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    How to Set Up BigCommerce DropShipping [2023 UPDATE]

    Last Updated | April 7, 2023

    In this blooming era of e-commerce, bigcommerce dropshipping has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

    Thus, many platforms are available in the market to help drop shippers start their businesses.

    The BigCommerce platform, which has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, is considered to be the most trusted and reliable option by drop shippers. It is thought to be the best choice for large and fast-growing businesses.


    online dropshipping business

    Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method of selling physical products, without having a storefront. This means that you can sell products without having an inventory.

    You can sell anything through drop shipping, such as furniture, electronic appliances, toys, and jewelry. When a customer places an order with you on your online store, you being the retailer, who is a drop shipper, will pass on the order to the supplier.

    The supplier will prepare the customer’s order and will then ship it to them. In other words, the vendor passes on the order, placed by the customer, to the supplier, and the supplier completes the order and ships it to the customer.

    The drop shipper never sees or handles the products. Also, the customer does not find out that their order was drop shipped. You can start with dropshipping with very little money, as it does not require a lot of investment.



    Founded in 2009, BigCommerce is considered to be the best platform for drop shippers. They provide you with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry.

    Bigcommerce App Development allows you to create an online store for your business and to showcase your products and to target your customers accordingly.

    Dropshipping on BigCommerce is considered to be the safest bet due to the vast features and incentives they provide to their drop shippers.

    Furthermore, BigCommerce allows you to provide drop shipping to customers worldwide, making it easier for you to reach shoppers all around the world. BigCommerce has served more than 120 countries worldwide and has served more than 5000 app and design partners.


    BigCommerce drop shipping has numerous advantages. However, we will be discussing the top 5 advantages down below.

    1. The best website design platform

    BigCommerce web development provides you with a platform to make an out of the box website for your business.

    They provide you with tempting themes and an option for customized frameworks with the best e-commerce tools. You can also integrate with leading applications. They also provide you with an option to have a mobile-optimized checkout.

    This is important since 50% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. BigCommerce is the only e-commerce platform that integrates with Apple Pay and PayPal One Touch to improve your customer’s mobile experience.

    With all the support and tools provided, developers can build a website in half the time, which is required on other platforms. BigCommerce offers the first and only SaaS local development environment, which allows you to test and preview your site simultaneously on a mobile, tablet, and desktop.

    Furthermore, BigCommerce provides you with the right tools you need to grow traffic on your website. These include advanced SEO tools, such as optimized URLs, and streamlined listings on shopping sites with high traffic, to help you attract more traffic to your website, which, in turn, means more potential buyers.

    Another attractive feature is marketing your website through email to encourage return visits.

    You can sync your data on email marketing platforms and then promote products from your website, based on buying history of customers. You can also win back previous customers by providing them with special offers.

    1. Analyze your business’s progress

    BigCommerce provides you with insights into your business’s progress. It provides you with eCommerce Analytics, which allows you to monitor your store’s performance, and it can be accessed at any time.

    The Ecommerce Analytics and Insights reports provide you with deeper customer data, to help you in targeting, segmenting, and driving your sales accordingly. With the dashboard, you can see your store’s performance at a glance.

    These include orders, sales channels, AOV, conversion rates, and much more. Moreover, with the premium analytics service, you can get an in-depth analysis of your sales every month.

    1. Host securely with BigCommerce’s unmatched performance

    With multiple layers of security, unparalleled bandwidth, and super fast speed, BigCommerce allows you to spend more time on generating sales, rather than concentrating on maintaining your website.

    You can peacefully concentrate on growing your business, while BigCommerce takes care of e-commerce hosting and security. To prevent any unauthorized access, server-specific firewalls, file integrity scanners, and intrusion detection software have been installed.

    These foolproof layers of security make your experience of drop shipping very secure. Apart from being safe for the drop shippers, BigCommerce also provides a safe shopping experience for its shoppers.

    BigCommerce offers HTTPS across your entire site to let shoppers know that the online store is safe and secure from the very first page to the checkout page.

    1. Better shipping and fulfillment

    BigCommerce provides you with all the shipping options you need to help you in getting customer loyalty and to streamline your operations.

    From shipping quotes to advanced shipping options, they all are seamlessly integrated with your store. You can also offer your customers free shipping in specific zones for specific products or by creating a coupon code.

    This would help you to increase your sales and make more profit. Furthermore, you can also provide real-time carrier quotes, flat rate shipping, or weight/value-based rates to your customers, with the BigCommerce Shipping Manager.

