA Studio
    • Point PWA to your Magento backend
    • Start the PWA Studio storefront


    What are the benefits of Magento PWA


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