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    Last Updated | December 14, 2021

    How to Create a Magento Mobile App?

    Magento mobile app development from scratch is very difficult for beginners with no experience. However, we know that to create your very own application, you will definitely need a third-party application builder.

    1. Firstly, you will need to give access to the developer or the third-party application builder for your Magento store. This will integrate the existing data into your new application.
    2. Then the application will be built by the developer or if you choose a third-party application builder, then create the functionalities as you see fit.
    3. Lastly, you will need to publish the application on the Google play store or Apple app store. Be sure to add descriptions, screenshots, and guidelines.

    It is safer to make use of a certified Magento 2 development company to ensure that the application has no bugs, glitches, or lacks major functions and features.

    What is an eCommerce Mobile App?

    An e-commerce mobile application is an application that is developed and can be installed on the user’s device. A mobile application provides many benefits. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store or apple store. Since the launch of these platforms, it has become easier to launch your applications and help you increase your recognition. Anyone from anywhere can access your application and make use of your services. Be sure to make use of Magento mobile app development companies, such as Folio3, to develop your application to ensure the best services and a presentable product.

    Why should you choose Magento Mobile App Development for an eCommerce store?

    The e-commerce market has several platforms for different clients. Today, the market is flooded with different platforms to launch your mobile application. But not all platforms suit the business requirements for store owners. Magento stores have over 250,000 happy customers. Magento has been able to grow annually at record-breaking rates. So one can question, what could be the reason that even after several substitutes, Magento is the application that online business owners flock to? It is because Magento provides all the features mobile applications require to help business owners grow their business.

    SEO support for users.

    Search engine optimization is crucial for applications as these ensure that the user experience is made better by reducing the load on the user. Magento not only provides these features but also manages this SEO feature and optimizes it to reduce the load on the store owners. Magento perhaps is the friendliest that makes your store visible in the digital world.

    User-friendly dashboard.

    The Magento application even helps the developers navigate their way through the services. This helps them in editing and updating product information accurately and precisely. Furthermore, it aids them in linking relevant content to the web pages as well which saves precious time and decreases costs. This way, developers can put their attention to other major tasks instead of focusing on tedious data entry.

    Quicker loading times as compared to other applications.

    If users need to wait for more than 3 seconds to access their information, 50% of users exit. It is because they want instant access or they will move to your competitors. So mobile applications ensure that your information loads instantly. Magento is able to provide incredibly swift navigation despite the magnitude of content present thanks to efficient coding. This also helps handle the traffic on your application without negatively affecting the user experience. Magento applications peak in performance delivery systems which allow for easy and worry-free navigation for your application.

    Free of any charge.

    Since your application will be developed by you, you can put it up for free on the play store or apple store. This makes users download your store even if they are just testing it out. This will be able to increase your store reach and exposure. It will encourage the users to download and check out your store. This way if you have used the services of an expert Magento Mobile app development agency, they will be able to attract the user to your store and he can even end up becoming a loyal customer even though it was never his original intention. This is how to increase your exposure to the world using a Magento application.

    Manage multiple Magento stores using your application.

    If you are running multiple stores on Magento, your application will help you accumulate all the data in one place. This eliminates the need for preparations to switch the stores to gain access to different platforms. Magento application sallow you to become independent of other platforms to skip resource-consuming formalities for e-commerce stores. You and the users can access all your stores from one application thanks to the built-in features for your Magento application.

    Enhanced user satisfaction levels.

    Magento applications provide the best user experience. This is because of the fact that they are able to convert the visitors into customers and then increase their lifetime value. It utilizes various elements in a way that encourages users to click and interact with the application even if just for navigation. It provides an easy-to-use layout with great navigation options. This pleasant experience will help you gain a loyal following.

    Scalability for the application to cater to growing demand.

    Magento applications help you provide scalability unlike other options in the market. The scalability is a big competitive advantage over competitors on other platforms. Hence, Magento provides higher scalability options to help you manage your business with growth. You will never have to worry about changing and switching e-commerce platforms or applications due to increased traffic.

    Marketing tools.

    Your Magento application has the ability to incorporate marketing tools with your products. Store owners can do this in order to increase retention and conversion rates for the customers. This means that the application can retain loyal customers and also increase their value. This can be done by providing discount codes and promotions to them. This makes the customer feel appreciated.

    Customized design services.

    There are thousands of vendors who make use of mobile applications to attract their customers. Your application can create its unique identity using customized designs to increase brand recognition. Your unique outlook will help you differentiate yourself from other businesses. Magento applications odder unique designs to give you an edge over other competitors. Your customized Magento application can help mark and increase your presence in the digital market.

    Why is Magento Mobile App Development valuable for your online business?

    One may ask, why I should invest in creating an application for my Magento store. To answer this question, we must understand the value of this decision.

    Increased usability for store owners.

