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Discover World-Class Development At Our Magento Philadelphia Office


Magento Development Services in Philadelphia


Magento Development

As top Magento developers in Philadelphia, our team of experts can facilitate you with every design and development aspect of the Magento platform. We promise to deliver the best Magento development services in Philadephia to you in the form of an even more powerful eCommerce storefront than you had envisioned.


Magento Design

If you are looking for awe-inspiring, responsive Magento web design in Philadelphia, look no further! We design storefronts that end up as memorable experiences in the minds of your customers who always come back to you for more. Stand out and be different with our unique innovative Magento designs.


Magento Migration

Migrate your eCommerce web store effortlessly with Folio3 and continue to sell as we process your migration to Magento with zero downtime and absolutely no data loss. Our dedicated migration team also provides you with an entirely error-free, quick upgrade from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.


Magento Integration

At Folio3, we can provide you with our exclusive pre-built Magento integration solutions or build custom Magento integration solutions for you. These solutions enable your eCommerce store data to automatically sync with your ERPs and other third-party applications seamlessly, saving you time, effort, and money.


Magento Optimization

We have a dedicated performance optimization team of Magento experts at Folio3 that offers exclusive Magento optimization services. These specialized services ensure that you are able to leverage the maximum value out of the Magento platform and make your storefront the best it can be.


Magento Extension Development

Our Magento extension development experts specialize in creating custom Magento extensions and modules. With these custom modules, we help you in extending the features and functionality of your Magento eCommerce store in order to meet your requirements and match your expectations.


Magento Support

Hire Magento developers in Philadelphia from Folio3, so that you can discover what premium support services look like. Our dedicated support team is always available and has over 15 years of experience and expertise. Moreover, we have an answer to every query you have or challenge you may face.

We Offer The Best Magento Web Design Philadelphia Has Seen And We Can Prove it!

Browse through our vast, diverse portfolio and see what we mean when we say we are the best.



  • Custom B2B Magento Integration

  • Folio3 offered Magento integration with Group pricing for greater customer satisfaction for Trilink
Vector Labs

Vector Labs

  • Custom Magento migration and Integration

  • Folio3 offered custom Magento integration for Native PHP website of Vector Labs


  • Magento B2B customization and integration

  • Folio3 offered Lioher a custom categorization feature along with other B2B integrations for better customer satisfaction.
Glen Research

Glen Research

  • B2B Magento customization

  • Folio3 provided Glen Research with multiple theme based customizations along with magento integration.


  • Magento 2 B2B integration

  • For Powerpak, Folio3 provided Magento 2 integrations along with the B2B customizations for greater sales.


  • B2B Megento Integration and Customization

  • For Bermuda Sands, Folio3 offered B2B Magento based platform integrated with NetSuite

Magento Development Services in Philadelphia For Every Stage and Size of Business

Startups in Early Stages

As a leading Magento eCommerce agency in Philadelphia, we take startups very seriously. So if you’re a startup eager to squash the status quo, you have come to the right place. At Folio3 we provide your business with just the flexibility it needs along with a seamless backend right from the start. We facilitate you in empowering your customers with unlimited searchability so that they can explore your website at their convenience and ease. You can also offer them various options such as multiple warehouse fulfillment, and order bundling. Ensure smooth-sailing growth in the future by keeping your systems streamlined today. 

Discover the prospects of working with growth-centric goals in mind, together with our Magento Philadelphia office. Let us understand your current challenges and needs, so we can show you the best path to scale your way to success and keep you informed at every step of the consultation and development process.


Established Small Businesses

By this time, you are established and secure, and you have expanding needs that need to be met. Maybe you want to improve your customer experience. Maybe you want to expand your product portfolio, or your customer base, or develop a kind of customization that ensures that different kinds of customers can purchase under a single storefront. Maybe you want to add to your sales channels and start selling from multiple warehouses. Whatever your need may be, we, at Folio3, can assist you in your endeavor to grow bigger and better.
We ensure that your team is on the same page, and completely understand the changes and solutions as we go through the process with you so that you are well informed at every step. We also ensure that your management receives appropriate guidance and proper training regarding the operation and management of the new and upgraded Magento storefront.

