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    Last Updated | March 30, 2022

    What is Magento Development Outsourcing?

    Magento, an eCommerce platform, is open-source and handy software for eCommerce businesses. It is one of the largest eCommerce platforms around the globe. Magento is a very versatile, easy to use, and fast software that moves your transactions very swiftly throughout the different touchpoints your consumers can use. It has a very sophisticated, scalable architecture that makes it the most popular CMS, Content Management System, to create online stores all over the world. It is highly compatible with all the recent technologies there are available like PHP7.

    Moving on, Outsourcing is a technique that allows a third-party provider to look after a task, process, function, or component related to the software development of a business delegated by the merchant themselves. The third-party provider can be an individual or a company that completely depends on the nature of the activities the proposed project requires. Outsourcing is mostly employed in the IT, the technical drafting, sector at present.

    Business owners or entrepreneurs receive a variety of IT-related functions by leveraging Magento outsourcing services in order to give you the best results for your Magento store. Besides this, it also relieves them of financial, time, and different forms of other burdens that in-house workers fail to deliver. This clearly states the advantages of outsourcing enough and should not be surprising for businesses; it is advised that businesses should ​​outsource Magento web development services when they can.

    Why is Magento Development Outsourcing important?

    The majority of the time, the people starting their business are not very tech-savvy or do not have the capacity to manage a big team for their technical development. They surely are proficient in their realm of running a business but may not have all the technical knowledge that they are needed to have to run an online eCommerce store or web, such as Magento. Here comes the need to outsource agencies and developers to work on it for you so that you can focus on the other important things that you are good at.  Magento outsourcing with Folio3 is going to be the best decision you have made for your business and its growth, we provide you best Magento website development services which includes;

    • Complete Magento Development.
    • Secure and reliable support.
    • Magento integration services for SEO.
    • Magento and ERP integration.

    Folio3 is considered the best Magento OutSourcing provider because of the certified experts with the right experiences to develop your business requirements.

    How many types of Magento Outsourcing are there?

    There are 3 types of outsources of Magento development that is considered as most popular; 

    • In-House:You can hire Magento 2 developers highly experienced in Magento integration services for Magento store development and other eCommerce development platforms to your team.
    • Outsourcing to Agencies:The best solution is to choose a Magento Agency Partners like Folio3; irrespective of what you want to build, whether it’s a Magento store from the scratch or want immigration from another platform to Magento, we have got you covered.
    • Outsourcing Freelancers:The majority of new merchants prefer to hire a freelancer for their work, but keep in mind while considering freelancers that it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that you may not find with the other two types.

    Nevertheless, the final decision rests on your shoulders and will be influenced by the following three factors:

    • Inexplicit costs.
    • Experience of the developer/s.
    • Flexibility and dedication.

    What are the benefits of Magento Outsourcing for businesses?

    5 benefits that you will yield by Magento outsourcing for eCommerces businesses are;

    • Brilliant Project Results: There is doubt in considering the problems that may occur in different domains while working on Magento development projects. However, outsourced Magento agency partners will ensure the team structure makes it clear who is responsible for for what work and its standard. Resulting in brilliant end results of a project.
    • Enhanced Delivery Timing: A majority of the online merchant’s community prefers Magento integration services because of their turnaround time for any project delivery. These services deliver the highest quality development of the Magento store development in the least period of time.
    • Durability and Continuity: Magento outsourcing helps in when other freelancers of in house hirings fail to solve a problem or deliver a project on time. Circumstances with these types of hiring are bound to have instances where someone is unable to restart work or get the job done for a variety of reasons. A Magento web development service in both the instances will never leave you alone, with an in-house team or a dedicated staff. You will always have someone who is there to provide you assistance in the process briefly until a permanent replacement is identified.
    • Exceptionally Experienced Developers: The most highly skilled and most intelligent developers always choose to work on long-termed projects with a higher sense of responsibility. Working as part of a dedicated Magento agency partner appeals to these developers specifically. Hence, the client always gets relaibel and a highly specialized team model for their project development. They work vigorously to and promote their superior design and programming knowledge to use for developing your business to its best.
    • Idiosyncrasy: The only way to survive, in ever expanding world of eCommerce, is having idiosyncratic qualities. It simple means you need to have distinct qualities. A Magento outsource always concentrate on two critical aspects: distinctiveness and innovation, while they work on developing your businesss. They will make sure that your website is totally customized and one-of-a-kind. Resultantly, it will attract a large number of visitors and generating a large number of leads.

    Why should companies and agencies outsource Magento Development projects?

    Now that you’ve defined your needs and established a budget, it’s time to conduct some research and find a Magento web development company with extensive experience completing projects of comparable size, scope, and nature to yours is a challenge in itself. Once you are done defining your needs and establishing a budget for Magento outsourcing you will be focusing on this topic, so here a detailed answer to it.

     Expertise and Experience: Experience matter a lot, when you want to develop your business on Magento. This is why having enough knowledge about how long a Magento web development service organization has been working and managing Magento-based eCommerce websites become crucial. While you looking up a firm you must review their projects and when did they finish them. A company with ample designing Magento websites has accumulated a wealth of expertise and experience. When they have a sound portfolio of working in a sizable industry and business you are assured that they can be a potent choice for your business as well.

