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    Last Updated | August 25, 2021

    If you have some experience in selling online, you might already know what is Shopify and is Shopify free to use or not. However, for those looking for something to set up their online e-commerce store, here is a quick introduction to Shopify.

    It is basically a commerce platform that enables users to build their online stores in no time and start selling their services and products. Moreover, merchants are also allowed to sell what they want in-person using Shopify POS.

    Shopify came into existence ten years ago. Its founder Tobi created this platform because he found that selling products and services online is very difficult without a website creator or an e-commerce platform.

    In the present age, Shopify is known to be the leading e-commerce store builder that is assisting businesses of all sizes to flourish and make their mark. Whether you have a small shop, sell while at home, or on social media, Shopify offers support for all.

    Now the main question that most people ask is Shopify free? If you want an answer as well, continue reading and learn what you need to know before you set up your online store.

    Is Shopify Free To Use?

    Well, who does not love free things? We all do. But that is not the case with Shopify. However, you can always enjoy a 14 day trial period. This is when you can set up your store and launch it for the public. After that, you will have to buy a plan in order to continue selling.

    Shopify has four pricing plans that you can select from. These are as follows:

    All of these plans have their unique features so that each business can choose a plan according to its requirements without wasting money on features they do not need.

    Is Shopify Free To Sell?

    As we explained above, Shopify offers a trial period, but it charges you afterward. For setting up an online store and selling your services and products, you will need to buy a plan. Here are your options:

    With Basic Shopify, at $29, you can sell unlimited services and products. This plan is the cheapest for businesses that have a wide range of products. Shopify never restricts you in terms of file storage and the number of products. You also get ‘Abandoned Cart Recovery’ features in this plan. Moreover, professional reports and gift card features are not included in this plan. One more important thing that makes this plan worth choosing is telephone support.

    Shopify plan comes at $79; however, it offers lower rates of credit card and includes more features. For credit card payment, Shopify plan users only have to pay 0.3 percent. Moreover, professional reports are available in this plan for giving useful insights into your store. You also get gift cards feature via an app.

    Advanced Shopify is known to be the most expensive of their plans. It is available at $299. However, in this plan, the credit card payment is the lowest. Moreover, it offers the best shipping for the United States. If you require real-time shipping, Shopify Advanced is what you need. It means that a third party will calculate the shipping cost automatically. Moreover, you also get an advanced report builder in this plan through which you can create your customized reports.

    If you are looking for an enterprise solution, then there is Shopify Plus. It is a scalable e-commerce solution that is available at $2000. It comes with a support team that will assist you in setting up and launching your e-commerce store. You will receive 24/7 support. Moreover, your team of Shopify developers will have greater access to the system of Shopify for better customization. Plus, you will have two more clone storefronts that are for internationalization.

    Is Shopify Free For 90 Days?

    Shopify has just partnered with the government of Canda and has created a program “Go Digital Canada.” If you join this program, you will get Shopify 90-day free trial.

    What Is Shopify Free Trial 60 Day?

    It is true that users once had the option to get a 60-day trial. It was possible if you had a Shopify expert or partner create a store for you, the offer was available of a fiver for only $5. However, Shopify free trial 60 days is no longer available. So if you want to see whether or not Shopify is the right choice, you can always use its 14-day trial to see how it works for you.

    What Is 21 Day Free Trial Shopify?

    Initially, Shopify offered only a 14-day free trial period to users. So that they can use all the features and build their online store to see whether Shopify is hat they are looking for. However, after that, Shopify offered 60 and 90 days trial periods. The 60-day trial period is no longer available, whereas the 90 days free trial period is active. But there is an option through which you can get 21 days trial period with Shopify. You can contact the customer support team, and they will give you a seven-day extension in your 14 days trial period so that you will get 21 days trial period.

    What Is Shopify 30 Day Free Trial?

    The 30 days free trial program is not working at the time. Users can only obtain 14 days free trial period with Shopify. However, it is possible to as for an extension of seven more days and enjoys a 21 days free trial period if you have some valid reasons.

