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    Last Updated | January 18, 2022

    What is Epicor?

    Epicor belongs to the Epicor Software Corporation. The company is based in Austin, Texas, and was founded back in 1972. Epicor is a software that provides enterprise solutions to e-commerce businesses. It provides services for enterprise resource planning (ERPs), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), and human capital management (HCM). It provides these services to business clients in both software as a service (SaaS- and even on-premises physical deployment models. Epicor is developed in the C# (C sharp) language so it can run on SQL servers and uses some familiar database tools to function. Epicor is most suitable for small-scale businesses and medium-scale businesses. It is a viable option for the companies that are involved in the manufacturing of products and their distribution. The platform is easily customizable and this helps users focus on their main goals and carry them out effectively. It has two different user interaction styles to make use of. One is the Classic, and the other is Modern. The classic UI is somewhat similar to the menu of Windows Explorer as it has a vertical panel that takes up space on the left side of the screen and then provides the main menu options. These show you the app modules.  By clicking on the plus sign, the folders expand to show tasks available for each app. The modern menu offers similar utilities but the looks are much like Windows 8 and 10 UI. Colorful tiles show recent forms and tasks. The change in interfaces helps users use it as per their environmental context.

    What is Magento?

    Magento is a very popular platform for e-commerce. Online customers can interact with objects sold by online retailers on their Magento stores. Magento is used around the world and has more than 800,000 active online stores. Features provided by this platform include data reporting and data analysis, management of catalogs, efficient browsing, managing customer accounts, providing payment processing services, product delivery services, providing order management, promotional tools, search engine optimization tools, and store management. Magneto is a pioneer of e-commerce platforms and all online businesses try to launch their stores on Magento. To ensure maximum use of the benefits provided by Magento stores, business owners make use of Magneto web development companies to develop their Magento stores to attract the maximum number of online customers. Whether you are a large-scale enterprise or a small business, this platform caters to your requirements as per your needs as the platform is highly scalable. The scalability comes into an advantage when traffic on Magneto stores increases and your business starts to grow. You do not need to change platforms, you can stay on the same one and continue to grow. You must make sure that the store is built on a strong coding base to ensure that there are no setbacks in serving the shoppers. You can even install plugins and extensions to manage your store easily while also providing a better customer experience. The plugins can be integrated using Magento Integration Services provided by Magento Agency partners.

    How to integrate Epicor with Magento?

    There are three major ways that you can choose to perform Epicor Magneto integration.

    Hire Magento integration services from a professional e-commerce company.

    It is the safest and most frequent method that is used to integrate any two platforms. You can hire Magento Web Development Companies to carry out the Epicor Magneto integration for your Magneto store. Companies have certified developers hired who have extensive experience in developing e-commerce solutions for integrations. These companies will also always provide post-project maintenance services that too for affordable Magneto 2 pricing plans. These forms of integration solutions are cheaper as compared to if one chooses to hire Magento 2 developer. It is because companies provide an all-in-one package whereas an independent Magneto 2 developer has to be hired for different services.  Some professional e-commerce companies such as Folio3, provide Magneto integration services so you can evaluate them by paying them a visit and hiring them for this task.

    Hire Magento 2 developer over the internet.

    You can also choose to hire Magneto 2 developer as a freelancer to perform Epicor Magneto integration. They can provide the integration solution for the task but evaluating someone over the internet is less authentic. You will give access of the store to the developer. Make use of token verification to give access to the developer. After they perform the integration, they can be removed from the administrator panel. Now, only the store owner can access the settings of the Magneto store. Freelancers are most likely not going to provide you with post-project services so hiring them is a little risky because if the store runs into a problem, the freelancer may not cater to it as the Magento Web development companies do. Additionally, freelancers have fewer certifications so you may note a vivid difference between the work of a freelancer and the work of a professional company.

    What are the features of Epicor Magento Integration?

    The Epicor Magneto integration provides users with multiple features after the integration is successfully executed.

    • Provide an ERP system. This is a very important tool for enterprises. This helps to secure all of the services to and from the company to a single database and an interactive interface that provides the store owners with management capabilities.
    • The integration helps to manage the supply chain no matter how large or complex it is. You can develop the most efficient supply chains with ease.
    • Financial management is made possible as well. Tools of the management provide business owners with insights into the financial status of the company. These help manage all the finances transparently.
    • You can create well-optimized plans and define schedules to make sure that you are making optimal use of all your available resources increasing the efficiency of the business.
    • You can manage and control the stocks of your products. It makes sure that your stock is tracked and this helps your Magento store always have products in stock for the customers.
    • You can manage isolated projects as well. This feature ensures that your projects are always on schedule and under budget. The integration helps owners have total control over the business projects of the store.
    • You can manage the data of products and orders. If utilized correctly, the data can help you gain insights into the business. If a product is not being purchased whereas other products are being purchased, you can discover the problem and then work for the solution to increase sales.
    • The integration allows stores owners to provide the best services to customers on the stores. You can also make use of a Magneto Agency partners to develop an attractive interface for the Magneto store.
    • Supplier relationships can be managed as well for the e-commerce store. A successful SRM strategy can be developed and then used.
    • Magneto store owners can streamline the output of products by creating and pushing the production sections of the business to create an efficient output.
    • The integration gives a customer relationship management system to the users. This helps manage the entire customer lifecycle for making the improvement in operational efficiency and accelerating the growth of the company by providing the best customer services.
    • Automated workflows are established which help increase revenue by making use of efficient processes and also decrease the workload on the employees.
    • It provides features to manage human resources effectively and strategically.

