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    Shopify Expert Reviews: How to Build a Successful eCommerce Business

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

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    Shopify Expert Reviews: are Shopify Experts worth it?

    Shopify experts are present all over the internet. They work as freelancers, private developers who do their own work without the help of any intermediate, and perhaps the true experts, software development, and e-commerce solution companies. The work of expert Shopify partners is to help store owners of Shopify to grow, maintain and develop the Shopify store. One may question the need for hiring a Shopify web development agency.  

    Shopify Expert Reviews - Shopify development

    In today’s competitive market, having an expert by your side to maintain and develop your storefront is equally, if not more important. According to a study, more than 60% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first five years. There are several factors that contribute to this, however, almost all of them are related to poor online store management.  It is challenging to set up a business, but it is even more difficult to maintain and grow the business. Even if a Shopify store has a brilliant product, but it cannot maintain standards and the business, the business is likely to fail. So one must always be cautious about store maintenance. Thus, as we focus on selling a good product, we must also have the maintenance of the store by using Shopify expert help. Shopify certified experts can do what freelancers and private developers cannot do, that is provide consistency and leave no room for error.

    Here are some essential benefits provided by a Shopify web development agency. You can also read to understand how to hide Shopify store from the public  as the store is undergoing downtime due to updates, maintenance, or support.

    Shopify Expert Reviews - Shopify integration

    Perform required integrations and launch the solution in minutes.

    Shopify experts make sure that they perform important integrations for Shopify in a small period of time and launch the store in minutes. This means it decreases the time needed for planning needlessly and instead enacts the decision to facilitate the customers. If this task is performed by novices, it is possible that the downtime increases, errors increase, and bugs hinder performance. You can choose Folio3 as your solution partner and get solutions to your requirements in minutes instead of waiting for the solution for days due to the weak work ethics of freelancers and developers.

    An all in one Solution Company.

    Expert Shopify partners have all solutions related to Shopify. It ranges from Shopify migration services, where other platforms are migrating to shopify from another platform safely and securely, Shopify integration services where CRMs, ERPs, marketplaces, search engines, and other e-commerce platforms are connected to Shopify. These experts also provide Shopify website development for stores. This development is unlike other service providers as experts employ a Shopify page design expert, these designers pay attention to every small detail.

    Even the placement of buttons is analyzed and then placed as they study statistics and pay special care in the development of the design. They make sure to apply the golden rules of human-computer interaction to make sure that the interface maximizes the usability of the store. Shopify experts can also create Shopify applications for store owners. The importance of mobile applications for Shopify is essential to keep up with the dynamic market. It is a must for mobiles as over 50% of e-commerce trade happens on mobile. Some other key reasons to have a Shopify mobile application is they:

    Shopify Expert Reviews - Shopify migration

    Provide a better interface

    Customized user interaction along a variety of different features promote usability factors of the store. The navigation becomes easy and quick. This promotes sales and increases conversion rates. Features such as a one-tap login for the customer help them log in instantly without needing to recall and put any stress on the mind.

    The one-stop checkout process benefits customers and store owners. Customers are able to close the deal quickly, they don’t need to recall their data, and this also prevents forgetting to finalize deals as at times a minor distraction prevents the closing of the deal. The store owners benefit from this as it makes sure they do not lose money that was on the table and facilitate the user-enhancing user experience. Fingerprint logins also allow the customers to log in to their Shopify account to purchase products from anywhere.

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    Help in brand recognition.

    When a Shopify store owner has their very own application, the psychological aspect of brand visibility as it comes into play. The unique application allows store owners to mark their presence on the competitive Shopify market. You can hire Shopify app developers from these certified companies to develop your very own applications.

    Uncover insights through detailed analyses.

    A private application means that you can easily track the data of the application. This feature allows you to perform data science. You can monitor the navigation of the users and note their behaviors. The monitoring of behaviors such as their most viewed products, their navigation, or any shortfalls they face can be used for the benefit of the store. Owners can use this and develop marketing and promotional strategies.

