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    Last Updated | May 17, 2022

    The blog discusses the most 13 effective sales methods to steal right now, along with the best Magento 2 extensions to help you put them into reality.

    In recent years, the growth of eCommerce has accelerated. More and more people are becoming committed online shoppers, thanks in part to the pandemic of stay-at-home orders. As a result, now is the ideal time to start and expand your own eCommerce company.

    To assist you to reap the benefits of the trend, we’ll walk you through some basic marketing ideas and practices you need to know to raise your online sales and increase customer loyalty.

    Not only that, but we’ll also suggest some of the Magento 2 integration assist you dominate the sales game.

    13 Fantastic Sales Strategies And Best Magento 2 Extensions For It:

    Magento 2 Sale Strategies to Rocket Your Sales

    •       Understanding The Prospective Customers

    Customers are the lifeblood of any company. To make the best decisions for your company, you must first understand your customers. What you need to figure out are your target audience’s buying habits and preferences. You certainly can’t have face-to-face talks with your customers when you’re doing business online to find out. However, there are several ways to obtain that information, including email, online chat, online surveys, and so on.

    •  Use Magento 2 Extensions To Analyze How Targeted Audience Find Your Store

    You should make good use of your marketing resources. You may strategically need to focus your marketing efforts on the most effective source by utilising advanced analytics tools such as Google Analytics for examining how people reach your store.

    For example, the Facebook Ads campaigns get a lot of traffic for your business, it would be worthwhile to invest more in it. Alternatively, if your clients typically find you via blogs, you should provide more material.

    •       Look For A Unique Selling Point

    What do you have to offer that no one else does? It might be about your business, your products, or you. You’ll want to promote each other as much as possible once you’ve figured out what makes you apart. For example, include it in your slogan, on your home page, and social media. Building your marketing efforts around your unique selling point is the best way to attract customers to flock to your stores and buy from you.

    •       Simplify Customer Experience

    You want customers to be able to find and purchase the things they desire as quickly as possible.

    One of the most common reasons for visitors leaving without purchasing is a poor customer experience. On your website, you need to go through the means of determining and purchasing products yourself. Invite your friends and relatives to participate as well. Search, product browsing, and checkout are all frequent processes that need to be improved.

    •       Focus On Customer Service

    Excellent service is valued by customers. As per a Zendesk survey, 84 per cent of shoppers consider customer service when determining whether or not to buy something.

    Create a contact page with your phone number, email address, and any other contact information. Create a FAQ page to assist people to find quick answers to frequent questions.

    Most key, respond immediately when your consumers contact you. Because in-person conversations are uncommon in online businesses, you should take advantage of every chance to create relationships with your clients.

    •       Make Your Website Livechat Compatible With Magento 2 Extensions

    Chat is the most common way for online shoppers to communicate with businesses. That is why your website should have chat features. Because you won’t be able to monitor the chat room 24 hours a day, an autoresponder should be included to notify clients when you will be able to assist them. Install several Magento 2 extensions as well, which can assist you in quickly answering common and simple questions.

    • SEO Syndication 

    SEO is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of any internet business. Building a concrete block store on a busy street is similar to optimising SEO. It makes it easier for customers to find you.

    •       Produce High-Quality Content

    Google for an answer is one of the most common internet actions. As a result, providing content that provides your clients with engaging and useful information might help you enhance your SEO. Write about something other than your stuff. Describe how your items can help them solve their difficulties. You should also publish fresh pieces on a regular basis because search engines favour websites with constant material.

    •       Include Customer Comments On the Product Page

    Customers are always concerned about the state of your product or service and whether or not it is worth their money. Customers will always trust genuine people over how you explain your products. As a result, a review is required. Visitors will be motivated to buy if they see other customers who have purchased and enjoyed a product. Don’t be put off by unfavourable feedback. If a product continually receives negative feedback, it is just a hint that something is wrong with it, and you can either fix the problems or terminate the product.

    •       High-Quality Photos Showcase Your Products

    Photos are important. Your product images are the sole way to show customers how your things look, especially for internet firms.

    You should upload multiple images of a product. According to Salsify, 60 per cent of internet customers require three to four photos when browsing.

    Also, make absolutely sure that the photographs as closely as possible portray the products.

    •       Use Email Marketing To Connect With Customers

    Your email list is one of your company’s most valuable assets, and you should endeavour to obtain email addresses from your customers. You can simply share new items, tips, and deals with your customers via emails.

    Consider sending out an email newsletter to your customers on a regular basis.

    •       Offer Minimum Shipping Costs

    Because of the shipping price, 50% of customers will abandon their cart.

    So, if at all possible, include shipping expenses in the price of your products so that you may provide free shipment. Another option is to provide free shipping with a certain order value.

    •       Stay Active On SOCIAL MEDIA

    Another strategy to help new consumers discover you and develop loyalty with existing customers is to consistently share material on social media. According to Hootsuite, 52 per cent of online brand awareness takes place in social feeds. So don’t forget to use social media to your advantage.

