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    Magento 2 One Step Checkout – Why Every eCommerce Store Needs One

    Last Updated | July 17, 2023

    It’s no secret that cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges for eCommerce businesses. Not to mention, the cart abandonment percentage rose to 69% only in 2019 (that’s some surging stats, right?). It’s pretty obvious that eCommerce professionals have to do something about the issue and Magento 2 One Step Checkout is one of them. It’s an ultimate choice for Magento-oriented online stores.

    However, before we dive in, let us tell you that 26% of users who abandon the carts think that the checkout process was either too complicated or too long. It’s needless to say that users prefer a smooth and quick online shopping experience, and if checkout takes too long, they will eventually switch to another website with a much better (and faster) checkout process.

    Of course, no online store owner can afford to lose customers only because they didn’t pay heed to the complicated checkout process. So, if you want to increase the revenue and conversions, it’s high time that you choose Magento integration services to integrated Magento 2 one-step checkout on your online Magento store. Now, are you ready to know more about it?

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    What is Magento 2 One Step Checkout?

    The shortest answer is that Magento 2 One Step Checkout is the extension that can be used with Magento online stores to streamline the checkout process as it reduces the steps needed to order products from the online stores. This extension can be used to reduce the checkout process to one click. It delivers a convenient shopping experience for the customers through one-page checkout.

    For simplifying the checkout process, this extension collects all the complicated checkout steps on one page. As a result, the checkout process will be simplified and quick, so customers can buy the products with a single click. Moreover, Magento 2 One Step Checkout eliminates the need to go back and forward if they want to change contact information.

    What we love about this extension is that it’s suitable for registered as well as guest users with Magento online stores. With the simplification of the checkout process, the cart abandonment rates will be reduced. Magento 2 One Step Checkout is designed to show the order summary of every product with the relevant information and there is no need for reloading of webpages.

    The customers actually love the Google Address autocomplete option as it fills out all the information fields automatically (it asks to store the information for future uses). In addition, the title and layout design can be customized and there is multi-shipping address support available as well. Lastly, it adds the “buy now” button along with a special GST field on the checkout page.

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    It’s safe to say that this extension is the optimal way of reducing cart abandonment as it removes unwanted questions and fields. Whether you believe it or not, using Magento 2 One Step Checkout will eventually improve the conversion rate and you will be amazed to see the results.

    What Are the Advantages Of One Step Checkout In Magento 2?

    • Streamlining The Checkout Process 

    The first benefit of Magento 2 One Step Checkout is the streamlined checkout processes. The online store owners can streamline the checkout processes by accumulating the checkout steps on one page. It will reduce the need to skim through multiple pages and customers can easily enter the information, hence a faster-purchasing cycle.

    • Improved Checkout Experience 

    This is the second advantage of using this extension. This is because the extension creates a user-friendly checkout process since all the checkout steps are added on one page and it eventually reduces the percentage of cart abandonment. The customers can easily move through the website and checkout process, hence a quick purchasing experience. In simpler words, the extension promises easier navigation.

    • Higher Conversion 

    It’s pretty obvious by now that using the extension reduces the chances of cart abandonment which is directly proportional to a higher conversion rate. According to research, the single-page checkout process results in a 21.8% higher conversion rate as compared to multi-page checkout. In addition, when we talk about checkout, considering speed is essential.

    To illustrate, the multi-page checkout process can take around 1.4 minutes which results in higher chances of cart abandonment. However, when you bring all the checkout steps to one page, the entire checkout process will take only 53 seconds, so do you see the difference here?

    • Better Page Performance 

    Put yourself in the shoes of customers, would you want to load multiple pages if you just want to order pants? Or a toothbrush? Obviously, no! It goes without saying that a long checkout process can frustrate the customers, hence the abandoned carts. With the implementation of Magento 2 One Step Checkout, the checkout process will be brief which results in a better shopping experience.

    In addition, the extension can improve the conversion rate. Not to forget, all these collective benefits will promise better page performance, and what more could a Magento store owner want?

    • Personalizing The Customers’ Demands 

    With the conventional checkout pages, there aren’t any additional fields where customers can add their demands, such as gift boxes, specific delivery times and dates, or anything else. Keep in mind that online shoppers always want something that they can enjoy and they prefer the stores that have the flexibility to meet their demands.

    That being said, Magento 2 One Step Checkout can add various features that help customers control their orders. Moreover, the customers can select the desired delivery time and date, special note, and add messages, so isn’t that great?

