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    Last Updated | December 15, 2021

    What is Zendesk?

    Zendesk is a cloud-based work management solution for e-commerce stores. It is owned by a public company that provides software as a service. Zendesk is able to provide management solutions that make use of customized tools to develop information bases for customers and portals for customer services. It also offers user-friendly front-end portals, chat popups, and integrations with other platforms such as Magento stores, Salesforce, etc. Zendesk can be utilized across multiple domains ranging from governments, media, technology, and online retail stores. The Zendesk Magento integration is able to combine the customer data on your Magento store with critical Magento data for each and every customer, to the service provider behind the desk. The integration can provide your Magento store with inquiries to obtain crucial information for client orders. This allows the agents to deal with the client with their personalized information on a single interface on the Magneto store. This means that the service providers are well informed and can enact instantly enact decisions such as refunds, handling discounts, and customer order tracking while serving the customer. When Magento is integrated with Zendesk, the product offers a high return on investment, this makes the Magneto 2 pricing with Zendesk very profitable in the long term.

    What is Magento?

    Magento 2 is an online platform for e-commerce. The platform helps connect online retailers with potential customers. The platform is widely used around the globe and has over 800,000 active online stores. Magneto provides extensive features such as data reporting and data analysis, management of catalogs, efficient browsing, managing customer accounts, providing order management, search engine optimization tools, providing payment processing services, product delivery services, promotional tools, and store management. This makes Magneto a pioneer of e-commerce platforms. To make sure that a store owner reaps all of the benefits provided by Magento to their maximum potential, they make use of Magneto web development companies. Whether you have a small business or a large-scale enterprise, The Magneto platform can provide you with services as per your requirement as it is highly scalable. This helps your store evolve with your business. The scalability comes into an advantage when traffic on Magneto stores increases. Make sure that the store is developed on a strong basis to make sure that there is no hindrance in serving customers. You can even make use of customized plugins and extensions to make the managing of your store easier and also provide a better customer experience. The plugins can be integrated using Magento Integration Services provided by companies.

    How to integrate Zendesk with Magento 2?

    You can integrate Zendesk with Magento 2 to make the Zendesk Magneto integration successful.

    Install the extension.

    The extension for Zendesk and Magento is unavailable as a product in the Magneto marketplace. However, it is easily available to download from Github. You can download the version 2.4.0 Magneto extension.

    Upload the extension for Zendesk.

    • You must download the extension for Zendesk.
    • Use a SSH access or FTP access in order to extract the materials for the SRC directory, into your Magneto root directory.
    • Clear your Magneto cache. You can clear it by doing the following:
    • Sign in to your Magento Administrator account.
    • Go to the System > Cache Management.
    • Click on the Flush Magneto Cache.
    • Then you must sign out of your Magento Administrator account.
    • Sign in again to your Magneto administrator account.
    • Redirect to System > Configuration > Zendesk.

    Set up permissions for Zendesk on your Magneto store.

    For customized roles to be set up on your Magneto administrator page, it is important that you select the correct permissions for the roles you will assign to the extensions.

    • Go to the roles page by navigating to the System > Configuration > Permissions > Roles.
    • Select the role that you want to set the permissions for.
    • Choose the role resources that will be on the left hand.
    • Select the permissions that you want to grant to each role.
    • Dashboard – It will allow access to the dashboard for order tickets.
    • Bulk Actions- This will allow you to perform bulk actions on the ticket dashboard at once.
    • Launch Zendesk- If you disable this, it will hide the Zendesk launch menu.
    • View the logs- This will allow you to monitor the API logs.
    • Create a ticket- This will enable you to create a ticker.
    • Zendesk Dashboard. This will allow access to every single extension for the admin features.

    Link the Magento Store and Zendesk.

    By using the Setup Guide.

    The quickest and easiest way to configure the settings is to make use of the setup guide. The setup is easy and all that you have to do is to select the Setup Guide button available on the Setup section. This section is present on the settings page for Zendesk of the Magneto extension. As you go through the setup guide, you will find yourself back on the configuration page for Magneto with all of the fields filled out. Then you must select the view that you want to see on your Zendesk dashboards.

