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    Modern Concept of Shopify Augmented Reality

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    What is Augmented Reality (AR) in eCommerce?

    Augmented reality allows customers to preview products within their own environment whenever they want to before they purchase that product. Using augmented reality, customers can get an immersive experience with products without actually buying them. Augmented reality has the potential to bridge the gap present between online shopping and physical stores. This gap is felt by more and more people due to the pandemic that restricted walk-in stores. AR can now help you make choices by bringing the product into your homes or applying on yourselves.

    Shopify Augmented Reality - Shopify-development

    Why is Shopify Getting Augmented?

    The concept of augmented reality was developed as Google upgraded their browsers and introduced the ability to view objects in 3-dimensions live without any external supports such as Virtual reality headsets. Shopify was able to understand the importance of this ability, and in the upcoming months, Shopify launched the Shopify AR. This new tool helped the store-owners to add these AR features to their stores. One of the earliest adopters was Pure Cycles that made of the tool to place the digital models of bicycles into the customer’s houses. Shoppers were able to visualize how much storage was required by the bicycles. HORNE, an online furnishings retailer, lets shoppers place the products in their homes virtually.

    Even IKEA added similar features since shoppers might want to experience the product in their environment in real-time. Shopify reported that products that featured 3D and AR models were able to achieve a 94% higher conversion rate and reported a 65% lesser return rate of products as compared to the products that did not have this feature. According to a survey by Nielsen, they found out that 51% of consumers were willing to make use of AR tools in order to review the products. This increase was likely as the COVID-19 pandemic boosted the demand for online shopping.


    Owing to these reasons, it’s a smart decision to integrate AR tools into Shopify; these will help merchants in launching their stores, decreasing return rates, and increasing sales. With the increase of digitization, you can also sell digital products on Shopify as it is the best platform for selling these intangible products. If you have an online store but are noticing the increased demand and features of Shopify, you can make use of an expert company for Shopify data migration services. Be sure to employ professional companies, such as Folio3, since they are able to perform the migration very safely without any data loss and securely to prevent data leaks.

    Shopify Augmented Reality- Shopify-integration

    How to Create immersive shopping experiences with Shopify AR by Folio3?

    Folio3 is an e-commerce solution company. It has all sorts of solutions for the clients. For creating an immersive experience with Shopify.

    Visual try-on

    Folio3 will be able to produce a visual try-on for your products. If you have seen social media filters, you can have an idea of how filters digitally transform the users’ attributes. This can also work for customers who wish to try on the products. Instead of a filter, Folio3 will be able to add the product to the person.

    For example, if you own a lipstick brand on Shopify, these Shopify partners will be able to place the color of the lipstick shade onto the customer’s lips. This way, the customer will have an idea of how the color of the lipstick will suit them. This will help the customer decide what shade of lipstick they find the best leaving them more satisfied.

    Product demos

    Folio3 will also be able to show product demos to the users in real-time. The product you sell will be shown to users using augmented reality. The company will be able to provide a demo of the product on the user’s device. This can help them understand how the product works and help them with live demonstrations.

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    This will help users understand how the product will work in the live environment. If a person buys a pram for their child, the working can be shown using an augmented reality animation. Choosing Folio3 as your Shopify partners will ensure that you have the support of an expert e-commerce company to manage your store whilst you manage the products.

    3d visualization

    3D live visualization gives an idea of the size, scale, and display of the product. This helps users feel the product at their places. This visualization will help them decide if the colors of the products will suit the customer’s area. This visualization will help them decide if they want this product or if they should try another product. Also, this visualization will help them decrease the return rate as it will be easier to choose the products on the first try.

    Folio3 will be able to create this immersive experience for your Shopify store as they are the most sought-after Shopify experts in USA. They have all the resources to make the user experience with respect to augmented reality the best one on your store to engage customers and make your stores stand out.

