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    Last Updated | December 3, 2021

    Over the last two decades, we have witnessed a steep rise in the number of mobile users across the globe. Statistics indicate that nearly 5 billion people use smartphones all over the world.  Many online businesses see this and realize the potential growth that lies ahead if they leverage eCommerce mobile apps.

    Hiring the perfect app developer for your eCommerce business on Magento can be a daunting task. There are a bunch of things you need to consider before settling on a developer. Luckily, our Magento development agency has compiled a comprehensive guide on how to go about this. Below, we have answered some pressing questions most businesses have when looking to hire an app developer for Magento.

    What are the things to Consider Before Hiring an App Developer?

    As per our experts, there are a few things you need to consider before you hire an app developer for Magento— especially if this is the first time you’re having an app created for your online business.

    Check the Developer’s Portfolio

    This should be the first on your to-do list when looking through potential candidates. Check out the number of projects this firm has worked on to see whether they would be a good fit for you. You are encouraged to reach out to their last employers to find out more about quality and work ethic. Another helpful tip is downloading an application they’ve worked on and see if you like their approach.

    Folio3 has serviced numerous infant businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and we’d be happy to provide you with our portfolio. Additionally, we’d highly recommend checking out some of the testimonials left on our website as well.

    Which Platforms Have They Worked On?

    This is yet another crucial question you need to ask. Just because one developer is skilled in developing iOS apps don’t mean they’d be equally as skilled at Android. Thus, this should be something you need to find out to prevent wasting time and effort on someone who can’t benefit your company.

    Creating a Design

    Our Magento development agency recognizes that app development isn’t just about coding but also about creative design. You hire an app developer for Magento who cares about UX and functional design. Ensure that your developer adheres to the recent user expertise principles to get the most out of your application.


    Know that once your app has been submitted and is on the marketplace, it needs to be updated from time to time. Try checking to see if it needs new features or if it needs any issues that need to be resolved. Before you hire an app developer for Magento, make sure that they also provide maintenance services once the app is developed. One such Magento development agency is Folio3.

    How to Find an App Developer for Magento in the US?

    Folio3 is one Magento development agency in the US that can help you create an app for your online business on Magento. Folio3 is an experienced Magento development agency, having serviced many business tycoons over the last decade.

    Our Magento development services include Magento support services, design services as well as integration and migration services. With our firm, you can also avail of Magento 2 upgrades and a custom Magento extension development.

    Moreover, if you hire an app developer for Magento from our company, you’d be happy to know that do not only our experts at Folio3 offer app development and Magento support services, but also migration, extension development, customization as well as integration, and Magento to Shopify migration for your online business.

    What is the cost of Mobile App Developers in Different Countries?

    If you’ve never had an app developed before, one thing you need to make sure you’re familiar with is the hourly market rates to hire an app developer for Magento for different countries. Magento development cost can differ a little depending on which country you developer operates in.

    In the US and Canada, the rates can go as high as $100–175 an hour. In European countries such as Germany, France, and Italy, the prices range from $40­­–85 per hour. Counties such as India, China, Pakistan, and Malaysia are said to have the lowest per hour rates: $15– 40. However, Australia has the highest per hour Magento cost at $150–200.

    How to Successfully Hire an App Developer for Magento in Canada?

    To create a feature-rich and fully working Magento site, you must engage a skilled developer. Finding the appropriate developer may be a gruesome task. However, you can quickly hire an app developer for Magento by checking if your developer meets the following requirements:

    • Look for Magento developers in Canada that is well-versed in all the programming languages. This is the bare minimum requirement. Java, Python, Javascript, CSS/HTML, C++, PHP, SQL, Ruby programming languages are handy in website creation. To be the ideal choice for you, one must be a master in the PHP language.
    • The individual in charge of your website’s development must have a valid Magento certification. They should pass the Magento 2 certification exam (which is to verify their ability to construct a Magento e-commerce store). You cannot handpick anyone to work for you as a developer; this qualification is a must-have.
    • Customized CMS Developments are the fundamental capabilities that an ideal Magento developer in Canada must possess to be employed by a firm. They should be able to mix their talents and development experience based on the requirements of a website.
    • The demand for Magento extension development stems from its ability to make data the word of the town. Extension development has resulted in several advancements in the realm of web development. Hire an app developer for Magento that is aware of it.
    • An excellent Magento developer must be skilled at creating bespoke CMS themes. The developer must build a CMS theme that meets your requirements.
    • Another factor to consider; when you hire an app developer for Magento is their expertise in Javascript, CMS, and MVC frameworks

    How to hire iOS, Android, and Hybrid app developers in UAE?

    Consider the stage of your project and its complexity. And how your current team operates, then hire an app developer for Magneto that can work as part of your team or on their own. This is how you may obtain one in the UAE:

    • Publish a job advertisement: Use a route of communication that you believe the present generation will not ignore to hire an app developer for Magneto. By the current generation, the reference is towards the young and inventive brains. Alternatively, conduct research to learn about the top newspapers and television stations in the UAE so that your word doesn’t go unheard.
    • Analyze the requirements: Collect and evaluate your needs. Make the candidate aware of how you want them to operate as a part of your team and how they must listen to your demands.
    • Hiring: Inform your HR staff on how to work in the proper direction and choose the top developers from candidates in UAE based on their experience, competence, language, and other variables. If a candidate does not have any skills you require, politely decline their application and wait for additional candidates to submit their applications.

    Hiring iOS Developers

    Now that you understand how to hire an app developer for Magneto: let’s go through some of the essential qualifications for being an iOS developer.

    • Native iOS language skills in Objective-C and Swift
    • Awareness of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines
    • Experience with the Xcode IDE
    • Understanding of UI / UX standards
    • Expertise with advanced code versioning tools
    • Core Practical experience with data frameworks
    • API comprehension and integration experience with Metal and OpenGL

    Hiring Android Developers

    To outperform anyone in the market, a person who is passionate about becoming an android developer would have the following set of skills:

    • Knowledge of Java, Kotlin, or Both
    • Important Android SDK Concepts
    • SQL expertise is required.
    • Basic knowledge of Git
    • XML
    • Understanding Material Design Principles
    • Backend Programming

    Hiring Flutter Developers for Cross-Platform Development

    A flutter developer’s tasks include creating and building apps, writing clean code, participating in the development life cycle, fixing bugs, and so on. But what abilities do they need? Here’s the solution to hire an app developer for Magneto:

    • Excellent understanding of Git
    • Knowledge of Computer Science
    • Understanding of the software development life cycle
    • Knowledge of GoF patterns
    • SQL expertise is required.
    • Excellent networking skills
    • Expertise with mobile programming languages such as Kotlin or Swift
    • Flutter framework comprehension
    • Understands the Dart programming language
    • Familiarity with UI design tools like Materials Design for Android and Cupertino for iOS.
    • Must Comprehend Flutter DevTools and Design Tools


    It is extremely important to find a good and trustworthy Magento app developer for your eCommerce business. This blog highlights some of the frequently asked questions we get related to hiring app developers. Folio3 not only works on developing Magento websites and applications but also develops eCommerce websites for other platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. Get in touch with us and book your appointment today!


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