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    Mailchimp Magento Integration – How to Integrate

    Last Updated | July 11, 2023

    What is Magento?

    Magento is an eCommerce platform that is developed on PHP. Magento also makes use of other PHP frameworks such as Laminas and Symfony. It was acquired by Adobe Inc. for a staggering $1.68billion back in 2018. Since then, Magento has come a long way. It was developed upon open-source technology.

    The software also permits the users to manipulate the theme of your Magento store, the functionality of the store, the content displayed on the screen, and the themes of your store. Magento also offers other useful features such as search engines, marketing tools, catalog management, and data analytics. In short, it is the best platform to use for e-commerce store owners.

    It is recommended that the store owners make use of Magento Web development services so that the store stands out amongst other stores. In short, the platform can provide the best user and store owner experience. The platform can scale with your expanding business. You can cater to the high traffic and hire Magento developers to perform speed optimization as well. Even though there are multiple alternates to Magento such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

    However, Magento remains the favorite of online retailers with over 250,000 satisfied store owners. This is owed to the platform’s flexibility, robustness, perfect usability, easy learnability, and fast performance.

    Magento Migration

    What is Mailchimp?   

    Mailchimp is a platform that offers marketing automation for online marketing services such as managing the mailing lists, data analytics tools, and creating new email marketing campaigns that can be bulk sent to their customers. Mailchimp is the trading name of the operator, the Rocket Science Group, which is a North American company that was founded in 2001.

    In the beginning, Mailchimp began as a paid service and in 2009 added a freemium option. In the successive year, the base of the platform grew from 85,000 to 450,000 users. By June 2014, the platform sent a staggering 10 billion emails every month. According to the latest surveys, Mailchimp sends over 600 million emails every two days. Today, Mailchimp is under the acquisition of Inuit.

    The platform evolved from an email marketing tool to a larger marketing platform. This web-based application fulfills the requirements of email correspondence with customers, stakeholders, and other affiliates.

    What are the benefits of Mailchimp Magento Integration?

    Custom forms.

    Mailchimp offers a forms option that can help gather information about the Magento store business. Custom forms can be added to the Magento store to gather customer data that is crucial for the betterment of the store. The feedback from the customers is organic and can be utilized accordingly.

    The forms can even be personalized as per the customer to make sure that only relevant data is gathered for certain products and services. This enhances the exposure of the store and increases its scope.

    Automation tools for marketing.

    These tools allow for automation for tasks such as data entry, email representation, and calls. This results in a reduced workload on the employees, boosting their productivity so that their focus can be devoted to more important tasks. This is essential for the growth of the Magento store as the tools optimize the market by saving time, decreasing operational costs, and decreasing resource consumption.

    Personalization for the customer.

    The Mailchimp Magento integration can provide personalized suggestions based upon the purchase history of each customer from the store. These work on product recommendations and abandoned cart emails to follow up with the customers to close the deal. Furthermore, the abandoned cart emails can make customers feel important and this follow-up makes sure that the transaction is completed if it was forgotten.

    Notification Emails.

    The integration allows you to send notification emails to the customers to provide them with informative feedback such as shipping confirmations, invoices, and any updates and also encourage the customers to return to the store by providing them with relevant products recommendations to attract their attention.

    Social media advertisements.

    The gathered customer data can be used to target potential customers based on personalization based on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The retargeted advertisements remind the visitors about the products available when they log on to their social media. This helps promote the store and expand the business as the customer’s attention is captured.

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    You could even track the engagement and the return on investment to categorize which advertisements help you attract new customers and resultantly increase sales. This data proves extremely useful while designing new campaigns. Mailchimp makes it relatively easy to develop attractive brand posts that can help increase sales.

    Target customers for interaction.

    The integration will help Magento store owners to interact with customers in different segments based upon data such as signup dates, engagement history, and demographics. This approach allows for a much more will refined approach for customer interaction and providing the best services.

    Magento integration

    Increase revenue potential.

    The Magento integration services with Mailchimp unlocks features that will increase the revenue of the Magento store and the conversion rates. Mailchimp’s all-in-one platform makes it hassle-free to build and implement multiple channel marketing campaigns to produce results that increase the store revenue.

    Increase traffic to your store.

    The integration helps increase traffic as the store becomes optimized. The Mailchimp CRM features help build a strong relationship with the customers by providing them with content that is valuable to them.

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    Make connections.

    A connected store will allow the store owner to bring all the e-commerce marketing data into a single centralized repository. This will allow store owners to understand the return on investment f the efforts put into marketing and provide an optimized marketing strategy.

    Convert visitors into customers.

