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    Bigcommerce SEO Features and Tips To Rank Your Store Higher On Google

    Last Updated | March 28, 2023

    What is BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce is one of today’s most used and most famous eCommerce software development platforms across the globe and is used by many merchants for taking a step into the world of the internet by making their online stores and selling to anyone and everyone that comes across it.

    BigCommerce is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that has gained an advantage through its SEO services, and BigCommerce SEO tips are sure to bring success to your business too.

    BigCommerce development company has come to be known as the one-stop solution for many people, as it offers you and your store everything that your business would need, without the intervention of any third party.

    From web hosting services to free themes, multiple marketing and distribution channels to multiple different payment gateway options, BigCommerce covers it all under its one-time monthly charges, which is much more convenient than any other eCommerce platform in the industry.

    But the one thing that has really gaged all the audience, users and customers towards BigCommerce is their SEO optimization tools, which are also already built-in into the system. We will be finding out more about SEO for BigCommerce in this article.

    What is SEO and why is it so important in eCommerce?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the main marketing and selling tools that are highly essential for any business, especially all online businesses. Online business owners nowadays are focusing on social media marketing and paid advertisement, which is an on-going money-investing process, and you have to keep paying, again and again, to keep your ad running. Whereas SEO is a sort of scientific art that helps your website grow to much higher ranks than any other tool.

    What SEO does for you, is that it helps you word your material that ranks higher on any search engine, for example, Google, and that is done through the usage of keywords.

    Google focuses on ranking those searches higher that answer the queries of its searcher in the best possible way, thus, the most clever thing that SEO does is, that it answers the maximum number of queries using the exact keywords that would help it to rank higher, making the website a success.

    SEO integrates many of the different business aspects together, such as marketing, social media campaigning, where we hire bigcommerce website design, copywriting and networking, and has been found to have the highest Return on Investment (ROI) for the eCommerce industry, especially online stores and selling outlets.

    Also, once you have been ranked high on search engines, sales automatically flow in, making it a less expensive and more ideal tool for business owners.

    Why BigCommerce Platform is good for SEO?

    BigCommerce SEO is an in-built tool in the eCommerce platform beforehand, so the business owners do not have to integrate it into the system from elsewhere.

    BigCommerce SEO services are mentioned in their control panel, where there are spaces provided to help you enter the exact content that the SEO needs, and which will in turn get your website ranked higher on different search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc.

    Through these keywords and SEO specific content, your website will gain customers and your website will be more easily discoverable for people on search engines.

    Some of the content that needs to be filled in consists of keywords, descriptions, page titles, blog posts and brands, etc. There is also a complete BigCommerce SEO guide available for BigCommerce users which can help them through the whole SEO process, and bring them all the benefits of this tool in no time.

    Best consideration before to hire BigCommerce SEO services

    Coalition Technologies is one of the best choices selected by BigCommerce itself to handle efficient and effective SEO services.

    The company has already worked with a variety of different eCommerce Content Management System (CMS) platforms, and is now working mostly with BigCommerce. It also one of the only few certified marketing partners signed and agreed by BigCommerce, and now offering their services for the platform if anyone wants to avail it.

    Coalition Technologies, since being partnered with BigCommerce, has already worked with multiple clients, small scale as well as big companies, on the said platform, and has been successful in gaging and increasing website traffic for its clients, along with maintaining a great conversion rate.

    They not only work with making your profile stronger, but they also work in using the right kinds of tools to get the traffic coming in, and are sure of their work, as their client feedback also tells us. According to their clients, the audience and traffic that Coalition Technologies is able to gage, gets in revenue for the companies all day long, around the clock.

    Though, the complete success of Coalition Technologies is based on the fact that their team comprises of SEO specialists that are top notch, and extremely knowledgeable, having ample knowledge of the eCommerce industry, how the CMS platform works, how it interacts with the search engine algorithms, and how businesses work online.

    This knowledge gets them an upper hand in their game, and enables them to customize the BigCommerce platform according to the requirements of search engine optimization. Because working with SEO within a certain platform is different from only optimizing a single website, their work and background knowledge is very crucial to the success of the business as well as the platform itself.

    There are also many other names in the list for BigCommerce partnered SEO marketing companies, such as: FavSEO, JivoChat Business Messenger, Google Maps by Elfsight, ProSEOTracker, Scheme Markup by Schema App, SEO Rich Snippets, and Hotshp Product Description Writing, as these names have appeared in the most commonly used ones, and have been reviewed by multiple peole as being reliable and have worked out.

