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    Last Updated | March 29, 2022

    The ecommerce industry is all about constant changes and evolution. There’s always some new feature or functionality being introduced to further improve online stores’ operations and efficiency. However, to be able to leverage these fast-changing technologies, online merchants required professional development services that understand the technology and integrate it with online stores.

    Now, when we talk about the ecommerce industry, Magento is the clear winner, bringing in robust features and advanced functionalities aimed to assist entrepreneurs in streamlining their ecommerce store operations. While the platform does bring tremendous scalability, customizability, and flexibility for online stores, the only downside is its complex development and maintenance process.

    If you, too, are an aspiring entrepreneur in California looking to leverage the platform’s functionalities, continue to read. Below we will be discussing how you can find certified Magento California companies to develop the perfect online store and kick-start your entrepreneurial journey.

    What is the process to Hire Magento Agency in California?

    Before you move on to search for the right Magento California Company, you need to have a clear understanding of your project requirement. A clear mind for project requirements won’t just help you better comprehend your business requirements but also help potential agencies understand the work’s scope.

    Below we will be looking at some important steps included in the process of hiring the right Magento agency in California.

    –         Freelancer or Agency

    One of the most important aspects you will need to consider is whether you want to outsource the project to a freelance developer or prefer professional Magento Development Companies to complete the project. So, let’s quickly walk our way through to weigh in the pros and cons of each mode;

    Your choice between a freelance developer or a development agency will mostly depend on the complexity and size of the project, even though personal preference also matters. To put it simply, large and complex Magento development projects may be too overwhelming for a single developer. Therefore, you should consider a professional Magento Development Company for the same.

    The biggest advantage of going with the freelance developer is probably the lower cost. The overall development for Magento 2 pricing with freelance developers may be considerably lower as compared to going with a professional development agency. However, it’s worth remembering that it’s hard to find one developer that can tackle all design and development (front-end and back-end development) challenges. Also, the overall project deliverance time may be extended, given that you work with multiple developers to handle different project aspects.

    Alternately, when you go with a professional Magento 2 development company, you get access to the entire range of expertise for the project, including developer, designers, SEO experts, and Magento support services. Also, to ensure seamless project execution, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager (PM) for the timely execution of work.

    –         The project milestones

    Whether you prefer going with freelance development or hiring an agency, it’s important to come up with a definite timeline for the project. You should divide the project into tangible milestones for timely execution, bounding the developer or agency against the deliverables. This is the most definite way to meet project timelines and ensure seamless project execution.

    –         Signing the contract

    Again, irrespective of your preferred way of development, make sure you sign a contract with the agency or freelance developer. Remember, this is a crucial step, and you should include the local California state laws and federal and NDA agreement as part of the contract.

    Things You Should Consider When Hiring a Magento Agency

    Let’s quickly move on and see some important aspects you should consider when hiring a Magento agency in California:

    –         Engagement Model

    One of the most important aspects to consider to hiring a Magento development agency in California is to decide the engagement model. Multiple engagement models are popular among development agencies in California, and below, we will be looking at some of the most popular models;

    –         Fixed Cost

    This is by far the most popular model amongst California-based development agencies and freelance developers. Fixed cost model means that you agreed in principal with the agency/developer to sign a single-sum contract for the entire project. This model is ideal when you have predictable requirements and specifications for the project. Also, the user should have a clear understanding of your project to agree to the final cost. You can consider this engagement model if;

    • You have definite requirements and specifications for the project
    • You have a definite timeline for the project
    • MVPs; and
    • The project scope is limited

     –         Time and Material

    Time and material is an entirely different model as compared to the fixed price model. In this model, you only pay the agency/developer for the work scope on an hourly basis plus the cost of materials. While this is a popular model for startups and small Magento stores, it’s worth remembering that the hourly rate of experienced and certified Magento developers in California may range from USD 75 to USD 150.

    The time and material model is ideal for large and medium-sized projects since it offers both parties involved the flexibility to adjust requirements as and when required. You may choose this model if;

    • You have a long term project
    • You have dynamic project requirements
    • You don’t have exact work scope for the project
    • You want the flexibility to adjust the scope of the project

    –         Cost Plus

    Cost-plus is often referred to as the most transparent model, where the developer/agency and customer agrees to a detailed cost structure. Again, this model may only be viable if the customer has a precise project scope, including the functionalities and specifications required. Also, to sign a cost-plus model, you will need to spend more time bringing together all the project components in writing and agreeing to the cost. You may want to choose this model if;

    • You have a clear vision of the project scope
    • You are working with an experienced developer/agency to deliver all your requirements
    • You and the developer/agency can agree on the project workflow

    –         The cost of development

    As we mentioned earlier, the cost for Magento 2 development will vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Also, your engagement model and preference for working with an agency versus a freelance developer will influence the project’s final cost.

