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    Last Updated | February 24, 2022

    Why should you choose Magento?

    Magento is perhaps one of the most famous platforms used for e-commerce. It boasts over 250,000 active stores on the internet. It has over 245,000 users of its forums. They have developers, blogs, and companies all present on their forums. Almost 1.2% of the websites present on the internet were developed on Magento. Magento Website Examples include Fortune500 companies such as Jaguar, Ford, and Coca-Cola who have used Magento for website development. Whether it be startups or multinational corporations, they flock to Magento due to its extremely useful features. It has features such as inventory management, market management, search engine optimization, and store management. Store owners can hire Magento developers to edit the functions, data flow, and the store’s look. Additionally, extensions and plugins can also be used by making use of Magento Integration services of a Magento Web development company. These make the platform highly flexible. Magento owners can customize their sites completely to make them stand out and meet any customized requirements. These services can also integrate CRMs, ERPs, shipping services, payment processing, and speed optimization services. These are the multiple reasons why Magento should be used for e-commerce and website developments

    It is an open source platform.

    The Magento Opensource edition, previously known as the Magento community, is an open-source platform that is also free to use. Magento started in 2008 and was free to download, use, install and extend where users were given the option to configure and adjust the software to meet all of their needs unlike other SaaS models in the market that lock their users in a predefined software roadmap. Startups flock to Magento as they are free, unlike other common platforms that are a free trial for a small period of time and then need subscription payments that some startups just cannot afford. The platform is easy to use, has straightforward management, great tools, no limit to editing and manipulating the code to alter your site. Magento also has extensive documentation present which means that anyone can easily learn the platform design and solve any problems they face.

    It is very simple to manage for everyone.

    Magento is now owned by the Adobe Corporation. It is perhaps one of the most decorated software companies. The support of such a large organization means that it has extensive manuals, documentation, support, forums, and developers present. Magento is extremely easy to learn making it one of the most learnable platforms on the internet. The quick learnability, prolonged usability, and immense flexibility of the platform ensure that the platform is simple to manage even for novice users. The Magento dashboard can help you manage multiple stores from a single administrator panel that can help owners save time and their efforts when managing all of their online sales. It also has support for multiple languages and currency features present. The platform provides international support, shipping services, and order management.

    It is Scalable.

    Magento is extremely scalable and high-performance. The scalability of the platform means that it is extremely easy to start your business and keep on growing without changing the platform. Magento’s scalability is one of the main reasons why Fortune500 companies depend on it. Magento Website Examples for the Fortune500 companies that use its services are Olympus, HP, Procter & Gamble, and Tommy Hilfiger. These companies cater to millions of users and are able to do so successfully because of the large-scale scalability provided by Magento. The site can deal with thousands of surfers without trading-off good performance, because of the platform and the services of an expert Magento Web development company. It is easy to grow on the platform and keep on growing instead of migrating to a new platform. This saves extra costs and is extremely easy to maintain the store once you hire Magento developers dedicated to the store. Magento makes use of HTTP accelerator technology and makes caching requests easy and fast. This optimizes the web pages to deliver quickly, improves the efficiency of the backend operations, increases the response times of servers, and enhances the database flexibility. These features allow Magento to manage peak loads and provide unparalleled scalability.

    It is User Friendly.

    The interface of Magento is extremely user-friendly for store owners and visitors as well. The platform offers store owners a dashboard that can help them in updating and editing the information of the store and the products. The platform helps in linking content to other web pages as well which helps save a lot of time and resources. The platform can handle small tasks that allow the store owners and developers to focus on other more important aspects of the store. The user-friendly experience provided by Magento is one of the most important contributing factors that makes Magento visitors turn into customers. The platform makes use of multiple components to make sure that it provides great human-computer interaction. The outlay is interactive, provides great navigation options and the best themes. The platform becomes a pleasant experience for visitors and users.

    It supports mobile commerce.

