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    Last Updated | April 4, 2022

    Overview: What is Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace?

    In this blog, we bring to you one of the most hotly debated topics when designing your website: Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace. While each platform is formidable in its own right, we zone in on each of these platforms regarding the design, themes, SEO tools, features pricing plans, and much more. Our experts at Folio3 will be focusing on how each platform performs in creating and maintaining eCommerce websites in particular.

    Why need to Compare Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace?

    Creating, developing, and maintaining a website is an intimidating task. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small eCommerce business, you’ll want to make sure your website has everything you need to obtain your business goal, be it scalability, high SERP ranking, or lead generation.

    How well your website performs is heavily dependent on the software you choose to create and develop your website on. Our experts believe that Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace are the top contenders you should be looking into. Check out the features, function ability, development time, and much more to figure out which website is best suited to you.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Functionality

    The web developers Wix and Squarespace offer clients all the fundamental usefulness essential for a successful eCommerce website (e.g., deals channels, item alternatives, and variations, deserted trucks, multi-money, and so forth). However, remember that you’ll have to move up to a Business plan with Squarespace and Business Basic or higher with Wix.

    Shopify enables your site to develop along with your business. There is no compelling reason to pay for the high-level eCommerce functionalities you won’t have much use for. Instead, you can add them once the need arises. Shopify is the strongest platform with cutting-edge usefulness, feature enhanced solutions with a huge assortment of cutting-edge web tools. Apart from this, Shopify has a lot more to bring to the table:

    • Selling limitless items
    • Full contributing to a blog stage
    • Incorporations with Amazon, Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook, and so forth
    • Shopify POS
    • Free SSL endorsement (in any event, for non-business pages)
    • Adaptable delivery rates
    • 100 installment entryways
    • Deserted checkout recuperation
    • Numerous dialects
    • Social media reconciliation
    • Coordination with Dropshippers or Fulfillment Centers
    • Rebate codes and coupons; Gift cards
    • Site improvement
    • Google Analytics following and progressed Reporting instruments
    • Stock administration

    It is safe to say that when it comes to this aspect of the Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace debate, Shopify is the stronger contender. Check out some Folio3 Custom Shopify website development services.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Design

    Wix is quite adaptable. It has a few limitations on customizations hosted arrangements, with the exception of Shopify. The principal issue you may look at with Wix is that once you pick a theme, you cannot change it later on. Be that as it may, Wix comes as an incredible alternative for portfolio site pages, small companies, and individual blogs. In these cases, the choice of changing themes probably won’t be vital. Whenever you are happy with the picked format, the extra elements of Squarespace and Shopify may be superfluous.

    Squarespace enables altering CSS and just certain pieces of HTML. In addition, the Squarespace support team saves the right not to support you completely in the event that you edit the CSS of your site.

    Among the three, Shopify is the most adaptable as it gives you full power over the HTML and CSS of your site. You’ll have the option to make a remarkable site. Thanks to this flexibility, this platform is strong when considering Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Themes

    Concerning the formats and plans, there is no unmistakable victor in the opposition between Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace. Every one of them has eye-catching, exquisite, state-of-the-art, and responsive themes adjusted to various devices.

    Wix proposes 700 elegant formats that are extremely inventive and expertly looking. Some of the time, it is even difficult to choose which one to pick— each and every one of them look engaging.

    The quantity of Squarespace themes offered is a bit lower (40 plans). However, their quality is high, and they are responsive. Besides, it is feasible to customize them to no extent. Squarespace offers an option of Cover Pages, and it may raise your site page to another degree of style.

    With Squarespace, you’ll get great themes. Contingent upon the picked theme, you’ll get numerous noteworthy, enhanced visuals in play, including parallax scrolling and text that effortlessly blurs in and out when clients look through a site.

    Shopify has more than 70 plans, both free and premium ones. They are sleek, exquisite, and more adaptable than Wix and Squarespace. The addressed subjects’ cost shifts from $140 to $180. For the most part, a one-time installment will help you multiple times over the long haul. Nonetheless, if your financial plan is restricted, there are extraordinary, responsive free formats that will be a keen option here. Get in touch with our experts to find out the highest converting Shopify themes for your business today!

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Development Time

    Next, in our Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace debate, we will discuss how long it typically takes for each of these platforms to create your eCommerce website.

    Building your Shopify store is a long process for a great many people. In any case, the typical time span it takes can rely upon the site, its requirements, and your ability level. You can also recruit a website designer to assist you with building your Shopify store. Hiring professional Folio3 custom Shopify website development services can help you leverage our 15+ years of experience in the field and quick delivery time. It can take just 3-4 days to finish a fundamental site with all the content and items completely.

