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    What’s Trending in WooCommerce This April

    Last Updated | June 20, 2024

    Spring has arrived in many parts of the northern hemisphere, and with it, a wave of fresh updates and exciting features in the WooCommerce world. Here’s a quick look at the latest developments in WooCommerce.

    Order Attribution Tracking

    WooCommerce 8.5 introduces order attribution tracking, a new feature that helps businesses track which marketing efforts lead to customer conversions.

    This tool uses a last-click attribution model, which credits the final interaction before a customer lands on your site. This feature is available by default, but you can enable or disable it in WooCommerce settings.

    Product Details Block and Developer Documentation

    WooCommerce 8.6 includes a new style for the Product Details block, offering a modern and mobile-friendly design for product pages.

    Additionally, WooCommerce has launched a revamped developer documentation resource, with essential guides for developers working on WooCommerce extensions, themes, or custom projects.

    WooCommerce Blocks Integration and Command Palette

    WooCommerce Blocks Integration

    The WooCommerce Blocks plugin has been integrated into the main WooCommerce plugin, streamlining the user experience.

    The WooCommerce Command Palette has new commands to speed up workflow, that allows store managers to create products, orders, and access analytics reports more efficiently.

    Block-Based Checkout and Other WooCommerce Features

    Block-Based Checkout and Other WooCommerce Features

    WooCommerce has rolled out a block-based checkout, a new code-free customization tool for a smooth and intuitive checkout flow. This feature reduces friction and offers instant field validation and express payment options.

    WooCommerce also recognized the expertise of eCreations and Inspry Media, awarding them Platinum and Silver certifications, respectively, for their WooCommerce development and maintenance.

    Insights from the WooCommerce Blog

    There are several interesting stories and guides on the WooCommerce blog, like the success story of  Dan-O’s Seasoning, a TikTok recipe creator that transitioned from Shopify to WooCommerce.

    Another story features Peace Coffee, a business that grew from local to nationwide sales, showcasing how WooCommerce and Avalara helped manage complex tax issues.

    WooCommerce Marketplace and New Extensions

    The WooCommerce Marketplace has introduced several new extensions and themes, such as:

    New tools like License Manager for software licenses, Pizzeria Theme for fast food businesses, and Price on Request & Quote for automated pricing requests.

    The SEO Framework and Smart Social Proof & FOMO are designed to boost SEO and encourage more purchases.


    WooCommerce has made many changes this April, from enhanced features to new extensions and themes. The WooCommerce Marketplace has been redesigned for smoother browsing.

    Stay tuned for more WooCommerce updates in the coming months. If you have questions about these features or updates, feel free to leave a comment.


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