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    Last Updated | November 8, 2021

    Overview: What is Shopify vs NopCommerce?

    The world of today is highly digitalized and is going towards further technological advancement every other day, making the eCommerce development industry boom at its peak. Even when the pandemic hit the entire world, the eCommerce industry boomed and outshined all the rest, having multiple breakthroughs in such a short period of time. Since internet usage increased multi folds during the lockdown situation, and otherwise as well, there was also a direct increase in online selling and shopping, making many of the physical stores convert into digital stores in a short amount of time. This step directly affected the eCommerce platforms.

    Shopify has always been a high contender amongst the best eCommerce platforms to work on for online store developers and business owners and is widely used even today. Having its own hosting system, features and tools, and a range of designing options, many clients opt to use Shopify for developing their online stores because it is now a trusted name in the eCommerce industry, and many have had great experiences with it. Folio3 Shopify Maintenance Services are also available for the Shopify platform, whereby the team of professionals maintain the store on a regular basis and are up-to-date about any changes or updates in the international industry.

    NopCommerce is an open-source shopping solution, which has recently gained the most popularity as the ASP.NET platform for eCommerce. It became especially popular due to the main reason that when it launched its first version, in 2008, no other such free and open-source option was available for shopping carts online, thus, it gained its major popularity as one of the pioneers of this kind of platform. In addition, the company behind NopCommerce was highly dedicated to the constant up-gradation of their processes and systems and became globally renowned for meeting all kinds of international standards.

    Why do we need to compare NopCommerce vs Shopify?

    Shopify is a world-renowned brand, and so is NopCommerce, but they both belong to different kinds of sources, such that NopCommerce is open source and Shopify is not, so there are some differences in both these platforms. A comparison is actually important to see what kind of clients both of these cater to, and which one suits which type of client, in order to have clients pick the right fit for them, that suits their exact needs and wants and would work the way they prefer.

    Shopify vs NopCommerce Functionality

    Shopify is a highly user-friendly eCommerce platform that has a smooth functionality, and is great for all sizes of business, from small scale, all the way to enterprising ones. The best way Shopify offers great functionality is by presenting pre-determined store ideas, themes, designs, features, tools, etc. that make a great mix if used together if the same ideas are followed, giving the users a starting point where they can move forward from in a quicker way.

    NopCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform, meaning that the developers using this platform have a very high degree of control over the online store that they are building, not only in the front end of the site but also the backend processes. This also makes NopCommerce a very scalable option, where any and all different sized companies can function smoothly.

    Shopify versus NopCommerce Design

    Design is a very important aspect of any online store because the design is what attracts customers and guarantees maximum footfall or clicks on the website. In this regard, Shopify excels in offering multiple Shopify designing solutions and pre-determined website designs that would lead to the development of a successful web store and ensuring the provision of a shopping experience to the customers that would greatly appreciate.

    NopCommerce is close to Shopify in this aspect, as it also provides pre-determined designing solutions to its clients to choose the one that best fits their business and ideology. In addition, making changes to the web store, adding or subtracting any feature, tool, theme, etc. is very easy, and the customers can make their own customizations as compare to the Shopify web store development proceeds, making it a good choice of platform in the eCommerce industry.

    The Folio3 App Design Agency is working on the designing and development of online stores across many countries and is highly efficient in building websites that cater to different sized companies, belonging to any industry whatsoever. The Folio3 Custom Shopify Website Development Services also help clients put forth their needs and wants regarding the Shopify platform, and our team of experts then takes those forward and builds a Shopify online store that best suits your business.

    Shopify or NopCommerce Themes

    There are very good pre-designed themes available on the Shopify platform, that help their clients choose which one fits their business, instead of building their own custom theme. Multiple themes that this platform offers are free, but some need to be paid for because they are more advanced, though, they only cost between a mere $140 to $180 only.

