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    Lightspeed Magento Integration: How we Integrate?

    Last Updated | January 9, 2023

    What is Lightspeed?

    Lightspeed is an internet cloud-based point of sales solution. This POS solution is most suitable for physical retailers in industries such as clothing apparel, footwear, cycles, home decorations, sports goods, pets, jewelry, and bikes. The Lightspeed software provides solutions for these businesses to transition to online mediums as well by providing tools such as store management, inventory management, cash control, payment processing,  customer profile accessing, order management, accounting records, integrating with the point of sales hardware such as barcode scanners and even receipt printing tools.

    This POS solution provides an e-commerce platform that is fully integrated and allows customers to manage physical and online store inventory. They provide a single view of customers and can also analyze the multiple sales channels data to uncover insights. It also has capabilities such as inventory synchronization across different store locations, mobile extensions allow the responsible people to keep track of the inventory and conduct sales from anywhere in the stores via electronic devices such as iPads, Android phones, and other tablets.

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    The solution provides tools for inventory management as well that enable the store owners to trace products, assign barcodes to products, create new products and even allow variations to be uploaded in size, material, color by making use of matrix systems. Lightspeed retail also provides features for customer service so that your store has the best experience for shoppers. It is able to provide customers profiles, log of their sales history, their orders, and also insights by uncovering trends. This solution can be obtained on monthly billed subscriptions.

    Lightspeed enables retail point of service applications on electronic devices to businesses so they can process payments, accept coupon payments online, apply discounts, perform returns and do everything that can be done in physical stores by changing the medium.

    What is Magento?

    Magento is an online platform that is built for e-commerce. Today, Magento has over 800,000 users worldwide.  It is the pioneer of e-commerce platforms and startups usually make use of Magento to start their platforms. Magento provides several useful features such as market managing tools, search engine optimization, and inventory managing tools to improve effectiveness.

    These increase store growth and scalability and the platform can cater to all customers whether they are startups or big enterprises. To ensure the best point of sales system to make checkout easier and decrease cart abandonment rates, make use of Magento Web Development Companies to perform Lightspeed Magento Integration. Magento stores can be designed as per business requirements.

    Storeowners can control the look, functionality, content to be represented on their storefronts. Magento also offers plugins and extensions to improve customer experience, perform speed optimization and also customize payment processors. The extensions in magento help you in providing customer services, increasing store security, shipping and delivery options for shoppers, digital marketing, and managing the store as a whole.

    How to integrate Lightspeed with Magento?

    Lightspeed can be integrated with Magento by several methods.

    Making use of connectors.

    You can buy connectors from these companies online and then integrate your Magento and Lightspeed retail platform to provide the Magento integration services with Lightspeed. Connectors establish bridges for data transfer between Lightspeed retail and your Magento store platform. These are possible due to Lightspeed service APIs that allow the platforms to integrate.

    These authorize the platforms to manage inventories by sync, record the data changes, and allows to create a multiple channel environment for online businesses. Catalog of Lightspeed will be transferred to Magento catalog at the rate of synchronization that one chooses. Sales on Magento will automatically be reflected on the Lightspeed retail account. The Magento 2 pricing for the connectors will vary.

    However, we can provide some estimates. The basic connector if billed monthly may cost around $80 whereas the annual billing may cost around $70. This is ideal if you are a startup. For standard connectors, you can expect to be billed at $140 per month and $120 per month for annual programs. This is ideal for stores that have a customer base and a physical store and are wanting to also open another sales channel.

    For advanced connectors, the service providers may bill you $240 per month, and for annual programs bill you at $200 per month. Unfortunately, there are no free versions available as of yet but you may be provided with a free trial to get used to the platform.

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    Making use of Magento Marketplace.

    The Magento marketplace has solutions provided for the setbacks faced by the Magento store owners. The store owners can purchase third-party applications on the Magento marketplace. There are two different solutions available on the marketplace. One is the Open source edition that is of good use for startups. The solution is billed as a one-time fee for around $500 to $530.

    Post-project service agreements can also be hired. They can cost you around $700 for 12 months. If you don’t know the procedure of how to install the software, you can even pay installation charges that may cost $100, so that the solution provider sets up the store completely by themselves. This Magento 2 pricing will vary as per the solution providers.

    Making use of a private developer.

    You can hire a private Magento 2 developer over the internet. You can also hire freelancers to perform Lightspeed Magento integration. They can perform the task but hiring them is risky as it requires intensive research. The developer will first need to be given access to your Magento store as an owner. This can be done by communicating the token of verification. Then they will perform the integration.

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    After the integration is performed, the storeowner can remove them from the administrator panel. This will now mean that only the store owner can access and change the configurations of the Magento store. Freelancers don’t generally provide any post-project services, so working with them is a little risky because if you run into problems, the same freelancers will likely not be available to provide services to you.

    Furthermore, freelancers have no certifications so it is quite difficult to ensure that their working standards are up to the benchmark of the certified Magento developers that are hired by expert Magento Web Development Companies that provide Magento Integration Services.