    Magento mobile app development can be best utilized for Magento store owners and make their application to be one of the greatest masters of implementing PWAs for commerce. Store owners are able to create and utilize the point of sales framework the yield maximum results for orders. The application development will offer products in real-time on your store and get the greatest sales, thanks to an effective application that your users may use. The user experience will be enhanced while simultaneously increasing your sales transactions.

    Providing customers substitutes for operations.

    If a store has its very own Magento store and its customized application, its customers have substitute options to choose from. Since 50% of online sales are based on mobile phones, it is a good option to provide users with a mobile application so that they can use it best on their respective channels. Similarly, if there is a computer user, he would require an interface to suit his channel. He can do so by visiting your Magento online store on their laptop. To make sure that your Magento store does not lack any features, you may consider using the services of a Magento web development company. This will ensure that your store is presented to users based on their channels to facilitate them.

    Boost the performance of your store.

    If we provide a mobile application to users, it is guaranteed to perform better than your Magento store accessed through a browser. When a user needs to access your store and does so, the browser in between decreases the performance of your store since the browser puts limitations such as memory, computation as it is the medium of communication. This means even if our store is developed to perfection, it will still perform poorly due to the intermediary. This means all your investment on your Magento 2 development cost will not pay off. On the contrary, if you make use of a mobile application, then the app is not limited. Your application is now directly connected to the mobile hardware, so your app can perform to its maximum potential making your investment pay off. Since your store will perform smoothly, the user can use the app without any constraints and focus on navigating your store. He will be in control.

    Increased conversion rates.

    The conversion means how many users checkout of your store with purchasing items. A dedicated mobile application is sure to increase conversion rates due to several reasons. Firstly, there will be no redirection of pages, since everything will be performed in your store. According to research, as pages are re-directed the users feel out of control and try to navigate back to the page and this decreases purchase rates. With your very own store, users will remain indirect control and navigate accordingly. The payment processing will be transparent in your store and users will feel safe and in control. This will increase your conversion rates as compared to your Magento store.

    These are the reasons which help you comprehend how the Magento application will help to add value to your store. So it is best to take the decision of making an application for your store and make sure that you make use of Magento mobile app development services from expert companies.

    What is Magento PWA?

    A PWA (progressive website application) is a type of website application that utilizes modern website technologies and design patterns. This helps develop convenience, quick and makes sure that the user experience is engaging and satisfies user expectations.         

    What are the features of the Magento Mobile App?

    Magento mobile applications are able to provide features that cater to retailers and it is able to provide the features in a better way as compared to other platforms such as Shopify and Woocommerce.

    Improved communication by providing a better interface.

    A customized user interaction alongside a variety of options will make the usage of the application easy and quick. Such options are the one-tap login as the customer information is saved in the application, a one-stop checkout process to make closing the deal easy, and a fingerprint login helping gain access to the store easily from anywhere.

    Detailed analytics that helps uncover insights.

    In applications, data is easy to trace. This functionality allows you to monitor user navigation and give you information about them. Such as their most viewed products and time of access. You can make use of this and deliver them relevant content and at their time. This helps the development of marketing and promotional strategies.

    Increase brand recognition.

    Your very own store application will increase your brand visibility and mark your presence online.

    Increase retention rates.

    Customers are retained as the applications provide them with exclusive content so that they are serviced accordingly, the customers can be given a reward system and advanced support to keep them satisfied.

    Displaying personalized content.

    Personalized content means that customers are provided with the product that suits them based on their navigation that helps increase retention rates. They can provide exclusive content to customers.

    Reduce cart abandonment by a one-step checkout.

    Cart abandonments result in lost sales for the store. This may be due to several factors such as forgetting to close the deal or the customer couldn’t be bothered to enter the details. To prevent the forgetting feature, the application provides a cart to save the data for the customer so when they return, they do not have to search for the products all over again. The one-step checkout makes closing the deal easier as all information is securely present on the user’s mobile, all they have to do is a ta to close the deal.

    What is the cost of Magento Mobile App development in the US?

    Magento 2 development cost with testing and deployment may cost you up to $10,000 – $20,000. This process may take up to 6 months. This pricing is extremely expensive for businesses. The pricing is affected by the company assigned for the task. So it is better to opt for companies that can provide value for money and affordable packages that also include services such as maintenance and support services.

    Why is Folio3, the best company for Magento Mobile App Development?

    Foio3 is undoubtedly the best company to provide e-commerce solutions. They have acquired their expertise thanks to their expert service provisions in developing a customized Magento application.

    They have extensive experience in developing customized applications.

    Folio3 has 20+ years of experience in the field of e-commerce solutions. They have been providing services of customized application development for over 15 years.

    They have certified and skilled developers.

    The resources possessed by Folio3 are sufficient to develop a customized Magento mobile application. The skilled developers are able to code the application efficiently, this increases optimization and makes the interaction efficient. This also helps to cut down the Magento 2 development costs. They have over 50+ certified developers that are able to keep up with the latest trends and updates on the Magento platform. This makes sure that the end product is relevant and up to date in the market.

    Very affordable packages for the service.

