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    Last Updated | May 26, 2022

    BigCommerce development company is a well-known eCommerce platform with the businessmen since its launch in 2009. WordPress, on the other hand, is a free, open-source content management system, with approximately 75 million websites running on its platform. If any of the WordPress users would like to plunge into the world of eCommerce, BigCommerce would be a good and reliable platform for them. With the BigCommerce WordPress plugin, WordPress users can explore the eCommerce world in one place. As brands and content go hand in hand, the BigCommerce WordPress plugin is a great example of a perfect amalgamation of content and eCommerce development solutions.


    WordPress and BigCommerce are poles apart; they are different platforms used for different purposes. WordPress is one of the most popular choices by users for content management solutions. Initially, released in 2003, WordPress was originally created as a blog-publishing platform, but it has evolved since then. Now, WordPress can support other types of web content, such as forums, membership sites, learning management systems, mailing lists, and online stores. In other words, WordPress is seen as a “factory” for webpages. It allows users to store content, create and publish webpages, with a simple requirement of a domain and a hosting service. Furthermore, WordPress provides its users with numerous themes (free and premium), plugins, a search engine-friendly structure, support for tagging posts, multi-user, and multi-blogging options. WordPress also provides its WordPress community with mobile applications on WebOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, and iOS.

    On the other hand, BigCommerce, founded in 2009, is considered to be one of the pioneers in the eCommerce world. It is a powerful eCommerce platform, which meets all the requirements of various businesses. Users can set up their online store on BigCommerce and sell their products on this open SaaS platform. This means that the user does not own the software, but has to pay a monthly fee to BigCommerce for using their platform. Due to the simple, user-friendly interface, users can set-up their store without any hassle, and are in charge of their store. BigCommerce caters to various industries, such as health and beauty, food and beverage, apparel and fashion, manufacturing, etc. Moreover, Bigcommerce Support Services provides you with various price plans, which could suit your business requirements and also your pocket.


    Yes, absolutely! Bigcommerce web design company and WordPress go hand in hand, even though they cater to different markets. Over the years, WordPress has released several updates; one such update allowed the integration of eCommerce and WordPress. WordPress and BigCommerce integration is possible through a plugin, which allows a seamless integration process between these two platforms. If you already have a WordPress site, which is up and running, all you have to do is install the BigCommerce plugin for WordPress. It can be seen as a perfect balance between eCommerce and a content-rich website.


    WordPress is a platform that is used by about 30% of content managers globally. Hence, it is safe to say that WordPress is the most used and preferred platform by content managers. Also, a single plugin can be used to get access to BigCommerce’s competitive eCommerce features. However, a retailer may think about the benefits they would get through this integration. To answer this query, a few of the benefits have been discussed below.

    —A perfect amalgamation of content and eCommerce

    Headless BigCommerce Development for WordPress gives its user the best of both worlds. If you are already a part of the WordPress community, you can use BigCommerce to get all the desired features for the growth of your online store and get access to the eCommerce world. All of this, without sacrificing and compromising your website content.

    —The unique commerce functional features

    BigCommerce provides the ability to sell across multiple channels and marketplaces, from just one single location. BigCommerce has a vast option of apps available through its app store, which can help to provide a customized experience for your business.

    —Better eCommerce security

    BigCommerce provides its users with a fool-proof security system, that makes the experience for the retailer and customer the most secure one. An extended level of security is added for your customers by making sure that all their personal data, such as login and payment information, stay secure. There is no added concern of managing and maintaining PCI compliance, making it a very smooth experience and providing the retailer with a peace of mind.

    —Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) optimization

    With this feature, you can override the standard WordPress templates, allowing you to create out of the box designs, including AMP pages. With AMP pages, you can help to increase the speed of your BigCommerce for WordPress site. To activate this feature, you would have to download the official Google plugin.

    —Competitive eCommerce scalability

    With the integration between WordPress and BigCommerce, users can experience high scalability, without losing speed or uptime. This is because the eCommerce area is taken care of by BigCommerce.

    —Sell across multiple channels and platforms

    With BigCommerce, you can sell simultaneously on multiple other platforms too, such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This means your business would do good, and you would earn more profit.

    —Ship globally

    BigCommerce provides real-time carrier charges, flat rates, and customs charges, specific for each country, making it a pleasant experience for your customers. This would increase their chances of coming back to your store for shopping in the future too. This, too, would help in increasing your sales.


    BigCommerce for WordPress is not just beneficial for retailers- it is also beneficial for developers. A few of the benefits are listed below.

    —Better storefront designing

    With the BigCommerce integration, you can import the product catalog onto WordPress and start selling your products right away. Once you have the plugin installed, you can create an out of the box design for your store and create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

    —Easy access to key plugin files

    The BIgCommerce WordPress plugin allows the standard method of WordPress, which allows the overriding of template files you can create various BigCommerce web designs. You can customize your product lists and cart without any risks involved.


