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    Benefits of Magento 2 Multi language extension for eCommerce

    Last Updated | July 27, 2023

    The digital transformation has taken the business world by storm. Businesses today are striving to integrate new facets of technology into their workflow processes and operations to maximize efficiency. The covid-19 pandemic has only reinforced the authority of technology in keeping business continuity plans.

    Today, all businesses are looking for a smart technology partner that can help them integrate futuristic technology into the operations, thereby, ensuring sustainability and growth of business and help them prepare for another global recession like covid-19.

    Now, even before the global pandemic forced businesses to go online, eCommerce stores had established their authority as the preferred marketplace for retail and even B2B shopping. Today, the eCommerce industry is a bigger market than traditional brick and mortar stores, with shoppers across the world preferring to deal with online businesses to buy all the stuff they need.

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    Magento 2 Multi Language Extension

    Now, talking about eCommerce businesses, a few web development platforms are highly preferred for designing and development online stores, and Magento 2 is right at the top of the list. While Magento 2 isn’t the easiest platform to develop eCommerce stores, it does bring in some high-end features and functionalities that enable businesses to stay ahead of the competitive curve and maximize profits.

    One such feature is Magento 2 multi language extension. As can be taken by name, the feature enables store owners to launch and manage their stores in multiple languages, thereby increasing their chances to reach a global audience and improve chances of higher revenues.

    Here in this blog, we will be exclusively looking at the Magento 2 multi language extension to know what it brings to the eCommerce stores and how it can be set up for Magento 2 businesses. So, let’s just cut down the chase and start our blog…

    What is a Multi-Language eCommerce Store?

    Increasing the reach, improving sales, and maximizing the customer base are three crucial aspects of successfully running an eCommerce store. Now, if your store is powered by Magento 2, you got a great chance to maximize the reach of your store and increase the customer base by launching the store in different languages; making it truly an international store.

    The best part is that you can easily manage the multi-language capabilities of the store from the backend through a single interface.

    The feature enables eCommerce stores to launch and manage multiple stores for different target audiences. It also assists eCommerce stores to significantly improve the conversion rate by offering the audience a customized shopping experience in different languages. Last but not least, the multi-language capability also enables stores to build a truly international image for their brand.

    Importance of Multi-Language Feature

    If you are looking to target a global audience across different regions, you need to have the Magento 2 multi language extension for your store. The feature ensures that you are able to offer shoppers a customized and localized shopping experience, where they can easily browse through their favorite products in the local language.

    According to stats, by offering multi-language features, global online stores are able to significantly improve the conversion and customer retention rates, as compared to stores with just one language. Well, that’s understandable since customers today are always looking for something out of the box that can offer them a truly personalized shopping experience.

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    Best Features of Magento 2 Multi Language Setup

    As discussed above, there are various benefits of integrating Magento 2 multi language extension for eCommerce stores. Here are some customized features of multi-language extensions that truly makes it a necessity for all eCommerce stores looking to grow and expand at the international level;

    • The multi-language feature can be integrated with all Magento 2 themes
    • customers can easily choose their preferred language through a single click
    • all pages of the website including product pages, and checkout page will be translated into the chosen language
    • You can have all your orders (in all languages) received at the backend at your preferred choice of language for easy processing

    Benefits of Magento 2 Multi Lingual Extension

    1. Increased Business Reach

    The multi-language extension enables eCommerce businesses to meet the requirement of international customers. The extension helps online stores to reach out to a global customer base, while significantly improving the reach of business in various regions of the international market. This also helps them to stay ahead of the competitive curve and gain better reach than competitors.

    2. Boost eCommerce Sales:

    Online shoppers today are increasingly looking for a better and more personalized shopping experience. Digital shoppers are willing to purchase products from stores that offer them higher-level of personalization options, as well as, more flexibility.

    Now, the multi-language extension in Magento 2 truly adds a unique layer of personalization to tempt international shoppers. The feature gives customers another reason to trust and buy from the store, thus improving the conversion rates and profitability for the business.

    3. Enhance Brand’s Trust:

    For any eCommerce store, gaining the trust of customers is one of the biggest assets that pay off big time. By offering customers a shopping experience in the local language is surely one of the best ways to build trust among customers, showing them that you care for them and are ready to go an extra mile for their convenience. This also greatly improves the goodwill and reputation of the store.

    4. Get International Testimonials: 

    What’s better to build your brand’s repute than having finely defining testimonials from international clients? Well, with Magento 2 multi language extension, it’s possible for eCommerce stores to receive complimentary testimonials from internal customers.

    According to stats, customers are more willing to leave a testimonial in their language, as compared to a foreign language. So, it effectively improves the store’s chances to get more testimonials from international clients.

    Wrapping Up

    With the growing competition in the online industry, it’s imperative for businesses to integrate advanced features and functionalities that can give them the competitive advantage to sustain and grow business continuity plans.

    The Magento 2 multi language extension is one such feature that completely personalized the shopping experience for international customers, enabling eCommerce stores to reach out to the global audience. The feature also enables eCommerce stores to significantly improve conversion rates, and profitability by offering international customers a localized shopping experience.

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    What is the purpose of Magento B2B extension development?

    Magento B2B extension development enables online businesses to gain a competitive advantage by adding customized features, and services into their Magento stores through extension integration. The Magento extensions can either be purchased from the marketplace or can be developed from scratch by hiring Magento development services agencies like Folio3.

    What’s the difference between Magento B2B custom extension development and prebuilt Magento extension?

    Prebuilt Magento extensions are made to add specific features or functionalities to online stores. These extensions are generally made to fit the needs of various online businesses. Contrarily, Magento custom B2B extensions are tailor-made and customized to meet the unique needs of a particular business.

    What’s the development cost for Magento extensions?

    The Magento cost for extension development will depend on various factors including the complexity and size of the extension. Generally, a basic extension for Magento store may start at $20,000 and can go as high as $50,000 plus for more advanced extensions.


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