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    Last Updated | December 3, 2021

    Ever since the US Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp in December 2018, the CBD industry exploded during a single night. This was the time when every Tom, Dick, and Harry started speaking about Cannabidiol and its benefits to the whole world, and everyone wanted to try some. There were some that also wanted to know whether it was just a fad or if it was really going to stick around. Well, nearly three years later, turns out that CBD is here to stay.

    Like most intelligent business-minded people, you too thought about delving into the CBD business because why not? It is a product that has many documented health benefits and likely has life-long customers. The people who benefit from CBD will keep purchasing it and even market it to others because of how good it is. Since this article is for people who have already decided they want an online CBD store, let’s come to the real question. How is Magento open-source the perfect choice?

    What is Magento Open Source?

    Open-source software is basically code that is specifically designed to be available and accessible to the public. Magento open-source is a free-of-charge eCommerce development platform that provides small and medium-sized businesses the chance to build a powerful yet flexible eCommerce solution that can help them sell successfully online.

    Imagine being able to use and manipulate Magento’s open-source code to build yourself a unique online CBD store, which is unlike any other and gives your customers an enthralling user experience. With Magento Open Source and Magento development experience, you can create a remarkable store with as many extensions and customizations as you want. If you aren’t familiar with Magento, you can always hire a Magento customization company to develop your store and customize it to look and function exactly how you want.

    Why is Magento Open Source Best For eCommerce?

    Magento needs no introduction. If you want to know why it’s the best choice for eCommerce stores and websites, let’s start with the numbers.

    • Magento powers more than 1.2% of the internet.
    • More than 12% of all the eCommerce websites in the world are powered by Magento.
    • There are more than 250,000 active websites that use Magento.
    • 11% of these websites are based in the U.S.
    • More than 20% of the top 1000 eCommerce retailers are powered by Magento.
    • Magento handles more than $155 billion in annual transactions.
    • Magento is downloaded up to 5000 times in one day.

    However, you must be thinking that these statistics only show the popularity of Magento. Why should that be reason enough to choose Magento? Let us give you solid reasons why Magento Open Source is the best for eCommerce.

    1. Flexibility

    You want to be able to build your website with minimum restraint, exactly how you want it, and that’s what Magento provides. Whether you want to integrate with any third-party application or customize your store the way you want it to function and look, Magento simply makes it easier for you.

    2. More Features Than Any Other Platform

    This is pretty self-explanatory. Magento is known for the powerful feature-packed platform it is.

    3. Optimized for Mobile

    There is no denying the shift in market dynamics. More and more people have started relying on their smartphones more than anything else. Magento takes this into account and enables you to develop a mobile site in an easy, hassle-free way.

    4. Scalability

    Magento is one of the most scalable eCommerce platforms in the market. Moreover, once you have gotten big in your industry and made a substantial name for yourself, you always have the option of moving a step further from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce.

    5. Community

    Magento is well known for its huge community of Magento developers, business owners, and enthusiasts. The free support and countless resources are some of the reasons everyone loves Magento.

    Why is Magento Open Source Best For a CBD Store?

    Think about it. We have already discussed that CBD is not a fad and that it is really here to stay. So if you have put your mind to building a CBD store, chances are you’re in it for the long run. Magento Open Source is as good for small and medium-sized businesses as it is for larger companies. Moreover, if you have your own team of Magento development experts, all you really have to pay is their salaries. Because Magento Open Source is a free platform for your developers to use, and manipulate the code to bring you the store of your dreams.

    Moreover, even if you think ten years into the future, and see your store as a high-end popular store selling CBD and more, you can always upgrade to Magento Commerce and enjoy its enterprise-level benefits.

    How To Get a Customized Website With Magento Open Source

    If you have an in-house team of Magento developers, developing your store is going to be one of your easier tasks, because once the traffic starts flowing in, and your sales start, managing your store is going to be the difficult part. The good news is, that a good Magento 2 development company can make both the development as well as management super easy for you. Choose a Magento customization company that also offers Magento integration services as well as Magento optimization services so that you are good to go for the long haul. This way your development partners will help you stay on top of your game and keep optimizing your store or upgrading it as you need it.

    If you have your own Magento-certified development team, then you can easily build your own Magento Open Source CBD store with the customizations, extensions, and integrations you need. To build and launch your store, you need to follow the following steps:

    1. Choose a reliable Magento hosting provider
    2. Install the latest version of Magento Open Source from the Magento website.
    3. Set up a theme for your eCommerce store. It can be a free theme, you can customize an existing theme, or even have your developers make one for you from scratch.
    4. Configure your catalog
    5. Customize your store by adding the features and functionality you need with extensions and modules. Also, integrate with your needed logistics and payment applications as well as ERP and CRM if needed.
    6. Test your eCommerce store before launching and fine-tune any discrepancies.
    7. Launch your Magento eCommerce store.

    That’s All!

    It’s actually that easy to build your own Magento CBD store whether you believe it or not. You just have to have knowledge of programming and Magento or hire development experts to help you through the process.

    Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

    1. Is Magento Open Source the best solution for small companies?

    Magento Open Source is an excellent choice for small-scale companies because of the many advantages it has over other development platforms. The flexibility and scalability that it offers are unmatched by any other, especially when your eCommerce website can even upgrade to Magento Commerce if and whenever the opportunity presents itself. Furthermore, the Magento community is an immense help even for beginners and development enthusiasts and is one of the biggest reasons why no other platform is a better choice for smaller organizations.

    2. How much does it cost, if we build a CBD store in Magento 2?

    The cost of developing a Magento 2 store does not depend on the industry you want to make the store for but rather the number of features, and functionality you require in your store. You can have a simple store for a complicated product or a store that addresses minute nuances for a simple product. The cost depends on who you hire, whether you hire a freelancer or a development company, and also what skills you require in your developers. The skill-set of the developers you hire has an effect on the cost you incur. Moreover, if you require any extensions and integrations, they too add to the cost of your Magento store.

    Having said all this, the average cost for developing a Magento CBD store in the US is around $20000, which can go above and beyond $40000 especially as you add more and more complexities and features.

    3. What is Magento Open Source development Pricing in the UAE?

    In the UAE, a basic Magento store can cost you as low as $20,000 and can go up to around $40,000. However, the pricing really depends on how complex the requirements are and how long it takes to build your website. A complex website obviously takes longer to build and also requires more skill and resources, so it automatically costs a lot more than a simple Magento store. It also depends on who develops the website for you and their level of expertise and experience. For instance, freelancers would cost much less than Magento development companies but would be less reliable than them.

    4. Is Shopify Store A Good Option For CBD Stores?

    Shopify has recently added new features and functionalities to allow online stores to sell CBD products. The platform has recently launched new features that enable U.S. merchants to sell CBD and hemp products through retail and online locations (only locations where CBD products are legal).

    Shopify app development has always been the one to offer services to emerging industries and provides relevant resources to businesses, assisting them to succeed in the respective market. The CBD product merchants can use high-performance features and leverage eCommerce tools to manage and grow their business effectively.

    To begin with, Shopify offers seamless store designs so that merchants can develop top-notch online stores. In addition, there are reliable shipping providers and payment options available with Shopify stores that guarantee secure and timely order fulfillment. Not to forget, CBD merchants can develop smart marketing campaigns since there are fantastic marketing tools available on the platform.

    On top of everything, the retailers can customize the shipping profiles according to products and customer’s locations. Even more, there are more than twenty-five hundred integrated apps available with Shopify to optimize the CBD store. Last but not least, Shopify offers top-notch support to every store that needs to fix errors. So, it’s safe to say that Shopify is an amazing platform to create online CBD stores.


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