    How Many Best Free Ecommerce Platform development Like Shopify?

    Here is a list of free Shopify alternatives:

    • Square Online (free plan): unlimited products, 2.9 percent transaction fees, and three payment gateways.
    • Weebly (free plan): 2.9 percent Shopify transaction fees, three payment gateways.
    • Big Cartel (free plan): 0 percent transaction fees, three payment gateways, five products.
    • Constant Contact (free plan) 3 percent transaction fees, two payment gateways, and three products.
    • Wix (free trial): 0 percent transaction fees, four payment gateways, and unlimited products.
    • BigCommerce (free trial): 0 percent transaction fees, five payment gateways, and unlimited products.
    • Squarespace (free trial): 0 percent transaction fees, unlimited products, and seven payment gateways.
    • WooCommerce (Free installation): seven payment gateways, 0 percent transaction fees, and unlimited products.
    • Magento (Free installation): more than ten payment gateways, 0 percent transaction fee, and unlimited products.
    • OpenCart (free to install): more than ten payment gateways, unlimited products, and 0 percent transaction fees.
    • PrestaShop (free installation): 0 percent transaction fees, more than ten payment gateways, and unlimited products.

    Is Shopify Pos Free?

    For sing Shopify POS, users will have to pay monthly charges and defined rates according to its usage.

    The basic Shopify plan costs $29 monthly, including transaction fees, i.e., 2.9 percent and thirty cents for sales made online, and 2,7 percent for sales made in-person. If the Shopify payments system is being used for processing payments, their users do not have to pay any extra fees. However, upon using a third party payment gateway, you will have to pay an additional two percent. The basic plan offers two accounts for staff, an unlimited number of file storage and products, and shipping discount along with a website, support, and discount codes.

    If you choose the Shopify plan that is for $79 monthly, you will have to pay 2.6 percent and thirty cents on each transaction or 2.5 percent for sales made in-person. If you are using a third-party payment gateway rater than own Shopify payment Gateway, the rates go down to one percent. This plan comes with five accounts for staff, gifts cards, abandoned carts, and access reports.

    The advanced Shopify plan is the most expensive one, and it offers the most features of Shopify. You have to pay 2.4 percent and thirty cents on each online transaction and 2,4 percent on each sale made in-person. However, using an external payment gateway will cost you an additional 0.5 percent. You get fifteen staff accounts, a display of shipping rates when checking out, and an advanced report builder.

    Moreover, there is Shopify Plus for enterprises. Also, Shopify Lite if your business is very small.

    Using Shopify lite, you will have to pay a monthly $9 and an additional 2.9 percent and thirty cents on each credit card transaction or $2,7 percent for transactions made in-person.

    Is Shopify Email Free?

    All users who use paid Shopify plans can send 2,500 emails at every month’s beginning. The cost of email is calculated using these terms:

    • Emails are counted according to each email ID to which an email is sent. For instance, sending one email to 700 email addresses will count as 700 emails.
    • If emails remain unused, they are not added to the next month’s emails.
    • Users can send more than 2500 emails. Every 1000 emails will cost $1.
    • There is no plan for a subscription. Simple to say, Shopify Emails will only charge users for what they send.

    Is Shopify Partners Free?

    The Partner’s program of Shopify is free for everyone to use. It allows you to experiments via a wide range of test stores. Also, for every client reference, built apps, or theme design, you will be making a monthly income.

    What Are The Free Shopify Alternatives?


    It is a self-hosted platform for e-commerce. It is built on WordPress. Woocommerce is an e-commerce solution that is scalable and open-source. It is perfect for entrepreneurs who plan to achieve long term goals and want to keep things under their control.


    It is a dedicated e-commerce platform, and it features advanced features for marketing, such as abandoned cart emails. This is a great solution for digital marketers and organizations that want scalable solutions.