    A normal measure of time for most expert web architecture and advancement projects is 3 to 4 months for web designers like Wix and Squarespace

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Features

    At its generally essential, eCommerce business owners need a platform with all the basic elements they need and for these elements to be easy to utilize.

    Luckily, Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace all boast easy-to-utilize dashboards. From here, you can deal with all parts of your site and online selling. From refreshing your payment data to altering content to listing items, you can oversee everything from one concentrated place.


    Moving onto Wix’s components, much like Shopify and Squarespace, Wix also gives an easy-to-utilize dashboard. Essentially, from here, you can outline and deal with your whole online business site. For example, you can manage and gather orders, access business experiences (marketing projections, benefits, etc.), manage client installments, and so forth.

    There’s likewise an application that empowers you to deal with your Wix store from your cell phone’s accommodation. This incorporates following and overseeing stock, adding new listings, sending invoices, preparing discounts, planning payments, etc.

    Other striking Wix features include:

    • 800+ adjustable formats: That’s a surprising number of layouts to look over! These are advantageously arranged into specialties. For instance, gems, design, and apparel, magnificence, etc.
    • Online installments: You can acknowledge all significant charges and Visas utilizing Wix Payments, Wix’s local installment passage.
    • Advertising: Wix accompanies in-assembled email promoting usefulness, a tool that assists you with making eye-getting social media posts, AI to refine your Facebook Ad campaigns, and a video creator!
    • Transportation: You can set delivery rates and automate charges.
    • Item placement: You can sell on different platforms, including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Instagram.
    • Shopping cart customization: You can modify your shopping basket and installment pages to suit your store’s look and feel and pick to uncover constant deals charges.
    • Automation: You can computerize and follow each progression of the client venture from buy to conveyance.


    Shopify gives all that you need to add items to your online store rapidly, alter your website’s look, and move items/ products from a past eCommerce store.

    Shopify makes adding items to your store easy. At the point when you add items, there are assigned fields for entering: item names, costs, portrayals, and item photographs. Basic, isn’t that so?

    Other remarkable Shopify features include:

    • Investigation: By this we mean, you gain admittance to a Google Analytics reconciliation, you can create item reports, and view deals and client information through your Shopify dashboard.
    • Website design enhancement and advertising devices: Unsurprisingly, this incorporates SEO-improvement devices. Yet additionally, the capacity to sell on Facebook and proposition designated limits to faithful clients.
    • Portable application: Shopify is an altogether versatile stage, with 81% of its client traffic coming from mobile phones. You can even satisfy orders and oversee stock through the portable dashboard.
    • Items: This element class covers stock administration, item association, the making of limitless item postings, and the reality you can sell advanced items.
    • Storefront: You gain access to 70+ expertly planned subjects, an online web designer and proofreader, just as your own space name.
    • Shopping basket: There are 100 installment processors to browse. Additionally, you’re given a free SSL testament, the ability to acknowledge all significant charge cards, and you can set adaptable transportation rates.
    • Store management: Shopify coordinates with huge amounts of famous outsourcing applications, a large number of which go far to automizing your request satisfaction and delivery. You can likewise set client profiles and gatherings as per purchasing and perusing references, create and measure discounts, and get robotized stock updates.
    • Web hosting: Users get limitless transfer speed, limitless orders, programmed Shopify updates, and Level 1 PCI agreeable security
    • Publishing content to a blog: Shopify accompanies a strong in-assembled contributing to a blog motor. They give all that bloggers need to develop their readership and increment site traffic.
    • Round the clock: This incorporates admittance to Shopify’s online Help Center just as their in-person support group.


    One of Squarespace’s most remarkable provisions is its visual editorial manager. This does some incredible things for tweaking pictures – particularly assuming you need to utilize progressed channels and impacts.

    Some other features include:

    • Online business: Although Squarespace’s web-based business usefulness isn’t just about as powerful as Shopify’s, it actually gives the nuts and bolts to selling on the web. For example, you can: add and oversee limitless items and addition rich item portrayals, installed recordings, and pictures. Additionally, you can coordinate items into classes to help clients discover what they’re searching for.
    • Product and sale management: Every time you list an item, it’s placed into an index, so you can undoubtedly reuse it in email missions and blog entries. There’s additionally a speedy view alternative that permits clients to see items exhaustively without clicking away from the page. At long last, you can plan items, deals, and advancements to go live on your site consequently.
    • Stock management: You can add and alter limitless stock, get robotized cautions when you’re running unavailable, show clients stock accessibility, and sync stock with other eCommerce stages.
    • Storefront: You gain admittance to 110 very much planned, versatile formats across five ‘types’ – Online store, portfolio, participations, blog, and dispatch page. You can additionally trim down your selection of layouts by sifting by ‘point’ – there are 17 to browse, including food, diversion, travel, eateries, media and digital broadcasts, and so forth
    • Transportation: US clients can get constant delivery gauges, and like Shopify, you can likewise set transportation rates either as a level or weight-based rate.
    • Payment and checkout: Squarespace acknowledges all significant charge cards, just as Stripe and PayPal. You can likewise tweak the checkout experience by adding client overviews and permitting clients to connect a giving message to their request.
    • Advertising: It’s not difficult to share your items via online media destinations and label them in Instagram posts.
    • SEO tools: One of Squarespace’s best SEO highlights is its best procedures checklist. This gives all the information you need to guarantee you’re doing all that could be within reach, so your site shows up in internet searcher results.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Payment Gateways and Fees

    When you own an e-store, the scope of the most well-known payment gateway is basically an absolute necessity. At the point when your customers settle on a purchase, they ought to have every one of the necessary resources to transfer the money. In this aspect, Shopify comes as a fortunate ticket presenting more than 100 distinct installments gateways, including the most well-known one – PayPal.

    Wix offers 30 installment gateways. Squarespace, conversely, has a confined number of installment gateways and coordinates just with Stripe and PayPal.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Budget and Pricing

    Wix’s pricing plan is a reasonable one. There are 4 installment plans to choose from. Yet just two of them – Vip and eCommerce – allow you to launch an eCommerce business. Both Squarespace and Shopify have a 14-days free trial choice. It is a great chance to check whether a specific platform will suit your necessities and budget.

    Squarespace offers 4 pricing plans to choose from. The value comes a bit steeper than the market average. When you actually look at the capacity the platform offers, you’ll see that it more than makes up for its high price point.

    Shopify has three payment plans, and you can set aside 20% on the off chance that you pick a 1-or 2-years membership. Every one of the plans enables selling limitless items and utilizing the high-level eCommerce usefulness – Facebook Store/Facebook Buy Button/Pinterest Buy Butto/Twitter Buy Button/Point of Sale, and so forth. It is for this reason that the platform does much better than the other in our Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace debate.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Marketing Tools

    Advertising is advancing your online store, getting more clients, and building your image. You would already be able to see the significance of having a decent showcasing

    Social Media Integration

    Shopify wins here with its decision of applications and online media promotion. You can undoubtedly add an enormous scope of advertising, bookkeeping, and delivery applications to make your business more smoothed out. What’s more, you can sell across 10 online media stages.

    Ascend Social Posts by Wix permits you to exhibit an item, advance a deal, plan a motivating statement, or make other intriguing substance via social media with regards to the least complex way that is available.

    Paradoxically, Squarespace’s expansion store offers top-notch choices (both free and paid), yet there are fewer applications to browse in general. This implies you might grow out of Squarespace in case you’re hoping to scale enormously.

    Email Campaigns

    Squarespace has presented another extra element called Email Campaigns, and it basically does what it says on the tin. Email Campaigns offers a free preliminary; during this period, you can send up to 50,000 missions each month. It’ll cost you $8/month after that.

    The Ascend Email Marketing apparatus by Wix makes this conceivable. From instant layouts to completely adjustable choices, you can pick how much exertion and individual style you need to place into your messages.

    Shopify allows you to make email crusades straightforwardly from your administrator page; however, there are some valuable applications to give you greater adaptability. The absolute best incorporate Privy and Omnisend Email Marketing.

    Writing and Publishing a Blog

    Squarespace might be the head of the plan, yet its online journals are in no way, shape, or form simply a lovely face. It scored good grades in our blog testing, offering all the publishing content to a blog highlights you need for an effective site, incorporating worked in the examination, document usefulness, and a pursuit include.

    Shopify comes up short on all the writing for a blog highlight referenced previously. In any case, not at all like Squarespace, it accompanies blog-explicit SEO highlights; however, these aren’t too significant for your site in truth.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace SEO

    No site building review is complete without recognizing the significance of working with a platform that offers hearty SEO optimization. Along these lines, how about we investigate every stage thusly:


    Wix offers a loaded toolbox for clients to SEO optimize their store. Like Shopify and Squarespace, its back end incorporates worker-side delivering, clean URLs, a well-maintained XML sitemap, and alt images packed for sped-up page loading.

    Its SEO usefulness is likewise incorporated into its dashboard and accompanies a Google Analytics and Google Search Console joining. These prove to be useful, assuming you need to burrow further and better refine your SEO strategy.