    After when you have downloaded the BigCommerce WordPress plugin, you would have the option of choosing a checkout experience for your customers. There are two types of checkouts available:

    1. Redirected Checkout

    In this checkout option, the customer is redirected to your BigCommerce store for their checkout. The customer is only redirected to your BigCommerce store, once they click on proceed to checkout or buy now. This feature supports all BigCommerce payment gateways.

    1. Embedded Checkout

    With the embedded checkout option, your BigCommerce store’s checkout form gets embedded into your WordPress checkout page via iframe. The customer stays on your WordPress site, without having to be redirected to your BigCommerce store. To use this feature, an SSL certificate is required.


    The integration of BigCommerce in WordPress is possible with the BigCommerce WordPress plugin. If you already have an existing WordPress site, you can simply create an account on BigCommerce and download the plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can connect your BigCommerce store to your WordPress site. Once the store is connected, a post is created for each of your products, serving the purpose of the product details. Product listing pages are also created on your WordPress site. Furthermore, with the multi-channel product list, you get the option of choosing products you would like to sell, by using the “hide” or “list” option. If this is not enough, you can even customize your product details in WordPress.


    With the BigCommerce WordPress plugin, you get the option of customizing your theme for your WordPress store. To avail this option, you can open the Theme Customizer and open the BigCommerce panel, which contains several headings. These headings include customization of buttons, catalog pages, colors and themes, product single, and archives. It gives you complete control of the customization of the site. Using the right theme can help to attract more customers, and in turn, increase your sales. Millions of users have been using WordPress to grow and customize their eCommerce websites to reach out to more customers.


    The BigCommerce WordPress plugin was available for early access in June 2018, and was used by many developers and eCommerce agencies. Brands, such as Toyota, Ben & Jerry’s, and Paul Mitchell, just to name a few, have been using this plugin to their advantage. This plugin is an open SaaS eCommerce engine, which helps to power WordPress projects of all sizes, providing full access to the eCommerce features of BigCommerce. With this plugin, you can deliver eCommerce experiences through custom content management systems, while managing all your customer and order data through BigCommerce. To sum it all up, The BigCommerce WordPress plugin provides a solution which is termed as a headless eCommerce solution. This provides the user with a much more advanced functionality and design customization, including having multiple sites with one control panel.


    The BigCommerce WordPress plugin provides its users with numerous sought after features. This plugin supports almost all of the basic BigCommerce features. These features include variant Woocommerce pricing of products, promotions on products, complex products, and multi-channel selling through other market places such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Square. It is beyond the scope of this post to discuss every feature. The main supported features have been listed down below.

    —Secure shopping experience with secure shopper accounts and logins with a PCI based checkout

    —Added advantage of shipping and returns, gift cards, order history pages, account profiles, cart and sign-in options available

    —Multi-channel selling available on other platforms, such as eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, etc

    —Multi-site selling available

    —Central managing of bulk listings, automatic inventory syncs, price lists, unified order and fulfillment management through BigCommerce

    —Permission to overwrite template files

    —Product-level discounts available

    —Complex product catalogs with 250 product values for a single option available

    —Sell bundled products

    —Customer group pricing available

    —Wishlists for customers

    —ShipperHQ  integration possible

    —Allows Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

    —Offers Gutenberg and classic editor

    —Allows Google Address Autocomplete

    —Allows Enterprise system integrations, including connecting to existing ERP suites, PIM software, OMS solutions, POS systems or marketing automation tools

    —Supported payment gateways include the PayPal Checkout, PayPal through Braintree and all non-hosted (API) gateways are permissible through the Optimized One Page Checkout


    The first and foremost requirement to use the BigCommerce WordPress plugin is to have a WordPress blog or site. After that, you would need to have the plugin installed and activated. Once you are done with this, you need to sign up for a BigCommerce store, if you do not have an existing store already. Once the plugin is activated, you would be redirected to the BigCommerce store login page. With this plugin, you can even start a trial session for your store on BigCommerce. This is only possible if you are setting up a new store on BigCommerce.Once your store has been set-up, you would need to set up a new Channel Name, which will help you identify this WordPress store in BigCommerce, while tracking orders or listing products. Furthermore, you would also need to configure your store’s shipping, payments, and tax settings. If these settings have not been done, the plugin will display a warning for you and prompt you to configure these settings. After these settings, you can launch your store by adding products automatically or manually from your BigCommerce control panel and then go live. Furthermore, you also need to do some settings for the checkout option for your customers. You can choose the type of checkout you would want to have for your store. These two options are the Embedded checkout and the Redirected checkout, as discussed earlier. If you decide to use the Embedded checkout, which is created for you automatically, you would need an SSL certificate for your WordPress site. After when your store is live, and customers start placing orders, you can easily track all orders from other channels, including WordPress, on the BigCommerce View Orders page. The name of the channel that was set up at the time of activating the plugin, would show up on the View Orders page for quick access.

