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    Last Updated | August 3, 2022

    Adobe Commerce

    Many online retailers use the cloud-based Magento eCommerce platform to create and operate their online storefronts. Since its 2008 debut, the platform has grown to rank among the most widely used eCommerce platforms worldwide.

    It offers a broad array of features that are beneficial for any company trying to sell things online, including payment channels, inventory control, branding, and customer support. Additionally, it has a sizable user base that is constantly updating and enhancing the platform.


    Adobe reportedly paid $1.68 billion for the Magento platform, which was then renamed Adobe Commerce. Some of the biggest companies in the world, like Coca-Cola, K-Swiss, Nike, and Ford, use it. It is also the eighth-most popular open-source technology on the web.

    What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

    Adobe presents its Commerce Cloud infrastructure as a complete tool for managing, customizing, and enhancing commerce experiences.

    The Experience Cloud, a perfect collection of best-in-class enterprise solutions, includes Adobe Commerce Cloud, which is why organizations from almost every sector of the global economy prefer it. The toolset in the suite enables businesses to create, use, and manage a range of digital experiences.

    In order to provide users with a highly adaptable and fully managed cloud-based platform, Commerce Cloud brings together some of the most powerful and efficient e-commerce solutions from this package.

    On the Magento platform, Adobe Commerce Cloud was created. A PHP-based open-source e-commerce platform is known as Magento. Everyone can install, host, and customize the Magento Open-Source version that they have made available for free. Additionally, Magento Commerce on-premise and Magento Commerce have managed Enterprise editions.

    By combining it with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Commerce Cloud advances Magento Commerce (the enterprise component, not the open-source version). To put it another way, you can take advantage of one of the most important stores and control everything using a wide range of platforms.

    Since the acquisition became a reality, many current and potential customers have been curious about its pricing. As a result, specialists at i95Dev have put together this blog to assist you to learn the prices of the subscription plans for Magento, the Adobe Commerce Cost, in 2022.


    Referencing Adobe Commerce Cost From Magento Commerce Pricing Plans

    Pricing has recently been made private and variable on many enterprise-level eCommerce platforms. Pricing for Adobe Commerce is not an exception.

    If you intend to use this platform, get in touch with the Adobe team to request price information for Adobe Commerce Cloud. With the Adobe team, final price discussions for the purchase of Adobe Commerce Cloud must be held. Dependent on annual Gross Merchandise Value and Average Order Value, how much does Adobe Commerce cost?

    For an estimate of the price of Adobe Enterprise, see Adobe Magento Commerce Pricing.


    Magento Open-Source Price Estimate (Per Month)
    Types Of Expenses Minimum Cost Maximum Cost Average Cost
    Monthly Cost
    Magento Domain Name $ 0.83 $ 1.67 $ 1.25
    Magento Hosting $ 10 $ 850 $ 430
    Magento SEO Marketing $ 833 $ 3,333 $ 2,083
    Magento Maintenance & Development $ 5,000 $ 10,000 $ 7,500
    TOTAL $ 5,844 $ 14,185 $ 10,015
    One-Time Payment
    Magento Themes $ 30 $ 499 $ 265
    Magento Extensions $ 25 $ 10,040 $


    Magento Commerce Pricing
    Average Gross Sale Revenue Magento Commerce Cost
    < $1M $ 22,0000/yr
    $1M – $5M $ 32,0000/yr
    $5M – $10M $ 49,000/yr
    $10M – $25M $ 75,000/yr
    $ 25M+ $ 125,000/yr
    M* million/s


    Magento Commerce Cloud Pricing
    Average Gross Sale Revenue Magento Commerce Cost
    < $1M $ 40,0000/yr
    $1M – $5M $ 55,0000/yr
    $5M – $10M $ 80,000/yr
    $10M – $25M $ 120,000/yr
    $ 25M+ $ 190,000/yr
    M* million/s


    Let’s briefly discuss Adobe Commerce Cost as we get into details.

    A Detailed Breakdown Of Magento/Adobe Commerce Cost 2022

    Let’s start with the fundamentals of the Magento Adobe eCommerce Platform to better comprehend the various pricing tiers. To design your webstore with the capabilities listed below, you would require dedicated developers, who will cost you $75 to $150 per hour.

    • Magento Community Edition/CE From $0 Face Value To Real Cost Starts From $15,000

    free and open-source eCommerce platform is Magento Open Source. It enables business owners to produce their own goods, market them online, and securely manage their inventory. Its own ecosystem, the Magento Community, includes a sizable developer, designer, and user community. You can download and install the configuration file and install Magento 2, also known as it. With virtually unlimited customization options, the store may be tailored to meet your needs. However, since it would need domain hosting, designing, and development, the price of creating and opening the business would be higher than $15,000.

    • Magento Commerce Costing

    Prices of Magento Commerce begin At $22,000, But With Added Operating Costs, Expect $30,000-$50,000 On top of the free edition, this paid version offers many value enhancements like enhanced performance and security. All of these advantages have a high price tag, which is their one drawback.

    The annual Gross Sales Revenue you generate will decide the final price of your Magento Enterprise subscription, which starts at $22,000 per year.

