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    BigCommerce Presents The Next Big Thing – Experience Commerce Without Compromise

    Last Updated | April 26, 2024

    In today’s cutthroat e-commerce landscape, businesses struggle with cumbersome platforms, limited customization options, and disconnected customer experiences.  BigCommerce is here to break down those barriers with a groundbreaking announcement.

    Introducing over 100 innovative new platform features, software releases, and partner integrations, BigCommerce is revolutionizing commerce with their “Commerce Without Compromise” initiative. “Our latest features are all designed to enable commerce without compromise and help businesses grow and stand out from the competition,” says Troy Cox the Chief Product Officer at BigCommerce.

    “It’s thrilling to witness BigCommerce continuously rolling out new features to enhance the experience for store owners across various domains such as B2B, AI, Headless, and Omni-channel capabilities.

    The latest features being introduced by BigCommerce include involvement of composable storefronts, AI-driven tools to assist store owners, enhancement of the B2B Buyer Portal, and advancements in omni-channel capabilities, as well as security-related features.

    The B2B functionalities, in particular, offer significant advantages over other leading eCommerce platforms. As we look ahead to 2024, it promises to be an exciting time for BigCommerce as it rises in the world of eCommerce, particularly in the B2B sector.” – Noman Rizwan, Engineering Manager at BigCommerce, Folio3

    Here’s a list of a few features that BigCommerce has released recently or will be releasing soon:

    1. Create Stunning Composable Storefronts

    BigCommerce revolutionizes storefront creation with Catalyst, a composable starter kit designed for speed, flexibility, and brand customization.

    Gone are the days of complex, monolithic storefronts. BigCommerce introduces Catalyst, a next-generation solution that empowers businesses to create stunning and functional online experiences tailored to their unique needs.

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    “Storefront is the key part of a business’s technology stack”, Nathan Booker, Sr. Director, Product Management – Platform BigCommerce

    Accelerate Your Time to Market

    BigCommerce offers a variety of Catalyst accelerators, pre-packaged solutions designed for specific needs:

    – Composable Foundations by Orium (🟢 available now): Build multi-brand and multi-lingual experiences with pre-configured integrations for Algolia, Bloomreach, and Contentful.

    – HeadstartWP by 10up (🔵coming soon): Designed for WordPress users, HeadstartWP by 10up combines the power of Catalyst with the familiarity of WordPress.

    – Composable Accelerator by Apply Digital (🟢available now): Ideal for content-driven brands, this accelerator integrates Catalyst with Constructor, Amplience, and Makeswift for optimal performance and efficiency.

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    Extend Catalyst and Go Further

    Explore a library of pre-built examples and code to customize Catalyst and unlock even greater possibilities for your ecommerce store. This includes integrations with industry leaders like Algolia and Makeswift.

    With Catalyst, BigCommerce empowers businesses to create unique, high-performing storefronts that deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

    2. Boost Your B2B Business 

    BigCommerce understands the unique needs of B2B businesses. That’s why they’re rolling out a suite of innovative features designed to elevate the buyer experience and maximize sales.

    “Complexity of B2B Bigcommerce goes beyond cart and checkout”, Sylvia Lin, Sr. Product Manager – B2B BigCommerce

    Introducing the All-New B2B Buyer Portal

    – Transform the Buyer Journey (🟢available now): Provide B2B buyers with a streamlined experience through the B2B Buyer Portal. This customizable portal offers features like centralized invoices, mobile optimization, and easy quote creation – all designed to simplify B2B transactions.

    – Open Source Customization (🔵coming soon): Take complete control by starting with the open-source code of the Buyer Portal. This allows businesses with complex B2B needs to create a bespoke portal experience while minimizing development costs.

    Localize for Global Success

    – Cater to International Buyers (🟢available now): Modern B2B buyers expect a localized experience. BigCommerce makes it easy with features like storefront translation management, localized product catalogs, and the ability to generate quotes in eight different languages.

    – Boost Sales with Channel-Specific Overrides (🟢available now): Ensure a seamless buying experience across all channels with BigCommerce’s channel-specific override capabilities. This allows you to tailor pricing, promotions, and product availability for each sales channel.

    Minimize Quoting Complexities

    – Streamline Quote Creation (🟢available now): New features like customizable shipping costs, access to a wider range of products for quoting, and the ability to control purchase options empower sales teams to create accurate and efficient quotes.

    – Enhanced Quote Management (🔵coming soon): Simplify workflow management with features like quote tagging, customizable quote forms, and trigger-based quote notification emails.

    Strengthen Credit Management

    – Improved Credit Control (🟢available now): Enhance your B2B transactions with BigCommerce’s new credit capabilities. These features allow you to synchronize credit availability with your ERP system, automatically limit purchases when credit thresholds are exceeded, and manage credit holds for specific accounts.

    Explore the latest B2B features from BigCommerce and see how they can help you streamline operations, enhance the buyer experience, and achieve greater sales success.

    3. Harness the Power of BigAI

    BigCommerce is revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape by introducing BigAI, a comprehensive suite of AI-powered tools and partner integrations designed to empower businesses of all sizes.

