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    Magento UAE: How to hire Magento Experts in UAE?

    Last Updated | July 11, 2023

    While Magento is highly recommended as one of the most powerful and versatile eCommerce web development platforms, it is also known for its complex development process. Unlike some other ecommerce web development platforms like Shopify, OpenCart, and others, Magento doesn’t offer an intuitive and no-coding development process. Instead, it required deep understanding and expertise in coding to get things done properly and leverage the platform’s full potential.

    Now, before you get turned off from Magento due to challenging development process; it is worthy of remembering that it is a competent and powerful platform that brings in more functionalities and features for customization, SEO, marketing, shipment, upselling, automation, and others as compared to other platforms.

    As for the development challenges are concerned, you can always hire a professional Magento expert to streamline the design and development process. Here in this blog, we will exclusively be looking at the Magento UAE development process and how you can hire the right experts to get started with your eCommerce store.

    Magento development

    We will be discussing the things you should consider before hiring Magento UAE development services while also looking at the best options to find Magento UAE Magento experts.

    So, let’s get started…

    What is the process to Hire Magento Experts?

    Firstly, let’s discuss the process of hiring Magento Development Companies. Below, we have come up with some steps that can help you streamline hiring Magento experts.

    1. Start with the project brief

    The first and foremost step involved in hiring Magento UAE experts includes your understanding of the project. Remember, any Magento expert or Magento development company will depend on your project brief to understand the project’s scope and act accordingly. Thereby, make sure you understand the critical details of the project, including the technical requirement, your long-term goals, features you need, project budget, and project timeline.

    Getting this brief correctly is essential to help Magento experts or Magento Development Companies understand your business model and unique requirement. Also, this brief will allow them to create a custom proposal for the project and enable them to analyze the potential cost required for the project. Also, it will enable them to self-assess their capabilities and quietly back off without applying to the project if the requirements don’t meet their expertise.

    This document will also serve as the reference document that you can always refer back to see the project progress or manage any dispute with the development company.

    1. Known the difference between front-end and back-end requirements 

    Even if you are totally naïve about the coding and other technical aspects of Magento development, you still need to have a basic understanding of the various processes involved in the project. Understanding the difference between the front-end and back-end development work is also one important aspect to consider.

    For starters, this will help you better understand what you can expect of a Magento UAE expert and assess their expertise in different domains required for the job.

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    To give you a brief idea, front-end developers are concerned with the looks and feel of the website. They work on developing an aesthetically pleasing and interactive front-end interface for customers. On the other hand, the back-end developers are concerned with the development of databases, updates, site accesses, and other technical issues.

    For a Magento development process, the front-end developers will help you design the user journey on the website from the product page (design, interface) to the checkout page. Contrarily, the back-end developers will focus on securing the databases, integrating the payment gateways, and designing the order fulfillment journey.

    That’s one reason why experts recommend going with professional Magento UAE Development Companies instead of a freelancer. Since professional development agencies will have all the expertise available to manage the complete project in-house, contrarily, you may need to hire and work with multiple freelancers to get the same job done.

    1. Allocate a realistic budget

    Next, you need to allocate a realistic budget for the project. It is one of the most important aspects that you have to consider since it will dictate the project’s outcome. As we mentioned in the above section, Magento development is a complex and highly technical process, which means that you need expert and experienced professionals to tackle those challenges and deliver a functional website.

    So, you would need to set out a realistic budget depending on the average market rates (we will discuss the development costs in the section below). Similarly, a certified Magento Development Agency of a Certified Magento developer may charge more than a non-certified agency or freelance developer.

    The best practice is to specify a realistic budget in brief (discussed in the above section). However, even if you don’t specify the cost in the brief document, you should have a realistic estimate in your mind according to the average market rates.

    Pro Tip: Don’t fall for the cheapest development rates because then you may be sorry for your choice and have to face the frustration of a project that seems never to end.

    Pro Tip: While the Magento UAE development cost for hiring a development agency would be higher than freelance, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each model to choose the best option (discussed in the section below).

    1. Choose between Development Agencies Vs. Freelancers Developers

    Moving on, the next important step is to choose between development agencies or freelance developers for your project. Honestly, this is a tricky choice because each option comes with its unique strengths and limitations. Even your personal preference will also weigh in significantly when it comes to choosing between the right development model.

    To help you understand the difference between the two, let’s quickly weigh in our options, starting with Magento development company. When you work with the right Magento development agency (preferably a Magento certified agency), you can be sure of having experienced and expert partners who understand the complete lifecycle of the development stage.