    The Magento Commerce pricing tiers have already been described.

    It still needs additional operating costs, which could range from $30,000 to $50,000.

    • Magento Commerce Cloud Costing

    The Magento Commerce Cloud pricing tiers have already been announced.

    Magento Commerce Cloud is a PaaS-based solution that extends its robust features designed for larger enterprises using servers from Amazon Web Services.

    There are other expenses, like as hosting, even though the Magento commerce cloud pricing starts at $40,000.

    • Additional Extensions And Plugins Costs

    You must still pay for development costs and upkeep whether you choose Magento Open Source, Commerce, or Commerce Cloud. You’ll need to engage Magento developers to handle the backend and frontend design of the store.

    Hosting for Magento Because Magento is a platform that uses a lot of resources, picking a hosting company is crucial. It’s important to choose reputable service providers because hosting services will handle managing the security, speed, and domain needs of your website. You might anticipate paying somewhere between $15 to $800 depending on what type of web hosting you select.


    Types Of Magento Web Hosting Services

    Shared Hosting

    Through such a shared hosting package, you will share your infrastructure and assets with other websites in this configuration. Although it is less expensive than other hosting solutions, the unfavorable atmosphere will make your website more susceptible to security risks.

    Dedicated Hosting

    You can host a complete server using this kind of hosting. Although it costs more, this form of hosting is more secure. You must therefore pay the full cost even if you don’t use all of the resources.

    Cloud Hosting

    The finest hosting option is cloud hosting because it offers a customizable solution and dedicated resources.

    • Magento Domain Name

    The domain name is the URL that serves as your special online address and directs users to your Magento store.

    The annual price of a new domain name ranges from $1 to $15.

    Depending on the domain authority, an expired domain can cost you anything from $20 to $500 each year.

    • Security Certificates

    In addition to safeguarding your online store from online threats, Secure Sockets Layer helps your website’s SEO. Your website becomes more trustworthy as a result of the encryption of sensitive data exchanged between customers and the checkout system, such as credit card information. An SSL certificates cost from $0 to $600/year, and in most cases, the hosting service provider will include a free SSL in your hosting plan.

    • Magento SEO And Marketing

    Depending on how competitive your niche is, you can anticipate spending anywhere from $1000 to $4000 on SEO and online marketing for your Magento store.

    • Maintenance

    A few tweaks, optimizations, and new feature additions will be necessary for your store from time to time. For tasks related to website maintenance, the Magento Developers may bill you between $65 and $150 per hour.

    • One-Time Pricing

    We will go over the one-time payments you must make to create your Magento-powered eCommerce store in this section:

    Themes for Magento (Adobe Commerce)

    Depending on if you select a professional option that is frequently coupled with other extensions, Magento themes could be bought for anywhere between $ 20 and $ 1000. Additionally, you can pay a modest sum for a basic theme and also have the frontend Magento developer alter it while simultaneously working with the developer to create a custom theme.

    Remember that the hourly rate for Magento developers might range from $15 to $100 based on their degree of experience.

    Extensions for Magento (Adobe Commerce)

    With pricing ranging from $0 to $2000, Magento offers more than 5,500 extensions.

    Once more, the price of functionality is based on how much you require. Your store will need at least 5–10 extensions. This can cost you somewhere from $1000 to $3000, depending on the extension you select.

    Additionally, you can pay to have developers tweak extensions you already own. Additionally, developer fees will be covered. Considering extensions can be written from scratch and can be customised backend by backend, the costs in this scenario will be more than for themes.

    Wrap up

    These are just a handful of the many important elements that will affect your Adobe Commerce cost. So while you are at learning about Adobe Commerce, keep in mind it is not going to be cheap at all.


    Q. What is the price of Magento web development services?

    A. Based on the current Magento eCommerce pricing we are introducing the Magento pricing breakdown;

    • Website Development by an Agency Starts From $25/hr
    • Website Development by a Freelancer Starts From $10/hr
    • Magento Development by the In-house Team Starts From $60,000/yr
    • Magento Themes is $0 – $200
    • Magento Extension is $50 – $500
    • Graphics and Brand Collateral is $10,000 – $18,000
    • Domain is $10 – $500
    • Hosting Starts From $40/month
    • SEO is $60,000 – $80,000/yr
    • Maintenance is $80 – $125/hr
    • Support is $30,000 – $40,000/yr

    The total Estimated Starting Cost is around $15,000

    Remember this is the estimated cost of the Magento CE plan.

    Q. What are the benefits of Magento 2 integration?

    A. Following are a few benefits of Magento 2 integration;

    • Multiple Admins
    • Crisp & Simple Coding
    • Advanced SEO
    • Marketplace Integration
    • Customizable Security Features
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Advanced Targeting and Promotion
    • Limitless Customization and more.

    Q. What does a Magento developer do?

    A. The creation, upkeep, and improvement of the customers’ eCommerce websites is the responsibility of Expert Magento developers. Given that Magento websites frequently produce significant amounts of income, their duty is enormous. The creation, upkeep, and improvement of the customers’ eCommerce websites is the responsibility of Magento developers.


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