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    Last Updated | November 24, 2022

    Looking to get started your online entrepreneurial journey with BigCommerce store? Well, below we discussed how to choose the right BigCommerce developers for your startup and why does it matters?

    With over 24 million eCommerce stores actively working around the globe, it’s too easy for online stores to lose their competitive edge. However, a high-end website development provides the ultimate edge to the consumers.

    BigCommerce development services are designed to focus on the technical aspects of the eCommerce store, including its functions, aesthetic appeal, payment system, and responsiveness. The web development services are estimated to be $11 billion in 2022, which shows room for growth.

    The BigCommerce support services and development services allow businesses to offer user-friendly platforms and resolve the eCommerce challenges. For instance, the BigCommerce web design company or a developer helps businesses identify the right functionality and features for the store.

    In addition, they help determine the correct eCommerce framework that works out for your business and integrate the eCommerce features into the current website. However, many businesses don’t leverage this opportunity as they don’t know where to find developers for startup, but we have the details.

    Selecting the Right BigCommerce Website Developer

    According to research, 73% of American consumers state that the consumer experience is an essential factor during online purchasing, but only 49% of brands are offering such an effective consumer experience. One of the best ways to ensure an improved user experience is to hire the right developer.

    That’s because the right website developer with sufficient experience in designing understands how to create an eCommerce store that appeals to the customers and provides a convenient user experience. So, before we share where to find developers for startups, it’s important to understand the developer’s strengths.

    While some developers are experienced in frontend designing, some of them excel in technical implementation and backed customization. So, while selecting the developers for creating the BigCommerce website, you must understand their strengths.

    It’s recommended that you choose developers whose skills align with your needs. However, whichever developer you choose, make sure he/she is proficient in PCI compliance, SEO, CMS integration, web security, designing shopping carts, implementing product filtering, and higher responsiveness.

    Reasons to Hire A BigCommerce Developer

    Creating a BigCommerce store is one thing, but many businesses don’t understand that there is a constant need for maintenance and improvement. For this reason, it’s important to hire a developer who can do the following;

    1. Customization of Themes

    Whenever you launch a BigCommerce website, you need to ensure that it has polished and professional aesthetics and feel. For this reason, it’s important to customize the theme with different design elements, including buttons and icons. So, make sure that the developer can customize the theme.

    1. Third-Party App Integration

    The integration of third-party apps can expand the store’s functionality by multiple folds. So, make sure that the developer can help you integrate third-party apps and plugins to the BigCommerce stores and ensure proper configuration.

    1. Migration

    In case you are migrating to BigCommerce from another eCommerce platform, you must be careful to ensure the data is properly transferred to the new store. In most cases, businesses just upload the old files but often struggle with broken links, which impacts store development.

    For this reason, you should hire a professional to ensure careful migration.

    1. Audits

    A store audit is one of the easiest ways of identifying the errors in the store and prioritizing the tasks that should be done. For instance, if the store has a low conversion rate, it’s likely that the store needs a design overhaul, or you might have to add detailed information on the landing pages.

    In addition, slow store loading asks for server optimization. So, whenever you look for a BigCommerce developer, make sure he/she can conduct the store audit and make essential changes.

    Where to Find BigCommerce Developers for Startup?

    If you are wondering where to find developers for startup, you can either take help from an eCommerce development agency or hire a freelancer. Some of the options include;

    1. Freelance Platforms

    In case you have a small-scale project, hiring a full-time developer will increase the business costs, which is why hiring a freelancer is recommended. The freelancers can be hired for single as well as multiple projects at an affordable rate.

    The freelancers usually select their working hours, which means they will be more flexible in adjusting their schedule according to your project timeline. In addition, the freelancers are extremely easy to hire but make sure you set the specific time for meetings to prevent communication issues.

    As far as freelance platforms are concerned, you can find developers from Upwork, Toptal, and Fiverr, but make sure you check the reviews of previous clients to see if they are reliable.

    1. Social Media Channels

    If you are still wondering where to find developers for startup, you can take help from social media channels. In fact, 92% of employers leverage social media to find the right personnel and is a great way of reaching out to qualified developers.

    Hiring through social media channels also allows employers to screen candidates and interview them through video calls while reducing talent hunting costs. Facebook is the most suitable platform for hiring developers, as you can find developers according to the location.

    Another option is to use LinkedIn, which is a professional networking platform and can be used to connect with professionals. With LinkedIn, you can also check the developer’s endorsements to see if they have the right skills for your project.

    1. Company Research Platforms

    The company research platforms are the market research apps or software that make market research accessible and convenient for businesses. It allows businesses to automate the research process and eliminates the need to perform tedious tasks related to data entry and coding.

    Similarly, it allows the businesses to find the developers as they can select the category, enter the search criteria, and the software will list down the companies and/or developers according to your requirements. Some of these research platforms include Clutch and GoodFirms.

    Points To Discuss With the BigCommerce Developer

    When you find the right BigCommerce developer for your store, you need to ensure that they add the important features based on the business model and preferences. So, it’s recommended that you discuss the following points with them;

    1. Responsive Design

    By the year 2025, online commerce sales will account for 10% of American retail stores, which translates into 7% growth as compared to 2018. Since more consumers are now using a smartphone to purchase products online, make sure your website is responsive.

    You must discuss the website’s or store’s responsiveness with the developer to make sure the consumers have a consistent shopping experience. In addition, you must provide funds to use paid themes as they are more responsive.

    1. SEO

    Search engine optimization is an important part of website design, and the developer should know how to focus on the store’s SEO. This is because using relevant keywords helps increase traffic to the store and increase the chances of sales.

    1. Speed

    The fast-loading websites are important to retain customers because the customers tend to leave the website if it doesn’t load within ten seconds. For this reason, you must communicate the faster loading speed with the developer to make sure the BigCommerce is appealing and fast.

    1. CMS

    The content management system is important for an eCommerce website as it includes the design, visuals, and blog posts. It’s recommended that you ask the developer to integrate a CMS, so you can easily make changes to the content or add new content to make sure the store looks updated.

    1. Product Management

    As a BigCommerce store, it’s important for you to have sufficient stock to meet the consumers’ demands. So, make sure the developer adds the product management features, so you can keep track of the inventory.

    The Bottom Line

    Launching and retaining an eCommerce business is challenging, which is why hiring the right developer is important to turn the vision into reality. However, make sure that you check their experience and skills before hiring them and the desired features before they start developing your BigCommerce store for favorable outcomes.


    What are the best platforms to hire a developer?

    Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn are suitable, but you can also try freelancing platforms, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal.

    Is it wise to contact the web development agency for eCommerce store development?

    Yes, it’s a great idea to hire a web development agency as they have an extensive development and design team that works on the tiniest details. So, if you’ve to budget for an agency, it’s a reliable choice.

    How much do eCommerce store developers cost?

    The individuals might charge $15 to $30 an hour, depending on their experience and skills.


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