    Increase customer retention rates.

    Converting new customers into loyal ones is more difficult and costly, it is much easier to retain the existing customers. These retention rates can increase if customers are serviced accordingly and relevantly. Applications help by providing the customers’ rewards and support 24/7 to keep the customers happy and satisfied.

    Display personalized content.

    Customers are displayed products that suit them, since these actions are based on the history of navigation of the customer, it is highly accurate. This makes sure that customers are shown details that are relevant and at the correct times such as in discount deals.

    Provide a one-step checkout.

    Perhaps the biggest benefit of mobile phone applications is providing users with a one-stop checkout. The verification codes, address details, and payment methods are all built in the mobile phones and they make sure that the customer is not bothered to focus on the checkout. This peak usability is possibility removes any uncertainties such as cart abandonment. These result in lost potential sales for the store. To prevent this slip on the customer end, this one-stop checkout ensures that the deal is closed successfully.

    Become technology partners.

    When new features are added on Shopify say after an update, general freelancers barely bother to learn the changes as it is of no use to them. On the other hand, expert Shopify partners make it a priority to immediately assess the changes. Their certified Shopify developers start to read all the documentation of the updates. These companies adapt very quickly to these changes because the company will never compromise on the services it provides. As technology advances, it is becoming more and more difficult to study these advancements for people who are already busy with their businesses. Shopify experts come in handy here as they adapt to the change and then provide services to their clients. This keeps the client’s Shopify store advanced and the most attractive. The effective use of technology then caters to the business requirements of the customers.

    Certified developers.

    A Shopify expert is always going to be a certified Shopify developer. This certification ensures that their services and performance will be consistently well-performing and reliable. The certifications are also a sigh of relief for those store owners who have absolutely no idea about the software.

    These are a few reasons that elaborate in detail why it is essential to have expert Shopify partners by your side in the business. However, a lack of transparency makes it very difficult to decide which expert to hire? Which expert will help achieve the business goals? Which expert is legitimately an expert? To decide on this, customers can do their research and read Shopify expert’s reviews.

    Why do you need Shopify experts review?

    Shopify expert reviews are essential for the Shopify store owners. They need the feedback of previous clients in order to decide whether they should hire these particular experts. The reviews help in deciding how the experience of the previous clients was, and what they can expect from the expert.

    This review technique also helps the expert as they receive feedback. The expert can read the review and understand their strengths and weaknesses. The experts then use this feedback and incorporate changes in their services to improve them further. This review method is also a method of proving the authenticity of the experts. It lets clients understand the skill and service level of the experts. If you think that setting up and managing the inventory side of the business is difficult, you can read dropshipping in UAE and understand how to set up a dropshipping store. Also, you can get a comprehensive report if you are wondering about do you need a business license to sell online in Canada.

    Best Sites to get Shopify Experts Reviews

    There are multiple Shopify sites to get reviews for Shopify experts.

    1. Upstack – shopify developer reviews.

    The reviews of Shopify developers can be found on Upstack. You can use Upstack to hire Shopify API developers for your upcoming requirements. Upstack helps solve your hiring issues by matching you with a senior Shopify API developer. Their matching algorithms make use of artificial intelligence to find the ideal developer for your project. Their interviews and AI guarantee that you hire a relevant developer. Upstack helps you find a developer as soon as possible. 

    2. Upwork  – shopify developer reviews.

    Shopify developers can also be hired from Upwork. The reviews are present on each developer. It includes the rating and the number of jobs and their skills. On Upwork, you can post a job requirement as a Shopify . You tell the website your requirements and complete details. Then talented developers come to your recommendations. You are guaranteed to get qualified proposals within 24 hours. You can evaluate the developers through chat or video calls and if you feel that the developer is accurate, you can close the deal by receiving invoices and then making payments through Upwork.