    BigCommerce SEO Reviews | Is It Any Good?

    One of the main features of BigCommerce that its reviewers have commended about the platform is their customer support and technical help department, as people have mentioned that they are always present, and have helped out in many different ways, without any hesitation.

    Another thing that people have said good things about regarding this eCommerce platform is that they update their systems often, and bring in new themes and changes automatically.

    But the main thing that people have reviewed and brought into light is the BigCommerce SEO, which has been praised by many.

    This is because BigCommerce does not focus on any one kind of strategy and tools for optimizing the search engine searches, rather, it uses a mix of strategies and resources to bring the best of results for the business owner and the company, making its rankings go higher, and being a success in the market.

    BigCommerce SEO tips:

    Now that we have found out that BigCommerce uses multiple strategies and tools to lead it to success in the eCommerce industry and what it does to attract so many consumers, lets look at 15 of the most pro tips that BigCommerce works on for success:

    1. Use of SSL Certificate:

    SSL means Secure Socket Layer, which is a more secure version of a website, and is highly preferred by search engines. Sites that do not use SSL come under the http:// format, whereas the ones that use SSL have https:// in their web names.

    This may not seem like a very evident difference right now, but while searching on the web, all search engines give a warning for unsecured web page whenever someone opens a non SSL user website, which can scare the audience away, and significantly affect sales of any store.

    BigCommerce, however, provides an SSL certificate as an in-built feature to all its users, making it a highly secure platform that is preferable to many.

    Encryption Everywhere is the version of the SSL that all BigCommerce standard plans have already installed, but a user can pay more and buy a better version, or integrate their own third party SSL certificate if they please. The only problem that may occur is that, if the SSL is implemented incorrectly, it can have a totally opposite and negative impact on the website, and on the online store.

    1. Register your BigCommerce store with Google Search Console:

    Google is the most used and most famous search engine throughout the world, and has become more of an everyday phrase for people saying “Google it” rather than anything else.

    This leads to the fact that, to gage maximum audience and footfall for your website, there is no other better way than to register your website with the Google Search Console.

    One thing it does is that, it makes Google aware that your website exists, and if you have two versions, secure and non-secure both, you should register both into the system, which will give the search engine the idea that your website and you also exist, not matter where, and will lead to searchers finding you through some keyword or another.

    1. Register your BigCommerce store with Bing Web Master Tool

    Search engine optimization cannot be reached until and unless you at least have more than one outlets to float your website into the market.

    If a business owner wants their website to be more viewed than just a few times, and that also by different kinds of audiences, it is a smart move to have your website registered with more than one search engines.

    For this purpose, along with Google, Bing Web Master is the second best choice of the store owners to register themselves and tell the people around the world that they exist.

    This also means that a more wider audience will get a chance to crawl to your website, and you should again, register both domain names to the website for safety purposes.

    1. XML sitemap Submission on Google Search Console and Bing Web Master Tool

    Once your BigCommerce site is up and registered into both, Google Search console and Bing Web Master tool, the next step is to also submit the XML sitemap to both of them, which enables them to accurately and quickly index your website into their systems.

    The advantage that BigCommerce users have in this regard is that BigCommerce automatically generates and XML sitemap for its users, which makes it easy to just pick it up from your own website’s dashboard and plug it into the search engines and submit it directly, which can be a hassle with other eCommerce platforms.

    1. Integration with Google Analytics

    Bigcommerce App Development is a very helpful eCommerce solution platform, because it provides users with automatic analysis and analytics through its built-in tools, which leads to the business owners finding out more accurately where they stand in which regard, but for search engine optimization, this is not enough.

    The business oweners need to go a step ahead and integrate with bigger names such as Google Analytics to find out their organic reach through that search engine.

    First, you use the Google Analytics tool to figure out which organic traffic metrics and engagement techniques would you be using from Google Analytics, and once you have decided, you only have to go incognito into the Google search engine and find out where you actually stand.

    This is fairly easy, as Google Analytics are very easy to use and helpful, but it does bring immense information to the business owner that can help them further improve their outcome.

    1. Ensure Mobile Friendly and Responsive Behaviour of your online store

    Since most of today’s generation is known to be tech savvy and has the latest greatest mobile phones in their hands, it is highly essential that your online store caters to that segment of the market very carefully.