    Mobile phone devices have become an integral part of e-commerce activities. Previously, browsing was only done on computers. Today, there are multiple devices that support internet browsings such as watches, laptops, tablets, and watches. Almost 80% of the users on the internet own a smartphone with access to the internet. Also, almost 62% of purchases are made through mobile devices currently. This shows the immense potential and demand for having a platform that caters to customers. Mobile-friendly applications are also great to increase customer conversion rates and grow the business. The support of mobile commerce means that stores can connect with their customers as well. It is a fast and easy medium. Feedback is a prize in modern-day marketing and on average, 8 out of 10 feedbacks are given through mobile phones and these mean that this can help make the store better. Customers can also be contacted directly through phones. Mobile applications also provide pop-up applications regardless of the state of the phone, this means customers can be targeted with personalized marketing strategies that benefit them and the company as well. Mobile phones offer the quickest response rates from the customer side. Furthermore, social media channels can also be utilized to increase brand awareness and provide there is an increased marketing channel available as well.

    It is search engine friendly.

    Perhaps the best feature of e-commerce platforms is the search engine optimization present. This tool is highly usable and provides direct impacts on the traffic on the page. Search engine optimization is necessary for e-commerce businesses. It makes use of user inputs on search engines and then makes sure to include those keywords, in the store so that as that keyword is searched again your Magento site pops up and the user is redirected there. This is why search engine optimization is able to bring in new customers organically. The use of SEO means that users can be catered to when they find something, this makes your store seem trustworthy as the store is able to help them. SEO also focuses on user experience, as users are able to find the content they need. SEO is able to increase brand awareness by making your store visible everywhere. The SEO patterns also allow e-commerce stores to keep up to date with changing trends and then focus on them. The tool is also trackable and once SEO is applied to your store, you can actively understand the impact this has on your store.

    It’s provide security for you store.

    Magento is a highly secure platform. It makes use of multiple technologies to make sure that the platform is safe and secure. A platform for e-commerce needs to be safe and secure because it has data such as customer details, and payment credentials that can be used maliciously. This means that handling the data safely and securely is the responsibility of the platform. Magento applies multiple operations to make the site safe and secure for users and virtually eliminates cyber-security risks. Magento makes use of secure communication protocols in the transport layer such as SSH, SFTP, and HTTPS to manage the transfer of data. Magento also makes use of .htaccess files to protect the platform while making use of the Apache webserver or others like NGINX. Magento provides updates that keep the system up to date and remove bugs as well. Magento also closely monitors issues and bugs on the components to discover and remove threats.

    It’s offer payment options.

    Magento is also able to provide payment processors to make sure that all the deals are successfully closed. Magento provides a one-stop checkout to users to make checkout effortless and ensure order completion. Magento Integration services can be hired to help set up stores with payment processors to make sure that the orders are safely and securely placed. The payment can be from credit cards, debit cards, cash on delivery, and even via new processors such as Afterpay that serve a buy now pay later methodology.

    It’s provide many integrations.

    Magento also provides the platform to be highly customized to provide integrations for the store. If you hire Magento developers or a Magento web development company, they will provide their Magento integration services to integrate Magento with CRMs and ERPs such as Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics, payment processing systems such as Masterpass, stripe, PayPal, and VISA, marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten and eBay, marketing software such as Google AdSense, Mailchimp, Zendesk, and Sailthru, shipping providers like DHL, UPS, and FedEx,  and social media sites such as Facebook, and Instagram. Magento allows code to be built ad integrated with the platform so that customers can completely customize their Magento website. Extensions and plugins are also available on the Magento marketplace ready to be purchased.

    These multiple features are the reason why Magento is used as the platform for e-commerce in the world. Magento itself is a platform that has its benefits and continues to dominate the market. It is preferable to hire a Magento web development company to make sure that the store is maintained up to industry standards.

    Top 10 Magento Website Examples?

    Tom Dixon.