    Alongside all these features, Epicor Magento integration is quite a fair trade in terms of Magneto 2 pricing plans for return on investment. Several features are provided that enhance IT services such as automated workflows, management for projects, products, customers, finances, and suppliers. These extensive features make sure that your Magneto store stands out from your competitors and attracts the most customers.

    What are the benefits of Epicor Magento Integration?

    Epicor Magento Integration performed by certified Magento integration services providers make sure that the integration is successful. The integration provides several advantages such as:

    • Enhancing the data visibility for all processes makes information transparent for the store owner.
    • Make ordering items for the customer easy and make processing orders for the e-commerce store organized.
    • Update all of the sales information with synchronization and keep important information on hand and cut down on inventory management costs.
    • No need for redundant inputs for multiple systems. This reduces chances of error.
    • Make delivery and shipping track able to cater to customer satisfaction levels.
    • Generate reports for finances to help in making insightful business decisions.

    Benefits for commercial users of the integration.

    • Store owners can streamline order processes and keep their customers informed of the progress.
    • Remove the redundancy of entering data in multiple sales channels, and input differently on the applications separately.
    • The seamless integration solution will help you achieve improved order fulfillment times by managing the chain effectively.
    • Help in increasing employee productivity by decreasing the workload on them by automating tedious tasks.
    • The integration solution will help you reduce operational costs by providing automation.

    Customized services and integrations to use.

    • Integrate your store with courier services such as Royal Mail, FedEx, DPD, DHL, UPS, Hermes, etc.
    • Provide customer portals to have your customers provide feedback and reviews.
    • Add customized payment processors such as Stripe, AfterPay, PayPal, and WorldPay. These payment processors provide an automated and quick checkout as per customer payment method that helps decrease cart abandonment rates.
    • Automate the creation and delivery of product lists.
    • Automate the generation of the purchase order invoice.
    • Create customized dispatch notes for different orders.
    • Provide information to customers via notifications of their shipping and delivery status.

    Why is Magento and Epicor Integration necessary?

    Automation of workflows.

    The integration solution will provide us with a much automated workflow. The Magneto 2 sales data can automatically be downloaded and updated into the Epicor ERP. The data can include product codes, updated quantities, and product descriptions. Billing and shipping details of the customer, payment information, and order completion status updates. The transfer of customer details between the platforms is are possible as customer accounts can be updated and added. Automatic upload of Epicor ERP order statuses to Magento 2 and synchronization of prices keeps the data precise. The checkout process is also automated as invoices and payments can be generated right on the spot. The product details are updated as well. The details include SKUs, tax classes, weight and dimensions, retail prices, and current stock levels in the warehouses. The automation even checks for errors that may occur internally and generate alerts via SMS or email so that the problem is catered to as quickly as possible. The automation synchronizes the operations such as data entry. The automation also eliminates the chances of human errors that are certain to happen with repetitive manual data entry. These help our business save time, get accuracy in operations to cut down operational costs, and perform the tasks quickly.

    Helps in customer management.

    It is a hectic task to take data customer data from one platform and manually enter it onto other platforms, especially if the customer base is large. The integration helps our businesses to have customer data at their disposal instantly. New customer accounts are also made automatically on Epicor when the customer makes an account over the Magneto platform. This makes managing the enormous amount of customers separately. This also helps the business uncover personalized customer insights that can then be used to market products as per their likings. The customer queries can also be dealt with instantly and this improves the customer satisfaction rates.

    Help in product management.

    In order to keep a well-maintained record for all of the products available on the Magneto store, you need to have a proper management tool for them. The platform integration provides these management tools by bringing together the Magento platform and the Epicor ERP system by synchronizing all of the product management functions and eliminating manual data entry. You can update product stocks, change their price, and edit the description to keep your product catalog balanced. This helps produce accurate results to be shown on your stores and represent the accurate data to the customers. This makes the customer have a transparent and error-free view for purchasing the products.

    Provide customer satisfaction.

    The Epicor Magento integration helps to smoothen the operations for the users by providing them an interactive interface and an easy checkout method. The integration also updates the profiles, order statuses, order tracking, and entertains customer queries in real-time. These great advantages make it extremely necessary to integrate the two platforms. This creates a great user experience for the customer and keeps them satisfied thus generating more business for the Magneto store. This also makes sure that the customers do not sway away to other competitor stores.

    Order management.

    By providing your customers assurances about their order statuses, and allowing them to view the status when they want to keep the customer informed about their order statuses. For the business owners, keeping the proper detail of every single order allows for efficient deliveries and appropriate after services. The integration provides the timely delivery of all products as the management process is now streamlined and can be managed efficiently.