    Mailchimp’s CRM tool is an essential tool that can help Magento store owners to build and develop relationships with customers. The audience can be sorted into different segments to allow for consistent communication that will be in resonance with your customers. This will drive a strong conversion and an increased retention rate due to the relevancy.

    Track customers throughout.

    We can keep a tab on the marketing campaigns that include automation, social media advertisements, email, directly from the Mailchimp account. They give real-time statistics instantly so that the store owner can quickly recognize what is the trend in the market and then allow them to make a well-informed, smart, and quick decision about where to allocate the marketing budget.

    Why is Mailchimp Magento Integration useful?

    The Mailchimp Magento Integration is a must for businesses. They have options of other Magento Integration Services as well but let us understand Why Mailchimp Magento Integration is useful. Using Mailchimp doesn’t only mean sending out emails in bulk to the target markets and then waiting for their responses.

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    Easy campaign design and launch.

    To create a custom email marketing campaign on Mailchimp, you require no HTML, CSS, PHP, or JavaScript technical knowledge. Their easy-to-use web builder lets you develop the campaign from the front end with any coding expertise. You have the choice of choosing different features and basic readymade layouts for different email engagements. You have a vast range of choosing themes for the email without any backend coding as well.

    Different themes are offered for different purposes and occasions. You can get a variety of built-in themes for emails. These subjects may be for holidays, newsletters, notifications, and subscription alerts. These features help you develop custom email templates even if you have no developers. Then when you send emails to your Magento clients, they will be well organized, attractive, and customized.

    Custom templates with unique coding.

    You can even develop your very own Mailchimp template from scratch by using your very own HTML code. Mailchimp facilitates the transfer of its custom builder. You can simply paste the code and execute it for design. Furthermore, you can also import zip files of the HTML code of your custom template or import it directly from the website and then process it into a new design on Mailchimp.

    The Magento Integration Services will allow this template as it can also be used on your Magento store.

    Automation of emails.

    One of the biggest reasons behind the success of Mailchimp as an email marketing platform was its attentive and innate automation features for emails. The automation can help map out the entire customer lifecycle through some automation triggers. These help improve customer satisfaction levels. The automation is not only limited to just marketing emails, you could even use this feature to automate your transactional emails, Instagram, Facebook, advertisements, coupons, and postcards.

    The goal of the automation is to customize the user experience and fulfill target marketing to the business needs of the business without the requirement of vast email marketing representatives. You can target separate segments of customers. For example, you can send abandoned cart emails of the Magento cart to the users to remind them to complete the transaction or offer them discounts on their birthdays.

    This means you can send relevant emails to certain target groups without having to write and send every single email manually. This automation feature is best utilized by Magento store owners that have a large customer base and have a large contact list to cater to. This also helps reduce the Magento pricing for operational costs by limiting the workforce, reducing workload, and making task completion effective.

    Customer journey builder.

    An innovative addition to Mailchimp automation is the customer journey builder. What this means is that this single interface marketer tool creates a cross-channel customer experience. The builder will create a cross-channel customer experience and the journey will allow Magento store owners to keep track of their user behaviors and then send appropriate behavior-guided messages to the customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

    These sales funnel functions as it will determine the process flows for these different segmented customers based upon custom triggers and processing how the Magento customers responded to previous email messages. The process of the journey is not linear and it doesn’t account for the multiple conditions. So, you can use multiple conditional statements such as “if/else”, to map out a complete journey for all these different customer segments. Likewise, you could also remove and add tags for further enhancement in the customer journey.

    Once you base your marketing campaigns on the basis of a journey builder, you can increase Magento user conversion rates, clear spamming in the recipients with the email, and increase your customer retention rates.

    Preview the emails before sending.

    It is critical to preview an email before sending it out to make sure that the generated email is accurate. HTML is tricky, so it is possible that the same HTML code has different displays for different email clients. Seasoned Magento store owners do not want to dispense their emails among the audience without reviewing them first.

    Mailchimp allows Magento store owners to preview the emails before sending them. It offers you a preview option among more than 35 clients across different systems such as mobiles, desktop, and web-based interfaces. You can even experiment with the feature and determine the most effective email messengers among the target market by testing the layout and design of the email.

    The preview ensures to give you a clear picture of how the email opens without sending it to the contacts to make sure that the campaign is not glitched to your Magento store owner receivers.

    Use Geo targeting for campaigns.

    It is not necessary that your Magento store will target each and every customer on Magento. It is possible that the business will only want to target market segments based in cities, provinces, and countries. Other email platforms ignore this crucial requirement when developing email marketing plans.