    NopCommerce is also an eCommerce platform that offers its clients a range of themes, most of them are pre-designed, but only a few handfuls are free, the rest all need to be paid, and are more expensive than the Shopify themes, charging up to $300 as well. One advantage of buying themes on the NopCommerce platform is that each theme offers its range of relevant plugins and extensions, so they do not have to be bought separately, but come as a package along with the theme itself.

    Shopify and NopCommerce Development Time

    The development time of Shopify totally depends on the customer, as to how long they take to choose their desired theme, how much designing they need, and how fast they can make their decisions. Once all these are done, the website needs uploading of products and categories, and your store can be up and running. This can also take a few hours but may extend to a couple of days too, depending on how much time the client is giving to it.

    NopCommerce is another platform that gives designing leverage to its clients, meaning that even in this case, the development time may take as long as the client requires customizations and settings, otherwise, it can be up and running within a day, too. Some plugins in NopCommerce seem to be getting stuck and need refreshing, which may add some more downtime, but there are also plugins available on this platform that help the client skip the first few steps and take them directly to the steps ahead.

    Rest assured, the Folio3 Shopify Website Designs Company can help you through this designing and development of the website in the least possible amount of time, as they have experts who know how to quickly make changes, install any extensions required and create a website experience that meets the demands of the clients perfectly.

    Shopify to NopCommerce Features

    Shopify offers a wide range of features that are difficult to find in many other eCommerce platforms if you compare. Some rare features of Shopify include: the fraud analysis feature, the product management and filter feature, having their own payment providers and gateways, that is, Shopify payments, etc. that many other platforms do not offer in their packages.

    Though NopCommerce is known to also be providing some additional features that other platforms do not, and some of them are not even present in Shopify. These features include: the kitting feature that enables clients to do much more with their products, the management of the review feature, the security of data that it provides is unmatchable and they even offer templates that others do not. Thus, from Shopify to NopCommerce, both have their own features that are very different in their own ways.

    Shopify vs NopCommerce Payment Gateways and Fees

    When it comes to payment gateways, no one can beat Shopify and its payment gateways or methods. This is because Shopify has its own Shopify Payments arena where customers can easily make payments without any extra charges. To facilitate customers further, Shopify also accepts third-party gateways and payments from all major names such as Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc. At times, Shopify may charge a minimal fee of about $2 in some payment cases, but mostly all gateways are free of extra charges.

    NopCommerce, on the other hand, lacks behind in this regard and accepts payments from only a few payment gateways such as PayPal, AliPay, Amazon and Transfer. Though, with extra charges and even charges for installing extensions and plugins, the payment gateways can be increased and added, but then the cost of your web store will increase.

    Shopify vs NopCommerce Budget and Pricing

    The Shopify pricing model is highly famous across the globe, and they have clear-cut features and tools that will be provided in every pricing plan. The Shopify pricing plans are:

    Plan Pricing
    Shopify Lite $9 per month
    Basic Shopify $29 per month
    Shopify $79 per month
    Advanced Shopify $299 / month

    Being an open-source platform, NopCommerce in its originality is free of cost, but if the client makes any customizations of their own, they can face charges. Charges are applicable in certain cases where the client wants to add tools or features that are developed by a third party, so they have to buy the NopCommerce extension for that. Powered by nopCommerce is written under every website that NopCommerce is powering, which can be removed, but extra charges of $250 need to be paid. Thus, not all features and tools that NopCommerce offers are free of cost, and there may be additional charges if the client wants any sort of additions.

    Shopify vs NopCommerce Marketing Tools

    The marketing tools that Shopify offers its clients are known throughout the world by many and include many options such as discounts, coupons, analysis tools, product reviews, product ratings, emails and even newsletters. The advantage that Shopify users get in this regard is that all these marketing tools are already in built in the Shopify platform and they do not have to pay any extra charges for any of these.