    Shopify Augmented Reality - Shopify-migration
    Why Should Brands Use Shopify Augmented Reality?

    Brands should make use of augmented reality on Shopify as it is able to provide several benefits to users.

    Increase customer engagement

    Augmented reality is highly interactive and engaging. It attracts customers as and the more they visit your store, the longer they stay on your page, which increases the chances of them buying the products off your store. Customers will interact with the product and will be able to make decisions to purchase the products.

    To make sure that the navigation of products is easy, you can arrange your products in such a way that it makes it easy for customers to sift through. If you are unaware of how to do this intricate placement, you can Shopify website design company as they are aware of the subtleties about how to organize products on Shopify.

    Even if the customers do not buy the products on their first visit, you have developed a relationship with them by providing them with a unique experience; they will remember this experience and will consider your store for buying products. Furthermore, the unique experience will increase affiliate marketing, and eventually, a relevant customer who will find this interesting will land on your Shopify store to purchase products.

    Decrease the return rates

    The world is moving towards online shopping. This increased demand means there is an increasing market to cater to. One of the problems faced by online shoppers is that shoppers return goods back as they complain that the products were not as they described in the store. This is due to the gap produced between online and physical shopping.

    According to Mintel, 49% of shoppers returned the items bought within the past year, and for consumers aged 16-34, the figure rose to 60%. Augmented reality makes use of the latest technological advancements to combat these high return rates as now customers are able to make a much more informed purchase, which will decrease return rates overall.

    Increase the reach of the store to new customers

    The technology of AR is relatively new. This exciting feature, if employed in your store, is able to gain the attention of the shoppers. By introducing augmented reality onto your Shopify store, customers will flock to your store to engage.

    Once new customers are in your store, you must have an interactive store to cater to their needs so that they end up purchasing the products from your store. To make sure that your store has the ability to turn visitors, who have no intention of buying a product into lifetime customers, who prefer to buy their online products from your store, you should have your store designed to utmost perfection. You can ensure so by hiring the services of a Shopify website design company so that an attractive design can cater to the customers and they buy products from your stores.

    Produce higher conversion rates

    This advantage is backed by statistical proof. Recent research carried out by Shopify stated that products advertised with the Augmented Reality saw a 94% increase in conversion rates and that to successful purchases without any returns. This research confirms the idea that people will successfully buy products that have augmented reality features.

    Deloitte research went a step further and claimed that 40% of shoppers were even willing to pay more for the same product if they were able to visualize it through the technology of augmented reality. Also, make sure that your store is able to cater to clients from all sorts of channels by providing them with the highest converting Shopify themes for AR to make sure that the user experience is best on their respective devices.

    Offer visualization

    The augmented reality feature offers visualization to the customers. They are able to bridge the gap between online and physical shopping. They can get ideas of products as to how they will look in their surroundings; this works best for furniture, etc. People also check if products they purchase will be able to fit in their storage compartments, such was the case with Pure Cycles, where customers were able to check if cycles would fit in their garages.

    The augmented reality technology works best on mobile phones as portable mobile phones with cameras allow customers to visualize the products and leave them free to move around. To take your services a step further, you should develop your own Shopify mobile application. This will increase conversion rates, cater to the traffic well, provide a better performance, and increase your brand recognition even further. However, it would be safer and a better decision, in the long run, to make use of Shopify application development services to ensure that there is no lacking in your store and so that your products are complemented with an appealing application.

    What are the New Possibilities for Shopify AR?

    Possibilities for Shopify AR are increasing every day. AR may change the world of e-commerce very quickly.

    • The Shopify AR can help people for managing events. The Shopify event management service provider can provide a model of how they can set up a room for an event. And thanks to AR, the service can directly be mapped onto the host’s room. This gives them a rough idea of how the decoration will be. This can help the customer visualize the service instantly.
    • When customers are choosing products for areas such as their washrooms, car interiors, kitchens, and tabletops, customers have a clear picture of how much space will be occupied. How the product would seem after it has been placed there.
    • Another service can make use of Shopify AR; the construction or re-building of rooms can be mapped through Shopify AR. A customer can set up the color themes and then map the service to their room. This will help them make a very informed choice for actions that are not reversible. This will ensure that both parties remain satisfied after the service is provided.