    Employing a certified Magento company to carry out the integration.

    You can hire Magento Web Development Companies to carry out the Lightspeed Magento integration. The companies have certified developers employed who have worked on hundreds of projects, so they are able to do the integration with ease. These companies also provide post-project maintenance services.

    These services can be used to maintain the stores. Also, the Magento 2 pricing plans for integration provided by these companies are cheaper as compared if one chooses to hire Magento 2 developer. Some professional e-commerce companies such as Folio3, provide Magento integration services so you can consult and hire them for this task.

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    How Magento and Lightspeed  Integration Works?

    The integration is now able to work as light speed has been connected to your personal Magento Store. Information of customers, products, and records of Magento can now be accessed by Lightspeed. Now instead of changing each entry manually then updating it in the other platform, the integration synchronizes all data records which helps the most recent data to be reflected on lightspeed and Magento.

    This saves time and helps reduce operational costs. The integration is ideally used when there are multiple stores with huge data records that must be integrated together. To carry out this intricate procedure it is best to make use of certified Magento agency partners. These companies handle the integration process professionally and expertly leaving no room for any errors.

    They are able to do so by gathering the correct requirements in one meeting with the client, analyzing them by domain experts for any context, then providing the developers the complete set of requirements for the developers to develop the solution correctly. Finally, the solution is tested for any bugs or errors by experienced quality assurance engineers, and any changes required are made. The solution is finalized for handing over to the client.

    This helps save time and money as the client receives an all-in-one solution at a subsidized Magento 2 pricing and the client doesn’t need to take much part in the development of the solution. Some features of the Lightspeed Magento  integration are:

    • Synchronizing the data without any threshold or barriers.
    • Instantaneous updates of stocks, products, and customer data.
    • Bi-directional synchronization between the platforms.

    Why is Magento Lightspeed Integration necessary?

    Lightspeed is becoming one of the most popular point of sales system on the cloud. It has recently gained extreme popularity thanks to the increased growth in e-commerce businesses. It provides an ideal platform that will help manage your physical inventory to help in managing the products without overselling or underselling. This makes processing orders easy and automated. This automation helps store owners provide the best services all day, every day. Reduction of human error reduces the increased risk of errors.

    This also reduces the operational costs of your store. Magento is an online platform that allows products to be sold without any human interaction on the store. Magento has 800,000 active stores that provide all sorts of products ranging from apparel to mechanical parts. Magento has other features as well such as payment processing, market managing tools, search engine optimization, and inventory managing tools to improve effectiveness. This platform can be integrated with other platforms as well and with plugins as well.

    These integrations help the Magento store owners in providing customer services, increasing store security by using cyber security, shipping and delivery services, digital marketing features, and managing the store as a whole. The Lightspeed Magento integration provides several advantages to Magento store owners. Furthermore, as you start to grow and sell products on multiple marketplaces, the tracking of inventory and sales records is easy with Lightspeed Magento integration. The integration is necessary as this makes the solution very flexible and robust. 

    This allows the store to serve different customers as per their requirements. The integration will allow the store owners to upload all the right data to Magento stores. These items include product images, their descriptions, and how many are left in stock. This helps represent your stock transparently without any malicious activities. The product will be updated in all the stores at a single entry saving time and reducing operational costs. The integration also helps add incredibly fast functionalities to your Magento stores.

    The integration also adds caching methods to increase operating speeds, increase productivity and increase sales transactions. For a very small investment, you can increase the return on investment and allow to grow the store as much as possible.

    What are the benefits of Magento Lightspeed Integration?

    There are multiple benefits of Lightspeed Magento integrations. The integration helps expand businesses so that they can serve clients easily.

    Easy inventory management.

    The integration will help you to keep track of your inventory by providing assistance. When a business sells products over multiple mediums such as brick and mortar stores, online stores, and sales over marketplaces, keeping track of total inventory can be very difficult. The integration solution comes to great use to prevent underselling or overselling.

    You can also track the sales orders, edit the inventory of products on all channels by changing the data in one place. A change at one place will be represented in all channels. This also helps generate precise data reports which can be utilized to make markting plans, strategies, discover emerging trends, and uncover customer insights.

    Reduce manual work.

    When a store owner needs to add products manually or they have to be deducted after a successful sale, the integration helps reduce manual intensiveness making the store less dependent on humans. After the integration, any entry of products is automatically synchronized with the other stores. Additionally, store owners can also add specific items that need to be added in all the stores.

    Even complete inventories can be merged with a single click. This enables easy and accurate management, and also helps to reduce the double-entry of data that may lead to errors and save time on cross comparing the inventories to make sure that the data is accurate reducing the time and money spent on the maintenance.

    Makes checkout easy.

    By providing an easy interface for checkout, the customers can check out of the store quickly. This helps increase sales transactions as well. Cart abandonment rates decrease as the customers are provided with all the correct tools and interfaces to make sure that the customer pays and successfully closes the deal.

    Automates workflows.

