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    Mobile Commerce Growth: How To Maximize With Magento 2

    Last Updated | July 17, 2023

    Mobile Commerce Growth

    Mobile commerce is the new approach to the eCommerce industry. With the increasing penetration of the internet and smartphones, people across the world have shifted from desktop to mobile devices for online purchases. This has forced eCommerce businesses to shift their focus towards the mobile commerce industry.

    According to stats, mobile searches today represent over 50% of the search queries made through Google. This clearly shows the customers’ trend towards mobile devices as the preferred mode of accessing products or services online. Subsequently, it’s only understandable for eCommerce businesses looking to expand their reach and keep up with the competition to enter the world of Mobile Commerce.

    How Magento is good for Mobile Commerce?

    Fortunately, moving to mobile commerce isn’t something out of the box, since many popular web development platforms like Magento, Joomla, WordPress, and others which are used to develop eCommerce websites, also offer high-performing mobile websites. However, out of them all, Magento clearly dominates the market for eCommerce website development; primarily due to its being specifically a platform for eCommerce websites offering higher autonomy for customization and robust features to support online stores.

    Magento integration

    How do the facts stack up?

    Now, before we move forward, let’s check out some cool stats to get a feel for mobile commerce and Magento:

    • According to the stats, Magento 2 (which is the latest version of Magento) is currently powering nearly 90,000 business websites
    • Mobile retail apps account for over 40% of the mobile revenue for the top 500 retailers
    • It is expected that nearly 54% of all the revenue in the eCommerce industry will be generated through mobile commerce
    • The mobile commerce revenues are expected to reach USD 3.56 trillion in 2021

    Why Magento 2 Mobile Commerce is the best choice?

    Well, now that we got the facts checked, let’s move forward and see why Magento 2 mobile commerce is the best bet for eCommerce businesses to claim their share of this massive industry;

    –         Intuitive and Robust Admin Panel:

    When it comes to eCommerce stores, the admin panel is of utmost importance for businesses to manage and control daily operations. The key to any successful management of eCommerce websites lies with the intuitive interface of the admin panel, which enables business owners to easily manage all the website components, as well as, keep updated with the business performance.

    Magento 2 admin panel just check all these boxes nicely. It’s built to offer business owners easy and intuitive access to all the tools and features they need to manage daily business operations and keep up with the business’s performance.

    –         Maximize Your Sales:

    As we mentioned above, mobile devices are increasingly being used by online shoppers to make purchases. According to stats, over 50% of online shoppers like to purchase from online stores that offer fully optimized mobile-responsive websites.

    Couple this with the fact that Google released its “Mobile-first indexing” a couple of years back (it is simply about preferring mobile-friendly websites for search engine rankings for queries made through mobile devices), and we got a clear picture of why businesses need to invest in mobile commerce.

    Many leading Magento B2B development companies today are offering exclusive fast-track and streamlined services for mobile app development. These are meant for businesses to keep up with their competitive advantage and not be left behind in the era of mobile commerce.

    Remember, with a mobile responsive website, you won’t just be able to rank higher on search engines, but also increase your conversion rates with aesthetically pleasing and functional websites that perform consistently across various mobile devices.

    To make things even further, Magento 2 mobile app also helps businesses to understand customers’ preferences and buying patterns, thereby, enabling them to make customized and personalized marketing campaigns to further improve conversion rates.

    –         Powerful Features:

    Just like the earlier version, Magento 2 is known for its robust and powerful ecommerce features that are meant to help businesses maintain online stores efficiently.

    As a popular open-source web development platform, businesses can easily hire services of a professional Magento 2 development company to develop a unique, and high-performing mobile website with all the right features required to convert the online store into a success story. Some of the worth-mentioning Magento B2B features include;

    • Enhanced Content Management System (CMS)
    • Catalog management features
    • Order management
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features
    • Marketing/promotion suite
    • Sales features

    So, when you develop your website using Magento 2, you can be sure to have all the right features and functionalities to easily manage and expand your eCommerce store.

    –         Be Google Friendly:

    As mentioned above, Google released its Mobile-First Indexing algorithms a couple of years back. This algorithm was meant to promote mobile friendliness, keeping up with the increasing user trend to use mobile devices for online purchases. Under the Mobile-First Indexing, Google’s search engine algorithms rank mobile-friendly websites higher for search engine queries made through mobile devices.

    Magento development

    Now, keeping in view that over 50% of the search queries today are made using mobile devices, this simply means that eCommerce stores without mobile-friendly websites miss up to 50% of the business straight away.

    Now, with Magento 2 eCommerce stores don’t have to worry about developing different versions of the store for desktop and mobile devices. In fact, all Magento 2 website themes offered by the platform are completely mobile-friendly and will perform equally well on desktop and mobile devices. Thus, by choosing Magento 2 as the preferred eCommerce platform, you can easily cover the entire eCommerce market at once.