    Possibilities are emerging day by day. To keep maintain these business models is where several store owners find it difficult. To ensure consistent customer satisfaction, make use of Shopify application development services by Folio3 to ensure that your store leaves no openings that result in customers repelling from your store and putting the business at risk.

    How does Shopify have augmented reality?

    Shopify was one of the earliest e-commerce platforms to implement augmented reality on their platforms. It was able to do so by making use of a 3D warehouse. First, you had to install the 3D warehouse application; then, you need to develop your 3D products and then review the quality of the model. If you find it satisfactory, then you would add the 3D model to the 3D warehouse app. Then you would update your theme to enable the AR quick look. Finally, you would add the AR badge to your product to enable this feature for the product. But now, since Shopify has advanced, you don’t even need to use the 3D warehouse app.

    You can directly upload the 3D models from the Product page. Since you are adding such a feature, it would also be a good decision to ensure that the communication is safe and secure to prevent any denial of service attacks. These happen when requests sent to your store as spam, these occupy your servers and slow down your store. This can be prevented by securing the connection; for this, you will have to make use of Shopify SSL certificates. If you give high priority to user experience, which you should, you should make use of a Shopify eCommerce development company to ensure that you do not compromise your performance and keep on advancing the business. One of the best companies to provide these services across the globe is Folio3.

    How do I add AR to Shopify?

    You can add augmented reality to Shopify using different mediums such as your Desktop, iPad, iPhone, or Android.


    1. From your Shopify admin page, go to Products.
    2. Click on a product to view the details.
    3. Add a 3D model, a video, or an image by using the following ways:
    4. Drag and drop the file that you want to upload into the section of Media.
    5. Click on Add Media and select the file that you want to upload.
    6. You can even add media from URL by adding an image from the URL or embedding a video of the product hosted on Vimeo or YouTube.


    1. From the Shopify application, go to Products > All products.
    2. On the Products screen, tap a product.
    3. The products details screen, under the Media option, tap on +.
    4. Then select from one of the presented options:
    5. Import from files app: Here, you can add an existing product file from a secondary source.
    6. Camera: Take a photo or record a video in the aspect ratio defined.
    7. Embed video from a URL: Link the video of the product that is hosted on Vimeo or Youtube.
    8. After you are done selecting the media, tap on Done.
    9. Go back to the product details page and tap on Save.


    1. From the Shopify application, go to Products > All products.
    2. On the All Products screen, tap a product.
    3. The products details screen, under the Media option, tap on +.
    4. Then select from one of the presented options:
    5. Import from files app: Here, you can add an existing product file from a secondary source.
    6. Camera: Take a photo or record a video in the aspect ratio defined.
    7. Embed video from a URL: Link the video of the product that is hosted on Vimeo or Youtube.
    8. After you are done selecting the media, tap on Done.
    9. Go back to the product details page and tap on Save.


    1. From the Shopify application, go to Products > All products.
    2. On the All Products screen, tap a product.
    3. Under the Media option, tap on +.
    4. Then select from one of the presented options:
    5. Import from files app: Here you can add an existing product file from a secondary source.
    6. Camera: Take a photo or record a video in the aspect ratio that is defined.
    7. Embed video from a URL: Link the video of the product that is hosted on Vimeo or Youtube.
    8. Tap on Done.
    9. Go back to the product details page and tap on Save.

    If you are unsure about the management of quality on your page regarding 3D models, or if you have a very diverse product line and product mix, it is better to make use of a Shopify e-commerce development company such as Folio3 to develop your store, so it is able to be up to date and offer the best services for your store.