    3. Toptal  – Shopify developer reviews.

    On Toptal, you can hire the top 3% of freelance Shopify developers. This means that you will interact with experts. The Toptal marketplace is a platform for Shopify programmers, developers, architects, consultants, and software engineers. Top companies and start-ups consider Toptal for hiring freelancers for software projects. The reviews of freelancers are present. The freelancer profile shows their country, their skills, membership date, and a brief description of the candidate. You can view their portfolio, employment history, skills, education, and previous experience. It also shows the preferred environment and mentions their availability.

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    4. Fiverr – Shopify developer reviews.

    You can view Shopify developers on Fiverr as well. The developer is rated with a rating, showing their level, starting prices, and the number of jobs they successfully provided. You can then view their different pricing plans, their delivery time, and a detail of what is included in the plan you choose. Some reviews also include pictures.

    5. Flexiple – Shopify developer reviews.

    Flexiple is a network of the top freelancers and developers in the market who provide services at a range of hourly rates. You can sign up to view the freelancers present and decide to hire the developers. It is a relatively new platform.

    6. Gun.io – Shopify developer reviews.

    Gun.io is a platform that helps small companies find niche and top-quality technology freelancers. Companies can hire Shopify developers. Gun.io vets its candidates with interviews. This ensures that the service provider hired is someone who is not only capable of developing Shopify solutions but also someone who takes freelancing seriously. Some freelancers work as a side job, Guni.io makes sure that their three-tier hiring process only hires the most competent and committed freelancers.

    7. PeoplePerHour – Shopify developer reviews.

    This platform allows Shopify store owners to hire freelancers. Customers get matched with expert freelancers in minutes. You can view multiple Shopify developers with their locations, ratings, the number of orders fulfilled, their charge per hour, their offers, read their reviews, and then contact them and reach an agreement with them.

    8. Guru – Shopify developer reviews.

    On Guru, you can search on the bar for Shopify developers. Then you are shown a list of service providers. It shows their success rates, their charge per hour, their starting at price, their earnings in the past year, their satisfaction levels, and a tab to get a quote from them for their offers. You can view their portfolio and also read through their feedback.

    9. Hired – Shopify developer reviews.

    Shopify store owners can hire freelancers for Shopify on hired. Freelancers create a profile and mention their skills. The freelancers showcase their skills, send a resume, and hide the profile of freelancers from current and previous employers. After the freelancer is approved, their profile is promoted to employers. Once an employer is interested, the interview is set up. Freelancers can attend the interviews with different employers. The freelancers can then compare the offers and choose who to work for.

    10. Arc.dev – Shopify developer reviews.

    Arc.dev also has a vast amount of Shopify developers. They have their ratings, locations, skills, descriptions, reviews that are star-based and comment-based, and also showcase their top 5 expertise. Their employment history is also present. Customers can talk to them and then decide if they want to hire them or move on to someone else.

    How does Shopify expert reviews work?

    The reviews work similarly to reviews on other applications. Here a service provider can be given a rating and feedback. These reviews are public and can be viewed by the public. Once the expert delivers a service to a client, the client can rate the expert and provide them feedback. After the job is completed, it can be marked as complete by the Shopify expert.

    Once the customer approves this change in status, they will be asked to leave a review in which they leave their feedback. Once jobs are completed, it becomes to track the success of the service provider on the Shopify Experts Marketplace. This also builds trust with the merchants that you served. This also helps improve the marketplace matching algorithm as now it can identify successful sessions and improve future matching. This means that service providers and then matched with relevant merchants to have a positive working relationship.

    What can Shopify experts do?

    The Shopify experts are of great importance to Shopify store owners. These experts can provide essential services that are required by Shopify store owners.

    Shopify migration services.

    Shopify experts perform Shopify migration services. Migrating to shopify from another platform is a very good option due to the immense growth in the opportunities on Shopify. Setting up a new Shopify storefront is relatively easy, what’s challenging is migrating all of the data that includes customer data, themes, extensions, product catalogs and other information from another e-commerce platform to your Shopify storefront. Whether you want to migrate from WordPress to Shopify, Magneto to Shopify, Woocommerce to Shopify, Amazon to Shopify, certified experts can provide these services to customers.

