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    Why is Magento considered the best platform for eCommerce?

    Last Updated | May 4, 2023

    Magento eCommerce Platform

    Have you arrived here wondering why Magento is famously known as the best platform for eCommerce development? Research indicates that nearly 40% of eCommerce stores are developed using the Magento platform which amounts to more than 270,000 merchants. Moreover, you can have an idea of the power of the platform by the fact that Magento handles gross merchandise worth more than $100 billion per annum.

    This is not because of any single reason. It is because the Magento platform has been built keeping the eCommerce seller as well as end-user in mind. It is because it has features like no other platform. It is because unlike other platforms that only target B2C, Magento B2B development is as powerful with B2B specific tools and features. It is because of its strong community and user-friendly interface.

    When we see entrepreneurs and established businesses choosing Magento, we see success stories that speak volumes about how eCommerce helped them succeed. We decided to talk to some of these successful business owners to find out first-hand why they chose Magento and what are some of the reasons that make it the best eCommerce platform.

    Magento integration

    What Makes Magento the Best Platform?

    Magento is open-source

    One of the very first reasons that came to mind for most of the business owners we spoke to was Magento being open-source. This means that if you have a team of development experts, you can definitely leverage the open-source platform and use it to your advantage. This is because the entire code is available for free and is at your disposal to edit, add to, and customize according to whatever your requirements may be.

    Moreover, you can also accelerate your website’s speed or even promote it using new and advanced features, tools, and functionalities by installing existing Magento modules available at the Magento marketplace, or even by developing new ones.

    Magento is designed and developed exclusively for eCommerce

    Unlike other platforms, Magento is exclusively designed to help you build your eCommerce websites and stores and hence is very eCommerce-specific. This is why you will be able to find all the basic eCommerce features and functionality on this platform such as a user dashboard and inventory management. Magento also enables advanced features such as CMS options, newsletters, advanced shipping, cross-selling tools, product bundles, and much more.

    Magento is flexible

    On the top of the list of the many reasons for choosing Magento was its flexibility. Magento is adaptable. It adapts quickly and seamlessly to any new customized features, updates, and extensions. Imagine a powerful platform that transfers its power to the developers. That is what Magento does.

    It gives the developers the complete authority and flexibility to be able to have complete control over the functionality of the eCommerce store being developed. It lets developers completely transform and design the frontend as well as the backend of your website exactly as you need it to be. Magento gives you authority.

    Magento development

    Magento is scalable

    Magento is not just for large establishments as was the reputation until a few years ago. Magento is for every size of business, whether it’s a small eager startup, a growing medium-sized business, or a large established organization. Moreover, it will always grow with you and you will never be able to outgrow a platform like Magento.

    Magento enables management of various storefronts with a single backend

    An eCommerce chain may have lots of storefronts. Every storefront may have different features, different functionality, different themes, different user interface, and an entirely different product portfolio. It may even have an entirely different target market and set of customers. Magento gives its users the ability to run and manage multiple storefronts easily and effortlessly with just a single backend system.

    Magento is responsive

    The world is going mobile and so is eCommerce. The need for responsive applications is the need of the hour now more than ever, as the number of transactions being carried out via cell phones is increasing at an accelerated pace. Hence, it really comes down to being responsive or being pushed out of the market.

    Storefronts built on the Magento platform are extremely mobile responsive especially due to the HTML5 integration. The users are ensured that their customers will a spectacular shopping experience no matter which browser they use to sign in and shop away.

    Magento has a fast one-page checkout

    No one likes to hop from page to page giving in their shipping details and their payment details and their name and email address and phone number etc. This is why most business owners love this about Magento because it saves time.

    A single-step single-page checkout system where the customer’s convenience is first priority, and when a customer feels prioritized, guess what happens? That’s right, he returns!

    Magento supports multiple languages

    The platform enables easy adaption to various different global languages which allows its users to be able to launch their campaigns internationally as well as locally. This means more customers can be targeted even if they speak and understand a different language. Moreover, it also gives the customers the option to view and use the website in whichever language they are most comfortable in.

    Magento is SEO-friendly

    Magento comes packed with SEO optimizing features and tools such as sitemaps, URL structure, URL rewrites, meta tags, meta descriptions, content, keywords, positioning layer, and much more. All these SEO tools help you position your eCommerce store in the top ten Google search results.

    Magento sites are made to be easily customizable according to optimization needs. The platform also makes crawling easier for the Google bots which makes it easier for your website to rank higher in the search results.

    Magento allows complete hosting freedom

    Unlike other eCommerce development platforms that impose restrictions when talking of hosting solutions for eCommerce stores, Magento allows you to go with whichever type of hosting solution you like. Your hosting provider, package, as well as model, can be according to your requirements whatever they may be.

    Even if you need to change your hosting provider one day, your store will just move along smoothly and seamlessly.

    Magento costs nothing to an expert developer

    Your Magento cost for development is simply depends on how much you have to pay your developer who will charge you according to the functionality and features you require in your website. Otherwise, Magento development pricing for a basic eCommerce website is negligible if you just consider the cost for hosting and are developing the website yourself.

    Magento Migration

    Magento has excellent community support

    Magento has the full support of a huge community of developers, project managers, bloggers, and programmers from all around the world. Whenever anyone who is part of this huge community is in need of some kind of help, everyone is ready with detailed guidelines and solutions to try and help the concerned developer out. Such community support is seen in no other eCommerce development platform.

    Do you now see why most businesses choose Magento and what makes it a leading choice for developers as well? Magento keeps on proving to be the best in terms of functionality and features in an eCommerce development platform.


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