    BigCommerce has a few themes that are highly mobile responsive and has friendly AMPs, which can be used by SEO experts to their advantage and work on optimizing market through mobile responsiveness of the stores on the platform, so that people can view the store on the go as well. This can be very beneficial for the success of the business, so even if the owner does need to spend a little, they should go ahead with it.

    1. Make your online store loads faster on desktop

    The key to keeping audience attracted and keep coming to your page is the fact that your page loads faster than others, and does not take too much time in loading, or else, the audience will scatter away. In order to do that, website builders should keep a check on the following:

    • Smaller Images – there should be use of smaller images, because bigger ones create difficulty in loading.
    • External Material – since BigCommerce has its own web hosting and coding facility, bringing in any other external hosting is impossible, and external scripts or custom codes from any third party on your website can cause your page to load slower, causing hindrances.
    • Web Fonts – these should be smaller and cleaner, because the bigger the web fonts you use on your website, the slower your site loads.
    1. Make Mobile Speed faster on all Mobile Devices

    Desktop computers can still take a lot of load, and even if a page is loading faster on a desktop, it is not necessary that the same will be the case on the mobile phones. As mentioned earlier, it is better to take care of having a mobile friendly template to work with and move forward, but a couple of other things that should be kept in mind by website developers and SEO specialists is to:

    • Use Smaller Material – this is true in the case of fonts and images, because if your page is loading slowly, it means that you either need to reduce the size of your font, or most definitely have to make your images that are used smaller, so that it is a mobile friendly page and starts to load faster.
    • Use AMPs – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are a very successful tool if you want to make your page load faster on the mobile. What this does is, it makes the fastest version of your page available on the search engines, so that when people search for keywords present in your page, they get the fastest of your page results and your page loads faster, keeping the customers satisfied.
    1. Integrate onsite Blogs

    Another tool that can work as an advantage for the store owner and store sales is using blogs on the site, because blogs are something that SEO specialists can work around in your favour.

    Having blogs onsite gives a snapshot of information to the consumers that they want to find, rather than reading long articles and hefty information.

    In addition, you can easily edit different parts of the blog, such as its title, it meta description and even alt text in images etc. to create a more audience friendly page, especially by using the right keywords that is needed. It is easier to edit a blog as well, rather than editing the whole page or store.

    1. Optimize Meta Tags of all Product Pages

    Meta descriptions and tags are an easy way to optimize your search engine results, as they provide a short summary of your web page and online store, and are a clickable link on the search engine results page where consumers mostly visit.

    This is a concise way of telling the consumers what all they can find in your online store, and makes it a great way of attracting them if your store has exactly the kind of things they are looking for.

    A well-written meta description is most likely to be ranked higher by Google and other search engines, and gets a higher CTR (clickthrough rate) if more and more people choose to visit your page, making your rankings go higher.

    Though, for a more successful meta description, it should be short, clear, accurate, concise and contain catchy keywords and page content that attracts maximum audience towards your page.

    1. Optimize Header Tags

    Once you have set the above mentioned things as per required, for example, you have used proper and smaller images and fonts for a faster loading website, you have used AMPs to have mobile friendly behavior of our website in place, you have integrated blogs into your site, you have edit meta descriptions and all, and you are sure your site has started ranking higher and higher in the search engines.

    Next step should be optimizing page titles, header tags and titles. These should be the first and foremost things that should have the most amounts of keywords and should be attractive to most of the people so that they visit your website. You can also use sub headers and tags for a further step of adding attractive keywords.

    1. Optimize Product and Blog Post Images

    Image optimization is another feature that BigCommerce has introduced in its platform that has led to being highly useful tool for SEO and is very essential for SEO specialists to work around and bring in traffic and footfall to your website.

    Image Managers are available to users of BigCommerce to use for their image optimization, and has made load time cut down by a considerable amount, making your page load faster.

    Where changing file names and other descriptions in BigCommerce are quite difficult and not such an easy task, using the image manager to change image file names can be a little easier and direct, but you will have reinsert the images that you have renamed or upload the image again.

    Though, this can be a time consuming task, and if you think such a downtime is not necessary, then you can look into other SEO options and not consider this one as such an important one.

    1. SEO Friendly URL Rewiting

    Working with URLs in BigCommerce is one of the easier and simpler things to do, related to SEO friendliness, and how to optimize it.

