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    Last Updated | September 20, 2022

    For those who are looking to design a Shopify website from scratch, the question of how much to design a Shopify website must have popped into your head. The cost of a website depends on multiple factors such as development time, developer skill, business needs, and much more. Let’s take an overview.

     How much should you budget for a Shopify website design

    A primary Shopify site that includes the average functionalities will cost you around $3000 to $6000 to build from scratch. The price varies from one Shopify web design company to another. In a basic Shopify website design pricing plan, it will include features in the package such as:

     How much should you budget for a Shopify website design

    1. Up to one year of website hosting.
    2. Professionally written content on your store pages.
    3. A complete five-field contact form.
    4. An e-commerce website design to accommodate up to 30 products.

    You must also be aware of how much Shopify charges for a website. Shopify charges you according to your selected plan. The Basic plan costs $19/month, the Shopify plan costs $49 per month and the Advanced plan costs $299 per month.

    The cost and functions of your website are charged separately for your Shopify store by the developers. The design quality added features, and additional functions that will be integrated into your Shopify store will cost you more. Additionally, you must also remember that the Shopify website maintenance costs will grow as well once your site grows. This was the pricing plan that can be expected for a basic Shopify store.  So if you are thinking about how much to create a Shopify store with basic functions, it will cost you around $3000 to $6000.

    If you plan to launch a fully-fledged Ecommerce Shopify website which includes Shopify-theme-customization services, with a Shopify app developed by a Shopify app development company, and with additional integrations will cost you somewhere around $7000 to $12000. Such packages include features such as:

    1. Product catalogs
    2. Website Hosting
    3. Custom Payment Gateways
    4. Advanced product filters
    5. Mailchimp email marketing
    6. Emails and invoices
    7. Abandoned cart recovery features
    8. Professionally written content

    Even though basic Shopify websites will be adequate for e-commerce startups, if you have the budget, want to build a massively scalable store, and provide the best user experience, it is advised that you go for a high-end Shopify store development company to make your store for you. They also act as a Shopify-theme-development company and can provide your store with a unique and customized theme. Initially, these investments seem quite big and a bit overwhelming at the start, but in the long run, these are quite beneficial. A great and professionally developed website design goes a long way in the long run.

     What are the factors that will affect the price?

    Several factors affect the price of the Shopify store. The question of how much does it cost to make a Shopify website will depend upon several factors. These are the most important factors which a store owner must make sure to be aware of when they hire someone to build a Shopify website.

    What are the factors that will affect the price

    1. The scale of the store. If your store includes over 50+ products, the price for the store will be higher as more content needs to be added, more maintenance is needed, etc.
    2. The expertise of the developer. If you hire a highly skilled developer, no doubt that the end product they create will be stunning, but it will also come at a hefty price tag.
    3. Store theme customization. If you purchase a built-in theme, the store will cost less, but if you choose to develop a theme from scratch, your website will have a unique look and feel. But it will also become quite pricey as well.
    4. Your store requirements. If you want a basic Shopify store, you will need to pay much less as compared to a store that has a complex menu, with over 100 products, etc.
    5. Time constraints. If you want a store in less than a week, it will cost more if compared to a store which is required in 2 weeks assuming both have the same features.

    How do you find a good designer who can help you create a stunning website?

    The web design industry is very saturated. This is why store owners find it difficult to find a good designer. This can be considered bad news and good news as well. The good news in the sense that you have a variety of options to choose from, and the negative in the sense that you don’t know which designer will deliver services as per your needs. It’s better to take a positive side since owners and marketers have a lot more room to find the perfect fit for your projects. Here are some of the most common service providers for web designing and how you can hire them as well.


    Web designers are filled to the brim with freelancers who have varying capabilities. The freelancing option is perhaps the cheapest. Excluding certain well-known designers that are mostly sought after. Working with freelancers is a very informal process however which is good and bad both. Generally, most freelancers are accommodating, communicative, and adhere to the project deadlines on their Shopify design work. On the other hand, some unprofessional freelancers act completely oppositely. These freelancers can be hired on platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

    Specialized Shopify Design Agencies

    This is generally a Shopify web design company that has experts in user interface and user experience designing. These agencies are made up of website designers and are made up of small or medium-sized design teams that are working together on client designing projects. If compared to freelancers, these design agencies are usually more expensive. They charge more as they have more expertise and are an established business in contrast to freelancers. Professional design agencies offer frequent communication, quick turnaround times, and tailored customization to make your store unique. The design companies can be found on the Shopify Partner Program. These companies have their websites and offices as well. You can search for the nearest ones on Google, visit them, and if you feel comfortable, finalize the deal with them.