    The experts ensure that the process of migration is standardized and seamless. The more streamlined to migration process is, the smoother and bug-free the operation of running the Shopify store will be. This means that it is essential to employ experts for this service. You should only trust the best and professional service providers who offer you streamlined migrations, that too with a minimal risk so that the operations are not affected. The experts migrate stores safely and get the store up and running in no time, essentially eliminating any reworking costs. The migration of the store covers the migration of the store, their data, which includes the content blogs, product catalogs, product images, the order data, customer data, and the outlaid theme. This immense data migration can be a huge hassle if the process is administered by an inexperienced developer or a freelancer.

    Experts such as Folio3 have a certified and professional team of Shopify migration experts who have extensive experience in this process and have mastered this service. This guarantees a seamless migration to Shopify. Their expert developers are the recipients of numerous awards. The company offers Magento to Shopify migration, Volusion to Shopify migration, Bigcommerce to Shopify migration, Opencart to Shopify migration, Shopify B2B website migration, and migration from other platforms as well. If you are wondering how to transfer Shopify domain to another host  you can read this article to get an idea yourself or consult your migration service providers.

    Shopify integration services.          

    The Shopify experts can also provide Shopify integration services. They specialize in the development of custom integration with Shopify that can connect your Shopify storefront with other applications and systems. The integration solutions range from CRM systems such as Salesforce and ERP systems such as Epicor, to integrations with marketplaces such as Amazon, shipping providers such as DHL and UPS, and other third-party support applications such as search engines and marketing tools. Integrations with social media platforms are also possible. Integrations with Facebook and Instagram are notably used for targeted advertisement strategies. A true Shopify expert will be able to design out-of-the-box solutions as they will be customized by the customer to suit their business needs. Folio3 provides integrations with plug-and-play connectors as well for ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and for Oracle NetSuite, which can provide automated data synchronization between your Shopify storefront and your back office.

    Oracle Shopify Integration.

    Folio3 provides a Shopify connector for Oracle NetSuite that can integrate the Shopify e-commerce stores and the Oracle ERP system. The Oracle integration with Shopify enables you to easily synchronize billing, order fulfillment, sync orders, customer data, refund requests, inventory, and the products between the Shopify storefront and the back-end office. The integration is compatible with Shopify and Shopify Plus. It works with all versions of NetSuite and also supports multiple Shopify stores. This integration is best for customers that have a priority for data backups and documentation.

    Shopify integration with Dynamics AX and 365.

    Folio3 Shopify Dynamics connector facilitates the automatic data sync between the Dynamics AX and the Dynamic 365 ERP system between Shopify web stores. The integration helps to save time in data entry, decrease the resource cost for data entry, and as a result increase productivity. This integration synchronizes real-time data and is fully customizable.

    Folio3 also offers Shopify integrations that are tailored to your business requirements. Some notable integration solutions provided by Foli3 are Shopify eBay integration, Shopify WordPress integration, Shopify Mailchimp integration, and Shopify Amazon integration.

    Shopify website development services.

    Shopify professionals must also be a Shopify page design expert. This is because website development is the most basic and most important feature of the Shopify store.  The development must be such that it is going to help the store owner outpace their competitors and deliver an increased customer perceived value. Shopify website developers develop the website from scratch and keep developing it after every update.

    These developments are based on customizing the themes, customizing products with Shopify, designing websites, migrating data, and making the website functional. The website is managed in a way such that it meets all performance requirements. A minimalist website that loads in under 4 seconds stands a chance to compete on Shopify with other store owners. A store owner can also start to sell products without an inventory for an added income. They can learn how to sell on Shopify without inventory  and then start dropshipping as well.

    Shopify application development services.

    One cannot call themselves a Shopify professional if they are unable to develop an application of the Shopify store. You can hire Shopify app developers to make your own Shopify store application. These specialists develop the ideal Shopify apps that fit the business requirements of the Shopify store owners.

