Receptra’s Migration from Magento to Bigcommerce Streamlines Operations and Boosts Website Performance


Receptra Naturals was established in 2015 with a mission to provide high-quality, natural, and organic CBD products that are effective, safe and transparent. They take pride in their commitment to their customers and believe in the potential of CBD to positively impact people’s lives.

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Magento to Bigcommerce Migration


Recepta Naturals had been operating their business on  the Adobe commerce platform. However, over time, the company realized that the features and customization offered by Adobe commerce did not align with the specific needs of their business.
Below are some of the challenges Receptra Naturals faced with their Magento Platform:

  • High maintenance costs
  • Complex user interface – New team members required hours of training to operate Adobe Commerce admin
  • Slow loading speed of the site
  • Expensive third-party services (such as Cloudflare) required to eliminate security threats


Folio3, on analyzing the needs of Receptra’s business realized that the company needs an ecommerce platform that is cost-effective, user-friendly, offered built-in security features and flexible policies for CBD industry. Hence, the development team migrated Receptra from Magento 2 to Bigcommerce platform. Folio3 ensured that Receptra did not lose any previous data or third- party marketing tools during the migration. The team also developed a customized theme aligning with the specific needs and usability requirements of Recepta, to enhance the customer experience on the website

  • One of the challenges in the project was the migration of customer orders, blog, products and multi-store data. As Bigcommerce does not offer a built-in data migration feature, the team had to develop custom scripts utilizing the Laravel framework and Bigcommerce API in order to successfully transfer all relevant data to the Bigcommerce platform.
  • The second significant challenge was migrating all of the third-party applications that Receptra had been utilizing on their Magento store to the Bigcommerce platform. Since certain apps were not supported on Bigcommerce, research and development efforts had to be undertaken to identify and implement appropriate alternative solutions.


The implementation of the new platform and customization helped Receptra streamline their operations and cut-down costs. The increased functionality and usability of the website helped to offer a better customer experience such as enhanced navigation, faster load times, and personalized recommendations. These upgrades have resulted in a significant boost in conversions and sales.

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