    1.  Go to System > Configuration > Zendesk to get to the Zendesk configuration page.
    2. Click and select the view that you want to be shown.
    3. Save this configuration by clicking on Save.

    By using the manual configuration.

    You can follow this method as well. It is best to follow this method if you have a Zendesk account.

    You will have to enter the general details of your store. This will allow the Magneto store to be connected with Zendesk.

    • Go to the configuration page of Zendesk by clicking on System > Configuration > Zendesk.
    • Enter your Zendesk domain correctly.
    • In the email address of an agent or Magneto Agency partners and their token.

    Instead of storing the password of your agent on Magneto, you will require a token to ensure a more secure way of authentication. Log into Zendesk and then navigate from Manage > Channels > API > Token to generate a toke. Then copy and paste the token into the field of Agent Token.

    • Save this new configuration.

    As you save the general options for configuration, you must now select the view modes that you want to be displayed on Magento.

    • Select the views that you want to avail on Magento.
    • Save this configuration again.

    After following these steps, you will have successfully have integrated Magento2 with Zendesk. It is always preferable that you hire Magento Agency partners instead of choosing to hire Magento 2 developers as a freelancer. Companies handle the problems for e-commerce stores better as they can do the task without creating any further problems. They are also able to deal with the transformations of data and resolve any errors as they possess dedicated resources and have sufficient expertise.

    How Magento and Zendesk Integration Works?

    Zendesk Magento integration work in a way that both the software connect with each other. It involves 4 basic steps, if these steps are followed correctly, the integration is successful. You can hire Magento 2 developer to integrate these and provide support to your store.

    1. First, you must authenticate Magento with Zendesk.
    2. Pick either of the applications as a trigger, this will start our automation process.
    3. Select all the resulting actions from the other application and set them as per need.
    4. Select the flow of data you want to send from one application to the other.

    Save these changes. This is the general framework of how Zendesk and Magneto work together.

    Why is Magento Zendesk Integration necessary?

    This Zendesk Magneto integration is necessary as it makes the interaction with your customer very satisfactory.

    • To put it into perspective, if a customer wants to contact you and inquire from your store about anything, you can skim the customer information on Zendesk to make sure that you are prepared for a conversation with them. This makes the communication effective as the outcome of the interaction will be that the customer’s query will have been sorted, which will satisfy them.
    • The Zendesk Magneto integration makes these interactions profitable as well by attracting new customers to your Magento store and catering to them. Make sure that you have an attractive store to complement the services. You can hire Magento 2 developer to develop your store and support it.
    • You can view the information of the customer quickly instead of navigating for the customer information through archives and logs which consume time and resources. The process of communication is made easier as you can solely focus on dealing with the customer instead of trying to search for their information and switching between applications.
    • The integration allows operations to run efficiently. This helps decrease the workload and cuts down operational costs. This provides helpdesk agents with increased productivity as they can focus more on dealing with customers instead of searching for their data separately.
    • The integration is able to provide a new level of automation in workflows. It saves time for the agents as they no longer need to copy notes and information while communicating with customers in order to uncover any valuable insight that the customers might provide. The Zendesk Magneto integration takes this small aspect for customer communication and is able to automate them. Note-taking, contact synchronization, call logging, dialing numbers, and even note-taking have all been streamlined to save time for each interaction. This helps to improve the workflows and efficiency.
    • The managers can also make use of this integration. The integration can provide managers with customer information that they can effortlessly manage. They can create strategies, scale-out new users, and even manage the helpdesk agents seamlessly in a one-step solution.
    • The contact centers for your Magento store can be transferred to online mediums. Helpdesk agents can provide customers with chat, voice, and video contact from the comfort of their desks. This helps connect with the customer for communication easily and effortlessly. This will help the information stored inside the CRM be connected with your call centers as they go live with customers.
    •  You can have meaningful conversations with customers and make the process of communication easier. Some interesting features provided by Zendesk that help make the process effective are:

      Call reporting.