    • Improved Layouts in Devices

    The use of online shopping is increasing among smartphone users which means the checkout process has to be streamlined on various devices. That being said, Magento 2 One Step Checkout can create a one-page checkout process that is optimized for different devices, promising an easy-to-use and user-friendly shopping experience.

    Why Every eCommerce Store Need Magento 2 One Step Checkout?

    • Lesser Click Count & Quick Checkout 

    Sure, the loading time is long but the checkout time will be reduced with Magento 2 One Step Checkout. In addition, according to the customer behavioral research, few clicks result in a higher conversion rate and the quick checkout process has become the top priority of online store owners for a reason. Also, the form-filling experience will become smoother and more accessible.

    • User-Friendly 

    Every online store owner is aware of eye-flow, and even if it’s subtle in volume, it can largely impact the consumer decisions with the shopping carts. With Magento 2 One Step Checkout, the customers will be able to navigate through the checkout processes easily and reduces the chances of errors and conflicts. Also, it leads to natural checking back.

    • Streamlined Process 

    Multi-page checkout isn’t only challenging but it can be extremely interfering. With Magento 2 One Step Checkout, users can add all the information on one page, press the order button, and wait to receive the order. It’s needless to say that this extension can create a streamlined process and will always be favorable if you want to increase the conversion rate.

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    What Is Magento 2 Default Checkout Disadvantage?

    Just like other tech solutions and extensions, there are some drawbacks involved with this One Step Checkout extension. First of all, if you use this extension, it’s obvious that you have to keep an eye on the analytic but they are extremely hard. For instance, if you add a new feature to the checkout page, you will need to check the conversion rate. However, reading these analytics is challenging.

    Moreover, when you apply for the extension, it can be hard to read through a truckload of data while the personalization options are extremely limited. Sure, it can personalize the layouts pretty well but the store owners don’t have much of a choice with personalization. Lastly, some users have complained about a longer loading time with the one-page checkout process.

    Before we move on to the conclusion, it’s essential to outline that all these disadvantages can be reduced by signing up for the right Magento or Shopify web design packages from a reputed service provider. For instance, you can get analytic reports, optimize a higher conversion rate, and personalize the store according to the brand’s needs. Not to forget, these packages often include image optimization features to improve the store’s loading speed.

    How One Step Checkout Boosts Your Website’s Sale?

    Before people sign up for Magento Optimization Services to integrate the one-page checkout on their online store, it’s important to understand how this extension can boost sales, so let’s see how!

    • Quicker Checkout –with the availability of a one-page checkout process, it’s needless to say that the checkout process will be shorter and everything will be done in a course of few seconds. It also reduces the time needed to fill out the information while ordering something online
    • Easy Interface –the one-page checkout is extremely user-friendly since there are limited steps and fields to fill. In addition, it creates an easy and clear experience which also reduces the chances of confusion because customers can add all the information at once
    • Improved Page Performance– none of your customers want to sit and load multiple pages at one time because it simply leaves them frustrated. That being said, the extension can create a seamless checkout experience because there is no need to load multiple pages
    • Higher Customer Satisfaction –with every business, you must think about customer satisfaction, and creating the one-page checkout will result in higher customer satisfaction. In addition, it can increase the conversion rate, so it’s a win-win for everyone


    To summarize, Magento 2 One Step Checkout can streamline the online shopping experience for customers. There are standard as well as professional editions available and integrating this extension will be one decision that you won’t regret. So, are you going to get it from Magento 2 Development Company or not?

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    How do I enable one-step checkout in Magento 2?

    One-step checkout is by default enabled in Magento 2 stores. However, you can also enable it by navigating to the extensions and choosing “Yes” to enable the extension.

    What is one-page checkout in Magento?

    The key objective of one-page checkout in Magento stores is to lower cart abandonment and increase conversion rates by offering customers a streamlined checkout process. The one-page checkout extension collects all relevant customers’ information and offers a single-page checkout process for customers. The one-page checkout is enabled on Magento stores by default.

    Is one-page checkout available for Shopify?

    Well, above, we have discussed the possibility of one-page checkout for Magento stores. However, if you are considering the availability of one-page checkout for Shopify stores, it’s available as well.

    You can implement a single-page checkout process through One Step Checkout, which allows the store owners to display all checkout steps on one page to increase the speed of the checkout process. You can ask the Shopify custom app development company to integrate One Step Checkout for your store.


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