    Also, you don’t have to worry about working with different developers for front-end or back-end development needs. To even make it better, many expert development agencies would also offer Magento support services and Magento SEO services, which means you will have access to all the resources you need to develop, manage and operate your store. Now, on the downside, you will have to pay a considerable amount to access and enjoy these expertise.

    Magento integration

    Most of the time, the overall cost of Magento website development through an expert agency will cost you in excess of USD 25,000. Also, since the agencies work on different projects, you may not be able to get instant updates for your projects (this doesn’t mean you should expect delays).

    Next, if you wish to go with freelance experts for Magento development services, the foremost benefit is the cost, which will be considerably less than what you would otherwise pay to an agency. Also, here you may get to interact with the developer personally and communicate your requirements more openly (however, this will depend on the freelancer’s communication capability).

    On the downside, you may have to work with multiple freelancers to manage front-end and back-end processes. Also, you won’t be able to realize the expertise and service level of the developer unless you experience it. Lastly, you won’t have access to Magento maintenance services or SEO services, for which you would again have to rely on another freelancer or an agency.

    1. Checkout for reviews and ratings

    In today’s digital era, it’s not much hard to check out any agency’s expertise and service standards. All you need to do is lookout for the agency’s reviews, ratings, and testimonials from previous clients. You should only check out for reviews and ratings on third-party review sites like Google, Yelp, and others to be extra cautious.

    Also, you can social proof the agency’s expertise and service standard by checking out previous clients’ responses on social media platforms. This will also give you an idea of how they have served their previous clients, their expertise in the domain, and the trustworthiness of the company.

    Where to Find a Magento Expert for Business in UAE?

    Well, now that you have a clear idea of the process of hiring professional Magento development services in the UAE, let’s not quickly move on to discuss some platforms where you can find the best Magento UAE development services.

    • Toptal

    Toptal is a highly recommended platform to search for Magento development experts. The best part about the platform is that it only choose the top 3% talent of the industry, so when you select an expert on the Toptal platform, you can be sure of working with the best talent in the industry.

    If you want to be even more cautious, you can start by choosing a developer for a pilot project to assess his expertise and service standards. If you feel satisfied with the service, you can then hire the expert permanently. However, it is recommended to hire Magento experts on a project basis.

    • CodementorX

    Codementor is yet another excellent platform to find the top Magento UAE developer. The best thing about the platform is that it also helps users learn to code and know what went wrong with your existing website by collaborating with the Magento experts. There are hundreds and thousands of Magento experts and Magento development agencies on the platform, and you can scrutinize them as per your project requirements.

    • Upwork

    Upwork needs little introduction. It’s one of the biggest freelance platforms where you will find thousands of professionals and agencies working in all domains. For Magento development, you can also submit your requirement for agencies or freelance developers. Once you have submitted the requirement on the job board, you shall receive proposals from interested freelancers/agencies. You can also communicate with them for a better understanding of the project. The platform lets you hire freelancers/agencies on a flat rate or hourly basis (whichever you prefer).

    • LinkedIn

    As the largest professional networking site, LinkedIn is another perfect platform for connecting with top-rated Magento development agencies. It is also one of the most popular professional networking sites in the UAE, and thereby most of the top Magento development agencies maintain their presence on the platform. You can assess the agency based on their portfolio while also contacting them outside of the platform to see if they fulfill your development requirements.

    Things You Should Consider When Going to Hire Magento Developers

    Ok, now that you know the process and platforms to hire the best Magento UAE developers, let’s quickly move on to see some important things you need to consider when hiring a Magento developer.

    –         Know What You Need

    Remember when we asked you to prepare a brief about the project in the above section? Well, that’s because you can only choose a reliable and skillful Magento expert if you know your requirement. The key to any successful hunt for Magento developers starts with your understanding of the project.

    To start, you need to sit down with all the project stakeholders, including your partners, to create a checklist of all the important features and functionalities you will need in the website. Don’t hurry through the process; rather, take your time to create a detailed plan that lists down all the needs and desires of the project.

    You don’t really need to get into all the technical details; instead, just make sure you know the basics of each process ad understand the focal points, challenges, and sweet spots of the process.

    Apart from the technical details, you should also have a clear understanding of the project timeline and budget. As mentioned earlier, Magento development comes at a high price, and thereby, you need to allocate a realistic budget to hire experienced and skillful developers or development agencies.

    –         Shortlist Magento Partners

    Once you have all the understanding of the project, you can start looking for development partners. For starters, you may ask colleagues or friends about some reputed industry professionals they have previously worked with.

    In case there aren’t any recommendations from colleagues or friends, you should start looking for recommended agencies/developers at third-party service providers, which we mentioned in the above section.

    All third-party platforms from Upwork to LinkedIn and others can help you connect with the right Magento UAE expert, provided you are able to deliver them precise project brief and assess thoroughly for their previous experience.

