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    How do I Make Shopify Coming Soon Product?

    Last Updated | January 16, 2024

    What is the Best Option to display the Shopify Coming Soon product code?

    Shopify’s Coming Soon pages allow for a lot of flexibility. There are three main types of apps you can use to display your product code— a Fancy Coming Soon page, a Coming Soon page, and an Under Construction Coming Soon.

    The first allows you to begin collecting email addresses and building a clientele even before your website goes live. This is a great source of lead generation. It allows you to add animations to create a more attractive pre-launch page. Moreover, this page allows for free customizations and help from Shopify’s support team. Lastly, it integrates with Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. This app allows you a 2-day free trial. If you enjoy this app, you can buy a subscription for only $2.99 per month.

    The second option, Coming Soon, is a little more expensive than the latter— the subscription costs $14.99 per month. This includes a 3-day free trial and allows you to collect email addresses through a well-designed Mailchimp form at the storefront. It allows your visitors to visit some pages while the website is still under construction. Its easy-to-use interface coupled with new features being added on a regular basis makes it a good app to display your Coming Soon product code on. Most importantly, your data is protected by Google Analytics and Facebook pixels.

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    Lastly, there is the Under Construction Coming Soon. Like Coming Soon, it offers a 3-day free trial. However, it costs a lot less in comparison. One of its most attractive features is that it works towards improving your SEO ranking in case your website is down. It offers a time-efficient installation process and allows you to install a click-to-chat button to engage with your customers. Moreover, its easy-to-use drag & drop features allow you to quickly build a Coming Soon page without any previous coding know-how.

    Nevertheless, you will be required to work with a top Shopify theme customization agency for seamless execution of any of the three types. You can avail the Folio3 Shopify app development services once you’ve chosen which one fits your best.

    What is Shopify Coming Soon Product Page?

    Also known as the Pre-launch and Under Construction pages, the Coming Soon product page on Shopify is an excellent option when you’re either trying to create hype about the launch of a new product or if your website is under maintenance. If you don’t know what a Coming Soon Product page is, then you’re missing out on a lucrative chance to build awareness of your brand.

    Going into a little more detail, the Folio3 Shopify website design offers a multitude of facilities. Through it, the Coming Soon page allows you to convey the prospects of your brand to potential clients and also display information about your business and when it’ll be functional. There are three main purposes Shopify’s Coming Soon page aims to provide:

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    Helps You Get a Leg Up in Marketing

    Since your Shopify eCommerce business is a single page and not a full-fledged website, creating a Coming Soon page will take you no more than a couple of hours at best. This means you won’t have to hold back on marketing your products while the eCommerce website is being developed. Creating this Coming Soon page helps you convey important details of your business.

    Early Customer Feedback

    You can display the concept of your business and its products on the Coming Soon page. This has a crucial role in gathering customer feedback earlier on it your business. This is vital in gauging your audience and figuring out what’s going to appeal to their tastes. It saves you cost and time.

    Lead Generation

    Thanks to the Folio3 Shopify website development, your Coming Soon page doubles as a handy lead generation tool. It is able to capture the attention of hundreds or maybe even thousands of potential customers waiting for your eCommerce business to launch.

    Thus, the Coming Soon pages give you a head start in marketing your products. Instead of waiting for your website to launch, you can build and promote your business without any downtime.

    FAQ Shopify Coming Soon Product

    How to set Shopify Coming Soon product no price?

    According to Folio3 Shopify maintenance experts, you can add a special tag in the product, such as “coming soon,” and then apply conditions to the product price. This would also require some tweaks to the code and liquid files as well.

    What is Shopify Coming Soon product turbo theme?

    The Turbo Theme is created by Out of the Sandbox. This theme has one of the most tools out of all the other Shopify apps. The price tag for this theme is $350. Turbo provides many page templates— 12 unique ones


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