    Mailchimp caters to the marketing requirements of the Magento store owners and enables the business to perform geographic marketing segmentation for the customers based on location. For example, if an area is experiencing cold weather the email can mention the weather in one city, and not in another where the weather is hot.

    This geotargeting is performed through the IP address of the user and so it can’t provide the location with pinpoint accuracy, and the use of VPN among the customers can affect this geotargeting function.

    Generate insights.

    Marketing for products on the Magento store is an ongoing process. It allows store owners to gather insights from previous campaigns and develop future campaigns even better. These valuable data also allow the store owners to evaluate the success and failure of their marketing campaigns in an organized manner.

    Mailchimp will provide a comprehensive analysis of the marketing campaigns through a report. It provides great detail of the status by providing a range of graphical representations such as charts and graphs. It can aid in determining how successful the campaign is performing across social media platforms and against your competitors.

    You can use the feedback constructively from the software without necessarily an email marketing expert who would assess the results of the campaign.

    Magento development

    Track store performance.

    Mailchimp reports also let the Magento store owners track the performance and activity for the store. Store owners can find out which customer bought what item from their Magento store after the campaign was opened.

    Artificial intelligence.

    Mailchimp has an AI simulation used for intelligence. It makes use of more than billions of data points to offer a range of intelligent features. These features help in optimizing content to reach the correct audience at the relevant time. For example, Mailchimp can analyze data and then intelligently recommend blocks of products based upon the personalized or all-time favorite product preferences of the customers.

    This dynamic feature is also used to generate emails that are more personalized for customers without having to start from the bottom. Artificial intelligence increases the likelihood of purchase and the monetary customer value as it guides the customer in the right direction. The likelihood can be based on customer previous records and the monetary value of customers can be highlighted. A recent addition to Mailchimp’s artificial intelligence feature is the Subject Line Helper.

    This will help Magento store owners in real-time to generate emails that have email subjects that catch the attention of customers and get them to respond. Another next best action feature is one smart feature that polishes suggestions driven by data to improve the performance of the campaign.


    Surveys are critical for email marketing. They are categorized as follow-up emails as they require customer feedback. However, some store owners miss this crucial advantage as they don’t give it attention. Mailchimp will be able to offer a detailed survey of your Magento store customers. The feedback can be utilized for data-driven price predictions, generating new ideas, and exploring the product-market fits.

    Develop attractive landing pages.

    The main reason for marketing emails is to get the recipients to select the email and redirect to the landing page. This increases the sales transactions by leading the lead into prospects and then turning these prospects into customers. Mailchimp allows Magento store owners to create a custom landing page as well. You can pick relevant themes for lead generations, promote certain products, list the growth and for payment acceptances, and then tailor the pages with respect to the products to make a better pitch.

    Mailchimp Magento integration can significantly help expand and maintain your business. These discussed features allow the integration to establish a very expertly crafted marketing campaign with a very high return on investment considering that the Magento integration services implemented were flawless and by a professional Magento Web development company.

    Magento integration

    How can you Manage Mailchimp Magento Subscribers?

    You need to manage the relationship between your store and the subscribers to Mailchimp.

    • This can be done easily by utilizing groups to find the preferences of your subscribers based on their interests and mailing preferences. Once the group is organized by interest, you can customize the content sent to them. A subscriber in the ‘Travel’ group will always be notified about deals of travel agencies and hotel discounts. The other preference group is divided by the preference of the email. These subscribers are free to choose the frequency of their emails. This helps store owners to adjust the number of emails to send to the subscribers to avoid spam. Once a group is set up, the subscribers can choose their own preferences through a sign-up form. They can update their choices as per their preferences.
    • For Magento stores, automation emails save time, resources and increase sales. The Mailchimp Magento integration provides a free email system that is automated. It has welcome messages, abandoned cart notifications, and order receipts. Choosing the correct automation can increase orders on the store by as much as 16%.

    Does Folio3 provide Mailchimp Magento Integration?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Mailchimp Magento Integration. Folio3 has been providing e-commerce solutions for the past 15 years. It has served large enterprises and small clients as well. It has over 50 certified Magento developers, 35+ active extensions on Magento that are verified by the platform themselves.

    They can perform Magento integration services at a very affordable cost. This is thanks to their experienced team that reduces operational costs, decreases development times, removes any rework costs, and makes sure the solution is effectively working without errors.

    What is the cost of Mailchimp Magento Integration?

    The cost of the integration depends on factors such as time constraints, which developer is hired, and the magnitude of the store. A rough estimate could lie anywhere above $300. Magento pricing is divided into three categories.

    • Magento Open Source development can cost from $12,000 to $57000+.
    • Magento Commerce can cost from $43000 to $189,000+.
    • Magento Cloud Commerce can cost between $60,000 to $247000+.