    Best Magento 2 Extensions Recommended By Folio3

    We have compiled a few extensions that would work great with the aforementioned Sales strategies that will 100% assure you a rocketed sales in business.

    •       Magento 2 One Step Checkout

    This is a fantastic way to improve your store’s checkout experience and hence reduce cart abandonment. The slow and confusing checkout procedure is widely acknowledged as the most significant barrier to any online business. However, you can utilise this extension to create a simple and user-friendly payment flow which allows its customers to complete the process in only one step. It also allows for automated filling, saving your clients even more time.

    •       Magento 2 Layered Navigation

    This extension allows you to create smart product filtering to make it easier for your visitors to find the products they want.

    It also uses the AJAX layered navigation capability to display product filtering results without having to reload the full page, saving your customers time.

    •       Magento 2 FAQs Extension 

    It enables you to construct a primary page for your FAQs and separate them into appropriate categories. Customers can also submit questions through the module.

    •       Magento 2 SEO Package

    The extension is a fully-featured SEO solution that includes all of the elements you’ll need to improve your SEO. Snippets, breadcrumbs, sitemaps, indexes, Meta templates, image alt, and more wonderful features are among them. With the help of this amazing toolkit, top 1 Google will be within your reach.

    •       Magento 2 Advanced Review

    This is the ideal plugin for improving your Magento store’s client review function. For starters, it allows buyers to add pros and negatives to their product reviews. Second, it adds unambiguous custom rating values to the rating system. A rating summary graph helps visualise the product rating ratio. Finally, it allows users to vote on whether reviews are helpful or not.

    •       Magento 2 Gallery

    This plugin allows you to create a stylish image gallery to display your products.

    It also allows you to upload videos in addition to photographs. It also allows you to make many albums with different themes. Essentially, it includes everything you’ll need to create an appealing product gallery that could help you boost sales, particularly in fashion stores.

    •       Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar

    You can use this extension to specify a minimum cart total for free shipping. The best part is that you can put a free delivery bar on any page of the website, displaying to your consumers how close they are to getting free delivery. It’s a brilliant approach to work on upselling and cross-selling. For each store view, this module also enables configurable free delivery amounts and messaging.

    Why choose Folio3 for Magento 2 Extensions To Rocket Your Sales?

    Folio3, a Digital Transformation Powerhouse, began operations in 2005 and has since given a full variety of Magento 2 development services including Magento 2 Extension that can help you skyrocket sales and other eCommerce Platforms-related services. We have a presence in eight countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Pakistan, and Bulgaria, with more on the way.

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    We’ve shown you 13 outstanding sales strategies and 1 and best Magento 2 sales in this article to assist you with your online business. If you use those ideas and modules correctly, there’s a good possibility your sales will skyrocket. However, in order to benefit from growth hacking, you’ll need to improve every area of your store. Fortunately, we have a complete collection of all the apps you require.

    We hope you find this blog useful, and best of luck!

    Folio3 is a global leader in Magento extension creation and web development services. We commit to offering high-quality products and services to maximise your business successfully with skilled and qualified Magento developers. Furthermore, we provide the most competitive Magento 2 pricing, as well as exceptional support and lifetime updates for every Magento extension you purchase from us.

    Please contact us right away to let us know what your company requires. We will always be there to help you.


    What is Magento integration?

    Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is one of the most popular. For their clients, Magento Web Development Company offers order administration, business intelligence, and shipping. File ERP, finance, and payment solutions are among the most popular Magento integration services. Folio3 is a Magento integration expert who can help you streamline your business processes with the appropriate eCommerce platform for a speedy boost in sales and business growth.

    • ERP and Finance connections, such as NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Sage, help in seamlessly syncing orders, their fulfilment, inventory, customer, and other essential data.
    • With Lightspeed, PayPal, and Stripe, payment transaction updates and statuses are automatic and convenient.
    • Logistics services like Amazon FBA, Expeditors, and Shipwire help manage fulfilment, shipping, and inventory levels in sync.

    Where do I get the best Magento 2 extensions integrated from? 

    If you aren’t tech-smart, you should hire a Magento Web Development Company to assist you with all of your needs that will help your business flourish. In this case, you should contact Folio3, where we’ve been practising the best pricing plans and answering eCommerce-related questions for decades. We have the greatest project management specialists, Magento certified developers, and the best support system staff, all of whom are dedicated to helping our clients produce the best possible solution for all of their eCommerce business expansion needs.

    Can I install this Magento 2 extension via Composer? 

    Yes. The Composer is used to install Magento 2 extensions. Aside from manually installing Magento 2 extensions through SSH, installing via composer is another popular and straightforward method used by many Magento users.

    How can I install this Magento 2 extension via Composer?

    We’ll show you how to use Composer to install a Magento 2 extension on your website step by step.

    Let’s begin with ourselves!

    Step 1: Create access keys and obtain package information in step one.

    Step 2: Configure the composer repository in step two.

    Step 3: Set up the extension

    • install the entire package/kit/combo or a single extension
    • install individual extensions within a package/kit/combo

    If you want to learn more details on these steps feel free to contact our team @Folio3.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.