    To give you a rough estimate for the hourly rates (most popular engagement model for freelance developers), an experienced Magento developer in California or, in general, North America may cost anywhere from USD 75 to USD 175 hourly. Alternatively, Western European developers may cost you anywhere from USD 40 to 125. Alternatively, if you go for a Southeast Asia developer, you may find one in USD 15 to USD 25 (however, you may want to consider the time difference and communication challenges).

    –          Magento Certification

    Another important consideration when choosing a Magento development agency or developer is their Magento certification.

    Given the massive demand of Magento developers and a relatively complex development project, Magento offers various certifications to assess the skills and expertise of professionals. While Magento certification may not be the most pressing prerequisite for the project, it still adds to the reliability and credibility of the development agency/freelance developer. Also, Magento certification shows that the agency/developer is willing to put in efforts to show their skills and stand out from the competition.

    How much does the Magento Agency cost in California?

    It may be hard to give an exact price for Magento agency in California. As we mentioned earlier, the cost will depend on various factors, including the complexity, size, and customization level required for the project and the engagement model.

    A specialist Magento certified agency working with a fixed cost model may cost you anywhere from USD 10,000 to USD 50,000 for a small to medium-sized website. Alternatively, a large project with high customization requirements may cost you up to USD 100,000+.

    Where to find an affordable Magento Agency for Business in CA?

    Moving on, now let’s quickly see some of the popular platforms where you can find affordable Magento agency for business in CA;

    • Toptal

    As you can suggest by name, Toptal is all about offering users top talent across multiple industries, including Magento development experts. The platform comes with high recommendations for finding the best and most expert Magento development specialists since the platform only takes onboard the top 3% of the industry talent.

    The best practice to ensure you choose the right development partners is to choose them initially for a pilot project. This would give you a chance to determine the expertise and service offered by the partner. If you feel satisfied with the service, hire them for the complete project.

    • Codementor

    Codementor is another excellent platform to find a credible platform where you can find top-rated and highly-experienced Magento development partners. Apart from hiring development experts for the project, the platform also enables you to learn from them by collaborating on the project. With hundreds of thousands of development specialists and agencies readily available on the platform, you can surely find the right partner for your project requirement.

    • Upwork

    Moving on, Upwork is surely an excellent platform when it comes to hiring freelance developers or even development companies. The platform maintains one of the most effective review and rating systems, which enable users to assess the developers’ credibility, skills, and service standards beforehand. Also, Upwork gives you multiple options for the engagement models. You can choose a fixed-price project or go with an hourly rate or even cost plus by defining project milestones.

    • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn may not be a prime consideration for entrepreneurs looking out for a Magento development partner; however, it’s a highly credible platform for finding the right development partners. As the largest professional networking website, most top-rated development companies maintain their effective presence on LinkedIn to showcase their strengths and expertise in the domain. So, whether you want to go with a freelance Magento 2 developer or an expert agency, you can easily find one on LinkedIn.


    Just like Magento development is a complex task, so is the process of finding the right Magento 2 development partners. Experience, expertise and service standards are some of the crucial aspects you should consider while looking for certified Magento companies in California. Also, make sure you know the ins and outs of the project to be able to communicate your requirements effectively in front of development agencies.


    How to hire the best Magento Developers in the US?

    The best way to hire Magento developers in the US is to follow a stepwise approach. Do your research for the project background, create a detailed project brief, and choose your preferred engagement model before signing the final contract. Also, try to go with Magento Certified companies since it shows their commitment to delivering reliable solutions.

    How to hire an App Developer for Magento?

    You may find a reliable and expert Magento app developer on freelance networking platforms like Upwork, Toptal, Codementor, LinkedIn, etc. Platforms like Upwork have hundreds of thousands of highly experienced and expert developers worldwide with robust ratings and review systems to help users find the best specialist for the project.

    How To Hire SEO Expert: Magento SEO Consultant for your Business

    It is highly recommended to choose a Magento 2 development agency that also offers SEO consultancy services. This will ensure that you have an excellent understanding and working partnership with the team and that your Magento store has all the requisite SEO features required to rank on search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

    Reasons to Hire Someone for Magento Maintenance Services

    While Magento is highly recommended for its powerful features and functionalities, it’s a complex platform to develop and maintain. Thereby, if you are running a large Magento store, it’s best to hire professional Magento maintenance services to ensure effective and smooth store operations.


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