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    BigCommerce’s B2B Edition Buyer Portal Open Source

    Last Updated | May 17, 2024

    Introducing the BigCommerce B2B Edition Open Source Buyer Portal! This feature, initially labeled as “coming soon” as part of The Next Big Thing, is now live as of Tuesday, May 7, 2024. BigCommerce’s B2B Edition stands out as the sole Enterprise-focused open source B2B buyer portal application supported by a comprehensive set of SaaS APIs.

    “With this release, BigCommerce B2B Edition is the only Enterprise focused, open-source B2B buyer portal application backed by a robust set of SaaS APIs. Optimized to deliver the utmost performance and flexibility, enterprise brands now have a solid foundation that can shave weeks off development and the full control they desire, without the burden of building from the ground up to create a buyer/seller experience that hits the mark,” said Lance Owide, Senior Director and General Manager of B2B at BigCommerce.

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    BigCommerce B2B Edition

    BigCommerce’s B2B Edition presents a comprehensive array of pre-built features aimed at elevating the digital shopping journey for tech-savvy purchasers. Tailored for use across single or multi-storefront setups, this suite provides suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers with adaptable solutions for modernization, bypassing the traditional expenses tied to older platforms.

    This b2b edition bigcommerce includes the majority of B2B features typically sought after by B2B store owners.

    Need to Open Source the Buyer Portal

    BigCommerce B2B Buyer Portal, available globally for single and multi-storefronts with localized buyer experiences including language, content, pricing, and promotions, is now offered both out-of-the-box and open-sourced, giving midmarket and enterprise B2B customers the advantage of next-level, B2B functionalities in a single solution. B2B Edition Buyer Portal automates administrative processes while streamlining the buyer-seller relationship to better efficiently manage orders, quotes, and workflows that reduce operational burden and influence customer loyalty and conversion.

    BigCommerce preconfigured Buyer Portal prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness, ideal for brands seeking swift setup with minimal technical know-how. However, suppose you wish to utilize it as a foundation for further innovation. In that case, explore the Open Source Buyer Portal!

    We’re advancing innovation and adaptability in the Enterprise B2B e-commerce sector by releasing the source code of our B2B Edition’s Buyer Portal. This empowers developers to create personalized purchasing experiences tailored to their business requirements, fostering innovation and adaptability in Enterprise B2B ecommerce.

    b2b buyer portal

    By providing access to the source code of the BigCommerce B2B buyer portal, BigCommerce equips its extensive partner network to assist Enterprise B2B businesses in customizing their B2B purchasing experiences without starting from scratch. This addresses the imperative need for flexibility in addressing unique business challenges.

    Key Advantages

    Cost Efficiency: Embracing open-source solutions enables businesses to markedly reduce operational and developmental expenses.

    Enhanced Adaptability: Offering developers a foundation for innovation fosters the adaptability required for tailoring solutions to unique scenarios not covered by standard offerings.

    Optimized Operations: Simplified purchasing procedures translate into improved operational efficiency within B2B transactions.

    Elevated Customer Engagement: Tailored purchasing journeys result in heightened customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    Developer Appeal: Open source initiatives benefit from the valuable contributions of engaged developer communities, such as the BigCommerce developer community. This fosters the enrichment of features, comprehensive documentation updates, and expedited feedback loops with our internal development teams.

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    How to Proceed?

    To begin, visit GitHub and clone the repository for the BigCommerce B2B edition buyer portal. Be sure to refer to the documentation provided on the GitHub repository for further guidance.


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