    Why Should Brands Use Shopify Augmented Reality with the help of Folio3?

    Brands have a diverse choice of e-commerce solution providers. One may question why Folio3 has been able to stand out as the undisputed Shopify experts in USA. They were able to achieve so due to several reasons:

    • Extensive experience in the e-commerce industry means that Folio3 can swiftly adapt to new business models. They are able to understand the working of technological features that make them provide services for the latest advancements in technology. After examining AR, they were able to develop the 3D modeling services in a small period.
    • They possess certified Shopify developers that have the ability to study new technologies and immediately start providing services to clients. Their highly-skilled developers react positively to the change in markets and are able to provide quality services in the branch of advancement. They now provide services to clients who require AR on their Shopify stores in a professional manner.
    • Folio3 follows the ISO 9001 standards to make sure that every step is perfected and followed as per international standards. This ensures a consistently well-developed product. For AR, their developers, engineers, and testers follow international guidelines to make sure that the AR product developed is perfect.

    Folio3 has been providing the best services for e-commerce businesses. That is why they have even serviced Fortune500 clients. This is because of perfecting the design of online stores. For your Shopify store, they can design and implement the highest converting Shopify themes. This will make sure that not only is your Shopify store providing unique AR features but can also provide the best design to turn your visitors into customers.

    Shopify Augmented reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment?

    Thanks to the addition of Shopify augmented reality, the experience of the customers in the real world environment has been made interactive. Customers can now look and feel the products they are about to purchase. This helps them make a more practical and personalized choice. To make this interactive step even further, you can provide them with real-world payment options as well.

    For example, you can add the buy now pay later feature for the products. You can add these options to cater to weekly or monthly paid salaried classes, so they purchase the product and then pay you back later. You can add after pay to your products. If you are wondering about how to add this feature, you can read this how to add afterpay to Shopify article by Folio3. If you find managing these tasks difficult, you can always hire Folio3 as your Shopify partners to help you in the business.

    Shopify Augmented Reality Gets Closer To Business Solutions?

    Shopify Augmented Reality is a step to provide business solutions. They are able to do so by providing solutions to several problems.

    • The problem of increasing return rates as the shoppers complained that the product was not as it was described. To solve this problem, augmented reality allows a customer to check the features of the product in real-time. As they feel more satisfied with the products, they do not return the products.
    • Another problem was people were worried if items would fit in spaces of storage. If they couldn’t fit the products, then customers would choose not to buy products. Augmented reality is able to let people practically check if the products they buy will fit into storage spaces. This makes them go ahead and buy the product as there is no problem of storing the product in places the customers wish.
    • The gap produced between physical shopping and online shopping made customers do intensive research on the products. This decreased the probability of choosing your product as there were so many options to choose from. Now, as your store provides augmented reality, people would buy your product quicker and not sway away to competitors. Now customers use augmented reality and buy the products quicker as the gap is bridged.
    • There were problems in product marketing due to the costs. A big corporate company that could afford to spend capital on marketing always had the better strategy to sell products. Smaller businesses couldn’t market at corporate levels. Augmented reality leveled the playing field by allowing the business, whether big or small, to choose the product as they saw fit. The requirement of the users could now.

    Solutions provided by augmented reality have helped Shopify store owners get an edge over other e-commerce platform owners. This makes competition between Shopify store owners even more competitive. To get an edge over other Shopify store owners, you can hire the services of Shopify experts in USA.

    Shopify Augmented Reality (AR) & 3D Modeling?

    There are Shopify experts who can develop your augmented reality and also provide 3d modeling services. You can hire Shopify experts in USA to provide you with 3D modeling services. These modes work by using product photos. The modeling is done by using photos of your product from multiple angles such as front, left, right, bottom, back, and the top so that a model is developed.