    Also, you can give customers real-time tracking updates about their shipment. Since customers are always looking for fast, cheap, reliable, and flexible shipping options,

    BigCommerce has partnered with the best shipping providers of the industry to provide their customers with a reliable and safe shipping experience.

    1. Simplified global selling

    The purpose of selling online is to be able to sell to shoppers globally. However, not all platforms allow you to sell globally.

    BigCommerce allows you to sell your products in the international market, by providing international payment options in any currency and also native language support. International orders mean that there would be shipping and tax duties on the imported items.

    Customers would like to know about the tax duties they would have to pay even before they decide to shop from your store.

    For this reason, BigCommerce provides its shoppers with an in-built tax calculator for nearly any country in the world. They have integrated with the world’s most popular shipping companies to help calculate the taxes and duties seamlessly.

    BigCommerce drop shipping suppliers can easily access the international market.


    How to set up dropshipping business

    BigCommerce and drop shipping go hand in hand. A lot of tempting features are provided on this open SaaS platform for drop shippers.

    The SaaS platform is leading the new era of eCommerce. BigCommerce provides you with limitless possibilities to help build, innovate, and grow your store.

    This is possible because of the user-friendly features provided by BigCommerce. These essential tools help to fuel your growth. Let’s discuss how you can start with your dropshipping business.


    Starting with a rock-solid foundation is the basic necessity for building a powerful eCommerce platform. You can easily design and customize a storefront, with powerful features, with the various creative tools provided by BigCommerce.

    These simple yet innovative tools know no bounds, and help to make your customers’ shopping experience a pleasant one. Hence, this increases the chances of your customers coming back for more.

    With greater bandwidth, you can deliver a lightning-fast experience to your customers. Furthermore, BigCommerce provides a safe and secure experience for the customers and also for the drop shippers.


    BigCommerce is a reliable platform that provides a flexible framework for your site. Due to open SaaS, you can integrate with third-party apps without any hassle.

    This further increases your chances of better sales for your business. With BigCommerce, you can easily maintain the flexibility and configurability of the shopping experience for your customers.

    Moreover, BigCommerce offers bigcommerce headless commerce, i.e., the website’s presentation layer is decoupled from the backend eCommerce functionality to offer a flexible, seamless digital experience.


    As BigCommerce caters to international markets, your business will flourish internationally. Having international customers is considered as having another feather in your cap, as it leaves a good impression on your potential customers.

    When your business is making good progress, you would definitely want to monitor its progress.

    BigCommerce provides you with all the required tools to help you monitor everything closely. It provides you with the dashboard to help you access your records at any given time.

    Thus, you can study the pattern of your orders and sales and make further changes and plans accordingly. With the right tools and strategies provided, your business will show exponential growth in no time!



    In dropshipping, the retailer does not get to touch the products ordered by the customer from their website. Instead, the retailer passes on the order to the supplier to deliver the products to the customer.

    Since the retailer has placed the order on behalf of the customer, with the supplier, the retailer must keep track of their customer’s order. This is very important because it will affect the success of your business.

    If, for some odd reason, the order is not delivered to the customer or if an incorrect order was delivered, the customer will hold the retailer accountable for this mishap and will leave a negative review.

    This, in turn, would affect your business’s progress. Thus, it would be a great idea to monitor your supplier’s fulfillment effectiveness of the order. Just relying on your supplier’s word is not enough; this option is not feasible if you are running a big scale business.

    For this reason, BigCommerce provides shipping and tracking information to the customer, as well as the retailer. An in-built tax calculator is also provided on the website for nearly any country in the world.

    This makes it easier for the customers to calculate the taxes and import duties, for their international orders, before placing the order. Furthermore, BigCommerce allows for the integration of third-party apps.

    You can choose a reliable option for inventory management and shipping, which will provide you with all the tracking information of the customer’s order.


    Big-commerce DROP SHIPPING APPS

    The BigCommerce app store offers numerous apps for advertising, merchandising, sourcing, and apps to help grow your business. There is also a section for dropshipping apps, with countless options for you to choose from. However, not all apps are worth your time and effort. Below, we have discussed a few good options for dropshipping.


    As the name suggests, it involves printing of designs on different products, such as t-shirts, pillows, hats, posters, etc.

    All you have to do is upload your designs onto your BigCommerce store and wait for orders. Once a customer places an order on your BigCommerce site, Printful is notified and fulfills the order. This app is considered to be a good option for BigCommerce designers or individuals who are good at producing images/designs for printing.

    —e-Product Plug

    A great app that helps to connect your BigCommerce store to your supplier, drop shipper, fulfillment center, wholesale distributor, or your warehouse. Your product data would be updated about three times a day to keep you updated with your orders.