    NopCommerce also offers a wide range of marketing tools that Shopify does, such as discounts, coupons, even gift cards, etc. In addition, nopCommerce also offers product reviews and ratings, newsletters and emails, and even has a rewards point system whereby customers can get discounts, etc. if they collect a certain number of points. All these are mostly in built-in the nopCommerce platform itself, but many marketing tools that are missing may be part of extensions and may need plugins, which again, need to be paid for, therefore, it could be costly at some point.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce SEO

    Search engine optimizations are already a plus point for Shopify customers, which are inbuilt in the Shopify platform and are readily available for all its active users. From analytics tools to SEO-friendly URLs, and the addition of catchy titles, descriptions and metadata, Shopify covers all aspects of maximum SEO for everyone.

    On the same level, nopCommerce is also no far behind with also having multiple SEO options such as SEO friendly URLs, supports the use of breadcrumbs for better searching results and easier navigation, supports popular sitemaps and is also linked to Google Analytics, giving the SEO of all users a boost.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce for Drop-shipping:

    Shopify offers all its users the drop shipping feature, whereby the store owners do not have to keep stocks in their own warehouses, rather, they can sell them from different vendors under their own website. Rates of each category are then set by the hosting vendor, but Shopify can give its own discounts wherever it can afford to.

    NopCommerce also allows the drop shipping feature to work on it, but the Multi-vendor extension or plugin needs to be installed, which may cost extra for the client.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Customer Help and Technical Support

    The users of Shopify can rest assured that they are in the hands of a state-of-the-art customer support program that Shopify offers them, which 24/7 customer help and technical support available from them via different channels such as live chat, phone calls, messaging, emails, etc. In addition, there are multiple video tutorials available for users to follow, and there are also community forums made for peer-to-peer assistance within the users themselves.

    NopCommerce also has multiple communities where peers can help each other, and due to its open-source nature, has many sources of information available online and in tutorials that would help its users solve any issue that may arise, but having a proper support team is very essential. This support team, in nopCommerce, is available but needs to be paid for, costing $299 quarterly and $799 annually, which are extra costs that the client needs to pay.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Integration

    Integrations to and from Shopify are highly easy to conduct because Shopify itself has a wide range of apps, extensions and plugins within its app store and marketplace, so much so that third-party integrations are hardly ever required. Even then, third-party integrations can easily be made by Shopify users without hassle.

    NopCommerce also has a wide variety of extensions and plugins within its reach because it is open source, so the directory of its apps extends into the whole open source community. But unlike Shopify, nopCommerce users have to pay for any extra extensions or plugins that they need to integrate, which can sometimes be very costly for the users.

    Folio3 Shopify Integration Services can provide all Shopify users with the appropriate integrations that their business may require, as their expert professionals have been working in this industry for a long time, and have a lot of experience of which extension would suit best in which situation.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Sales Features

    Shopify provides an array of sales features, that may include: proper content management systems, an easy checkout system, it has its own POS option as well, they have many payment gateways and options available to ease customer shopping experience, they have integrated blogs and review sections, SEO options available, and many other sales features that ensure their sales are sky high most of the time.

    NopCommerce also has many sales features, such as the maximized SEO feature, an easy checkout experience for customers, they have their own blogs and articles section, and even have the reviews and rating feature, but they do not have as many sales features in totality as Shopify offers its users.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Inventory Management

    Shopify has an in-built inventory management system, that takes care of all the inventory needs of all online websites that use this platform. From keeping an appropriate amount of stock as per market need, all the way to managing profit margins, locations of products and vendor management, this feature caters to everything.

    NopCommerce also offers all these features of keeping stock updated and enough as per the market for that product, if any product needs to be reordered or discontinued, the inventory management system of nopCommerce also fulfills that, maximum or minimum orders or stock quantities are also managed by it, and it takes care of which warehouse location suits best, etc., although, this is not an in built feature and its extensions or plugins may have to be bought separately.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Mobile Responsiveness

    The built-in themes that Shopify offers its clients are highly responsive on different technological gadgets, along with being highly mobile responsive. They can be accessed from any corner of the world, and Shopify has created specific mobile applications for all its iOS and Android users to ease their clients’ experience and avoid any slowing down of the website.