    While you are taking the photos, make sure that the lighting is sufficient, the camera is focused on the product, for large products make use of cameras with a 50mm lens, and for medium-sized products use a 70mm or 100mm lens. In order to ensure that the 3D model is as precise as possible, you must need detailed measurements for the product. Describe the dimensions in clear and simple terms, provide the measurements in millimeters to ensure accurate representation, add a diagram to correspond to the size you measured, and you can also add computer-aided design files. Then your model will be provided and you can check if you are satisfied with the quality. Remember to hire Shopify experts in USA to carry out the modeling and augmented reality for your Shopify store products.

    What are the top shopify augmented reality examples?

    The top Shopify augmented reality clients were also the first ones to implement the augmented reality services in their stores.

    Pure Cycles:

    Pure cycles would sell bicycles on Shopify. They introduced the augmented reality feature in their Shopify store to cater to the complaints of their customers. Customers would worry whether the bicycles could be stored in the garages and if the space was adequate or not. By using augmented reality they were able to check in real-time whether the bicycles could fit in their designated spaces. This also helped reduce return rates.


    HORNE is a high-end furnishing retailer. In their Shopify store, they included the augmented reality feature so that customers could view how their selected product would look on say their table. This increased attraction to the store, HORNE used AR, and this enabled users to view how the furnishings looked in their spaces. This excitement also increased their sales and brought in new customers.


    List down the top Shopify augmented reality app?

    There are several top Shopify augmented reality apps that help enhance the experience provided by augmented reality.

    • 3D Product Slider & AR Visuals.
    • 3D & Augmented Reality.
    • ArtPlacer.
    • ConfigWise.
    • Designar-AR builder.
    • ISORAW- rewards done right.
    • LIVEb4buy.
    • Widgetic (Before and After).

    These applications can help make your store performance even better. If you are on another e-commerce platform and feel like you are missing out on the AR opportunities provided by Shopify AR, you should make use of Shopify data migration services to safely migrate your store to Shopify.

    How do I upload 3D models to Shopify?

    You can upload your models to Shopify using your android device, desktop, iPhone, and iPad. This can be done with relative ease. You must log in to the Shopify store, select products, and add by clicking on the “+”. Then add the directory of the 3D model, select it and click on done. Finally, save the changes and your store will now have a 3D model uploaded. If you don’t yet have a mobile application, you must hire a Shopify application development service as AR is primarily based on the customers who use the Shopify application on their mobile phones.

    List the 10 Shopify Stores You Can Browse in Augmented Reality Today?

    The 10 Shopify stores that provide users the option to browse in augmented reality are:

    1. HORNE.
    2. Pure Cycles.
    3. Supercell.
    4. EditorsKey.
    5. Biolite.
    6. Treat a Dog.
    7. Nomatic.
    8. Bethesda.
    9. Instant Pot.
    10. Seinfeld Set Replica.

    These stores are so diverse with each selling different products. This shows how diversely augmented reality can be used. If you are unsure how your product may use augmented reality, you can contact Shopify experts in USA to help you out.

    Shopify AR Provides an Excellent Opportunity for Small/Medium Businesses?

    Shopify augmented reality has leveled the business field for small and medium businesses as compared to the big corporate businesses.

    • This is possible thanks to marketing channels being more realistic for stores. They do not need to run expensive advertisements and hire influencers to sell the products. Now anyone with a genuine requirement can purchase their product from any vendor on Shopify.
    • At the same time, augmented reality has helped decrease return rates, something that affects small businesses the most as the customers end up being more satisfied.
    • Exposure of small and medium businesses also increased as AR created a buzz; this attracted customers to stores that gave AR features. This way, they reach of small and medium businesses also increased.

    Although not related to AR, but another emerging field provides an excellent opportunity for small and medium businesses. The CBD business is on the rise worldwide, especially in USA. You can hire Shopify experts in USA to set up your store and add a customized CBD payment processor Shopify on your store. The demand for CBD products is on the rise, and you can profit off of these products by selling them on your Shopify store.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.