    Tom Dixon is an iconic British furniture designer. As times progressed, their company saw the growing need to visually express their brand to the public. They turned to developing an e-commerce site to deliver their customers an immersive experience. They used the Magento commerce 2 platform and made their site. They were able to put high-quality content complemented by images that helped drive an engaging look and feel for the customer. The customer-centered store caught the attention as expected and their sales increased. The overall effect of using Magento was that they created the best and most engaging shopping experience that allowed the customers to immerse themselves in the product and enjoy.


    Lladro is a Spanish company specializing in porcelain hand-crafted figurines. They met the need to expand the company to global scales. They needed to increase their digital presence on the market back in 2018. Naturally, their first choice was Magento due to extensive features such as flexibility, scalability, security, and the user-friendly interface. The brand looked to increase revenue flows by making better shopping experiences for the customers so that customers would purchase the products. They launched their Magento site with product pages, enhanced galleries, one-stop checkout pages for an effortless flow and engaging content. They were able to observe a 27% increase in the online sales revenue and also noted a 44% increase in online conversion rates, in the short span of only nine months. And since they were aware of the importance of mobile devices, they made improvements on the mobile shopping experience as well and noted a healthy growth of sales on mobile phones by approximately 18%.


    Catbird is a jewelry brand and it has always been the go-to brand for cool-girl jewelry. Catgirl is a famous brand and it is often seen on celebrities. The brand struggled to provide an adequate experience for its mobile users. They had their Magento 1 site, but it was not able to provide competition to the competitor’s store. So Catbird chose to develop a website on Magento2 to provide its users with a fun and elegant mobile experience. After the successful launch, the experience of the mobile users became extremely overwhelming and positive. The new structure made navigation easy and streamlined while also providing the users with content that was their main selling point. Magento 2 also made the checkout process effortless and provided customers to pay with PayPal and other payment methods. The brand recorded a significant change in the overall conversion rate which was 17%. On the mobile end, the band recorded a healthy 39% growth in revenue proving that using Magento was a step in the right direction.


    MRP is perhaps the fastest-growing fashion retailer in South Africa. The MR. Price Group was growing fast so it sought greater growth with a platform scalable to keep up with the growth. MRP decided to look for a new and cost-effective enterprise platform and they chose Magento 2 for the service of their requirements. On their new site, MRP only had one framework for the multiple division on the store: apparel, sport, and home. All provided the best user experience. Their site was also able to incorporate features for B2B and B2C businesses such as lookbooks, gift registries, bundles, style guides, eVouchers, configurable products, multicurrency support, and global shipping to their customers. This helped the store increase awareness and had an e-commerce website to cater to this scalable growth.

    The New Craftsmen.

    The vision of The New Craftsmen was unique, which was to bring to the forefront of their crafts to the customers. As they stressed showcasing their most exceptional works with all the tiniest detail, they needed to show that their products were finely detailed and needed to express the inspiration of all the processes and the narratives that mattered. To make this possible, they chose to develop the foundation for their customer servicing e-commerce website on Magento 2. They chose an omnichannel approach to drive awareness and growth of the workshop and its events. They relaunched with Magento 2 in 2018 and the brand became successful in what they set out to achieve. Their revenues and customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed and are currently showing no signs of slowing down.


    Bulk is a British-based company. It needed a platform that could help them accelerate the performance of international stores and help the company expand globally. The challenges they faced were to deal with multiple currencies, deal with multiple languages, and provide the best customer experience even during peak hours. They upgraded to Magento Commerce 2 platform and launched their web stores in multiple locations across the globe such as Sweden, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, France, and Poland. The migration to Magento commerce cloud helped the company meet unexpected demands, and provide a lightning-fast experience regardless of the visitor volume in all of their locations. Since the relaunch, the brand enjoyed a successive growth in yearly conversion rates. Their pages loaded 32% quicker that helped grow their conversion rates in the UK by 17.4%.

    Cox & Cox.

