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    Power Up Your Store: The Top 10 BigCommerce Marketplace Apps For Transforming Your E-Commerce Store

    Last Updated | January 25, 2024

    Best Apps From BigCommerce Marketplace 

    Launching your own dream online store doesn’t have to be a coding marathon. BigCommerce empowers you to get up and running in a few hours with templates and minimal customization. But the real magic lies beyond the storefront – in the vast arsenal of apps waiting to boost your eCommerce game.

    Think of it as your personal app store, overflowing with tools for every aspect of your business: accounting, marketing, CRM, you name it. BigCommerce’s innovative partners pour their hearts into crafting cutting-edge apps on BigCommerce app store, ensuring you have access to the latest and greatest.

    And what’s the most popular category? No surprise – marketing and site tools. After all, attracting customers and converting them into loyal fans is the ultimate goal, right?

    Once your store’s up and running smoothly, let’s explore the awesome BigCommerce app marketplace and find the best tools for each area of your business! Get ready to unlock the full potential of your BigCommerce store and turn those clicks into conversions!

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    1. Shogun Page Builder:

    Skip the coding and effortlessly create stunning landing pages with this drag-and-drop tool, a standout feature available in the bigcommerce apps marketplace. Say goodbye to developer fees and embrace the ease of crafting a website that not only flows seamlessly but also actively engages your customers. This user-friendly tool, found in the BigCommerce apps marketplace, empowers you to design and customize your site without the need for extensive technical expertise, revolutionizing the way you connect with your audience.


    Starting from: $99/month

    2. Mailchimp:

    Transform your email strategy with automated solutions found in the bigcommerce apps marketplace. Stop the time-consuming process of manually sending emails! With tools available in the BigCommerce apps marketplace, you can automate crucial communications like abandoned cart reminders, welcome messages, and more. These tools not only save time but also offer valuable insights, allowing you to track engagement and sales. This enables you to clearly understand how your email campaigns are influencing your bottom line, making your marketing efforts both efficient and effective.

    3. Klaviyo:

    Go beyond just showing products. Learn what your customers want and personalize their experience. This tool analyzes purchase history, cart behavior, and email engagement to help you create targeted campaigns that keep them coming back.



    Custom Pricing: Free Up to 250 Contacts

    4. Justuno:

    Ditch the scattered data and gain insights from all your marketing campaigns in one place. Whether it’s email, social media, or pop-ups, track conversions and optimize your strategy for maximum impact.




    Site Tools

    5. Shopping List Manager by Folio3:

    Improve your sales revenue by reducing the shopping time for the customers and discovering their shopping interests.

    Shopping List Manager app makes life easier for buyers with repetitive purchasing habits by allowing them to save their carts for an unlimited period and re-use it whenever they want, thus reducing the time spent on picking items in store.

    It also paves the way for store owners to pitch tailored marketing content to individual customers by identifying their shopping interests based on their saved cart items.

    Shopping List Manager by Folio3Pricing:


    6. Metafields Manager by Space 48:

    Unlock the power of hidden data with innovative tools from the bigcommerce apps marketplace. This platform provides access to applications that allow you to view and edit custom information on your products, categories, and more, all without the need for a developer. This enhanced accessibility, available through the BigCommerce apps marketplace, grants you greater control over your online store and unlocks new possibilities for personalization and fine-tuning your e-commerce strategy. The ability to easily manage and manipulate this data empowers you to tailor your offerings more closely to your customers’ needs and preferences, driving engagement and sales.



    7. Form Builder Pro:

    No coding skills? No problem! Thanks to the bigcommerce apps marketplace, you can easily build custom forms for various purposes like contact, quotes, wholesale inquiries, and more, all through a user-friendly interface. The BigCommerce apps marketplace offers a range of tools designed to simplify the process of creating and managing forms, ensuring that even without technical expertise, you can effectively tailor your site to meet your specific business needs.

    8. File Manager:

    File manager enables a hassle-free and efficient way to manage WebDAV files in BigCommmerce. You are no longer required to download and install any third-party WebDAV client, now files can be directly managed from BigCommerce admin. File Manager offers a user friendly interface for admin users to create, delete, upload and download files. Moreover admin users can also create and delete separate folders and subfolders as well.

    File Manager

    The idea of File Manager app has transformed the communication with WebDAV files . Earlier the users had to download and install the WebDAV client like Cyberduck to manage server files, but now this app provides an effective and handy way to manage files from BigCommerce admin.



    9. Rewind Backup:

    Breathe easy knowing your store data is secure with automatic backups, a key feature available in the bigcommerce apps marketplace. This essential service, found in the BigCommerce apps marketplace, ensures that all critical aspects of your store – from products, images, customers, to orders – are safely backed up. Should you need to undo a change, the intuitive ‘rewind’ feature allows you to quickly restore your data and get back to business with minimal disruption, providing peace of mind and operational continuity.



    Shipping & Fulfillment

    10. ShipperHQ:

    Take control of your shipping game with advanced solutions from the bigcommerce apps marketplace! Discover an app that empowers you to customize shipping rates, offer diverse delivery options, and craft a personalized checkout experience. This tool, available in the BigCommerce apps marketplace, is designed to keep your customers satisfied and boost your profits by optimizing the shipping process to suit your business’s unique needs and customer preferences.



    Ready to take your BigCommerce store to the next level? These apps are just the tip of the iceberg. With the right tools, you can automate tasks, personalize the experience, and watch your sales soar. So go ahead, explore, and discover the magic of BigCommerce apps on BigCommerce app store!

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