    The company has been in business for over 20 years. At this time, the company has perfected its business model and this helps them provide services at subsidized rates as compared to other e-commerce companies. This helps decrease the Magento 2 development costs.

    Folio3 provides complete packages which provide you with an all-in-one solution. If you develop your store in parts and from separate companies, it is likely that your end product is inconsistent and erroneous. Folio3 provides the complete package in one place at a lower cost than all the competitors. They are able to cut development costs by using efficient coding practices, expert developers that require less time, and as the developers are experts in this domain. 

    High-quality processes that ensure the best outcome.

    The better the process, the better the final product. Folio3 practices to follow the ISO 9001 standards. The following of the international standards organizations make sure that the company processes are following international standards. This results in the product also being verified according to international standards. This means that your application has the potential for all sorts of clients be it everyday users or even niche users.

    SEO optimization for your application.

    Folio3 develops Magento applications which include built-in Search engine optimization. These core features help your customers access what they were looking for and help them find the products that they imagine to access. This visualization is achieved by optimizing the search engine to suit the requirements of the user. This ensures that the users find what they wanted to look for even if they did not explicitly know what they were looking for.

    Services are provided even after the application is handed over.

    Companies tend to only work for contracts. They may unethically deal with you and provide you services until a time and after that abandon you and the project. This causes heavy business losses to store owners as they have no idea what to do next. At Folio3, we treat the customer ethically and make sure that they are provided services that help them. Folio3 makes sure that they provide Magento support and maintenance services to you. The company stays with you to manage and provide services in case you want to change anything and makes sure to update your application. It helps remove bugs and glitches in the store to keep on making your store more usable.

    Project delivery well before deadlines.

    Delivering software solutions before the deadline is something companies struggle with. This leads them to go over the budget. Folio3 has no such setbacks. It has always delivered e-commerce solutions well before deadlines and will continue to do so thanks to its certified developers and their effective workflows. This makes the handing over of the project quick and also leaves time to provide training to the client accordingly.

    Transparency in policies to make communication easy.

    There are companies that unethically treat customers. They are not transparent in their communications. This results in misinformation for the client and failure to develop the perfect application for the clients. Folio3 keeps the discussion transparent to leave no room for miscommunication with clients who have less or no prior knowledge in this domain. Whether they be pricing policies or their constraints, the company informs the user to give them a sense of confidence.

    Cater to clients according to their needs.

    Magento Enterprise development services focus on catering to huge enterprise businesses in developing their Magento stores. Folio3 has provided services to Fortune500 companies and continues to do so. This reflects the capacities of the company and the level of efficient services the company provides. So if you are a corporate client, you can consider Folio3 to develop your Magento mobile application.

    These reasons are why you should make use of the services provided by Folio3. If you want ensured growth and the best application, you should not hesitate and immediately contact the company and get your project rolling.


    Magento stores are increasing worldwide due to the circumstances of the pandemic and also because of the features of Magento that suit retailers. To take it a step forward, you should create a mobile application. Amongst all the options it is preferable to create an application on Magento due to its extensive benefits such as increased usability, providing substitute access, boosting the performance of the stores, and helping in increasing conversion rates.


    What are the benefits of Magento PWA?

    Magento PWA applications provide critical benefits to users and business owners. These advantages are:

    • Available in offline mode. This means even if there is no live internet connection, the application can function and allow the users to use the application.
    • The ability of the app to work as a mobile application. This is possible due to dynamic data access. Such frameworks allow superior user experience.
    • The ease of installation. These apps can easily be downloaded onto the users’ devices. You can even make your own icon just like in mobile applications and even upload the application on the Google play store.
    • You can also directly upload them onto websites and skip the upload on the play store due to the tedious application submission progress.
    • PWA applications can make use of the hardware such as the location. You can implement push notifications and offer a new sales channel to them.

    What is Magento PWA Studio?

    For Magento, the Magento PWA Studio project is a set of tools that were specifically designed for developers to help them in the development, deployment, and maintenance of the Magento storefronts for stores supporting the Magento 2.3 and above. Stores that make use of PWA ensure that their performance is responsive and even is compatible with cross-browser stores. These also support applications to work offline and provide great performance. This makes it easy to build frameworks and develops a good system for your Magento store.

    How to hire an app developer for Magento?

    You can hire an app developer for Magento only after evaluating them. You can do this by:

    • Researching and looking for their reviews and ratings to check user satisfaction levels.
    • Reviewing their portfolio to see their experience and ability.
    • Get in contact with their clients and ask for feedback.
    • Meet with them and specify your requirements. Observe their response and understand whether they will be able to cater to you or not.
    • Discuss the payment policies and finalize the deal.

    You can save this hassle as this requires experience. You can get in contact with Folio3 and hire our services as an application developer as we possess over 50 certified Magento developers. We have also developed thousands of solutions for the Magento platform. Folio3 Magento 2 development cost is quite subsidized, you can get a clear picture after reviewing the pricing policies of other e-commerce solution companies.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.