    Full-service agencies

    These full-service agencies, as the name implies, provide a complete package for full-service digital marketing, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertisement and so much more. These agencies are the most expensive but provide the maximum value for your Shopify store. These have specialized designs as well. These agencies are great if you want to head off to a strong start and move beyond website design. These agencies are specialized teams who work closely together so that the communication is simple and that the final result produced is a cohesive one.

    Shopify provides some great resources to help get you started

    Shopify provides beginner provides great resources to get you started. If you are wondering how to design a good Shopify website, you can use these great resources of Shopify and make one yourself.

    1) Shopify POS

    Shopify offers the customers a point of sale which enables the store to sell their products. For instance, companies can open up physical pop-up stores to sell their products offline and also accept payments from buyers using their credit and debit cards. These payments are directly linked to the company’s Shopify inventory which also maintains a record of every sales transaction.

    The POS application provides a unified dashboard that eliminates the need to maintain a separate sales record for online purchases. Orders can be customized, purchase histories can be viewed, and discount offers can be added. Additionally, the store can give a customer rewards if the store has an active loyalty program.

    2) SEO Tools

    SEO is the key to achieving growth for your online business. It helps improve the ranking of the website on the search engine. Effective SEO practices can also help improve business operations by increasing and making the online presence visible. Shopify comes with various tools for SEO that users can utilize to achieve their desired goals.

    Shopify also offers support for multiple third-party application integrations to help the users effectively optimize their websites. For example, smartSEO is an app available on the Shopify store that provides features such as providing structured data to search engines, automated metadata input, and offering multiple support languages. Similarly, the Booster Image and SEO Optimizer can be used to increase the traffic from the Google image search. The app can automatically optimize the Alt Text, JSON-LD, Meta Tags, and Site Maps.

    3) Shopify Analytics

    Shopify provides multiple analytics tools that can enable users to assess the performance of the online store. The Shopify Analytics can help generate impactful insights that are related to marketing, sales, and customer activities and aid businesses in optimizing their store performances. These help the business make well-informed and strategic decisions for increasing sales.

    Shopify also has a powerful dashboard to display critical metrics such as the Live view, Product Analytics, Demography of the Visitors, the Total Purchase and so much more. It can easily be integrated with Google Analytics to amplify the capabilities of Shopify. The tool can also generate various reports that include inventory reports, marketing reports, orders, sales, profit, customer acquisition, and numerous Custom Reports.

    4) Abandoned Cart Reminders

    According to a report by baymard, on average almost 68% of customers abandon their Shopping carts before making purchases. This results in a massive drop in sales. The abandoned cart checkout email is a feature of Shopify that allows users to identify customers who have products added to their carts. They are then sent emails to remind them to complete the transaction. Businesses can also automate this entire process by upgrading to the Shopify advanced subscription that helps them save a lot of productive time and increase revenue generation.

     Make sure your Shopify website is responsive and looks great on all devices

    Making a Shopify website is the easy part, the real work starts once a Shopify website is created. The store owners must make sure that the developed Shopify website is highly responsive. What this means is that the website can detect changes in the platform trying to access the store and respond to them in a timely fashion. If the store detects that the site is being accessed by mobile phones, the layout must change and if the store detects a computer trying to access the site, the layout must change to accommodate the difference in screen sizes.

    Almost 57% of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile phones. Thus it is important to make sure that the same site can cater to clients from all devices. The more responsive a site is, the better the user experience and the user interface of the store. These responsive sites can help convert store visitors into potential customers.

    Consider adding some unique features to make your site stand out from the competition

    When you are in the development stage of your Shopify website, you want the store to stand out from the competition. It is extremely important to have a unique website that can create a memorable experience for the audience. This can be achieved via Shopify-theme-customization services. If you develop your store and rely on the customized template to create your site, the store will be unique.

    You could opt for template builders to help build your site but they do not stand out from the competition. You will blend in with the sites that have the same template as you. If you want to stand out from the competition, you must find a Shopify designer who can help create a completely customized website that I unique for your business. You will have a site that will stand out from the competition and bring a unique experience for the users.

    FAQs About How much to design a Shopify website:

    How to reduce the cost of designing a Shopify website

    You can reduce the cost of designing your Shopify website using the methods mentioned below. But you must remember that a lower price generally yields a low return on investment.

    • Increase the time limit for the project delivery.
    • Hire freelancers from platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.
    • Choose a basic Shopify plan and have a basic designing program as well.
    • Try to work with new freelancers as they charge very little.
    The benefits of having a professionally designed Shopify website

    There are several benefits of having a professionally designed Shopify website for your store. Here are some of the mentioned benefits below.

    • Professionally designed stores help keep up with the competitors.
    • They can help boost store revenue.
    • The design can help reduce bounce rates.
    • The expertly laid out design provides a high return on investment.
    • It can even help improve search engine optimization for your store.
    • It generates a great first impression.
    • Provides better and simpler store functionality.
    • Establish a consistent brand identity.
    • Provide a better first impression.


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