    Check the following things in a company to scale their level of expertise and experiences.

    • Portfolio, existing projects, and clients.
    • Take references, read reviews and testimonies.
    • Request developer profiles.

    Magento Partners: As a beginner start looking up with the Magento agency partners. You can always find an extensive list of several multinational agencies or businesses that are there to assist you with the particular services you require. Each of these partnered agencies is registered businesses with competent and accredited Magento developers that offer full-service solutions.

    Certified Magento Developers: The first thing you should look for in a potential Magento services company is whether they have Magento certified developers or not. If they skilled certified developers let us assure you that your eCommerce website is being managed by experts.

    Security Policies: An intellectual outsourcing requires to critically address the data security. You must ensure that the Magento development team you are hiring provides clear and detailed data security standards, because the loss of data will make a great impact on your business. However, nobody can give an absolute guarantee data leakage. So, to avoid data leaking you should take the following precautions;

    • Get a thorough Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), while signing the contract.

    Magento Development Workflow: Another crucial aspect yu should look into is a thorough examination of team’s workflow of the Magento development. It will help you determine whether they are a good fit for you. Generally, these workflow methods are discussed on their a Magento agency partner’s website or in their documents. If you are not able to find online, you can always reach out to the agency and simply inquire about their workflow. High-quality products will arise from a professional working approach. As a result, ensure that the agency works effectively, consistently, and devotedly toward your final goal.

    Why choose Magento Development services from Folio3?

    Flio3 is a certified software development services company with experience of more than two decades in various eCommerce development projects. We have expert teams with extensive knowledge and expertise in Magento web development services. Our practices in eCommerce development encompass updated and high-performance web development tools and modules.

    All our practices as Magento outsourced services are tried and tested frameworks, with the shortened time of deployment while boosting the reach to different touchpoints and conversion on your site. Our speciality is providing comprehensive support from launching or optimizing a high-performance customer-friendly eCommerce site to easily visible across search engines.

    Contact us now for cost-effective Magento web development services to connect and convert your digital audience into a profitable business.


    We hope that you have read the article thoroughly; it has examined reasons as to why we should outsource Magento development projects. Choosing a Magento development solution is a difficult decision because it will require a big financial commitment. If you want to achieve the finest results, you should be very careful while choosing the people with whom you want to collaborate with. Folio3 is a leading eCommerce development company in many different countries such as the USA, Canada, and more; we can create the best eCommerce stores from the ground up.


    Why is Web Development Outsourcing important?

    Web development outsourcing is important because not everyone has legitimate knowledge about coding and information related to software. When you outsource people to meet all your IT-related work you take an unnecessary burden off of your shoulder and focus more on other important things. This allows you to save a lot of time, effort, money too without affecting any other aspect of your business.

    How to hire Magento certified developers in the US?

    Hiring a Magento development solution is a tad bit difficult to decide because this requires a huge financial commitment from the business, especially when they are a new start-up. However, to make things a little easier for you here is a brief list of things you should examine while exploring the market;

    • Check out the company’s portfolio and their experiences
    • See if they are a partnered agency with Magento 2
    • Check out whether their developer are Magento certified or not
    • Checkout their Security policies
    • Checkout their workflow for Magento 2 development

    Eventually, the decision is yours to make. You get to decide which company fits best with your business needs.

    Why is Folio3 the best option for Magento Development outsourcing?

    As a one-stop Magento agency partner, with decades of experience in the field, we at Foio3 have offered numerous brands in the transformation journey of their digital presence via the best full-stack technology package with Adobe Magento Commerce, Salesforce, and more. Folio3 is a well-known and Magento certified firm for information security.

    Our stern experts and a dedicated in-house team of certified Magento 2 developers have been acquiring profound expertise in implementing Magento solutions for our clients across the globe.

    And here is what we can do to help you with your Magento development projects;

    • Ecommerce website development.
    • Website maintenance, its enhancement and its optimization.
    • Extension integration.
    • Hosting.
    • Native mobile app development.
    • Website SEO.


    How many types of Magento outsourcing?

    There are three types of outsources of Magento development that are considered as most popular namely as;

    • In-House
    • Outsourcing to Agencies
    • Outsourcing Freelancers

    The best choice depends on what you need and what your business requires to be the best and unique out in the online world.

    Why is Magento outsourcing good?

    A basic definition of outsourcing is “is a technique used by business owners to delegate and look after a task, process, function, or component related to the software development by a third-party provider”. Magento, despite being open-source does require a certain understanding of the technicalities a web development needs. Hence, there exist the notion of Magento outsourcing services. This Magento outsourcing can be done by individuals or agencies partnered with Magento 2. Their assistance is completely dependent on the nature of the activities the proposed project requires. Outsourcing is mostly employed in the IT; the technical drafting, sector at present. Since a majority of the online business owners have none or less knowledge of IT-related information, you should outsource a firm for your Magento eCommerce store development. This will help take off the burden of dealing with technical work and allow you to exercise your mental and physical energies on more important things that you are good at.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.