     The agents can access real-time statistics for calls. These when integrated with Zendesk noted allow a quick review for queries or strategies that could be later on.

    Automated call logging.

     Calls that are matched with a Zendesk contact record are logged automatically, automating the workflow.

    Synchronization of contacts.

     As contact is established between the helpdesk and a customer, the information is synchronized with Zendesk.

    Pop-ups on call-screens.

     The pop-ups enable triggers on the screen notifications for inbound and outbound calls, to let the desk know who is calling and why.

    These extensive features make it necessary for Magneto store owners to have Zendesk in their stores. You can hire Magento Agency partners to service your clients and also provide Magento integration services to you whenever you require them.

    What are the benefits of Magento Zendesk Integration?

    The Zendesk Magneto integration has several benefits.

    It can act as a CRM.

    Zensdesk can act as a CRM as it enables you to coordinate work cycles, work processes, and keep up with the commitments to clients. Zendesk Magento integration can really transform the immense volume of data into uncovered insights, market openings, marketing insights and leads for new customers. The data can be grouped and utilized to create a lifetime value relationship with the customer. This also means that the information gathered can later be utilized for advertising purposes. The customer portal can also be used by the staff to keep a track of all queries raised and their active status. Existing tickets provided will help the customers to get responses to their queries. If they find their answers, it is good enough. Even if they don’t, they can raise their queries on the portal and get responses from the active agents.

    Provide services as per the demand.

    The helpdesk is able to provide scalability as per the change in business requirements from time to time. Zendesk can be treated as a tool to organize your work area in live chats, databases, and the community of your store. This means it can be used for various reasons in various ways. You could also use it to work according to your marketing plan lines. You could also use it to take swift action for processing frequent requests such as cancellations and refunds by simply accessing the sidebar app for support. The major module has several extensions that are free of charge such as community portals, call centers, and information bases. These can be utilized to carry out dealing with the customers as per the needs. This makes the helpdesk versatile and ensures that your Magento store provides the best products and unwavering customer support to the shoppers.

    Engage potential customers and make them loyal customers.

    Any new visitor to your Magento store can be provided support by live chats that are executed by programming triggers.  Potential customers who are waiting on your store, those browsing your store for research, or those on checkout pages can be offered real-time assistance. At times, new customers are keen on buying items from your store but they don’t act.  Studies show that clients are 3 times as likely to buy a product if they are given chat support on the spot. Customers may linger on your item page and may reconsider their purchase if they are unsure. By connecting with them in real-time and offering assistance, the customers can be led to the right agents who will help them finalize the deal and checkout of your store. Then once the customer is comfortable with your store, he will become a lifetime customer if you keep up with the good service.

    Make use of artificial intelligence.

    Making use of chatbots is another interesting feature provided in Zendesk. This allows for a great return on investment.  It makes use of artificial intelligence that is used to guide the customers. The bots filter the queries of the customers as they enter them into the chatbot. A smart bot will be able to solve the query of the customer by tokenizing it. The bot may also be able to show the customer what he requires that in turn will increase targeted sales and subsequently the revenue. These help attract Magento customers to the store, increase the order values and help decrease cart abandonment rates, thanks to chatbots that can solve queries instantly.

    Provide self-service options as well.

    Zendesk Magento integration also provides a smart layout of content. This is of benefit as it allows the store owner to develop a portal that is easy to navigate, even for new users. By making use of knowledge bases, bots can direct frequently asked questions to the relevant tickets. This also takes the workload of the desk agent who can simply provide an alternate ticket to visitors and focus on new queries. This keeps sure that the workflow is efficient and automated.

    Reach out on your end.

    If any shopper lands at your store, you can reach out to them immediately. Desk agents can send messages to different customers on different mediums. They can message the customer on social media as soon as a customer lodges a complaint against your store or even a negative review of a product. You can reach out to them to solve their problems. This means that, unlike live chats, you do not have to wait for messages from the users. You can directly message customers and even ask for feedback. This helps attract buyers, increase the average order values and decrease cart abandonment rates by directly reaching out to customers.

