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    Last Updated | June 13, 2022

    Digital commerce reigns supreme in the digitalized world of the twenty-first century, guaranteeing entrepreneurs’ pace with the fast increase in revenues and speedy expansion of business. Many intelligent company customers depend on Magento Web Development Company to launch their online store. It’s a powerful and all-encompassing eCommerce platform. It is well-known among vendors and consumers for its excellent functionality. As a result, businesses and individuals offering Magento development services are in high demand.

    Our company, Folio3, provides Magento development services to a variety of customers, and all of them ask us the same question: do they need to hire Magento experts? Or, to put it another way, do we have qualified devs on our team? Of course, we respond affirmatively because all of our staff are obliged to be Magento 2 certified.

    However, after hearing this question a dozen times, we began to wonder how relevant this official accreditation is or if the fact that someone can display this document is a guarantee that they have the necessary skills to provide a highly elevated Magento product. Our often bitter experiences or even blunders in recruiting new employees feed these ruminations from time to time.

    On the one hand, when hiring a developer, a customer wants to hire Magento expert with the necessary skills to complete future projects, and the ultimate evidence of this is characteristically a paper of this nature that validates the developers’ reputation. Official certifications interest a wide range of people, not just e-commerce owners. The certified confirmation of excellent abilities may also entice software development organizations looking for skilled personnel.

    On the other hand, the expertise in the subject demonstrates that there are additional factors to examine, thus it is worthwhile to do so.

    With What Procedure a Developer Get Their Magento Certified Status

    The process of becoming a Magento developer is straightforward: you must pass an exam.

    • Associate Developer Certificate 

    This is a first-degree credential for Magento site developers who are just getting started. Experts with this credential can customize any Magento 2 version, make data and functionality changes, make UI and admin adjustments, and change the catalog and checkout structure.

    • Professional Front End Developer Certificate

    These experts could use the Admin Panel to create, translate, and customize all the front end components, such as layouts, templates, and CSS, among other things.

    • Professional Javascript Developer Certificate

    This one focuses on a person’s abilities to create and customize Magento 2 JavaScript modules. Layout, admin HTML, and other areas of expertise for such a specialist.

    • Solution Specialist Certificate

    This certificate is awarded to more senior developers who have spent at least 1.5 years learning how to operate with Magento 2 E-commerce. These professionals are knowledgeable in architecture, administration, storefronts, applications, and catalog generation and management.

    • Professional Developer Certificate 

    This accreditation is awarded to Magento 2 experts who are experts in UI and admin customizations, data system, functionality, and catalog design changes, order management integrations, and checkout process adaptations.

    • Professional Developer Plus Certificate 

    This certification requires 2+ years of expertise designing numerous Magento 2 eCommerce components, as well as experience leading teams of developers and others.

    • Professional Cloud Developer Certificate 

    This certificate certifies a Magento 2 certified professional developer’s knowledge of Magento Cloud, including deployment, operation, testing, and troubleshooting.

    All the underlying information and exams to get these certificates are freely available online. Practically any eager person can go for Magento certification. And that’s only an advantage for the related labor market.

    If you’re up to hire Magento 2 developers, however, remember that other crucial factors should also be considered. A professional certificate alone may not indicate a truly experienced, competent dev. Folio3 can help you pick the most highly-qualified experts if you don’t want to bother.

    What Skills Do Folio3 Developers Have? 

    Folio3 professionals have a great deal of expertise working with developers and Magento 2 integration. We can confidently declare that just because someone can show a certificate doesn’t mean they’re a qualified professional capable of handling real jobs. We came across a number of credentialed developers with out-of-date technical skills and shoddy code. As a result, there’s always the possibility that you’ll hire a Magento developer who is well-versed in the platform’s basics. However, real-life projects may prove to be beyond their expertise, particularly in terms of meeting the deadlines and launching the product or feature.

    As a result, while hire Magento expert, you should search for specific qualities in the person. Those would be the generic skills you should seek when hire Magneto Developers in general, and specifically when hire Magento experts with Folio3. Such abilities fall into two groups, which are described in detail below for your convenience.

    • Personal Skills
    • Technical Skills

    Personal Skills

    At Folio3, personal skills are really important. These attributes are more ethereal and difficult to assess than the others, yet without them, any venture a developer embarks on will fail. As a result, a developer of the dreams should have the following qualities:

    • Team-Player Skills 

    Working with Magento is fundamentally a collaborative endeavor. Even if a developer is a guru in his field, if he or she is a loner who doesn’t fit in with the team (either by neglecting group ethics or by continuously meddling with what others are doing), it won’t help the common good. Successful communication, mutual aid, and amicable cooperation, on the other hand, are essential for any teamwork, and building Magento websites are no exception.

    • Proactive And Creative

    A good developer follows the rules of the letter. All regulations and directions are given a dash of imagination by a great developer. The map is not the territory, as the expression goes. As a result, when a certain project is launched, all meticulously planned strategies may require a major overhaul. As a result, Magento specialists must be willing to use their ingenuity and adapt to the needs of often irrational customers. To eventually offer a top-notch product, this is necessary.