    Source: www.support.bigcommerce.com


    With this plugin, you can get product and order reports for your store. These analytic tools include:

    1. Order Reports

    The order reports provide the details of all the orders placed with your store, regardless of the channel. You can easily monitor any sudden drops or increases in your sales, and get a better understanding of how the total orders are impacting your sales growth.

    1. Customer Reports

    This tool is essential in monitoring and understanding your customers’ behavior. From getting the values of new customers vs old returning customers, you can build effective customer loyalty programs, which can increase your chances of having a better customer relationship, and also have better sales. With access to customer profiles, you can also create tailored marketing campaigns, based on the customers’ shopping history.

    1. Merchandising Reports

    With the merchandising reports, you would be able to scrutinize your product’s strengths and weaknesses, knowing where to focus more and make room for improvement. With a better understanding of each product’s performance, you can make adjustments accordingly, which will help you to save and make money simultaneously.

    1. Sales Tax Reports

    This is a useful tool during tax season, and also throughout the year to keep a track of your tax records.

    1. Storefront Metrics

    With a WordPress plugin, storefront metrics like store search, purchase funnel, and real-time data can be collected.


    Since the BigCommerce WordPress plugin provides an integration between the two platforms, you can easily use the features of both platforms and make the most out of it. This plugin follows the standard template set by WordPress and is compatible with all WordPress themes. Visuals make a great impact on a customer, hence, it is always a good idea to spend a little extra time in customizing your store, to leave an impact on the customer. Through the BigCommerce panel, you can customize the following:

    —Colors and Themes: customize colors according to your theme

    —Catalog Pages: controlling the presentation of the list of products

    —Buttons: customize the labels on buttons

    —Product Single: control the presentation of individual product pages

    —Product Archive: customize labels and filters for the product archive


    As WordPress is a well-known platform for content management, it would be a great idea to utilize this feature for a better eCommerce experience. Blogging can help in directing more traffic to your store by using specific keywords that are regularly searched. Moreover, with blogging, you can keep on adding fresh content to your blogs to increase your chances of attracting more traffic. BigCommerce also has a built-in blog, but if you need more robust features, you can integrate the WordPress blog into your store. This feature is available with the BigCommerce WordPress plugin.


    Although WordPress is a platform famous for content management, it can be used to set up an online store too, providing you with a channel into eCommerce. Hence, WordPress can be integrated with BigCommerce, via a plugin, to help improve your storefront performance and also help in streamlining management tasks. Over the years, WordPress has released updates, which allow your WordPress site to be used as an online store, thus converting your WordPress site into a BigCommerce store.

    Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has always been best known for its content management features. With the update releases over the years, WordPress can also be used as an online store. It sure does help in increasing your sales and helps in marketing too, but it would always be seen as a sole content management platform. On the other hand, BigCommerce, as the name suggests, has always been associated with the online business, and would always be the first option for venturing into eCommerce. If you are someone who already has a WordPress site and would like to explore the eCommerce platform, you can install the BigCommerce WordPress plugin and start with the free trial option and then continue from there. BigCommerce vs. WordPress- which one is better? In this debate, it wholly depends on the user’s requirements and the type of business they run. It is difficult to compare these two, but it is possible to use both these platforms for a better business experience.

    Why is the BigCommerce for WordPress cart not empty after purchase?

    A very small number of users experience this issue with their carts. From experience, some users have said that the issue is due to some plugin or theme compatibility issues. When the plugin is not active, this issue is not reported. Some users have reported that this could be due to the cookies settings or an issue with the cache.

    Is BigCommerce a WordPress website?

    No, BigCommerce is not a WordPress website. They both are different platforms serving different purposes. BigCommerce is a big, reputable name in the eCommerce industry and works as a separate entity. However, BigCommerce and WordPress can be integrated to create a different and better experience for the customers and also for the retailers. Using two different platforms means that the features of both platforms can be used to maximize your services and, in turn, increase your sales and profits. This integration is possible via a BigCommerce WordPress plugin.

    How to get disconnect BigCommerce from WordPress?

    It is relatively simple to disconnect BigCommerce from WordPress. Since the integration is possible with a plugin, all you have to do is uninstall the plugin, to disconnect both the entities from each other.

    How to use the WordPress blog app for BigCommerce?

    Integrating WordPress with BigCommerce is possible through a plugin. Once the plugin has been installed, you can use the WordPress blogs for BigCommerce, either directly or via an app. However, integration is required as both of them are different platforms. By doing so, you make the most of both the platforms and blogs can always be a helping hand in the business industry to increase your sales.


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