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    Hire someone to build a website on Magento

    Last Updated | March 21, 2023

    Does the eCommerce market attract you? Are you looking to claim your share of the massive eCommerce marketplace with a highly functional eCommerce store?

    If yes, then you must be looking forward to hire Magento developers /agency that can help you get through all the complex processes. However, hiring a Magento development company that got the right expertise and experience isn’t the easiest task. The choice of the Magento B2B development company needs to encompass various business aspects, none greater than the cost of Magento website development pricing.

    Well, in this blog we will be looking at all the different aspects that influence the pricing of a Magento website development. So, keep up with us, and let’s explore how you can hire someone to build a website on Magento at the best pricing.

    How to hire a Agency for Magento Development?

    As mentioned above, there are various aspects that needed to be considered to choose the best development agency for your Magento website. Here are a few important consideration and tips that can help you choose the right company;

    Magento development

    Determine your needs

    Obviously, the foremost important aspect to consider before even searching for a Magento development company is determining your needs. Magento is highly preferred for eCommerce stores, given its vast features and virtually endless integration options. However, not all eCommerce needs high-level customizations or building a website from the scratch (which costs a fortune).

    So, the first thing you need to do is to sit down with business partners and other stakeholders to determine the features, and functionalities you need for your website. How much customization would you need? What integration levels you would require? All of these aspects will influence the final choice of the development partner for your Magento website.

    Go referrals

    Just imagine if you need a plumber at your place right now. What would be the course of action for you? I believe the first thing you will do is to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues, right? That’s because referrals or recommendations bring a certain level of confidence in the services you can expect from a person or company.

    Similarly, when you are looking for a Magento B2B development agency, the best course of action is to ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues. If you don’t get certain responses from the close circle, don’t shy to ask for recommendations on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

    Alternatively, you can also check out the reviews and ratings of different companies on third-party platforms to get the feel of the service level and expertise of the company.

    Check out the portfolio and online presence

    Once you have shortlisted a few Magento development companies, it’s time to discover them. The best way to assess the expertise of a company is by exploring the portfolios and online presence of the companies on some of the popular platforms. Also, you can check out the online presence of the companies of social media platforms; where you can also interact with the followers of the company and ask for their experience working with the company.

    Once you have scrutinized online, you can move on to contacting the companies. Make sure to inform them of your requirement and ask about their recommended solution. Also, ask for quotations to compare pricing against the services/strength offered by the companies.

    How much does it cost to build a website on Magento by an Agency?

    $5,000 – $100,000+

    Average: $20,000

    Now that you know the criteria of choosing the right development partner for your eCommerce partner, let’s now explore Magento Website Development Pricing. Now, for most parts, it’s not possible to tag a definite price for Magento website development, because the final price will depend on various factors including the size of the website, complexity, customization level, product range, target market, and others.

    Also, the price of Magento website development varies greatly depending upon the geographic location of the individual/company. For instance, a Magento development company in the USA may cost double as compare to the company located in Pakistan, or the Philippines (there are pros and cons of hiring offshore development agencies, which we will discuss in some other post).

    Nonetheless, averaging all the factors the Magento website pricing may vary anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000+, with an average price of $20,000.

    How much time does a developer take to create a Magento Website?

    Just like it is hard to put up definite pricing for Magento website development, similarly, it is tricky to put up a definite time required for the development works. Again, various factors will influence the time required for the development like the size of the website, nature (are you going with template design or a custom design), complexity, customization level, and others.

    Magento integration

    If we are to put up a timeline range, then, a Magento website can be developed within a week or may take over 2 years (yes, that’s how variable t can be). Generally, the Magento development company of your choice will give you a fair timeline for project completion after understanding the scope of work.

    What is the cost of the Magento Expert?

    The cost of a Magento expert will vary depending upon the expertise, experience, and location of the person. As mentioned above, the final cost of Magento development is influenced by various factors, which you need to consider before finalizing a deal with an expert or agency.

    The best pricing model to hire a Magento expert is by going with per-hour rates. This is also the most preferred pricing model for many top Magento development experts. Now, Generally, the per-hour rates of Magento experts will vary from $8 to $200; depending upon the expertise, and location of the expert.

    For instance, the average per hour rate of a Magento development expert in the USA is $100 – $140, whereas, the rate of a Magento expert in Asia averages from $50 – $75.

    However, before you jump on to the cheaply priced Magento expert it’s recommended to determine the pros and cons of working with an offshore company.

    Low Rate vs. High Rate

    Taking from above, the cheapest Magento development expert isn’t the best choice always. So, instead of jumping in with excitement to an expert offering an $8 hourly rate, you should assess the service standard, experience, and expertise of the person. In fact, in most cases, a low-hour rate Magento development service will eventually cost you more as compared to a high hourly rate development service.

    That’s because the low rate expert may take forever to develop the site, and then there will be consistent bugs and fixes, for which you will be charged continuously. At the end of the project, you may have paid even more to a $ 20-hour rate development service, than what you may have paid by choosing a $100 hourly rate service.

    How to hire someone to run Magento Store?

    Most eCommerce business owners aren’t much into technology. To add to their woes, Magento isn’t the most user-friendly platform like WordPress, which means that most of the time you would have to look out for professional maintenance services to run and manage the Magento store.

    Again, as the store owner, you need to consider various factors before you hire someone to run your Magento store (costs shouldn’t be the only factor to choose a company). Instead, you should choose the best maintenance company that can help you properly run and manage the store, assisting you to expand your operations. Here’re some tips to hire the right service to run a Magento store;

    – Always go with an experience and expert team who understands the complexities of handling Magento eCommerce store and minimize the risks of website breakdown

    – Ideally, you should hire a person or team with Magento Certification – just to be sure of their expertise and experience

    – Make sure the person/agency you choose have a professional and positive attitude towards the service

    – Always sign a non-disclosure agreement with the maintenance partner, since they will be the ones who have access to the key website data

    – Ask for a recommendation from friends, colleagues or check out the previous projects

    Is Magento Store good for eCommerce?

    Magento is one of the best and most preferred CMS for eCommerce stores. The fact that the platform was specifically built for eCommerce stores means that it has all the features, functionalities, and integration options required by eCommerce stores to succeed.

    To add to the credit of Magento, the platform is known for keeping up-to-date with the design trends, online security, and specific requirement of online stores. Today, Magento is powering hundreds of thousands of highly successful eCommerce stores, which says a lot about the suitability of Magento for eCommerce stores.

    Magento Migration

    Final Thoughts

    Well, there you have it! We are sure that by now you are much aware of the hiring process and pricing of Magento website development. Just to put it in a nutshell, the average price of a basic Magento store may range from $10,000 to $50,000. Again, you can significantly reduce the cost of development if you decide to limit the customization and integrations for the store.

    Some of the key factors that influence the price of Magento development include; the Magento edition, themes, and extensions installed, hosting service, development option, and the level of customization. At the end of the day, the price of Magento website development will depend on your choice and preference.


    How difficult is it to hire a Magento Expert?

    While there are endless options to hire a Magento expert, the choice may be tricky given the various factors that you need to consider. Nonetheless, if you are looking to hire a Magento expert, check out the online portfolios and ask for a recommendation, which can significantly ease the process of hiring the right expert.

    Can I hire a Magento professional in the US for my Website?

    Yes. You can easily find Magento professionals in the US through various online platforms including; Toptal, CodementorX, Upwork, GeeksPerHous, Stack Overflow, etc.

    How to make the Magento website Mobile friendly?

    The best and easiest way to develop a mobile-friendly Magento store is by choosing a highly responsive Magento theme.


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