    Mailchimp has three major categories that are further divided.

    • Their marketing platform comes in four options.
    • Premium: This is an advanced feature for pros who require customizations and is priced at $299/month and based on 10,000 contacts. It includes the features of standard, plus: alongside advanced segmentation, multivariate testing, comparative reporting, phone, and priority support and unlimited seats, and role-based access.
    • Standard: It has data-driven automation and optimization tools for businesses that would want to grow at a quick pace. It starts at $17/month and is based on 500 contacts. It includes everything in essentials, plus: customer journey builder, branching points, send-time optimization, behavioral targeting, custom templates, and dynamic content.
    • Essentials: It is great for email-only senders who want support around the clock. It starts at $11/month and is based on 500 contacts. It includes everything in free, plus: email and landing, page templates, customer journey builder, custom branding, A/B testing,24/7 email and chat support.
    • Free: It has all the multi-channel tools that are required to build your business and grow the audience. It has a price of $0/month and is based on 2000 contacts. The features included in free are marketing CRM, creative assistant, website builder, Mailchimp domain forms, and landing pages.

    To have the best Magento pricing, it is better to hire Magento developer from a Magento Web Development Company like Folio3 to keep the pricing at a minimum and have an affordable package.

    Final Thoughts

    Magento is an ever-increasing e-commerce platform and it has the potential to keep on increasing in-store size. Mailchimp is an all-in-one solution itself but integration with Magento can make a very powerful solution. The advantages of the integration are customized forms, automation, personalization, notification emails, social media advertisements, targeting customer interaction, generating insights, increasing the traffic to the stores, making connections, and converting the visitors into customers.

    The integration is extremely necessary for the information age because it makes easy campaign design and launch, automates emails, builds a customer journey, tracks store performance, and provides custom templates. These are essential as they aid in CRM.


    1. Does Mailchimp integrate with Magento easily?

    The integration between Mailchimp and Magento is easy. There is a step-by-step guide for this process. However, we recommend using Magento integration services of a Magento Web development company as they specialize in such tasks.

    They will make sure that the solution is efficient, has no bugs, glitches, is integrated within a timeframe, and has an affordable Magento pricing plan. Folio3 provides these services and you could book an appointment with us for consultation.

    2. How Mailchimp works with Magento?

    Mailchimp Magento integration is able to work as both of the platforms are connected together. Their data repositories become centralized, the transfer of information becomes two-way, the changes are reflected in both platforms and all the products with their data and customer accounts are represented.

    This decreases the operational load and boosts productivity. This is all thanks to data transfer with integrity which synchronizes both of the platforms together.

    3. Does Folio3 provide Magento Mailchimp Integration?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Mailchimp Magento integration. Folio3 has been providing Magento integration services to large enterprises as well as startups. They have been providing quality services to clients for over 15 years. They have over 50+ certified Magento developers to develop solutions for the company. Their employees have 15+ years of experience in providing integration solutions.

    They also have 30+ active Magento extensions that are verified by Magento. Their custom integration solutions allow Magento stores to integrate with applications such as CRMs, ERPs, shipment providers, marketplaces, and social media platforms. They can even perform data migration to Magento in case you consider changing e-commerce platforms.

    You should choose Folio3 over other competitors as they reduce the Magento pricing by making use of standardized procedures, expert developers, efficient code, and providing a solution to cater to client needs. These in turn decrease development time and costs.

    4. Why is Magento Mailchimp Integration important for eCommerce stores?

    Magento Mailchimp integration is extremely important for e-commerce stores due to the following reasons:

    • It can increase the potential revenue of your e-commerce business as the connection unlocks features that drive conversion and increase sales.
    • It increases the traffic to the store as Mailchimp also provides a CRM that builds a good relationship with our customers.
    • Understand your work easily as the connection of the repositories means that all the efforts can be evaluated and optimized as per the strategy.
    • It can find similar customers and grow the clients by running ads on Facebook and Instagram that capture the attention of the public and increase exposure.
    • It turns mere visitors into customers by using the marketing CRM as it builds new relationships that drive strong conversions and repeat purchases.

    These are the reasons why it is a must to have Magento integration with Mailchimp. Make sure the process is carried out correctly to prevent inconsistency, incompleteness, and data loss.

    5. How much is the cost of Mailchimp Magento Integration?

    The Magento pricing depends on several factors. The cost is variable as it is based on multiple factors. The integration will cost at least $300 but the real cost is in the development of the stores. In order to keep the costs a minimum, you can consider a Magento web development company like Folio3 to service your needs in a very affordable manner.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.