    –         Easy Checkout:

    Checkout is one of the most crucial components for all eCommerce stores. No business likes to deal with a large number of abandoned carts, which seems like chucking away the business revenues. Abandoned carts also reflect poor user experience, which is fatal for any eCommerce business.

    The crux of the matter is that customers today like simplicity and streamlined processes. They aren’t interested in filling out multi-page forms just top checkout from the shopping carts. Any complexity in the checkout process will eventually lead to an increased number of abandoned carts recovery.

    Thankfully, Magento 2 offers businesses an easy, streamlined, and efficient checkout process. The single-step checkout process means more customers completing the buying journey, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenues for businesses.

    –         Advanced Caching Capabilities

    Caching is an important performance component for eCommerce websites. It becomes even more important for mobile commerce since there’s always the unpredictable connectivity aspect with mobile devices. Again, Magento 2 brings in powerful caching features that support Varnish Full Cache. This helps Magento 2 Development Company to improve the website performance for users even with poor connectivity.

    –         Awesome Marketing Features:

    Marketing features are definitely a must for all eCommerce businesses to capture more traffic and improve revenues. Magento 2 as the leading mobile commerce platform offers online stores various powerful features to improve the marketing campaign, leading to higher traffic and better conversion rates. Some of the advanced marketing features offered by the platform include;

    • Customer segmentation
    • Drag and Drop functionality
    • Email marketing
    • Optimized product category pages
    • Creating wishlist
    • Visual merchandising
    • Many more

    –           User-Friendly Interface

    In today’s mobile commerce world with intense competition, it’s imperative for eCommerce businesses to create an exceptionally interactive and intuitive user interface to attract users and make sales. Magento 2 offers powerful features and functionalities to create an aesthetically pleasing, and highly interactive user interface to assist them in completing the sales journey.

    With a rich and interactive navigation option, Magento 2 enable customers to navigate through the website or mobile app easily/

    Magento 2 make things even simpler by offering its own default themes, while also Magento B2B development companies can help to install third-party themes, to support the unique business requirements. All of the professionally developed Magento 2 themes come highly responsive and with an intuitive interface to support users easy access to the desired product/services, thus leading to better conversion rates.

    Final Words:

    Mobile commerce is definitely the future of online stores. With over half of the online shoppers preferring to make purchases through mobile devices, it’s imperative for businesses to invest in the right platform that gives them powerful mobile commerce features.

    Magento Migration

    Magento 2 as one of the leading eCommerce web development is leading the industry by offering high-performing features for mobile stores. It’s a comprehensively built platform that’s fully optimized for mobile responsiveness while offering businesses higher flexibility for customization, and scalability.


    1. What is Mobile Commerce?

    Mobile commerce or what is also known as m-commerce or mcommerce is the new natural progression of eCommerce for mobile devices. The m-commerce refers to online stores where customers can complete monetary transactions online through mobile devices.

    Mobile Commerce is becoming a popular choice for customers as it allows them to shop anywhere and anytime through their mobile or tablet devices.

    1. What are the advantages of Mobile Commerce?

    Mobile eCommerce represents the next generation of eCommerce stores where customers are able to make online purchases through their mobile or tablet devices. For businesses, mobile commerce also presents a unique opportunity to maximize their sales, and conversion rates by tapping into the mobile devices of customers and understanding their preferences, and behavior in a more detailed way.

    Mobile commerce also allows businesses to plan customized marketing strategies keeping in view customers’ shipping preferences, thereby maximizing sales and revenues for online stores.

    1. What are the benefits of Magento Mobile Commerce?

    Magento is one of the most widely used exclusive eCommerce platforms. To add to the liking of the online store, the Magento 2 interface is touchscreen-friendly, which means that the platform is highly optimized to support mobile commerce. Also, all Magento 2 themes are completely responsive, which adds to the utility of the platform to act as the dominant play for mobile commerce.

    1. Is Magento the right choice for Mobile Commerce?

    Magento 2 is definitely the best choice for mobile commerce. The platform offers businesses endless functionalities and features of Magento 1, while also offering them a completely mobile-friendly interface to gain a competitive advantage by offering customers an intuitive, and powerful shopping experience.

    1. What is the cost of Magento Mobile Commerce?

    Magento offers businesses with three different editions including the Basic Price Plan which is Free, whereas, the Enterprise Edition is priced around $22,000 per annum and the cloud version of the platform starts at $2,000 per annum(excluding hosting services). Also, the Magento mobile app pricing for MageNative starts at $399 per user (one-time payment).

    1. How to find Magento Experts for Mobile Commerce?

    If you are looking for Magento experts for Mobile commerce, make sure that the agency/expert has prior experience developer mobile commerce for the Magento platform. Also, check out the online reviews and ratings of the agency/expert to assess the quality of service and expertise you can expect.


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