    You can add your own features to these applications to cater to the users. These applications can also be integrated with other third-party software to cater to requirements. You can research and discuss the endless implementation with the expert Shopify partners. Since experts have developed hundreds of applications, they use the best practices and the most effective code. The advantage of an application is increasing brand exposure, providing a better interface to mobile users, uncovering insights, and enabling a one-step checkout.

    Shopify support and maintenance services.

    Shopify experts provide Shopify support services, generally included in a custom package. The support and maintenance packages are of great importance. Maintenance means that all Shopify technicalities are managed by Shopify experts. This helps to grow the store as store owners focus on the business whereas the store is managed and maintained side by side. These services are necessary for stores but since the store owners are already busy, they can outsource the maintenance. Store owners also don’t have the expertise to modify the storefront on their own. These maintenance and support packages generally cover:

    Minor design changes.

    An expert Shopify partner will manage changes on the store such as a new theme installation, testing this new edit, and then even customize a completely new theme as per the client’s request. Front-end designs are altered and the content available on the page can also be updated.

    Manage the store updates by Shopify.

    Support and maintenance also cover the outcome of Shopify updates. Whenever Shopify adds a new update, the developers manage the items and store settings respectively, they can update payment gateways, change the shipping rules and the methods and update to third-party applications and themes.

    Custom development for Shopify.

    Shopify support programs also include the integration with applications such as ERPs, CRMs, marketing tools, helpdesks, and accounting systems. API integrations are also enabled alongside custom workflows, and the addition of new features enhances store performance and allows for a better user experience. They also fix bugs and programming errors. This enhances performance. The experts also perform security scans to make sure the store is kept safe from external threats. Also, the data is backed up and exported.

    Shopify design services.

    A professional shopify web development agency can build extremely focus-catching e-commerce website designs that create a very memorable user experience. Shopify professionals make your store stand out from the other crowd. It is because everything, the color contrast, the placement of buttons, the font, and the style of the font has been mastered. Shopify experts design storefronts that leave impressions that are impressive.

    The impression must impact the visitor and it is the first and last thing that remains in the mind of the visitor. A Shopify expert will provide appealing Shopify store designs and revolutionize the presentation of the storefront and make the interaction more appealing. Shopify experts designate these tasks to their UI and UX experts who build the perfect design that appeals to anyone who lands on it. Also, the design is not only appealing but highly effective as it is developed as a highly convertible theme design. These designs appeal to all users, regardless of their electronic devices. Shopify experts ensure the theme is consistent on all of the platforms in order to make sure that each and every client is provided with the best user experience.

    How do I pay my Shopify expert?

    Shopify experts can be paid for their services through the Experts Marketplace on Shopify. When a Shopify expert sends you an invoice for the service, you can pay it effortlessly and securely from the Shopify Admin. Keep in mind that these invoices are in US dollars. If your expert worked with you on a proposal that was outside of the scope of the Shopify expert’s marketplace, you will not be able to pay the invoice through the expert’s marketplace.

    Choose the payment terms.

    Before beginning work with a client and an expert, make sure that both of the parties have agreed on how the service provider will be paid by the client. You could pay a fixed price or an hourly rate as per your agreements. This method may be affected based on the job and the expert providing the services, and options may be preferred over the other as per the context.

    Fixed-price jobs.

    A fixed-price job is a good choice when the client has a limited budget. A fixed-price job does not mean that you must make a one-time payment to the service provider. You could pay for the services in increments. This increment could be divided up according to time, progress, or milestones. For instance, the advance payment is made, then a chunk is paid halfway, and then finally the remaining balance is cleared out.

    Hourly paid jobs.

    Receiving payment based on an hourly basis is a good choice for a large job that has long-term deadlines. You will be billed based upon the number of hours that were required to complete the job. Generally, this involves regular invoices that reflect the accurate amount of hours worked during a time period.

