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    Last Updated | September 10, 2021

    We all have been scrolling Facebook for a long time, and just in the last few years, the number of online business pages has exploded. Truth be told, Facebook has remained an ultimate platform for connecting people. Still, it’s no longer only a platform for socializing anymore because today, it’s the primary choice for businesses to connect with customers and make insane sales. Companies use it to engage with their customers, improve branding, and gain a loyal customer base. Let us back this up by research; according to the study, there are over 2.7 billion monthly Facebook users, and around 1.6 billion people have business pages.

    So, if you want to strengthen your online business, you can opt for Facebook Shop. This is one of the best platforms, and it’s all about allowing users to buy something from the Facebook business page. Yes, it also means that you no longer need to have an eCommerce website for your business anymore. In simpler words, Facebook followers and friends can be turned into customers by creating your Facebook business page. You can also use Facebook Shop to divert more traffic to your Magento 2 store. In fact, with the right marketing strategy and responsive customer support, a Facebook business page can significantly increase traffic to your eCommerce store. If you are intrigued about Facebook Shop and Magento 2 for spiking up the sales, let’s read more!

    What Is A Facebook Shop?

    Facebook Shop is the ultimate platform to make it easier for businesses to set up an online store for customers. This online shop can be accessed on Instagram as well as on Facebook. Creating Facebook Shop is exceptionally straightforward and doesn’t have any subscription either. The business owners can select the products that they want to add to the catalog and customize the overall feel and appearance of the shop.

    The business owners can customize the accent colors and cover images in the product catalog, reflecting the brand. That being said, every seller on Facebook can sell products online without a website or without people bugging you in the inbox. To be honest, Facebook Shop isn’t only beneficial for business owners and delivers convenience for customers. This feature can be easily found on the business page of Facebook or Instagram’s profile.

    Facebook Shop helps browse the product collection and saves the products for placing orders efficiently. The customers can also message the business through Messenger if more details are needed or if you want to track delivery or access support. In the upcoming future, there are chances that Facebook will roll out live shopping as well as Instagram Shop as an extension.

    Facebook Shop has become a preferred platform amongst online shoppers to discover new brands and products. You can browse the product and brand selections, and everything can be categorized to streamline the shopping experience. In addition, the users will be able to tag products from the shop before the products go live. On top of everything, Facebook Shop allows the users to connect loyalty programs to the Facebook account, which helps keep track of rewards and points.

    Soon, there are chances that Facebook will launch a unique feature that allows small businesses to develop, offer, and manage loyalty programs. Last but not least, it can be integrated with various eCommerce platforms, such as Magento 2, for better business support. With Magento 2 and Facebook Shop integration, there will be multiple tools for promising business operations. You can also opt for Magento 2 development company to get this integration done.

    Why Open A Facebook Shop?

    Facebook Shop has become one of the most cost-effective and convenient options for small businesses that want to create an engaging shopping experience for the customer base. If you are still considering why you should open a Facebook Shop, we are sharing some reasons below;

    No Need For eCommerce Or Online Store The users can show off the products, get the payments, and clear up the customer’s queries. It can be synchronized with Magento 2 for better eCommerce services. Similarly, you will be able to make inventory updates and update pricing.

    • Reduction In Friction 

    Magento 2 has always tried to streamline the checkout process since the complex checkout process is one of the most common reasons behind abandoned carts. With Facebook Shop, the abandoned cart issue will be resolved. To begin with, the shipping and payment information will be auto-filled (it doesn’t give customers time to rethink). In addition, the customers can easily continue shopping even if you’ve to change the apps during the shopping experience.

    • Better Visibility 

    The customers can interact with Instagram and Facebook for a longer time. With Facebook Shop, the customers will be better able to find out the store. That’s because the brands can display collections and products while adding the shop link. In addition, it will allow you to add product links to the stories and live videos. No to forget, the organic posts and ads will be able to lead more customers and visitors to Facebook Shop.

    How to Increase Sales of Magento 2 Store with Facebook Shop?

    Facebook Shop delivers various features, and the benefits can be spruced up by integrating it with Magento 2 store. To begin with, Magento 2 store and Facebook Shop integration promise a real-time and convenient shopping experience for customers. With Magento 2 store, setting up and integrating Facebook Shop will be easy, and the product merging will be seamless. Magento Facebook Shop can even offer product descriptions and demonstrations along with product pictures.

    On top of everything, Magento 2 store will help create a store that helps with upselling. Lastly, the business owners can tag the product with price and name details to ensure the delivery of accurate information to the customers. We love this integration because Magento 2 has its customization options, templates, and themes for personalizing the store, and you can do the same for Facebook Shop. If you are concerned about integration, you can hire Magento integration services.

    How to Integrate Facebook Shop with Magento 2?

    Facebook Shop integration with Magento 2 is effortless, and you can do it on your own. To begin with, you need to open the Magento 2 admin page and tap on the login option. When you are logged in, scroll down to the catalog and then tap on products. From this page, click on the “add/edit” option and then enable the Facebook Shop integration. You can also select the product categories, and the admins will be able to sync Magento 2 and Facebook Shop!

    Which Is The Best Magento 2 Extension For Facebook Shop Integration?

