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    How to create smart Magento Themes easily?

    Last Updated | July 4, 2023

    What are Magento 2 Themes?

    Magento 2 themes are simply a collection of files. These files tell Magento how to display your store to your customers. Smart Magento themes consist of a collection of CSS, HTML, PHP, XML, and images that contribute to the look and feel of your eCommerce store. A Magento theme can consist of one or more of the previously mentioned files. All of this could be simple as a logo file and your store styling, provided by a parent theme.

    The Magento 2 themes increase your conversions and change your customers’ user experience drastically, and this makes the themes the most important part of an eCommerce store.

    What are the basic features of Magento 2 Themes?

    Magento is an open-source platform that offers multiple custom-made themes by using CSS. Even though there are multiple customized themes but the following described features shared by all of them;

    Magento development

    • Responsive Design: The store is seamlessly rendered on any screen of any size and any device. Responsive page elements make sure that the browsing experience of the customers stays crisp and pleasant at all the touchpoints your audience employs.
    • Simple Installation Process: Anyone can install, customize, and operate TemplateMonster’s Magento designs with the help of straightforward and detailed documentation shipped on every layout. 
    • Advanced Product Presentation: This feature allows your customers to select their view as List or Grid category. You can also spice it up with a responsive touch-friendly product carousel.
    • Multilingual Support System: All of TemplateMonster’s Magento 2 development services layouts are translated and transcribed into 4 different languages – English, German, Spanish and Russian. This helps in catering to a wider international audience.

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    How to Install Magento 2 Theme?

    Magento 2 offers smart Magento themes for your Magento store. It allows you to install one or more for different stores or websites in a single project you are working on. You get three options to set your third-party theme up, which are; 

    • through Composer,
    • manually uploading files,
    • through Web Setup Wizard.

    Installation via Composer

    For installing themes via Composer, the same algorithm is used that you would implement for any other third-party extension. The general steps you are required to perform are; 

    Enter the following command composer require <vendor>/<name>:<version>; into your Magento root directory.

    Next, enter the following commands: git add -A && git commit -m “Add theme” git push origin <branch name>.

    Now, navigate to Content>Design>Themes and check if the theme is displayed as available.

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    Installation by Manually Uploading Files

    Let’s move on to the second option manually uploading files, it is the most famous variant for theme installation in Magento 2 development services. The themes are needed to be added manually if they are just a set of files received in a .zip folder.

    First, unzip the theme archive and find the two directories: app and pub.

     Now, navigate to the root directory of your Magento 2 store by using FileZilla or any other file manager and upload the folders in it.

    Next, connect your store via SSH and go to the root directory, upgrade the set-up by using the following commands:

    • php bin/magento setup:upgrade;
    • php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy.

    Finally, Go to the Content>Design>Configuration, choose Editthe store theme and switch to the desired smart Magento theme from the dropdown menu and click the Save Configuration button.

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    Installation via Web Setup Wizard

    Magento integration

    The new themes sometimes get distributed as an extension, and for this, you will require working with the Web Setup Wizard in Magento 2 Admin.

     Magento Agency Partners also advise creating a backup of your website before installation of any new theme for your Magento store.

    • Log in to the Admin Panel with complete administrator rights as a user
    • Navigate to System>Tools>Web Setup Wizard
    • Choose Component Manager and then click on the Sign-in link
    • Now, provide your Public Access Key and Private Access Key from the Marketplace
    • Press the Sync button and your Component Manager get synchronized with the Marketplace. In a few minutes, some new purchases and the date your store was last synchronized will appear on the screen.
    • Click on the Install button under the New Purchases menu 
    • Tick on your preferred module to get installed on the grid and choose the Install link for the item.
    • Now, configure the theme. Go to Store>Settings>Configuration and find a new tab for the extension.

    Now, that you know all the technical details, if there is still you want to ask about following Magento Agency Partners to get the help you require. 

    Why are Magento 2 Themes important for online stores?

    The smart Magento themes help increase your conversions and change your customers’ user experience dramatically, and this makes the themes the most important part of an eCommerce store. That being said, the primary benefit of Magento 2 themes is that they are very and easy convenient to use. You can also get free themes available on the Marketplace like from Templates Master. These ready-made themes are an alternative for the business owner who starts with limited financial resources.

    The Smart Magento Themes are customizable to suit several different industries and needs. The business owner can also choose a theme completely based on the industry their work belongs to. You can hire Magento developers who industry specifics into consideration while providing viable offerings for a range of industries. Moreover, ready-made themes always come with a live demo; it allows businesses to make well-informed purchases.

    The customers also get a feel for the store, can ask theme sellers questions, and understand clearly the details before making any purchase of the product. If you think your decision was not good, you can also request a refund understand some instances. Because Magento Agency Partners don’t encourage any of our clients to think of the worst; however, a backup plan always ready is a great business strategy.

    Magento 2 themes are also important because they offer an easy, convenient, and very cost-effective solution for your web designs that can range from $83 up to $99.

    What is the RWD theme in Magento?

    RWD stands for responsive web design; they are also referred to as responsive design in Magento 2 development services. These RWD themes in Magento curate websites that provide a maximum viewing experience to all the customer touchpoints including from large, high-resolution desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. In Magento 2 the out of the box Magento Blank and Luma themes use the mobile-first RWD approach; a side note for you is Luma inherits from Blank that is guaranteed mostly by means of CSS and JavaScript.

    Magento Migration


    Magento 2, with its excellent functionality, possibilities, and business-friendly features, is the perfect choice for eCommerce retailers and developers. There are several smart Magento 2 themes available as the best choice for online retailers and Magento commerce to choose from. with the help of Magento theme support, you can upgrade your eCommerce store and attract a huge potential customer-ship. 

    We hope our brief and comprehensive blog about Magento 2 themes and their importance above will help you choose the best suited Magento theme and flawlessly manage it for your online business. Also keep this in mind, the more features a theme has, the more likely it can degrade site performance.

    The Magento 2 pricing may range from $83 up to $99. In case you get some issues with your Magento theme, you can always hire Magento 2 developers for trusted help to get a solution.


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