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    Best Magento 2 Features That Helps in Digital Marketing

    Last Updated | July 17, 2023

    If you are an eCommerce store owner, we are certain that you are aware of the Magento development platform and Magento customization services. Coming to the point, Magento is the open-source tool which aids in the development of high-performance and sales-oriented eCommerce store. Ranging from small-scale businesses to large-scale businesses, Magento has become the ultimate online store.

    Even more, digital marketing is an essential consideration when it comes down to the eCommerce store. That being said, some Magento B2B features can be utilized for boosting sales by capturing the customers through digital marketing techniques. Truth be told, Magento 2 features can help improve the customer experience and ensure an upward front of stats.

    Magento integration

    When it comes down to digital productivity, there are customizable tools available with Magento, which not only promises high-end customer experience but security standards. With this article, we are sharing the Magento 2 features that aid in optimizing the digital marketing needs for online businesses while improving the order transactions and customer experience. So, let’s move to the details!

    Magento 2 Features for Improved Digital Marketing

    • Convenient Access

    When you use Magento 2 for optimizing digital marketing needs, it allows the customers to access the digital marketing websites or the online/eCommerce from whichever devices they want. For instance, the users can access the websites and stores through tablets, laptops, smartphones, or desktops. That’s to say because Magento 2 only offers apps that can seamlessly operate and run through every device.

    • Customization 

    When it comes down to the brands’ website, the users are allowed to customize the store or website for yielding high-end results. For the most part, the site managers and owners have a hard time storing the product quantity and information. With Magento 2, the users can upload the product information and catalog in the CSV format.

    The CSV format can be used for the automatic feeding of product information in various categories. These categories include the product quantity, description, size, color, availability, and how-to instructions.

    • Checkout Pages 

    If we look at the customers, the order checkout pages are usually streamlined with a single layout (the page layout, in particular). This is because nobody prefers to have the order checked out through multiple pages that take time for loading. That being said, Magento 2 can be utilized for organizing the payment platforms while ensuring secure and efficient transactions. In addition, eCommerce stores with their wallet will streamline the transaction.

    Magento development

    • Standardized Stats

    Every eCommerce store and brand has loyal customers that buy too much from them. However, the brands need to reward loyal customers because these customers are actually the ones who boost sales by spending excessive money. For this purpose, Magento 2 can be used for accessing standardized stats. So, the store owners can offer the products that can be sent to the loyal customers for rewarding the customers.

    • Smart Analytics Program 

    Magento 2 is offering a smart analytics program that can be used for analyzing the buying habits of the customers. It will help clients keep track of recent searches and most browsed searches of the users. As a result, the analysis can be used for recommending the products to the customers. Even more, the clients can send out communications about the discount, product offers, coupons, and vouchers.

    • SEO

    Magento 2 is integrated with the built-in SEO, which helps eCommerce store owners pop up on the search engine platforms. That being said, it can be used for linking the eCommerce website with search engine links. In addition, it can support the misspelled searched search, so you don’t ever lose the customers only because your customers search the incorrect spelling.

    • Third-Party Integration 

    Magento 2 does offer integration with third-party websites and platforms. That being said, the third-party integrations and websites can be used for catering to order management, delivery, shipping, and delivering communication to the customers. The only problem though is that the integration may not be as simple as in some of the other platforms, and you may require the services of a professional Magento development company to complete the integration process.

    Top Digital Marketing Extensions for Magento 2

    The eCommerce digital marketing is constantly evolving, and Magento has become an active platform that’s working fine for customers as well as eCommerce website managers. So, if you want to improve the digital marketing standards of your eCommerce store through Magento 2, we are sharing a few extensions to help you out!

    Magento Migration

    • Email Templates

    When it comes down to digital marketing, one cannot ignore emails, and Magento 2 can be used for optimizing the emails. Truth be told, customers are no longer interested in conventional emails, but you can use transactional emails and receipts for developing relationships. That being said, Magento Email Templates can be utilized for achieving long-term benefits for businesses.

    This extension can be utilized for designing customer segmentation, targeted promotions, and use search engine optimization for attracting customers. Magento Email Templates is currently offering seven different styles, and users can customize the color, photos, fonts, and texts.

    • MageMonkey

    For people who are just starting with the eCommerce business, MageMonkey is the right choice. With this extension, the customers can access the email marketing software. This extension is completely free, but the paid variant is available as well. With this extension, the users can use the email servers and allow them to send the reminder emails and implement the automatic responses.

    • Bronto

    Personalization is an essential part of modern-day digital marketing. Truth be told, it can literally help improve the conversions. Bronto can be utilized for improving conversions and revenues. In addition, the eCommerce stores can create the targeted campaigns through the utilization of customers’ purchasing data and information. Lastly, the drag-and-drop workflow promises easy utilization.

    Bronto is utilizing the recency, monetary, and frequency values for sending out the targeted emails. This extension is suitable for offering product recommendations based on the abandoned carts, transactional emails, product review requests, and wish list prompts.

    • Instagram for Magento

    Digital marketing is incomplete without Instagram, and Magento 2 store owners can utilize this extension. It can be used for creating the sidebar mini gallery, along with the gallery page. These pages can be configured separately for every user. In addition, the store owners can adjust the size of the images on sidebars. Above all, this extension will help fine-tune the page that stays relevant to the website design. Lastly, there is no need for coding!


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