    Cox & Cox is an online furniture, homeware, and textiles retailer. This fast-growing company realized that they needed to upgrade their Magento Commerce 1 platform to help in the process. To produce a streamlined e-commerce store, the company needed a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform to meet its needs. In August 2016, they decided to upgrade their technology to Magento Commerce 2. The new website provided visual content, a more organized structure for navigation, and simple checkout made their new site a success. Now their stores are easy to navigate and view their beautiful imagery present. Their site was able to experience an increase in the user sessions by almost 36.5%.

    Sigma Beauty.

    Sigma Beauty is a beauty innovator company. They finally decided to rebrand their site back in 2018. Their previous platform was unable to cater to the flexibility to support their revenue goals for the incoming years. Sigma beauty needed a scalable platform to get the company to market fast and create user experiences that would appeal to beauty enthusiasts and even global retailers. So they chose Magento 2 to rebrand their B2B and B2C online experiences. As a result, they were able to reduce loading times by 3+ seconds and were able to improve the store performance to improve the site performance that was able to render images quickly. They improved the engagement with the shoppers and reduced the bounce rate by 15%.


    Boodles is a fine jewelry company with a long history of success. So for them, keeping up with the latest technology and modern trends was a must. Their previous platform was holding back the company and did not support their omnichannel experience. They needed a new website to connect the in-store and online experience of the users. They also needed to have a platform that made booking in-store appointments directly with the store staff. So to service this critical upgrade, they used the Magento Open source platform. The upgrade enabled a fast mobile-first brand redesign while also boosting the speed allowing the company to expand into new and global markets. Since the upgrade, the Boodles total sale revenue rose by almost 175% as browsing, booking appointments, and purchases were made effortless.

    Land Rover.

    Land Rover is one of the most popular names in the automotive industry, particularly in the SUV line. Land Rover introduced a Magento online shop to sell clothing and merchandise of the company. Their Magento 2 store enables them to display their special deals and items in carousel images. The elegant design was able to meet their demands. The perfect navigation and elegant design match their name and helped them set up their e-commerce store.

    Why is Folio3, the best Magento Development company for your business?

    Folio3 is a software solutions company based in California. The company has been in business for over 15 years. They have catered to all sorts of clients whether they be Fortune500 companies or small and medium-sized enterprises. The company is a mix of providing quality solutions at extremely affordable rates when compared to their competitors. This is why Fortune500 companies still hire Folio3 as their Magento web development company. Folio3 brings several advantages to the table when hired as a Magento solution provider.

    Magento certified and expert employees.

    Folio3 currently has over 50+ certified Magento developers that have hands-on experience in Magento website development. They also have over 30+ extensions on the store that are verified by Magento itself. The employees have developed over 500 Magento projects and have plenty of experience. Folio3 has a skilled team that produces the best results. Their expert user interface and user experience designers pay detail to big factors such as highly convertible themes, and even small factors such as the placement of buttons. These details make sure that the solution is perfect in terms of conversion and retention of customers.

    Reduced development cost and time.

    The progress of tracking software is extremely challenging because it is intangible. This is why multiple companies are unable to deliver projects on the promised times. Folio3 has experienced project managers to make sure that the project delivery is always on schedule. This means that the projects are never late but rather always delivered well before time. The company can reduce Magento pricing costs by using efficient developers. These developers make use of effective code, reduce redundant code, increase the code reusability and make the code bug-free. The error-free code means there are fewer resources spent on finding errors which also decreases development time. This also eliminates any rework costs. Subsequently, the product is delivered on time and at a low cost. Folio3 also provides post-project services to clients.

    Provide affordable packages.

    Folio3 has gathered an expert team that makes sure that the products delivered are up to international standards. The company can provide all-in-one solution packages to businesses that include services such as Magento integration services, Magento website development, Magento migration services, Magento maintenance, and support services, and Magento speed optimization services. These packages mean that customers get an all-in-one solution that has a comparatively lower cost and can be easy to track the progress for. These packages serve a very high return on investment as they completely equip the store with an arsenal of features that can be utilized to increase store sales. These packages have a Magento pricing that is quite remarkable when compared with the end product.