    A robust helpdesk

    The integration between Zendesk and Magento provides a powerful helpdesk solution. It has all the data of customers stored, a community forum for users to have discussions about products, a live chat tool to cater to queries, a ticketing system for the frequently asked questions, and a messaging tool for communication. This makes Zendesk an efficient and robust helpdesk. The helpdesk can easily integrate with Magneto and provide customized solutions.

    These extensive benefits help the Magneto store owners to increase sales, satisfy customers and increase the exposure of the store. You can make use of this solution to reap these benefits as well as other Magneto stores.                


    The Zendesk Magento integration is a step forward for growing your business. The integration is a must for stores today as it readily provides customer data to service agents, makes the interactions profitable by closing deals, helps agents navigate for information on a single platform, automates workflows and makes them more efficient, and allows effective communication. It is best to have Magneto Web development companies cater to your requirements as they have the expertise and resources.


    1. Can we integrate Magento with Zendesk?

    Yes, Magneto can be integrated with Zendesk. You can do it yourself or even hire Magento 2 developer to perform the integration. But, the integration is best performed by dedicated Magento Integration Services provided by Magento Agency Partners. They are able to do the integration safely and securely without any data losses or data leaks. You can integrate Zendesk with Magento 2.4 stores.

    2. How do we connect Magento with Zendesk?

    You can connect the Magento store with Zendesk, by following simple steps.

    • Install the extension for Zendesk in the Magneto 2.4 store by first downloading it from Github.
    • Then you must upload the extension of Zendesk on your Magento store.
    • Download the extension, clear your Magento cache, then upload the extension.
    • Set up the permissions of Zendesk on your Magneto store as per your requirements.
    • Then you must link the Magento store to Zendesk by configuring it as per instructions in the guide. If you are performing manual linking, then you must enter the domain and generate a token for the account as well.
    • Click on save.

    You have now connected Magento and Zendesk. It is safer to hire Magento 2 developer to perform the integration process instead of doing it yourself. If you are unable to find a certified developer, then get into contact with Magneto integration services providers. It is always ideal to go for services with Magneto agency partners instead of freelancers. The partners will integrate your store safely and make sure that the performance of the store is not detrimentally affected

    3. Does Folio3 provide Magento Zendesk Integration?

    Yes, Folio3 does provide Zendesk Magento integration. In fact, it has been providing customized integrations for the past 15 years. Folio3 specializes in developing customized solutions for integration. Their integration solutions allow your Magento store to interact with other third-party applications such as CRMs, ERPs, shipment providers, marketplaces, and social media. Their Magento integration services include custom integration solutions as well. They can integrate your Magneto platform with NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or digital marketplaces such as Facebook as well. They can even perform data migration to Magneto if you want to switch platforms from other e-commerce stores.

    4. Why is Magento Zendesk Integration necessary for eCommerce Websites?

    Zendesk Magneto integration is necessary for e-commerce websites due to several reasons.

    • This helps make interactions profitable as new customers are attracted to the store. The customer care also caters to them and they in turn purchase products of your store.
    • The queries of the customers are solved in real-time.
    • The communication between the helpdesk agent and customer is made more effective. As the agent has the customer data at their disposal, the customer is informed and can handle the customer as per protocols.
    • Navigation through the customer profile is made very easy. This helps save time and computational resources. There is no need to switch between applications. This also allows them to be more productive.
    • The operations in the store run efficiently. This helps decrease workload performance on your store.
    • Workflows are automated. Note-taking, call logging, dialing numbers, and even contact synchronization is automated which streamlines actions and same time per interaction.
    • Managers can also make use of the integration and effortlessly view customer information. They can create new strategies for micro-targeting customers.
    • You can completely shift the contact center to online mediums. You can provide chat support, voice support, and video support to the customers.
    • You can also make use of Zendesk features such as call reporting, automated call logging, synchronization of contacts, and pop-ups for calls on the screen.

    Another necessity for Magneto store is to have a well-designed and maintained store. Magento store owners should make use of Magento Web development companies to make sure that their stores attract customers. The stores should also be speed optimized so that the service level does not falter and the customers do not sway away to competitors.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.