    Manage the prices.

    The generation of correct invoices and updates in prices allow for smooth transactions between the customer and the company. By managing the prices for shipping, a customer returning products, taxes applicable on the products, and any discounts and coupons can all easily be calculated on the product listings page. These provide a transparent view of the prices to the customer and make the checkout option easy.

    These extensive features and their benefits make it crucial for the Epicor Magneto integration to be implemented. By hiring Magneto Agency Partners, you can even make use of a subsidized Magento 2 pricing plan that is affordable and is of immense value to your business.

    What is the cost of Magento and Epicor Integration?

    Integration solution for Epicor ERP and Magento is priced as the same range for a base system of other ERP platforms. The ERP can be subscribed at a charge of $175 per month and is ideally used to manage medium-range enterprises. It has the potential to target customers and it is a little bit more complex than other ERP systems. The integration solution can cost $20,000 as a one-time charge, or it can even be billed at a monthly rate of around $1000. This Magneto 2 pricing for integration also provides a high return n investment.


    The Epicor Magento integration is of great benefit for Magneto 2 store owners. Some of the exclusive features provided are an ERP system, management of the supply chain, provide financial management, helping owners manage isolated projects, helping to develop a successful SRM strategy, providing an interface for customer relationship management system to the users, and managing the human resources of the business. The benefits provided are helping Magneto stores in order management, product management, automation of workflows, helping in customer management, and managing prices of the stores as per requirements on the spot. It is also preferable to make use of Magento Agency Partners to provide Magento Integration Services. The partners will also be able to provide affordable Magneto 2 pricing plans for long-term partnerships.


    1. Does Magento Epicor Integrate?

    The Epicor Magento integration is possible. The integration between these two platforms helps provide e-commerce solutions for Magento store owners. It is preferable to integrate these two platforms professionally and make use of important features such as CRM, SRM, ERP, and SCM all at a single interface. This will provide benefits to business owners and store customers.

    2. How do we connect Magento with Epicor?         

    You can connect Magneto with Epicor via integration. This integration can be achieved by two major ways. One can either hire professional Magneto Web development companies or hire Magento 2 developer freelancers to integrate the Magneto store with Epicor. If you hire Magneto agency partners they will provide integration solutions as an all-in-one solution. This will include post-project services, it may include store re-designing as well and integration services. This will be provided at an affordable Magneto 2 pricing package. The solution will be delivered on time and the physical interaction will give you authentication. On the contrary, a private developer may charge you more, he may delay the handing over of the solution due to uncertainties, and they may even abandon you after providing the solution to you. So it is much safer to hire Magneto integration services from a professional and certified company.

    3. Does Folio3 provide Epicor Magento Integration?

    Yes, Folio3 is able to provide Epicor Magento integration. In fact, Folio3 has been developing e-commerce integration solutions for over 15 years. They have catered to Fortune500 companies and other enterprises as well and have satisfied clients all over the globe. Folio3 has 30+ active Magneto extensions that are verified by Magneto themselves. They have over 50 certified Magneto developers that develop the most efficient solutions. Furthermore, Folio3 is able to provide Magento integration services with other platforms such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, digital marketplaces, Facebook, and other e-commerce platforms as well.  Their custom solutions also provide integration with ERPs, CRMs, marketplaces, shipment providers, and social media platforms. Folio3 has mastered the art of integration. They can provide a very subsidized Magneto 2 pricing plan and they are able to achieve this thanks to making use of effective coding practices, removing redundant code, following standard procedures, and developing the solution well before deadlines. This decreases the cost of development as compared to their competitors.

    4. Why is Magento Epicor Integration necessary for businesses?

    If you want to create a store that provides unique functionalities to users, it is important for you to integrate Magneto with Epicor. The integration is necessary as it will help provide the best customer experience, if you do not cater to the customer effectively he will leave your store and become a customer of your competitors. This way you lost a lifetime customer and lost out on future sales transactions. The integration helps decrease cart abandonment rates by providing a good payment processing service to help close deals quickly. This ensures maximum orders and increases your store’s sales transactions. Also, automatic workflows help update all the data to reduce the workload on human resources. This also reduces operational costs. All of these various benefits and features make it a necessity to have Epicor Magento integration services.

    5. What is the cost of Magento Epicor Integration in the US?

    The cost of integration is dependent on several factors such as the time constraints, the company, or the size of data to be integrated. Epicor in itself can be obtained at a price of $175, billed monthly. It is quite comparable to other ERP systems in terms of price but the features it provides make its value higher. Magneto 2 pricing for integration solutions in the USA can cost around $20,000. Some companies are also able to provide the integration solution at a monthly subscription price of around $1000. If you are based in the USA, you can visit either of the two offices of Folio3 for consultation and then hire Magento Integration Services. One office is situated in Belmont, California – 1301 Shoreway Road, Suite 160, Belmont, CA 94002, and the other office is located in  Pleasanton, California – 6701 Koll Center Parkway, #250 Pleasanton, CA 94566.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.