    This is a good option for those who are constantly updating the inventory or are selling in a niche with repeat purchasers who are looking for new products. This app would help you save on a lot of time on things you usually do manually.

    Spocket Dropshipping

    • Dropshipping suppliers from US, EU, Canada, Australia and more, with fast-shipping. Spocket is loved by over 40,000+ entrepreneurs.
    • Make high profits with our highly discounted products. Real-time inventory update & Automated order processing will save hours of your time.
    • All you need to do is click one button to process the orders, the rest is automated by Spocket!


    This e-commerce platform is a good option for small and medium scale retailers who would like to sell their products to customers, mainly residing in the US, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and other countries. This app uses APIs to automate the products, order processing details, and logistics.

    Furthermore, orders placed on your BigCommerce store are synced from there to Aliexpress, and order tracking details are synced from Aliexpress to the BigCommerce store.

    You can find almost anything on this app. The products are mostly manufactured by Chinese businesses, which are listed on Aliexpress. You can import products, their details, and descriptions from Aliexpress to your BigCommerce store with ease. You can set your target audience accordingly.


    If you are worried about trusting a supplier, then this app is the one for you! The Inventory Source only comprises of trusted suppliers, with whom you can work without any fear. As the suppliers are trusted, you can easily pick your products and send them to your BigCommerce store.

    You can load the products and images from the suppliers and load them to your store. The Inventory Source automatically uploads products, sync inventories, and track orders with the suppliers on your BigCommerce store.

    Apart from BigCommerce, there are a few other dropshipping platforms in the market.

    These include Shopify and Doba. Every drop shipper platform has its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the user’s preferences and requirements. Most of these platforms provide their users with a free trial period. It is advisable to avail of this option and sees which one works the best for you.


    How to import thousands of dropship products to your BigCommerce store?

    As BigCommerce allows integration of third-party apps, you can integrate such apps with your BigCommerce store. Once you have done so, you can import product images, descriptions, and titles from your supplier to your BigCommerce store.

    Apps, such as the Sunrise Wholesale, the Inventory Source, and Aliexpress dropshipping app, help you to make this long, tedious process hassle-free.

    These apps are available on the BigCommerce app store. Instead of adding product pictures, descriptions, and details manually, you can integrate such apps with your site and import all the required information, with seconds, to your BigCommerce store.

    Is drop shipping still profitable with BigCommerce?

    With such a big platform for drop shipping, there is a lot of competition in this competitive market. Hence, it gets a bit difficult to build a brand for yourself on BigCommerce, since most of the drop shippers are selling the same products.

    As most of the money goes to the supplier, you, being the drop shipper, will be having low-profit margins.

    Also, since the drop-shipper is not supplying the product directly to the customer, he has no control over the supply chain. However, this does not mean that dropshipping with BigCommerce is not a good idea.

    With the right approach and correct strategies, you can build a successful business for yourself.

    How to automate and customize your dropshipping on the BigCommerce platform?

    BigCommerce is a big platform that provides you with all the necessary tools, strategies, and templates to customize your store and make it as unique as possible.

    If this is not enough, BigCommerce’s team is also there to help and guide you in setting up your store according to your goals and target market.

    Moreover, as BigCommerce allows you to integrate third-party apps with your store, you can use apps, such as e-Product Plug, to help automate your inventory and help save up on time. It helps to save up on time on things that you usually do manually.

    Is there any way to recognize the BigCommerce best drop shippers?

    The BigCommerce consists of numerous storage options for you to choose from. It is a competitive platform, where drop shippers provide you with various tempting offers.

    However, let’s not get fooled by these offers and orders from any given drop shipper. For this reason, a review section is provided for every store to help you to make the right decision.

    Previous customers can leave reviews about their experience with the store in question. Apart from writing a review, customers can even leave star ratings for the store they have purchased from. The more the star rating, the better the reviews for the store.

    How to sell on BigCommerce using print-on-demand dropshipping?

    You can easily do print on demand drop shipping on BigCommerce. All you have to do is sign up on BigCommerce, choose a plan which suits your needs well, set up your online store with all the required tools, and launch your store.

    You can do printing on many items, such as t-shirts, leggings, mugs, etc. You can provide your unique designs or customize designs for your customers. When a customer places an order on your store, you can send it to your supplier, and the supplier will fulfill your order and send it to the customer.

    There are many options on BigCommerce for print on demand, such as Print on Demand by CustomCat, Printful, Kite, and Art of Where.


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