    It is a perfect choice for small and medium scale businesses. It features a user-friendly interface and step-by-step guide (tutorials) that assist users in setting up processes.

    Big Cartel

    It is an e-commerce solution for influencers, creatives, and artists. It has a limited number of features that make it much easier to use as compared to other e-commerce solutions. However, for large organizations, Big Cartel is a big no.

    List The Best Free Apps For Shopify?

    Below is a list of best free apps for Shopify:

    • Order Printer
    • Product Reviews
    • Free Shipping Bar
    • Shopify SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero
    • Printful
    • Improved Contact Form
    • Klaviyo
    • Oberlo
    • Kit
    • Digital Downloads
    • Rewards and Referrals by Swell
    • Shop codes
    • Compass
    • Bulk Image Edit ‑ Image SEO
    • Upsell and Cross-sell Products
    • Infinite Options
    • UserGems
    • Sales Notification by MPS
    • Ultimate Sales Boost
    • Give and Grow
    • Tidio Live Chat
    • Trust Badge
    • Privy
    • PushOwl
    • Form Builder

    How To Extend Shopify Free Trial?

    Shopify allows users to use a 14 days free trial period. However, if you want to extend this trial period, you can contact the customer support team with a valid reason, and they will extend it for a further seven days, making it a 21 days free trial period.

    Some More Shopify Free Features

    What Is Free Qr Code Generator By Shopify?

    Shopify QR code generator allows you to enter any SMS, Phone Number, URL, or Text. And with just one click, the QR code generator creates QR codes that can be used anywhere. These codes help you to drive traffic, boost sales, and generate customer interest.

    How To Find Best Free Shopify Themes?

    In order to find the best themes for Shopify, one must know what makes a theme perfect. Here are some elements that best Shopify free themes must have:

    Appearance and Customization

    Choosing a free theme does not mean that you have to stick with what you get. A free theme that offers customization and appears suitable for your brand is better than going with just any free theme you find. Design and style matter a lot when it comes to online stores, so make sure you make the right choice and select a theme that allows you to make the required changes.

    Web and Mobile Responsive

    If a website takes so much time to load on the web or mobile, people will leave. Make sure when you pick a theme, that it loads faster on both mobile and desktop. Of course, you do not want to lose your valuable customers and let your sales get affected just because your chosen theme takes ages to load.

    Matches Your Brand

    It is not only about choosing a theme that looks nice and allows you to change the custom Shopify website design according to your requirements. But you must also make sure that the overall appearance of the theme matches your brand. From color scheme, fonts to the logo, and other customizations, everything must be in favor of your brand.

    Customer Support

    When you are building an e-commerce store, you will have so many questions to ask. For that purpose, you will need good and prompt customer support that can help you to set up your store easily. When you select a free Shopify theme, make sure you consider whether it offers customer support by Shopify.

    What Is Shopify Free Images Features?

    Shopify offers free Shopify images. It features both lifestyle images and product photography. This way, you are enabled to download content that assists you in introducing a professional brand at zero cost. These are high resolution and free stock images that you can utilize for commercial use.

    How To Set Up Free Shipping On Shopify?

    Free Shipping Over A Fixed Amount

    Follow these steps:

    • Open your Shopify administrator. Open settings and click on shipping.
    • Select ‘edit’ where you need to offer free shipping.
    • In the rate segments, click the add rate.
    • Add a rate, enter a name, and then put the minimum and maximum order value.
    • Check the rate for free shipping.
    • Click done.

    Free Shipping Over Fixed Weight

    Follow the steps given below:

    • Go to Shopify administrator. Go to settings. Open shipping.
    • Click edit where you want to offer free of cost shipping.
    • In the weight segment, click add weight.
    • Put a name, maximum and minimum order weight, and check the shipping fee.
    • Click done.

    What Is The Best Free Shopify Theme?

    Some of the best free themes for Shopify are:

    • Brooklyn.
    • Narrative.
    • Fashe.
    • Annabelle.
    • Boundless.
    • Venture.