    Provide quality websites.

    The experts in the Folio3 have years of experience which makes their solutions extremely impressive. The company also adheres to standards set by international organizations such as ISO9001. This increases the legitimacy of a Magento web development company. Folio3 is also able to provide their clients with samples and demonstrations to help them choose and set a bar for. Magento websites developed by Folio3 make sure that your store is more attractive to the customer and stands out from the competitors’ stores.

    These are the reasons why you should hire Folio3 as your Magento web development company. The company can even maintain and look after the store while customers focus on the product side. Foio3 has clients over the globe who are happy with the services they received. You can visit the nearest office or contact us directly and get quotes or any further detail.

    Final Thoughts.

    The use of Magento for online websites and stores is a must. The platform is able to provide features such as scalability, flexibility, secure services, offering multiple payment options to keep the checkout effortless, the open-source allowing multiple integrations, providing search engine optimization, and supporting mobile commerce. These features mean that the platform is highly recommended to develop stores. Magento Websites Examples are MRP, Ford, Jaguar, Coca-Cola, Bulk, Sigma Beauty, Land Rover, Catbird and Boodles, and furthermore. It is preferable to have a Magento Web development company construct the website to make sure that the services provided are optimal.


    Why Magento is better than Shopify?

    Magento and Shopify are both e-commerce platforms. Magento has several edges over Shopify in certain areas and is better than Shopify for those reasons. To start off, Magento has a free version that means that users can use the platform for free and for as long as they like. Shopify on the other hand has a 14-day free trial that is then followed by monthly payments. Magento 2 supports over 150 types of payment gateways whereas Shopify only has almost 100 processors. Shopify also keeps a cut of the payments of the store owners whereas there is no such policy in Magento. There are further reasons why Magento is better than Shopify. Just be sure to hire Magento developers to make use of the full potential of the platform.

    Is Magento user friendly?    

    Magento is an extremely user-friendly platform. The website builder also includes drag and drop features, an administrator panel for the storeowner o manage multiple stores and track their progress, the platform also has extensive support where people can ask their queries and get them resolved, Magento is also open to integrations to enhance the store, and the platform also provides users with icons to make the usage more user friendly. It also provides extensive data analytics and reporting to make work for the storeowners easy.

    What is the Magento Cost To Create An Online Store?

    The Magento pricing to create an online store depends on multiple factors such as the size, the themes, the company creating the store, and the time constraints. A professional and high-quality website may cost around $50,000. For the Magento enterprise edition, the total cost may come at around $250,000. You can hire a Magento web development company to provide you with multiple all-in-one solutions to increase the return on investment and also make use of the after-project services of companies that are part of packages.

    What is Magento B2B Pricing for Website Development?

    The B2B Magento prcing is variable and can be a combination of off-the-shelf extensions or solutions developed from scratch. Custom development ranges from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the magnitude of customization. Companies such as Folio3 provide B2B website development at a subsidized rate. The clients of Folio3 are Fortune500 companies so you can get an idea of their work quality and professionalism while developing the website for your enterprise.

    Why use Magento for eCommerce?

    There are multiple features present in Magento that make it of great use for e-commerce websites. Magento provides features such as scalability that helps you grow the store without needing to migrate it, it is extremely user friendly as it has learnability and usability, it is one of the most secure platforms as it deals with sensitive data such as payment credentials and customer details, it provides payment options to close deals, it is highly customizable if you make use of the right Magento integration services, it supports mobile commerce in a time where this medium commands 62% of the e-commerce market, and it has search engine optimization enabled for increasing sales and brand exposure. Also, Magento is free to start so these features make Magento the number one choice for e-commerce for startups and even furtune500 companies. Magento website examples for Fortune500 companies include Jaguar, Land Rover, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, and Ford.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.