    NopCommerce also offers its users high mobile responsiveness, since it is open-source, and hardly weighs anything on the internet. The fact that all nopCommerce websites are adjustable, and the size, font, or pictures adjust themselves according to the screen size of the device being used, they are flexible for customers with different technology products.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce Application Integrations

    Giving inbuilt hosting services, social media application integrations, integrations with different marketing applications, different payment applications, and many other selling platforms such as Amazon, etc., Shopify provides its users multitudes of application integrations with no extra charges, and are already covered in the price of the monthly plan that the clients have opted for.

    For nopCommerce users, the Misc web service extension or plugin can come in handy if they want to integrate third party application into their web store on the nopCommerce platform, or they also have to option of developing their own web service extension or plugin, but both these options cost quite some amount which can be heavy on the pocket.

    Final Thoughts

    Shopify is a self-hosted eCommerce platform, that is widely used around the globe, and is known to be one of the best of its kind in the industry. NopCommerce is basically an open-source format platform that is free of cost for all users and is readily available from anywhere on the internet.

    Both these platforms are very different from each other in terms of the tools and features they provide, the kind of customers they attract, the kind of pricing they charge their customers, making them a better fit for different types of users.

    A direct comparison cannot actually be made because the basic foundation of both these platforms is in itself very different from each other. Where Shopify offers its clients a hassle-free, smooth and quick way to build a website, giving pre-designed options and solutions, nopCommerce has a more customizable outlook that designers and developers can use to their advantage.

    Even though nopCommerce can be costly for some, its charges also include extra plugins and extensions that may not be available to the Shopify users with cheaper plans, therefore, the users have to opt for higher pricing plans, equalizing the costs at the end of the day for both.

    Selling on nopCommerce vs Amazon vs Shopify: which one is cost-effective for Ecommerce Business?

    Shopify is by far the most cost-effective platform of all three that are mentioned. This is because Shopify plans cost only a minimal amount and offer their clients many different themes, tools, features and everything that they need, under one roof. The fact that Amazon itself can also be integrated with Shopify means that the clients of Shopify can take advantage of this and sell in the maximum ways possible.

    NopCommerce vs Amazon vs Etsy vs Shopify: which one is best for Ecommerce Business?

    This trophy again goes to Shopify, since from the options given, Shopify is again the best due to its highly minimal pricing plans costing, and the wide range of tools and features that it includes in all the plans, catering to all sorts of business, be it small or large enterprises, alike. It is highly cost-effective and is world-renowned in providing the best online solutions to businesses everywhere.

    Is nopCommerce free?

    Yes, since nopCommerce is based on an open-source format, it is free of cost, though, clients may have to pay some extra charges for any additional features and tools that they want to be added to their online store.

    Does nopCommerce work with Shopify?

    Since nopCommerce is an open-source format, some of the features and tools can be integrated with Shopify, but both cannot be used together. Users will have to choose either of the options, though; any feature that they want from either of these platforms can be integrated into the other but may require some extra charges.

    The Folio3 Shopify Migration Services are very useful in this regard, where the expert team of professionals at Folio3 guarantees a smooth transition to and from Shopify, with minimal data loss and a hassle-free process that is expertly handled by them.

    Shopify vs nopCommerce used items: which is best?

    Shopify has an in-built system and automatic function that deals with used items on the web store, or when dealing with any customer in this regard. They even have the abandoned cart option that nopCommerce does not cater to, making Shopify the best for this purpose.

    Does nopCommerce integrate with Shopify?

    As mentioned above, this whole Shopify vs nopCommerce debate is a lost battle because no matter which platform you are working on, certain tools and features of either one can be integrated into the other, though the whole platform cannot integrate, major customizations can be made to suit the needs and wants of the clients and the business.


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