    When you perform lightspeed Magento integration, it enables you to list your store products automatically with the point of sale system with your Magento database. The synchronization of data includes colors, sizes, materials, images, and product descriptions with the help of a single click.

    At the same time information available on your Magento Store is transferred to light speed for a more precise preparation of product labels on checkout. Thanks to automated workflows, any changes made in either system will automatically be reflected in the other system. The changes may include prices, new products, customer details, and order catalogs, and any added media.

    Improving the level of customer satisfaction.

    One of the big problems faced by online sellers is that as they do not keep track of their inventory is on multiple stores, businesses oversell their products. Overselling means that you have shown to the customer that a product is available on the store when it is not available physically in your store or warehouse. This results in late delivery times of orders which detrimentally impacts the customer satisfaction levels of your store.

    If a customer has a bad experience, their review will spread like wildfire and result in fewer people purchasing products from your store. Lightspeed Magento integration enables them to overcome this setback as they have real-time synchronization available between their platforms. Any change is reflected immediately on all channels of the store. Accurate representation of products and their availability makes the customer experience good. 

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    We can understand how valuable Lightspeed Magento integration is. Its benefits include easy inventory management that helps trace the inventory accurately, the instant synchronization of data helps to reflect all changes made on a store on all of the other platforms. The integration helps make our work less dependent on manual labor, as information is automatically synchronized without the need for manual entries. This also helps reduce the workload on the employees and reduce errors.

    We are also able to automate workflows such as adding products materials, images, and their availability on multiple stores as the synchronization automates the workflows. These in turn help improve the satisfaction level of the customer as they have access to accurate data. Over-selling is reduced as all of the data is managed accurately and updated instantly. It is much more preferable to employ Magento agency partners and make use of their Magento integration services.

    Will be able to provide you with a working accurate solution and post-project services at a subsidized Magento 2 pricing plan. This all-in-one solution will make managing your online store very easy.


    Does Magento Lightspeed Integrate?

    Yes, Lightspeed Magento integration is possible. The integration helps provide solutions to e-commerce store owners or startups. It is preferable to make use of these services as they provide several benefits. The solution helps automate workflows, effective inventory management, reduce manual load, make checkout faster and decrease cart abandonment rates and improve customer satisfaction rates.

    How do we connect Magento with Lightspeed?

    There are multiple ways to connect Lightspeed and Magento. You can make use of connectors. You can buy them off the Magento marketplace and then connect the two platforms. It does take some expertise and this is not recommended because it has pre-requisites such as having knowledge or certification as a Magento developer. You could also hire Magento integration services on the marketplace and let the company perform the integration.

    It will be required that you give them access to them so that they can integrate the platforms with each other. Furthermore, you could even hire magento 2 developer who has certification and is legit. You can hire them over Fiverr, Upwork, or any freelancing site. This requires intensive research and is risky as there is no guarantee that the solution you want is delivered as per your need. It is difficult to revise the changes as well and the freelancer may not provide maintenance services.

    The best option is to employ certified Magento Agency partners to perform the integration. The solution provided by the company will be of good use and even it is also imminent that a professional company will provide you with post-project services. This is the safest option.

    Does Folio3 provide Lightspeed Magento Integration?

    Yes, Folio3 provides Lightspeed Magento integration. Folio3 has been providing customized integration services to small businesses and also to Fortune500 companies. They have been providing Magento integration services to clients for over 15 years. They have over 50 certified Magento developers to develop solutions. They have 15+ years of experience in providing e-commerce solutions.

    They even have 30+ active Magento extensions that are verified by Magento. Their customized integration solutions allow your Magento store to connect with applications such as ERPs, CRMs, marketplaces,  shipment providers, and social media platforms. Their Magento integration services include customized integration solutions as well. Such as integration with Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, or digital marketplaces such as Facebook. They can even perform data migration to Magento if you want to switch platforms from other e-commerce stores.

    Another reason to choose Folio3 over other competitors is that they reduce the Magento 2 pricing by making using efficient code, standardized procedures, expert developers, and being aware of the problem domain, and providing a more contextual solution to fit your needs. These also decrease development costs and time.

    Why is Magento Lightspeed Integration necessary?

    In today’s digital age, you need to provide the best customer satisfaction, or else the customer will sway away to your competitor. This will decrease your sales transactions. The integration is necessary as it will help decrease cart abandonment rates by providing a quick and easy checkout. This will ensure maximum sales and decrease abandonment rates of unfinished orders.

    The automated workflows will help to automatically update all the data without any shortfalls. This will help reduce manual work and decrease the workload on the employees. Subsequently, operational costs can be reduced. All of these benefits make it necessary to have Lightspeed Magento Integration on their Magento store so that your store stands out and attracts more customers with every passing day.


    Folio3, a Software Powerhouse established in 2005, is one of the leading eCommerce solution providers for SMBs and Fortune 500. The Company has expertise in diverse industries such as Animal Care, Retail, Automotive, Food and Agriculture, and Health care. From ecommerce store design and development to full-scale ERP deployment and integration, Folio3 has done it all.