    “BigAI the AI powered tool is created to help business every day”, Jordan Sim, VP Product Management – BigCommerce

    Empower Your Workforce

    – Unleash Creativity with BigAI Copywriter (🟢available now): This AI-powered tool crafts compelling and SEO-optimized product descriptions in your brand voice and tone, freeing up your team’s time and resources.

    – Gain Predictive Insights (🔵coming soon): Leverage BigAI Predictive Analytics, built on Google BigQuery ML, to uncover valuable insights about your customers, such as predicting future lifetime value.

    Elevate Your Storefront

    – Personalize Product Recommendations with Google AI (⚫️waitlist): Increase average order value and conversions by showcasing highly relevant product recommendations tailored to each shopper in real-time. (Available exclusively for Enterprise plans)

    – Boost Search Accuracy with AI-powered Semantic Search (⚫️waitlist): Improve search results and understand shopper intent more accurately with AI-powered semantic search. (Available exclusively for Enterprise plans)

    Power Up with BigAI Partners

    – Enhance Search with Klevu AI (🟢available now): Leverage Klevu Moi, a cutting-edge multimodal AI conversational search solution. Shoppers can now have a natural conversation within the search bar, leading to conversion rates of up to 16%.

    – Personalize the Shopping Journey with Bloomreach (🟢available now): Bloomreach’s AI-powered solutions personalize the shopping experience through marketing automation, product discovery, content management, and conversational shopping.

    – Drive Conversions with Searchspring (🟢available now): Searchspring’s AI-powered search and merchandising tools ensure the right products are delivered to the right customer at the right time.

    Unleash Your Inner Developer

    – Build Custom AI Solutions (🟢available now): Join BigCommerce developer community and utilize their open-source AI foundation app to create innovative AI solutions that enhance creativity, productivity, and decision-making.

    – Streamline Data Collection (🟢available now): Simplify data collection with Big Open Data Layer. Leverage 13 new data events to train machine learning models and power personalized shopping experiences and cost-effective advertising campaigns.

    With BigAI, BigCommerce empowers businesses to unlock the transformative power of AI. From crafting compelling content to personalizing the shopping experience, BigAI equips you with the tools to streamline operations, elevate customer engagement, and achieve greater success.

    4. Unlock Omnichannel Revenue

    In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, reaching customers across all channels is essential for success. BigCommerce and Feedonomics, the world’s leading full-service feed management platform, are partnering to empower businesses to unlock the full potential of omnichannel revenue.

    “Feedonomics is the world leading fully managed omnichannel solution”, Janet Li, Solutions Architect Feedonomics

    Real-Time Data Synchronization (🟢available now):  Ensure accurate listings and prevent account suspensions with real-time data sync. This eliminates listing disapprovals, overselling, and ensures timely updates for key product attributes like inventory and pricing.

    Enhanced Data Management (🟢available now):  Streamline data management with Feedonomics’ robust suite of tools.  Identify data gaps and prevent errors with Data Validation, optimize product categorization with Product Categorization, and simplify content creation with Creative Content Generation.

    Actionable Insights and Reporting (🟢available now):  Gain valuable insights with Feedonomics’ advanced reporting features. Track orders for real-time insights, easily monitor exports, visualize data for better decision-making, and manage scheduling and logs across time zones.

    Frictionless Order Management (🟢available now):  Simplify order fulfillment with enhanced email notifications for order errors and a centralized dashboard for issue resolution.  Feedonomics’ improved FeedAMP platform provides streamlined visualization for order routing and bundles, allowing for effortless execution of bulk actions on orders.

    Automated Catalog Management (🟢available now):  Save time and resources with automated product listing updates.  Feedonomics automatically synchronizes your BigCommerce catalog, adding new products, updating existing listings, and managing inventory data.  Integrate data from various sources like ERP and PIM for a truly comprehensive solution.

    Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

    – Drive In-Store & Online Sales (🟢US only, 5+ brick-and-mortar locations): Offer customers the convenience of “buy online, pick up in store” and same-day delivery options. Feedonomics simplifies integration and optimizes data for increased performance.

    – Streamline B2B Data Connectivity (🟢available now): Empower your distribution network to sell more quickly by standardizing data from suppliers. Feedonomics streamlines data ingestion and allows you to scale data syndication to distributors.

    Expand Your Reach

    – Explore New Sales Channels (🟢available now): Discover and list your products on brand new channels around the world, increasing your customer base and sales potential.

    – Simplified Facebook & Instagram Shop Returns (🟢available now): Manage returns efficiently with Feedonomics’ seamless integration of returns and refunds into the order management automation solution for Facebook and Instagram Shops.

    Additionally, BigCommerce and Feedonomics offer

    – Bundle Order Strategies (🟢available now): Automatically break down bundled orders for precise reporting and seamlessly reassemble them for accurate fulfillment.

    – Marketplace & Third-Party Partner Integration (🟢available now): Integrate marketplace and third-party partners with the FeedAMP platform for a unified workflow.

    – Expanded eBay Ads Partnership (🟢available now): Drive new business on eBay with a partnership offering subsidies and rebates for qualified prospects.

    With BigCommerce and Feedonomics, take control of your omnichannel strategy and unlock the full potential of your online business.


    Ready to experience commerce without compromise?  Explore the full range of BigCommerce’s latest offerings and discover how they can help your business thrive. Visit the BigCommerce website today!


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