Dricoper Denim increased
their online sales with a
Magento store Upgrade, UI/UX
fixes and performance

About Dricoper Denim

Dricoper Denim is an Australian online clothing store for jeans and jackets etc. The company prides itself in providing a vintage look to its customers through durable Denim Fabrics. The firm has been operating for 20 years now, and is keen on providing its customers with quality denim wear.


Fashion & Clothing


Company Size

10-100 Employees



Magento Migration & Customization

The Challenge

The Dricoper Denim website was riddled with bugs and issues. Some of the major issues are highlighted below:

  • Page load time was 18 seconds.
  • The Optimization score on GTmetrix was F.
  • Lengthy checkout process consisting of 3 page hops.
  • Mobile responsiveness issues.

The site performance was poor, and it had been running on the outdated Magento 2.1 CE platform. It had lower performance scores, and longer page load times. It also had major UI and responsiveness issues.

Other than the issues described above, the store also lacked user-friendliness. The website had a multi-page checkout process which was very confusing for the users. As a result, the company was experiencing low sales from their online channel.

Our Solution

Folio3 took on this challenge, and completely overhauled the website standings in terms of performance, speed, conversion rate and user-experience. Here’s what we did

  • Magento version upgrade: Folio3 started off with a Magento version update from version 2.2.1 to 2.3.2 accompanied by all the necessary upgrades required for better performance of the website. The task included migrating the entire database to the new version, making sure that all the security aspects are covered. The Magento Certified professionals at Folio3 made sure that there’s no downtime whatsoever.
  • Easy checkout process: Installed a well-reputed, off-the-shelf Checkout solution for the site thereby making the checkout way more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Social Media Module fixes: We fixed the Facebook and Instagram shopping module of the site to gain more customers through social media.
  • Mobile Responsive: Folio3 made UI and UX changes, making the site more responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Performance optimization: Decreasing the load time was a daunting task. The team had to make a lot of efforts such as minifying each and every image, compressing CSS and Javascript, removing access code, activating caching and much more.

The Result

The upgrade was successful and the site performance improved significantly. Along with functional upgrades, the website’s user-friendliness was also improved that ultimately led to an increase in number of orders via website. Some of the major results of our fixes are given below

Decrease in load-time of the website from 18 seconds to 3 seconds.

Increase in conversions with the simple checkout process.

GTmetrix score changed from F to A advocating that the website is now in optimal shape.

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