    How To Get A Free Card Reader From Shopify?

    You can buy the chip and swipe reader from the Shopify Hardware Store in the US.

    Here is how you can pair and connect Shopify, free card reader to your POS:

    • Go to Shopify POS
    • Tap store.
    • Open Hardware.
    • In this screen, select ‘connect card reader.’
    • Once you are on the select reader screen, select Connect below the Chip, and Swipe Reader.
    • Press and release the button available on the card reader’s side. The light will begin flashing.
    • Once you see the card reader is showing in Available card readers.
    • Tap connect.

    What Is Shopify Free Logo Maker?

    Shopify allows users to create their logo for free in no time. All they have to do is to give the logo generator the required details and see the magic happen. Shopify free logo creator is free and fun to use. Moreover, you get tons of options to choose from. It gets a lot easier with Shopify free logo maker.

    What Is Free Shopify Page Templates?

    If you are choosing Shopify when setting up your online e-commerce store, you do not have to worry about page templates as the Shopify theme store offers more than 100 free as well as premium Shopify free templates that you can use for your website.

    Shopify Free Slogan Maker?

    Slogan attracts people and helps them to remember your brand. A catchy slogan is always the best option to capture customer interest and attention. Shopify free slogan maker helps you with just that. You can create unique and attractive slogans for your online store using the Shopify slogan generator in no time for free.

    Which Free Shopify Theme Is The Best For Blogs?

    • Wookiee: multipurpose.
    • Shella: Ultimate theme for Shopify.
    • Basel: a responsive theme for an e-commerce store.
    • Fastor: Multipurpose sections theme.
    • Gecko: Responsive Shopify theme.

    Is Oberlo Free With Shopify?

    Oberlo’s basic plan is free, and it can be used for an unlimited number of orders. Moreover, Oberlo only works with Shopify, which is a paid platform.

    How To Cancel Shopify Free Trial?

    Here how you can cancel Shopify free trial:

    • Go to account settings.
    • Make sure you are logged in as the store’s owner.
    • Go to the status section of the store.
    • Select a reason for cancelation.
    • Confirm cancelation.

    How To Shopify Extend Free Trial?

    You can contact the customer support team to extend your trial for an additional seven days. So your 14 days trial will be extended, making it 21 days free trial

    What Is a Free Version Of Shopify?

    Shopify lets you have a 14 days free trial period. During this time, you can set up your store and launch it for the public.

    What Is Shopify Free Domain?

    Shopify allows for easy creation and registration of a domain for your e-commerce website. You can purchase a new domain from Shopify. Also, you can use an already existent one or use the free one.

    How To Do Free Plus Shipping On Shopify?

    Open Shopify.

    Go to settings—open Shipping and then general profile.

    Click manage rates and shift to Shipping To section.

    Here, select countries that you would like to sell products. Add shipping rates according to weight.

    By doing this setting, you can sell your items internationally. If a customer buys a product with a regular price, they will have free shipping. However, if they purchase a free item, shipping will be around $7 to $28 according to the quantity of the product. After this, you need to select weight and set it to 0.00 kg for all items of regular prices. Once you are done, move to the next step, which is setting prices to 0.00 and weight to 1.00 kg for all items you wish to mention as ‘Free Plus Shipping.’

    What Is Free Shopify Upsell App?

    Easy Upsell is an application that aims to upsell products and encourage potential customers to make an additional purchase when they are checking out. Customers usually go for offers that are too good to decline.

    How To Use Shopify Page Builder Free?

    There are various free Shopify page builders. They allow you to customize your pages and change their appearance completely. All you have to do is just drag and drop. Change the position of content, articles, products. Do anything that you like for free!

    Which Free Shopify Theme Is Best?

    Debut is known to be the best among all. It is highly customizable. Moreover, the theme is easy to navigate and super fast. It suits most stores as it is flexible enough and covers your inventory pretty well.


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