    –         Certified Magento Developers

    Given the massive popularity and adoption of Magento as the preferred ecommerce platform, the company conducts official training courses and offers certification to validate the skills of Magento experts.

    Magento Certification can be earned by professionals who have adequate development experience and skills for the platform. Thereby, when you choose a Certified Magento developer, or Magento certified Development Agency, you are tapping into the top talent who understand the intricacies and complexities involved in the development project.

    Also, certification shows the commitment of Magento experts to put in extra efforts to differentiate themselves from the hundreds and thousands of competitors.

    Just for your better understanding, Magento offers multiple certifications, depending on the type of expertise for the Magento platform.

    For instance, Magento Certified developer is someone that has adequate skills to develop highly functional and viable websites. Similarly, Magento Solution Specialist certification reflects the expert’s competency to offer innovative Magento solutions in line with business needs.

    Some of the other certifications offered by Magento include; Magento Certified Front End Developer, Magento Social Learning Group Certification, Magento Developer Plus Certification, Magento Moderator Kit Certification, and others.

    –         Magento Development Company may be a better option

    Previously we have left it on you to weigh the pros and cons of choosing between a Magento development agency and a freelance developer. However, we would definitely recommend going with a professional Magento development agency compared to freelance developers, and we have some solid reasons for the recommendation.

    Firstly, a professional agency would have all the required technical expertise in domains like ecommerce, business logic, designing, development, coding, content marketing, SEO, and much more. This means that you won’t have to rely on multiple professionals to manage the project; rather, one agency can manage everything seamlessly.

    Secondly, when you choose a reliable and well-established Magento development agency like Folio3, you can be sure of getting personalized services and instant consistent updates for project progress. Also, you can be sure that they aren’t bluffing with you or would disappear in thin air in the middle of the project, leaving you lingering in the middle of nowhere.

    Just make sure you choose the right company (preferably a Magento Certified company) with a global footprint, who got the expertise and experience to handle your project aptly.

    What is the cost of Magento Expert in the UAE?

    The cost of a Magento expert in the UAE will largely depend on your project requirement. The size, customization, and business model are some of the factors that will eventually influence the cost of Magento development in the UAE. Also, your preferred outsourcing model (freelancer or Magento development agency) will affect the project’s final cost.

    Just to give you an idea, a basic Magento website with pretty standard features, zero integrations, and a free theme may cost you up to USD 15,000 annually. However, you would still have to pay for the hosting and other additional costs upward of the base cost. In general, the cost of a Magento expert in UAE may range from USD 25 per hour to USD 100+ per hour (depending on the experience and expertise of the agency or developer).

    Magento Migration


    Finding the right Magento UAE developer may only seem to be the most basic step of your journey. However, in reality, it is one of the most crucial steps that will significantly influence the success or failure of your ecommerce journey.

    Whether you get along well with a freelance developer or prefer to work with a professional Magento development company, just be sure that the experts you choose have the required experience and skills you need to complete the project successfully.

    Apart from the technical prowess of the expert, be considerate about the communication skills and willingness of the professionals to handle your project proactively and deliver desired results.


    How to hire the best Magento Developers in the US?

    If you want to hire the best Magento developers in the US, you should opt for reputed agencies like Folio3 (a premium technology company and certified Magento developer). As a California USA-based company with a global footprint, Folio3 offers robust and consistent Magento development services to cross-industry businesses across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

    How to hire an App Developer for Magento?

    The best way to hire an app developer for Magento is to select one from third-party platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, CodementorX, etc. These platforms have hundreds of thousands of expert Magento developers and agencies that can be hired at highly competitive rates. Also, you can check out the rating, reviews of Magento experts to assess their expertise and skills.

     How to Hire SEO Expert: Magento SEO Consultant for your Business?

    The best approach to hiring Magento SEO consultants for your business is to hire a development agency that also offers SEO services. However, before you lookout for an SEO expert for your Magento site, remember that SEO takes time, and no magic can help your website rank at top search engine ranking pages (SERPs) overnight. Thereby, any agency or SEO expert that claims to get you high ranking in no time is either bluffing or will implement black hat techniques that will lead you to even more troubles. So, always choose an agency that offers reliable and consistent SEO services.

    Reasons to Hire Someone for Magento Maintenance Services?

    Magento isn’t just a complex platform for the development; rather, it’s also a challenging platform to manage and maintain. Thereby, it’s highly recommended to hire professional Magento maintenance services to be assured of smooth store operations round the clock. Also, with professional maintenance services, you will be sure of minimum downtime for the store and keep the store at optimal performance for maximum sales and revenue.


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