    • Sparsh 

    This extension is designed by Sparsh, which allows the store owners to showcase the products on the Facebook Shop by syncing the products. It has a straightforward setup because you only have to download the extension and enable it. When it’s enabled, just use the “run product sync,” and all the products will be uploaded to the Facebook Shop. Once the shop is set up, the products can be browsed and shared on different social media platforms.

    With Sparsh’s extension, the website owners can update the products in bulk, and you can even set up the action control for updating the information. Also, there are various fields, such as product condition, stock, SKU, product name, and description, so the product attributes are appropriately set up. The extension allows enabling easy inventory management since out-of-stock products will be filtered out automatically. Lastly, you can select if you want to apply the price rules or not.

    • MexBS

    MexBS is another Magento 2 extension for Facebook Shop, but it also supports Instagram shopping. The users will be able to showcase the product options and customize the products as well. We love this extension because it can automatically resize the product images according to the specific Facebook measurements. For more brand awareness, MexBS has designed the extension to support dynamic ads from Facebook.

    With this extension, the users can switch on the tagging feature on Instagram (yes, tag the products on the posts). In addition, it will redirect the customers to the checkout page because it can increase the chances of sales. In fact, there are different versions available of this extension, so you can select one that suits your needs.

    • Meetanshi 

    Offering the brand products on different platforms is essential to ensure higher sales. So, if you want to integrate Magento 2 and Facebook Shop, you can use the extension by Meetanshi to increase sales. There are multiple features available in this extension, such as redirecting the Facebook customers to the checkout page whenever they tap on the product. As a result, the click-through rate will improve, and cart abandonment will be reduced to a minimum.

    It can help you update the products in bulk since there is a CSV option available. The brand owners will be able to display the product condition, such as refurbished, used, or new. There is an auto-create default mapping feature available that will fill up the information automatically. In addition, the extension supports the product tagging feature on Instagram posts. Last but not least, it also allows the business owners to set up the Google category for products based on name and/or ID.

    • MageDelight

    MageDelight extension is a perfect solution for brand owners who want to integrate the Magento 2 store with Facebook Shop for boosting sales. It can help synchronize the products in different shops while offering categoric product selection. With CSV-based mapping, the brand owners will be able to update the products in bulk at once. The best thing about this extension is the manual feed generation, so you can customize the store appearance as you like.

    We have already mentioned different extensions that deliver promising results for Facebook Shop and Magento 2 extension. However, you can also hire the Shopify website design services as they can offer well-integrated solutions. To begin with, a well-designed eCommerce store promises the achievement of sales targets while improving the customer experience. The Shopify store owners will get a high-quality store, and 24/7 maintenance support will be available.

    Key Features of Facebook Shop For Magento 2

    Facebook Shop for Magento 2 can develop a real-time connection between two stores. You will have access to the most innovative features, such as syncing the inventory, managing the orders, and listing the products. Some of the key features of Facebook Shop for Magento 2 include the following;

    • The manual product listing allows the brand owners to upload the products in bulk on the store
    • The products can be tagged on the Instagram posts and can be linked on live video and stores
    • The customers will be automatically redirected to the checkout page whenever they tap on the product
    • There are various promotion options available to advertise the products for increasing the sales

    Final Words

    Facebook Shop is an extremely amazing platform for everyone who wants to place the product offerings on the most famous social platform. With Facebook Shop, you will be able to capitalize on the amazing social engagement to expose your business and brand to the shoppers (who are currently your followers). Not to forget, it will reduce sales friction while increasing the sales funnel, so isn’t that an excellent platform to leverage for your business?


    1)Is Facebook Shop Integration with Magento 2 easy?

    Yes. With Magento 2, it’s easier than ever to integrate Facebook shop with Magento 2 store. To enable Facebook shop integration with Magento 2 you can go to Magento 2 Admin > Login > catalog > products > Facebook shop integration. Alternatively, you can also hire professional Magento support services to customize Facebook shop integration with Magento 2 store. Facebook Shop integration for Magento 2 also enables store owners to choose the state of the products, including; New, Used, Refurbished, etc.

    2) What is the best Magento 2 Facebook Ads extension?

    Remarketing with Adaplo is one of the best Magento 2 Facebook ads extensions. As can be taken by name, the extension can be used to remarket users, which is one of the most effective advertising strategies to boost sales. Remarketing by Adaplo can be used to create and display ads on Facebook and Google Display Network (GDN) for users who have previously visited your store or viewed your products. Adaplo also makes it easy to automate remarketing ads for all previous visitors of the store and the entire catalog SKUs. The app can also be used to increase the reach of your ads to diverse audiences.

    3) Does Folio3 provide Magento 2 Facebook shop integration?

    Yes. Folio3 is a Certified Magento Integration Partner, delivering comprehensive Magento Enterprise development and Magento optimization services. Folio3 Magento 2 Facebook shop integration solutions are meant to help Magento 2 store owners optimize their marketing and sales funnel by reaching a broader and more targeted audience on the social media platforms.

    4) Is Facebook Shop Integration with Magento affordable for small businesses?

    Yes. Facebook shop integration with Magento is quite affordable and beneficial for small businesses. In fact, it is highly recommended for small businesses to integrated Facebook shop with their Magento 2 stores to optimize marketing and sales funnel, attract more audience and increase revenues by reaching a wider audience through highly targeted marketing campaigns.


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