    BigCommerce does not add any prefixes to the page or products, making the name of your of your post or product coming right after the domain name that you have.

    Moreover, editing and customizing URLs is one of the easiest tasks, and can be structured in any way that is search friendly and useful. In order to be able to optimize SEO in this regard, URLs should be made or written keeping the following things in mind:

    • Short URLs are preferred
    • The URLs should be very simple
    • URLs should be intelligible for easy understanding and getting the job done right
    • Cleaner URLs lead to a higher success rate for SEO
    1. Add rich snippets to your content

    Rich snippets are the structured data that you need to add in your content if you want the searchers or search engines to understand well what your website and store are all about.

    This also has a direct impact on how your online store behaves or ranks in the search results of the search engine. These are very useful for all parties because they have a visual context that features clues about what the content of your page or your store is.

    These may include: the author of the page, the prices that your store works around, the star ratings you have received, and many other small things that appear below the meta description on the search engine results page, catching consumers’ attention.

    1. Implement CDN

    A content delivery network (CDN) is a way to decrease loading time and make page loading faster and more efficient. It is a group of geographically distributed servers that work together and provide a fast delivery of content over the internet.

    A CDN works by allowing the quick transfer of different pages, images, videos, HTML and javascript files, and other assets, that are required for loading purposes, which loads at a faster pace. Thus, implementing a CDN body into BigCommerce and your store can help your store load faster and rank higher on search engines, optimizing your SEO.


    Q.2.) What are the BigCommerce SEO plugin?

    BigCommerce offer multiple SEO plugins for different jobs and to suit a variety of audience, such as:

    • FavSEO
    • JivoChat Business Messenger
    • Google Maps by Elfsight
    • ProSEOTracker
    • Scheme Markup by Schema App
    • SEO Rich Snippets
    • Hotshp Product Description Writing
    • Akamai Image Manager

    Q.3.) Why online stores hire BigCommerce SEO agency?

    Any BigCommerce agency is an integral part of eCommerce industry, and thus, is preferred by a lot of different people for the offerings under this platform.

    This platform offers much more under its one time monthly cost than most of the other platforms do and this is what leads people to prefer it more than others.

    One of the reasons is that BigCommerce offers one of the best SEO systems than any other platform, and this includes specialists, different plugins and managers that help you optimize our search

    Q.4.) BigCommerce SEO company vs in-house online store SEO: Which one to choose?

    Any of these two can be a good choice depending upon the nature of the company, but the fact that by using BigCommerce SEO, you have access to multiple specialists who are experts in their field, know how to work around BigCommerce and have access to image managers and editing options, makes BigCommerce SEO a better choice and have quicker results.

    The in-house SEO will first have to understand the dynamics of the platform, then of your business, and then will finally be able to work around the store and make it a useful tool, which may take up a lot of time before the results come in.

    Q.5.) How to hire top notch company for BigCommerce SEO services?

    First, the user should find out which companies are partnered with BigCommerce for their marketing services, especially in the SEO department. Next, they should see which company is ranked more than others in their services, and should adhere to some rules that are essential to follow in order to be a better candidate and completely healthy to choose, like:

    • It should have a good history of work and clients.
    • It should have complete information listed, and not missing out on any crucial information.
    • Have an amazing SEO of their own, only then can they successfully handle yours.
    • Make sure they are a company that is working regularly and not just making cold calls.
    • Ensure they have employees that are experienced and understand what they are dealing with.

    Q.6.) How to use BigCommerce for WordPress SEO?

    BigCommerce does have a plugin for eCommerce pertaining to WordPress, which is a fully featured integration into the platform itself.

    This plugin enables the flexibility of WordPress to integrate and combine with the commerce robust engine of BigCommerce and make it possible for WordPress merchants and store owners, to customize and grow their eCommerce stores and websites like they could never have imagined before.

    Q.7.) How to stop name in SEO title tag in email signature BigCommerce?

    There are many BigCommerce SEO tips that have been discussed earlier, that prefer that your title tag has the name of your store mentioned in it, so that people recognize which page they are visiting, and remember the name of your store.

    But, if any company is uncomfortable with that, they can simply edit the title tag, and remove their name.

    They can do this and also edit meta descriptions and header tags to remove the name of BigCommerce to appear there, and the same applies to email signatures that can be edited.


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