    Shopify has some clever underlying back-end SEO features that you can use to advance your store. A portion of the SEO work is computerized, so you don’t need to try doing it without anyone’s help—for example, auto-produced standard labels and topics with worked in social media sharing and connecting choices.

    With Shopify’s inherent SEO features, you can improve your substance by altering title labels, URLs for online journals, website pages, and meta depictions. You can likewise alter the alt text for your picture depictions.

    Shopify likewise incorporates a few SEO instruments to assist you with step up your SEO game. A fast look at their application store advises us there are 127 SEO-related apparatuses accessible! Some are paid for, while others are free.

    Shopify likewise has a truly easy to comprehend blog on this subject focused on novices. It covers subjects like catchphrases and coordinates clients towards a portion of its instruments to upgrade your SEO. Shopify’s site likewise gives you a choice to buy into videos on SEO streamlining.


    Squarespace additionally offers a best practice SEO guide on its site, despite the fact that it accepts a specific degree of understanding that fledglings might not have. Assuming that sounds like you, you might be in for a more extreme expectation to absorb information.

    Fortunately, very much like Shopify, Squarespace additionally has SEO optimization incorporated into its back end. For example, clean HTML markup, SSL testaments, a site map, programmed site diverts labeling and altering fields for your web search tool, Google picture rich quest for items, and page portrayals.

    In any case, in contrast to Shopify, there are no SEO tools or additional items (available anywhere) on Squarespace’s Extensions store.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace for Dropshipping

    In case you’re thinking about utilizing this plan of action, you’ll need to know how these stages deal with make outsourcing as simple as could be expected.


    Shopify incorporates with Oberlo (close by huge loads of other prominent outsourcing administrations, including Spocket, Modalyst, AliExpress – to give some examples!). Accordingly, you can associate with a large number of providers from one side of the planet to the other.

    All the more explicitly to Oberlo, the stage flaunts includes that make selling outsourced items via social media, your Shopify store, and online commercial centers a breeze. The best part is that there’s a free alternative you can use to waste no time. From that point onward, Oberlo’s paid-for bundles start at $7.90 per month.


    In spite of the fact that Squarespace doesn’t offer a local combination with Oberlo, you can get to other outsourcing additional items like Spocket and print on request organizations, including Printful. Printful is allowed to utilize. Spocket additionally offers a freemium bundle, with paid-for plans beginning at $24 per month.


    Wix just offers three outsourcing modules: Printful, Spocket, or Modalyst. In spite of the fact that Modalyst accompanies a free alternative, you can’t add in excess of 25 items. To relax these limitations, you’ll need to move up to a paid-for plan that beginnings at $35/mo.

    Generally, where outsourcing is concerned, Shopify transcends the rest. In addition to the fact that Shopify provides a huge range of outsourcing modules, however, the stage additionally offers a lot of outsourcing guides that are easy to follow.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Customer Help and Technical Support

    No internet business webpage proprietor, regardless of how experienced, can go it 100% alone. So how about we perceive how these three stages contrast when it accompanies client care:


    Like Shopify, Wix additionally offers telephone and email support close by online self-improvement assets. Help is accessible every minute of every day with need support for Business VIP clients.

    One more clever component is the assistance button allocated to each editable component in your site and store. In case you’re befuddled with regards to how something functions, you can tap the assistance button while you’re altering, and this will take you to the pertinent self-improvement documentation.


    Customer assistance is one of the numerous regions where Shopify dominates. With every minute of everyday telephone and live visit support on all plans, in addition to online self-improvement materials, including online classes and articles, you’re certain to get the assist you with requiring in a matter of moments!

    Shopify additionally has one of the most dynamic web-based business networks on the web, with heaps of bit-by-bit directs giving data explicitly about selling on Shopify. Obviously, you will not be lacking in tips and deceives to prevail at this stage!


    Lamentably, Squarespace doesn’t offer telephone support – which thinking about its valuing, is exceptionally disillusioning. Nonetheless, you can contact their customer assistance group through email, Twitter, and live talk (worked from Monday to Friday).

    On the other hand, in the event that you favor the self-improvement course, there are a lot of recordings and online instructional exercises to examine. In addition, Squarespace consistently has online classes on points like “How to get everything rolling with Squarespace” or “Dispatching your Online Store.” There’s likewise an online discussion where you can visit with individual Squarespace clients.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Integration

    Site reconciliation is the point at which your site sends or gets data from another site or application.