    Once experts send you an invoice that is within the scope of the Experts Marketplace. You can then pay the invoices with the existing payment gateway enabled on your Shopify account. To pay the invoice, you must log in as the owner of the store. In case you were not a store owner but rather an employee and worked with a Shopify expert on the Experts Marketplace, you will receive the invoice but you will not be able to pay it. In order to make the payment, you will have to share the link to the invoice with the owner of the store, who will then pay and clear the invoice in Experts Marketplace.

    1. Log in to the store as the store owner.
    2. In the menu, from the Experts Marketplace, click on Invoices.
    3. Select the invoice that you want to pay.
    4. At the footer of the page, click on continue to payment.
    5. Then click on Approve charge.


    What’s the difference between Shopify Experts and Shopify Partners?

    The Shopify Experts Marketplace lets customers hire Shopify experts for using their services. These experts are third-party freelancers, companies, and agencies who provide services for Shopify store owners in domains such as sales and marketing, store setup, development, and troubleshooting.

    On the other hand, the Shopify partner program includes a group of Shopify marketers, website developers, store designers, and affiliate marketers who make use of the Shopify platform to build e-commerce themes, websites, and applications. They create these themes/websites/applications and publish them onto the Shopify App Store. They also recommend Shopify to others by posting links on their websites as well.

    In simple terms, we can say that a Shopify partner is someone who has entered a contract with Shopify to provide referrals and advertise the platform. On a very basic basis, Shopify partners earn money by referring Shopify to new clients Shopify. Shopify experts, on the contrary, provide services and enjoy a record of success with Shopify and provide services to Shopify merchants on the platform.

    What are the benefits of hiring Shopify experts?

    Shopify experts bring several benefits to the table. Shopify experts are able to provide all sorts of Shopify services for merchants. Some notable benefits are:

    Increasing the return on investment.

    Shopify experts perform the task they were hired for with ease and quickly. The implementation of a new feature or a new store theme setup attracts an audience and enhances the customer experience. This increases store sales and increases the return on investment as profit.

    Providing high-quality services.

    These experts have extensive experience. They make sure that the services they provide are professional so that your customers in the store are satisfied. Their process is much optimized so no matter what service they are required to perform, they do so with ease and produce a great end-product.

    Saving the time of the store owner.

    Shopify store owners are already busy and have their hands full. They humanly cannot perform Shopify services on their stores themselves even if they have the expertise. Store owners can contact experts according to their preferences and hire them to implement services. This means that store owners can spend their time on other business activities and focus on the growth of the business, from product and store perspectives.

    Improving the customer experience.

    When a Shopify merchant hires an expert, they get a form of free consultancy as well due to the experience and expertise of the Shopify expert. This leads to an evolved and more mature strategy for Shopify, based on their years of experience and what they learned in this time. This means that the experts are aware of how to keep the customers satisfied. Their customer-centric behavior ensures that the customers are prioritized even during the service. This improves customer satisfaction levels in your store as well.

    Adding better functionality.

    Shopify experts enhance the functionalities available of the Shopify templates and customize them to suit your business requirements. Their ability to customize almost anything is exactly what is required by clients to help take the store’s features to another level, and as a result, increase the store sales.

    Give ongoing advice.

    Shopify experts are experienced, their experiences help them present forecasts for businesses that can be utilized by the Shopify store owners. They also remain available for you all day and you can reach out to them for support. The coordination of the market environment and the status of the service make sure that the business stays on top and keeps growing.

    Are Shopify Experts legit?

    The Shopify experts do include some impersonators. This means that Shopify experts are not 100% legit. This is a problem as there is a barrier between the customer and the service provider. Even though there is a small fraction of the experts who are impersonators, you should always perform research and then work with the experts. You can rather choose to hire a Shopify web development agency in person.

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    You can visit their office, look at samples, have a meeting, and then hire Shopify developers. You can visit the nearest office of Folio3 and hire their services. In physical hiring, there is absolutely no chance of scamming or impersonators so this assurance is a big requirement for some store owners. This has its benefits as tracking the progress, visualizing the progress, making changes on the spot, and having effective communication.

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