    Furthermore, if the developer has severe doubts about the viability or efficiency of a proposal, they should tell the project manager or perhaps the client right away. In addition to this, Magento specialists must know how to insist on a different approach to the issue -with the possibility that the customer may not come to terms initially. As a result, impending difficulties will be addressed at the root, which is preferable to letting things run as they are and responding when a major overhaul or correction is required. Treatment is always much more difficult than prevention.

    • Flexible and Ever Learning Attitude

    In today’s world, where almost nothing lasts, the high-tech domain is constantly in flux, susceptible to alterations that are even more abrupt than those seen in other fields. Software quickly becomes obsolete, as fresh discoveries drive out what was once considered cutting-edge technology. As a result, software engineers must be extremely receptive to new ideas and vigilant to the emergence of any emerging trends or issues.

    Technical Skills

    The following are essential skills for any developer; therefore make sure the applicant has them:

    • Familiar With Technology Of Magento 2 Integration 

    It would be strange indeed if a Magento developer were a poor hand at the platform they are hired to work with, so there should be no secrets for the dev as to any aspect of this tool (front-end, back-end, extensions, modules). Yet, being good at Magento also presupposes being sufficiently familiar with the principles computers and servers operate as well as being well-versed in major software programs and web apps. This awareness is supposed to have a dynamic nature, i.e. expert devs should aspire to be in the know of all the latest trends and developments in the Magento universe.

    • Theme Development Skills

    Customization is what distinguishes an online store from its competitors. As a result, clients are in desperate need of a unique website design, so a developer must be able to customize basic themes to meet the client’s needs.

    • Programming Languages 

    PHP is Magento’s primary programming language, and a developer must be fluent with it. If you want to engage a devoted Magento developer that really shines, he or she should also be able to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are useful for creating customized modules for a Magento e-commerce platform.

    • Clean Testing And Development

    Working in a group has its drawbacks: if there are too many people working on the same website, the integrity of the site may be jeopardized. This stumbling block can be readily avoided if your personnel are skilled in clean development.

    • eCommerce Integration

    The streamlining and synchronization of an eCommerce website, back end management, and ERP system is what eCommerce integration is all about. It eventually permits all necessary data to be entered into one system and then shared with another.

    • SEO 

    For a future Magento store to rank higher among all the competitors in search engines, your developer should be familiar with the basic principles of SEO.

    How Do You Know The Developer You Hire Has All The Above Mentioned Skills?

    How can you ensure that the developer you wish to recruit possesses all of the talents listed in the blog? The answer is straightforward: they should present a portfolio that demonstrates everything they are proud of.

    With all of this in mind, we at Folio3 have come up with a concise profile of an ideal Magento developer. It is, in our opinion, a person who can comprehend code written by someone else, take on challenges head-on, find a solution, and work well with others. We administer a test to applicants to ensure that they match this description.

    This is not a test that can be completed in a few hours. We monitor how quickly applicants learn and locate the correct answers in addition to assessing their hard and soft talents. We look at how they adjust to changing situations and meet the parameters we deem necessary to complete a project. It makes little or no difference whether the programmer has a certificate or not.

    How Much Would A Certified And Experienced Magento Developer Cost You?

    This is, after all, the most important question, right? In the short term, it’s evident that a developer without certification will be cheaper and save you money. Saving money is not a good idea if you believe that spending on your eCommerce website and getting it as efficient as possible is the most crucial investment you can make in the long run.

    We’re not suggesting that you spend a lot of money on expensive firms, but we do recommend that you hire competent and accredited developers for a reasonable fee. The greatest thing you can do is make a shortlist of persons or companies you think would be a good fit for you and ask them to submit your quotations that detail what you’ll get for the costs you’ll pay. You’ve found a winner when you find a developer or Magento Partner Agency that has collaborated with relevant clients or has a portfolio you appreciate, and their pricing is more than reasonable.

    At Folio3, our team of Magento certified developers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support and advise our clients. If you have any additional questions about Magento 2 Cost, we would be pleased to assist you.


    If the main goal is to engage a capable specialist who can deliver, you must consider a number of factors. A certificate is merely one of them, and it should not be used to make your decision. If the individual that administers it is a bad team member who lacks hands-on project execution skills, it won’t help you much. Folio3 can steer you in the right way based on our extensive knowledge in the field with the best Magento 2 Cost in the entire marketplace. If you want a heads-up on how to hire Magento experts, contact us at Folio3.


    List the personal skills that should be considered while I hire Magento expert.

    The following are the personal skills you should look for in a Magento expert developer –they should be a;

    1. Team-player skills
    2. Proactive and creative individual
    3. Flexible and ever learning attitude

    List the technical skills that should be considered while I hire Magento expert.

    The following are the technical skills you should look for in a Magento expert developer –they should be a;

    1. Familiar with the technology of Magento 2 integration
    2. Theme development skills
    3. Programming languages
    4. Clean testing and development
    5. SEO
    6. eCommerce integration


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.