    Here are the best Wix promoting combinations to add to your site:

    • Hubspot
    • Google Analytics
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Mailchimp
    • Google Ads
    • Yandex Metrica
    • Privy

    Squarespace integrates with apps for blocks, blogging, commerce, as well as design and forms.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Sales Features

    POS (Point of Sale) work permits you to bring together you’re on the web and retail locations by adding your disconnected deals to the online framework.

    Shopify offers an implicit POS framework, and it is accessible for each Shopify plan. Nonetheless, to open more elements, similar to staff the executives and equipment joining, you should be on the 3 principle plans of Shopify or Shopify Plus.

    Then again, Squarespace and Wix clients can exploit the stages’ association with Square. Nonetheless, the application is just accessible in specific plans of Wix (Business Premium Plan) and Squarespace (Commerce Basic and Advance arrangement).

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Inventory Management

    Stock is the amount of a specific item that is ready to move. Stock administration is a significant piece of running your store. The stock following can assist you with staying away from unavailable circumstances or let you know when you need to enhance your item.

    Wix permits clients to follow along and change its stock. To be more explicit, you can both naturally track the quantity of a specific item in stock and physically set stock status for each. Nonetheless, stock, SKU, and weight are the solitary data that you can fill in to monitor the store stock.

    Concerning, In the stock board and the Squarespace Commerce portable applications, clients can look and deal with the item stock from a solitary area. Squarespace permits you to see, coordinate, search, and alter your stock.

    Shopify is selective for eCommerce, accordingly offering a full bundle with regards to stock. Shopify’s stock administration arrangement assists you with remaining coordinated, stay away from expensive mistakes and track all stock exercises without any problem. With Shopify, you can perform different undertakings, including setting up and sorting out items, overseeing item varieties, relegating standardized tags, and following stock checks.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Mobile Responsiveness

    Wix naturally makes a versatile form of their locales. Notwithstanding, they are not completely optimizable. This is on the grounds that Wix utilizes a flat-out situating approach for their pages. Along these lines, site components are situated by pixel as opposed to the client’s screen. Hence, Wix clients need to alter topics utilizing the portable supervisor to make them completely viable with various screen goals.

    Squarespace and Shopify layouts are custom-made to be responsive for mobile phones. Guests can, without much of a stretch, explore your site on any gadgets they pick, from work areas to tablets to mobile phones. This is an or more for Squarespace and Shopify in light of the fact that most of the web traffic is presently from mobile phones.

    Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace Application Integrations


    The Shopify App Store is broad. Applications are ample and ordered to make perusing substantially more direct. Classes incorporate showcasing, deals and transformations, orders and delivery, and detailing. Altogether, there are 285 free applications and additional items and 249 that you need to pay for. Folio3 Shopify integration services can really help boost your business; call us today!


    Like Shopify, the Wix application store is known as the Wix App Market and flaunts a liberal exhibit of modules. Once more, you can look by classes, for example, showcasing and sell on the web. Some applications are free or accompanied by a free preliminary, while others are paid for. Altogether, there are more than 250 to look over.


    Squarespace calls their applications and additional items ‘Squarespace Extensions.’ Again, you can look by classifications like deals and advertising, money and delivery, and satisfaction. However, in contrast with Shopify, the reconciliations on offer are inadequate – without a doubt. There are simply 24 to browse!

    Some platforms have estimated costs, some are free, and others have stunning month-to-month pricing plans. You need to navigate to each application to see their costs. All things considered, their sifting choice isn’t pretty much as accommodating as Shopify or Wix’s.

    Final Thoughts

    With so many web-based business platforms available and extensive reviews to supplement them, it tends to be a confounding industry to operate in. We’re not going to push you any one way. It’s your store; you just know your abilities and what you need from your platform to carry your business vision to fulfillment.

    Nonetheless, if you really wanted us to pick, all things considered, we’d go for Shopify in light of the fact that both have huge loads of provisions, they’re reasonable, their client service is superb, and their application stores are broader than Squarespace and Wix combined. Thus, for our experts at Folio3, it is the clear choice in this Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace debate.


    What language is used for eCommerce websites?

    ECommerce websites can be written in dynamic programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, and HTML. These languages are quite capable and versatile, allowing you to optimize your website for the best results.

    Which one? Shopify vs Wix vs Squarespace for an eCommerce platform where subscribers can buy and sell, not just a shop?

    With the help of the numerous apps available on the Shopify App Store, you can create a multi-vendor marketplace. What this essentially means is that on your website, users can not only buy products but sell them as well.

    Think of your eCommerce platform as a mall— by transforming it into a multi-vendor marketplace; you’ll be able to host much smaller businesses that can come to your platform to sell their goods.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.