Mid Level Or Large Establishments

Prioritize your current Magento eCommerce storefront or give it a quick upgrade with our leading  Magento 2 development service provider in Philadelphia. We ensure that your migrations and upgrades are absolutely error-free and lossless and that you face zero down-time. Expand your storefront and transform your business into the reality that you had envisioned long ago. Let us assure you that we are good at solving challenges and your problems, however complex, are never new to us. Increase your transactions and minimize your overheads with the flexibility that we provide you in your upgraded new storefront.

Come spread your wings and expand your business further with Folio3. Position your eCommerce store as the best in Philadelphia with more powerful features and extended capabilities.


Our Process

Our Magento development services in Philadelphia follow an easy to understand, streamlined, and agile development process. We monitor every step in the process and document it to be able to achieve optimum service delivery.


Requirement Gathering & Planning


Design & Development


QA & Launch



Magento Development Services in Philadelphia and Adjoining Areas


Certified Magento Developers

Folio3 is known as one of the best Magento development services in Philadelphia. A large part of this is due to our certified Magento developers and their level of expertise with the Magento platform. As Magento Partners trained and certified by Magento, we know the platform inside out.


15+ Years of Platform Experience

Our design and development team has over 15 years of Magento web design and development experience. This amounts to more than 500,000 hours of brainstorming, designing, developing, testing, and finally implementing, and turning your ideas into reality.


Philadelphia-Based Clientele

Our Magento Philadelphia office provides us access to a diverse clientele and has enabled us to foster lasting relationships with our local clients. We are proud to have excellent relationships with all our customers and clients which is apparent in our client testimonials and success stories.


Offices Around the world

We are proud to have offices spread out all over the world in four continents, eight countries, and multiple time zones which means we are working literally 24/7. This also gives us a rich diverse mix of culture, ideology, and innovation that emerges in our design and development.

Value for Money

We are known as one of the most affordable Magento design services in Philadelphia because we believe in providing real value for money to our clients. We adopt the lean startup approach which helps us be more cost-effective, while never compromising on quality.


Fast Turnaround Time

Our offices being all over the world ensures that we work in multiple over-lapping time-zones to finish your projects at the earliest possible time. Moreover, our team is experienced enough to know how to prioritize, engage in smart time management, and finish projects within the designated time.

Magento Design and Development Services in Austin and other States

Frequently Asked Questions

Hypothetically, a good Magento development agency is one that has certified developers who have complete knowledge and experience with the Magento platform. It should also understand the intricacies and complexities of your idea and bring it to life exactly as you imagine it.

With over 15 years of Magento experience, the definition of a good agency is the definition of Folio3, and that is why it has proven itself to be the best Magento eCommerce agency Philadelphia has. Moreover, it caters to businesses of every size and stage, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The average per hour cost for Magento developers in Philadelphia starts at $65 and can go beyond $150. However, it depends on several factors. What level of developer are you looking for in terms of experience? Are you looking to hire a certified developer? Are you looking to hire freelancers or an agency? Are you looking to hire backend, frontend, or full-stack developers? Do you need your developer to have any specific technical skills? The answers to all these questions will get you a more accurate estimate for the per hour cost for a Magento developer based in Philadelphia.

The cost of making a Magento eCommerce website in Philadelphia is around $100 on average and ranges from $69,000 to $170,000. This variation in Magento website development prices in Philadelphia arises because to accurately make an estimate for cost, you need to be more specific about the kind of website you are looking to develop. You need to decide whether you want to hire an agency for website development or go with a freelancer. It also depends on how complex your requirements are for your website and how many customizations, integrations, and extensions it requires.

Folio3 has an extremely accommodating Support and Services team at their Magento Philadelphia office. Hire one of our experienced certified developers to avail free support at a moment’s notice. Our professional Support Services can be reached round-the-clock via email, phone number, or ticket.

Folio3 is proud of having one of the fastest turnaround times in Philadelphia. Our expert development team is extremely careful and agile at the same time. However, the amount of time it takes for a particular website to get developed depends on a lot of factors.
What stage is your website at? Do you have an idea, or are your wireframes ready? It depends on the size of your product portfolio, your customer base, and the functionality you want in your eCommerce website. It mainly depends on the complexity of your requirements and the number of customizations, extensions, and integrations you will be needing. Once you have all of these down, and you have explained to us your requirements, it is easier to give you an accurate estimate of how long development will take.

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